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  1. SeraphicRadiance

    Arc idea: What's old is new again

    Makes sense. I personally would love that and it would be really positively received by everyone. Expending resources on content that doesn't make them money does not, though. They need that gamblebox money. Will never happen.
  2. SeraphicRadiance

    A lengthy topic about Destroyers & why change is needed

    [edited], what a thread. go play some destroyers, please. particularly high tier ones
  3. SeraphicRadiance

    Whats your best game with the Kaga post patch?

    about 170kish, i'll have to check the replay
  4. SeraphicRadiance

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Nah you know what, I'm out, I'm just done with this mess. The groundwork was there before this, but Kuznetzov was where the timeline split. They say they want one thing, but they do not do anything that would indicate that is how they actually feel. Wish you all the best.
  5. SeraphicRadiance

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    LOL What the actual hell wargaming?
  6. SeraphicRadiance

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    If this goes live, I quit, permanently, straight up. I know it doesn't mean anything to the rest of the community, but it is a promise to myself. I abhor this idea. Disgusts me
  7. SeraphicRadiance

    What do you guys think of HE

    it's pretty hot (more seriously though, it's mostly fine, outside of some very Colbert and Smolensk related issues)
  8. nah it's definitely WG killing it
  9. SeraphicRadiance

    Come on WG t8 clans and no CV?

    You have much more patience than I do trying to explain it to this person. Anyway, I'm a CV main since the rework, and I can say with certainty that they completely destroy any illusion of a level playing field. CVs should remain banned in CBs due to their extreme influence and how much they change the game. Regardless of comp, CBs generally play out in the same way, but CVs turn everything on its head, and force you to play in obtuse or counter-intuitive ways; you really want to do a certain thing, lets say flank out by yourself cause you see an opening, you can't do that anymore due to the threat of a CV eliminating your concealment, or just killing you outright without even having to expend plane resources. I'll lose 1-2 planes at most striking a solo mino or wooster, I really could not care less what ship is trying to be relevant, they're all dead to me. I may shamelessly ruin the game for everyone and take sadistic pleasure in abusing it while WG takes the "too big to fail" approach, but I can be honest. If you think CVs belong in CBs, you have no idea what you're talking about. And I say that with love. P.S. This isn't even taking into account that, pound for pound, t8 premium CVs are the most powerful. Saipan is hilariously busted, Kaga is extremely strong, and Enterprise's AP bombs are a big threat to cruisers, while having VERY user friendly torps against all targets.
  10. I've never liked Zoup but he's absolutely right here. This needs to be heard.
  11. SeraphicRadiance

    So now that Kremlin is out, what is GK's Purpose?

    damage padding, by shooting it of course.
  12. SeraphicRadiance


    Mhm, should have made it clearer, sorry!
  13. SeraphicRadiance


    I like it cause I made an error and made a lot of people laugh, and your reaction made me laugh. Also I sent it in so, @SeraphicRadiance, if I can even tag myself! 155
  14. SeraphicRadiance

    Super Unicum Seeking Advice on CV Counterplay

    There is no way to stop a strike from a determined CV player unless you're blobbed up and he doesn't want to expend planes (if he does, he can still strike you) You just have to accept your fate. source: am CV player P.S. jUsT aDaPt
  15. SeraphicRadiance

    Dear WG: 3 deep faults of the CV rework design

    After reading this post, as someone who has heavily focused on CVs since the rework, I can corroborate what Edgecase has said. The entire CV vs other ship type interaction is almost exclusively one way; you're either a target (alone, or with really poor AA ships) or you're not (stacked with good AA ships). Funnily enough, the AA system is not good enough to actually stop a single strike, I can strike almost any t10 ship I want in Kaga or Saipan, as long as I F out after the first strike. It's only if I am certain I will lose more planes than the damage is worth that I consider other targets. And there is not a damn thing you can do to stop that if I really want to put damage down on you. Aside from drive a Mino or Worcester, and drive next to teammates, perhaps, but it's not through any input from the player itself. And that is the core issue.