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  1. ZombieFlanders

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #04 (22-02-2020)

    Thanks again for the reply and for re-confirming that everything in Aslain's is in the clear. If no one here had mentioned reshade and its status I would have most likely kept it and been unwittingly banned again...
  2. ZombieFlanders

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #04 (22-02-2020)

    Thanks for the responses Spud, Aslain and Explorator. In three days I have gotten no clarification from WG on what mod(s) are an issue but as usual some helpful forum members can explain what happened. Thank you! I have already removed reshade and will miss how much it enhanced image quality. If it weren't for the three of you I never would have known reshade was the issue and would have gotten banned again (even perm?). I had to google after your heads-up to find any information on reshade and banning. No mention in the launcher or on the page for illegal mods as I see it, only old forum and reddit posts and a buried news story in google! Players who leave the game for periods of time or who otherwise play casually will never be informed with such piss-poor communication and notification. I expect a modern multinational company to be better organized and more professional...is a permanent link to mod policy in the launcher that hard to implement comrade? Anyway, sorry for the venting. Thanks for the great mod pack! I'll continue using it if I decide to continue playing after my time is served...
  3. ZombieFlanders

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #04 (22-02-2020)

    I see....thanks for the info, no more sharpening etc for me....
  4. ZombieFlanders

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #04 (22-02-2020)

    Not sure what happened here but....basically a heads-up/warning. Just installed the latest pack and chose the same mods I've used for years, got banned immediately for 4 days when I logged in (yay, my first ever ban!). Not complaining moderator actions...but what in the pack is illegal or border-line? I thought all the mods were OK since its basically sponsored?! Anyone else have issues?I sent a ticket but who knows... I don't have anything else installed, only reshade...didn't see that on the banned list. Edit...my bad on reshade....been in the WoWS folder for years but whatevs