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  1. JoGumby

    Fix AA please

    Ever since AA was restructured its just horrible. Ships have enough crewman to fully man all its AA so were does the extra firepower come from and why does it take away from other side ? I know its a game but this feature needs to be rolled back and corrected.
  2. Thanks for giving us 1 day. I guess with the way Wargaming is pushing all these events I cant take a weekend off. Just adds to the burnout feeling I've been having.
  3. JoGumby

    Radio Direction Finder

    ok that clears up the other games I played but in no way solves the ranked battle issue I experienced. I pulled out of that smoke 90 degrees from that fiji and sinop was right on my nose.
  4. JoGumby

    Tirpitz or Massachusetts?

    I've got a Mass and a Bismark no Tirpz…. The one thing I'll highlight which I think is most important (to me) look at damage control timer. You can heal Mass way faster than the other 2. I stopped playing Bismark after I got the Mass. They are different playing styles but survivability is king when playing BB in my opinion.
  5. Playing Ranked battle last night in my Sims. Was in my smoke screen chasing Sinop away from zone. He disappeared but others were still spotted and so I continued to engage. My RDF was pointing solidly at Fiji which was abit over 8k away. I figured to pull out of smoke to keep enemy spotted for teammates and was immediately spotted by Sinop who was 6k away and charging in. course I was destroyed within seconds. At no time did RDF switch to Sinop who was clearly closer enemy. BTW Sinop was a good 90 degree heading from fiji who was due north of me. Played a few more games and found a couple of instances were RDF doesn't point exactly at nearest enemy always seems a few degrees off but nothing like the ranked battle.
  6. Left handed player with remapped keys. I got same issue using left right arrow keys..
  7. Im a DD player. I hated DD's early on for the same reasons you mention. I hated them so much that I started playing them. Lo and behold I fell in love with DD's. If you play them you'll learn 2 very important things. First off they're the most hunted ship of the game and those benefits of DD's you mention quickly get minimized as you tier up. The 2nd thing you learn is how to more effectively hunt them.
  8. JoGumby

    Nation VS World

    Was thinking about a new game mode called Nation VS World. I figure a weekly competition were a single nation takes on all other navies. Imagine a week of USN vs World. If you random a us ship you will be on a us team full of us only ships other team is all the other nations. Week 2 Russia week 3 British etc etc. You would think having entire team of a single navy would be more difficult were other team is mixed nations boasting a more variety of strengths/weaknesses. Incentive would be giving the chosen nation players a 200% exp bonus for first win of day. Who can say which navy may actually be well balanced and do very well during theyre week. I think the challenge of being in a potential underdog nation may encourage players to accept and possibly excel to the challenge.
  9. JoGumby

    CV Rework Feedback

    Understand your pain bro. Almost 13k battles and only 55 posts.....Probably someone like me whose enjoyed this game and never needed to be in forum much. Lookout for those high numbered posters flaming yer [edited]
  10. JoGumby

    CV Rework Feedback

    I agree with Bubbs Tubbs. I'm a huge DD guy and cant stand playing them right now. I've never complained about updates ie sonar and radar just adapted to them. How do I adapt to being the easiest CV target ? My AA is weak, smoke doesn't stop strikes, and follow up strikes are less than a minute away? I'm not giving up on game just playing my favorite class. I do wish I could pause my 291 days of premium until this is fixed.
  11. JoGumby

    Possible Solution to Radar

    what I dislike about high level DD play is the complaints from teammates. Its as if they don't understand how radar changes our gameplay....
  12. JoGumby

    Screen Saver

    I really like the background video that's playing on the login screen. I'd really like if WG would make it as a screensaver downloadable. I feel it could generate a lot more interest in game when coworkers in the office saw this playing on my pc instead of trying to describe how cool game is. It would be a great way to introduce this game as I know many would ask "Hey whats the cool screensaver you got?" and I could reply that's a game I play for free...…..I can imagine how much time WG spends on that video and would get a ton of free publicity from it. I really do enjoy watching it :)