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  1. Deno

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    It was a feature of the Hakuryu at Tier 10. The torps had 8km range and were not detectable until very close. However, they had around a 1.2km arming distance on top of only going 50 knots. Simply adjusting speed or making a small turn was usually enough to cause the entire spread to miss or only land one hit. Non-CV players thought that was too much effort to avoid CV torps, so they complained and got the upgraded Hakuryu torps rendered almost useless through "balance" reasons.
  2. Deno

    Are you ready for

    Most of those losses were before or just after making the first attack. There's not even enough time to get clear of the AA before recalling the planes to save them, which is what the recall was there for in the first place.
  3. Deno

    Are you ready for

    They don't live long enough to even do that. The buffed AA damage just rips through planes before you can get clear. This hotfix honestly should never have been rushed out, and Wargaming is just going to kill CV gameplay for good if they don't fix it fast.
  4. Deno

    Are you ready for

    At least half of those losses were against a single T8 BB using a T10 CV. Planes are being shredded by the buffed AA paired with the longer vulnerability period after a recall.
  5. Deno

    AA is sure tasty in the hotfix...

    Hakuryu has been made completely pointless with this hotfix. The arming time on the attack run is so long now that you basically have to start the attack halfway across the map before the torps are ready to drop. But you better pray that the target doesn't move during that time, otherwise your spread will bloom out to max width if you make just a minor turn. Good job Wargaming. You wanted people playing CVs and you got that with 0.8.0, and just one week later have made them obsolete to every other ship in the game with your "hotfix" if you can call it that.
  6. Deno

    Are you ready for

    In just 12 minutes. Wargaming went way overboard with not only increasing AA damage but also the vulnerability time of planes both in the same patch. They should have done one or the other, not both. The arming time on the Hakuryu torps now has also made them completely pointless, since you are well within AA range by the time you make your drop unless you start it halfway across the map. Wargaming wanted to get more people playing CVs, but if they decide to keep this hotfix then they're going to have fewer players than they did pre-rework.
  7. Deno

    Good bye Hakuryu

    What was your opinion of the old CVs that were able to alpha strike any single ship they wanted for a near-guaranteed kill? Would you prefer to have those back instead of the reworked CVs?
  8. Deno

    Are you ready for

    Not really. Wargaming is trying to "fix" the CVs in all the wrong ways. Because of the overperformance of a single loadout on one top tier CV, they're essentially amplifying the problems that the lower tier CVs are already facing. The main issues with the CVs were the +2/-2 matchmaking spread, which was causing CVs to be either completely useless or completely dominating. Giving them +1/-1 would stop the imbalance of having a two tier difference, which has been one of the major complaints from both sides of the CV rework. Regarding the Hakuryu, simply removing the Type 91 Mod 8 torpedoes would solve most of the issues surrounding that ship. The Mod 8 torps let the Hakuryu drop the first set from outside detection range, and the last set a short distance inside of the AA range. Removing those torps as an option would force the torp bombers to get in closer to the target, exposing them to AA longer and preventing them from dropping all three sets of torps on the same approach angle. Instead, Wargaming is reducing the number of torps dropped, lowering their speed, and increasing their arming time. This is on torpedoes that already only went 50 kts and had a 1.2km arming distance. If they wanted to leave the Mod 8 torps as an option, then adjusting the detection range on them, giving players more time to react and avoid them, would have been a much better first step instead of going all-in and completely changing everything about them.
  9. Deno

    Good bye Hakuryu

    The only thing they needed to do to fix the Hakuryu was remove the Type 91 Mod 8 torps, and leave the Mod 7. What was breaking the Hakuryu was being able to drop the first set of torps from outside detection range, and the last set after just getting inside the AA range. This was letting the Hakuryu avoid most of the AA, while putting a spread on highly stealthy torps in the water that players couldn't avoid very well. Instead, Wargaming is going completely overboard with this "hotfix" and only making the lower tiered CV problems even worse in an effort to try and balance one single top tier ship.
  10. Only if they give us the option of BB-free, or CA/CL-free, or DD-free games. I mean, it would only be fair, right? How many BB players would opt-out of DD battles so they could focus on bullying CA/CL players? How many CA/CL players would opt-out of BB battles so they could focus on bullying DD players? How about DD players opting out of CA/CL battles so they can bully BB players? See where the problem is with letting players opt-out of having certain ship types in random battles?
  11. Bow armor is a lot simpler to manage than just removing an entire type of ship from the game. Removing CVs would mean entire lines would need to be reworked, and certain premiums that were sold based on their "increased AA values" would need to be redone or refunded.
  12. No matter how often people suggest that, it is never going to happen. Wargaming has put far too much time and money into CV development to just abandon it because a small portion of the players complain on the forums about having CVs in the game.
  13. It might not be 5 seconds exactly, but it is enough time for squadrons to be wiped by AA if you're not careful with using it.
  14. There already is about a 5 second window after pressing F, or planes leaving the squadron from making an attack, where they are still vulnerable to AA and fighters. I've lost entire squadrons from this because they don't attempt to evade flak or fighters while climbing to the recall altitude.
  15. At T4, the average for both Langley and Hosho has dropped. At T6, Ryujo average is up while Ranger average is identical to the old Independence. At T8, Graf Zeppelin average is up, Enterprise/Lexington dropped, Shokaku dropped slightly, and Kaga/Saipan were both moved up a tier though Kaga average is down quite a bit compared to her T7 numbers. At T10, Hakuryu is higher while Midway dropped. It's still less than a week in to the rework however, so as people adjust to the new CVs we may see those numbers increase or decrease.