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  1. vanFrozit

    CV's are PvP, how?

    The CV can send its planes against the ship. How many ships attempting to catch a CV have been torped to death?
  2. vanFrozit

    CV's are PvP, how?

    So I am trying to figure out how the new CV design is PvP. As in, where is the actual player vs player battle? Sitting in a boat, I can have RNG AA that I can sorta control by picking a side. Sorta. If I'm in a DD, I can turn, hopefully screwing up the aim. Otherwise, planes are just something to be suffered. As a DD, if the CV (or god bless, both CVs) decide to focus on me, there is nothing I can do. Smoke for a bit, try to dodge planes coming from multiple directions, but there is really nothing I can do back to them. This is not PvP. CV vs CV, there is this "drop a fighter" thing. High skill there, uh huh. (sarcasm). They can go torp each other, but that is the same as the regular boats, nothing much you can do to stop or prevent it. Maybe I'm missing something, but CVs do not feel like Player vs Player combat. The CV player needs to learn some skills on dropping torps/bombs/rockets appropriately, but that is Player vs Environment.
  3. Lert! This is awesome. Now to go spend some of my 987m creds..... (Fujin whoring ftw) Edit: First time I check the forum in months, and this gem appears. Maybe I should return more? (slaps face) What am I thinking?
  4. vanFrozit

    Ranked Light or shortened format.

    You drift into personal insults. Game over.
  5. vanFrozit

    Ranked Light or shortened format.

    Measurable data is pretty much impossible for me to acquire due to lack of access to the extensive database on player performance (unless I care to go black hat). Trusting what WG claims about such a topic is like trusting what Trump says. The negative political effects of publicly admitting MM bias is very high. My own personal experience as a high win rate player leads me to believe some form of bias is occurring. It is difficult for me to estimate your own experience given the "hide my stats" you have set, but that in itself leads me to certain conclusions. Note that any bias will negatively affect high win rate players, and positively affect low win rate players.....
  6. vanFrozit

    Ranked Light or shortened format.

    When that first came out circa 2013, the devs did say that they were making MM more challenging. Personally, my experience at the high end of the win rates says that it is being used. And I could make some other observations about how it is nearly impossible to get below a 42% win rate in tanks and ships, and how that is rather statistically odd. But I don't expect to ever "win" an internet discussion. I just use my own observations and analytical skills, and make my own conclusions.
  7. vanFrozit

    Ranked Light or shortened format.

    They have a patent on it. US Patent 8425330. From 2013. However, they have scrubbed all forum mentions of it. https://patents.google.com/patent/US8425330
  8. vanFrozit

    Ranked Light or shortened format.

    It does so. Wargaming has said that MM uses your recent win rate to "make the game more challenging". They don't talk about it much, but there was a dev discussion about it.
  9. 24, all solo 23 in fujin, 1 in Gremy. The grem was after I had been stomped 2 matches in a row by a Grem, and I thought maybe gun DDs would rule. But nope, torp DDs all the way. TBH, started to pity the Battleships....
  10. vanFrozit

    Ranked Light or shortened format.

    First Rank set that I bothered to run down to 1. (Mainly due to tier 5 fujin...) Sad when I hit 1 and couldn't keep playing with a bunch of good players. First few matches back into random were... bad. Tier 5 only is ruled by torp DDs. With no radar or higher tier cruisers to keep them suppressed, Kami/Mine/Fujin ruled. Got stomped a couple times by gun DDs, but other than that, DD torps were the way to go. Note 1: MM put me into 2 "I'm top tier" matches in a row after the ranked run. I suspect it got confused by the 24 tier 5 matches in a row, and thought I desperately needed to be top tier to catch up. Note 2: MM's weighting for me going back into random was... painful. I got weighted so high that I had to quit for the day. (This could just be the shock of leaving rank 2 battles back to random though.) Idea: Continue ranked battles after hitting 1, but only allow rank 1 players into it.... (I might be a glutton for punishment.)
  11. vanFrozit

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    Man, LWM reviews end up costing me so much $$..... :P
  12. vanFrozit

    Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    Of course, this is a trainer. You usually don't primary a captain on a premium ship, you train up main line captains on it.