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  1. SeraphicRadiance

    Super Unicum Seeking Advice on CV Counterplay

    There is no way to stop a strike from a determined CV player unless you're blobbed up and he doesn't want to expend planes (if he does, he can still strike you) You just have to accept your fate. source: am CV player P.S. jUsT aDaPt
  2. SeraphicRadiance

    Dear WG: 3 deep faults of the CV rework design

    After reading this post, as someone who has heavily focused on CVs since the rework, I can corroborate what Edgecase has said. The entire CV vs other ship type interaction is almost exclusively one way; you're either a target (alone, or with really poor AA ships) or you're not (stacked with good AA ships). Funnily enough, the AA system is not good enough to actually stop a single strike, I can strike almost any t10 ship I want in Kaga or Saipan, as long as I F out after the first strike. It's only if I am certain I will lose more planes than the damage is worth that I consider other targets. And there is not a damn thing you can do to stop that if I really want to put damage down on you. Aside from drive a Mino or Worcester, and drive next to teammates, perhaps, but it's not through any input from the player itself. And that is the core issue.
  3. SeraphicRadiance

    Enlightened drop

  4. SeraphicRadiance

    Enlightened drop

    The answer is not very, and no. Kaga's dive bombers fly very low, and have more margin for error to set up a DD drop than USN dive bombers do. I'd have to mess the run up by close to a kilometer to avoid hitting DDs for a lot; the onus is on the CV player to mess it up, not the DD to avoid.
  5. SeraphicRadiance

    Does it get better after the Neptune?

    Neptune is fairly okay, on paper, but the concealment really hurts it compared to the other ships. Mino is phenomenal though.
  6. SeraphicRadiance

    So Long and thanks for all the fish..

    I have no idea why you were downvoted for this. It's more or less correct. A good CV player can ruin the game for DDs much more than old CVs could. Only most DDs got screwed in RTS CVs, both Groz and Gearing were heavily in the meta and could protect themselves fairly well with the panic effect, and through virtue of actually being able to kill a not insubstantial amount of planes on their own if you attempted to keep harassing them when they had their DFAA available. As someone who previously mained DDs, and now mains CVs, I feel extremely bad for DD players, and if I didn't find myself somehow enjoying playing CV, I would have quit the game as well. I am playing CV as it is the ONLY way for me to enjoy the game, bar playing smoke Mino. I could write a very long post on why DDs are boned, but I won't.
  7. SeraphicRadiance

    If you could get rid of ONE map which one?

    The real answer is Shatter. That C island needs to go.
  8. To add onto this a little, I actually think all the CVs besides the premium ones are in a relatively good place (aside from ridiculous HE dive bombers) except for the T4s which I don't play. Shoukaku could use a bit of love still, but I think the gold standard right now is the Lexington. WTB lineship bundles.
  9. So it's okay to leave Enterprise worthless and Saipan OP. Especially the part where Enterprise was intended to be buffed, but it ended up being worse for her in general after that "buff". Okay, cool, got it. Everything is okay if you nerf Graf Zeppelin every patch.
  10. SeraphicRadiance

    Fix the US/IJN CV imbalance.

    I gotta strongly disagree with you there. You can actually defend yourself against AP bombs in a lot of the cruisers, which is a massive weakness for AP bombs. OP is correct, USN HE dive bombers are a plague on this earth, and I secretly feel a little bad every time I find a destroyer with my dive bombers. Hakuryu is probably superior at absolute top level play within top level play, if you're able to guarantee defense of your destroyers and guarantee Midway DBs take casualties when they attempt to strike anything, but that is ONLY because of Hakuryu's torpedo planes. In randoms or against competitive teams who do not have a plan to defend their DDs, I will, and have, single handedly wiped a team of their destroyers; the only thing that can really save you is if I know we've already won the game and I want to go save my damage on battleships.
  11. SeraphicRadiance

    Have you sold your Saipan?

    If Saipan is not changed, it is absolutely getting a refund from me. You all know why its suffering. Will likely keep Kaga.
  12. Prior to this patch, I was a religious DD main. Now, I have played almost exclusively carrier. Please, enjoy being spotted 45 seconds into the game as you attempt to sail out of your spawn, and be harassed by my rocket planes that you or anyone else is unable to stop. There has never been a situation in which a DD has been in an advantageous position after I have targeted them; they either lose 1/3rd to half of their health to my planes, or they smoke to protect themselves, forcing themselves to remain stationary almost always in the middle of nowhere, using up a charge of precious smoke, and putting it on a long cooldown. So yeah honestly, I already consider the game dead until they disable them from random battles. I'm just gonna farm people with my sky cancer 2.0 until I get bored.
  13. SeraphicRadiance

    The Coo of Boom Flag

  14. SeraphicRadiance

    14 Days into playing, my $0.02....

    The only thing I got from this is that he hates hydro and radar everywhere, and that he started not enjoying himself when he started playing in the tiers where it is most prevalent and powerful. I'm not entirely certain how you surmised that he didn't believe himself ready to move up from "there's radar and hydro everywhere and this sucks". So yes OP, if you play tiers 8-10, radar and hydro is going to suck. You can eventually learn to play around it, but as a DD they are absolutely going to frustrate the hell out of you even when you do.
  15. SeraphicRadiance

    14 Days into playing, my $0.02....

    Making me play T5 for two weeks as a new player would be the fastest way to make me quit the game, tbh.