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  1. The only things changed on Alsace are +2 seconds(30 to 32) to the main battery reload and 0.1 lower sigma(1.7 to 1.6). Nothing else about the ship was touched at all. Alsace was overperforming compared to the other T9 BBs, so those changes were to help bring it closer in performance to the others without making large changes that could throw balance out the window.
  2. The radar mechanics in WoWS are pretty basic, which is their downfall. All radar does, and to some extent hydro, is extend the 2km proximity detection to whatever range the radar has while active. Because of this basic design that Wargaming has used, it doesn't take terrain in to account as it should. WoWS already has mechanics that check for terrain, such as line-of-sight spotting or terrain indicators for the main battery, so it's not entirely impossible for them to find a way to attach that to radar somehow if they devoted to work to doing so. Honestly, radar being able to see through islands is one of the major issues that plagues high-tier gameplay, and fixing that would go a long ways towards ending the stagnant island hugging that many players do.
  3. Got a funny chat ban.

    Submit a ticket with Wargaming to get the chatban reversed if you really didn't do anything to warrant it. I do believe though that players should never have the authority to globally chatban other players, since that can lead to cases like above where one toxic group of players can abuse it simply because they don't like someone.
  4. Honestly, the only thing that really needs changed about it is allowing players to report someone enough to chatban them without any Wargaming moderation. From that day that was implemented to even now, players have been abusing it to group up and spam reports on other players even if the ones given out the reports were being toxic. If someone doesn't like what another player is saying, they can simply select to ignore messages from that player.
  5. Offence/Defence Torpedoes

    Minekaze used to have 10km torps at T5, and everyone cried that it was way too OP so Wargaming removed them.
  6. Conqueror is an easy ship to kill. Her HE packs a mean punch, but it's not really that much different than the damage any other BB at her tier can do just by using AP. The fires can be annoying, but if you're playing anything with repair party then you can heal back 100% of that damage. The super heal recovers a lot of health, sure, but it has an insanely long cooldown to the point where the ship can be killed very quickly before it's ready again. Focus fire takes out the Conqueror very quickly, as long as your team is properly positioned. She's a ship that really takes advantage of any mistakes that the enemy team makes, but is very easy to punish if she makes any mistakes of her own.
  7. That's why the current skill tree and how it affects ships is a problem. Certain skills provide too much of an improvement that by not taking them, you're only hindering yourself and your team. Meanwhile there are skills that are nearly always ignored and never used in any situation. If Wargaming wants to avoid having the skills end up cycling back to the same cookie-cutter builds that they revamped the tree to avoid, then a skill rework is desperately needed in the game.
  8. Remember when Wargaming just baked in the skill that shows if you're detected, because it was a mandatory skill that everyone took? Remember when Wargaming dropped the skill tree to only four tiers and shifted around the skill placement to create more build diversity? Right now, we're back at the point where certain skills have become mandatory picks on ships. The build diversity isn't really there anymore since a lot of ships have to spec in to certain skills to even perform at all. Wargaming really needs to consider doing another pass over the skill tree and adjusting the skills so they're not just improvements to the ship but instead change how ships can play.
  9. 5.1 or 7.1 Surround

    Sometimes I wonder if people ever read the post dates... The last post before two hours ago was over two years old.
  10. The main issue regarding CVs in the game is how much of an impact that skill gap and have on the outcome of the match. A well played CV can completely shut down a lesser skilled CV, which then gives them free reign over the rest of the battle.
  11. The different valued boxes had different amounts for the base contents such as flags or camo. They all had the same ships available, the only difference there was that the boxes had certain ships that had a higher chance to be the one dropped.
  12. It really was a poor decision for them to change how doubloons are handled for duplicate ships, and is likely losing them a good bit of potential revenue. People that would have spent money on ship packages or sales for the extra doubloons have been keeping their wallets closed now, since there really isn't any value to purchasing them anymore. Also, has anyone else noticed that newer premium ships seem to be getting more and more expensive with every release compared to older premiums?
  13. Is it just me or...

    Stalingrad is going to be available for Steel through the Arsenal. When Stalingrad is released in 0.7.8, the flags will be converted to Steel. People who have all three flags and still have the -25% cost coupon will be able to get the ship immediately. Everyone else will simply have to save up enough Steel over time by getting it from Ranked/Clan Battles, containers, or other methods that Wargaming uses.
  14. Hold F1 while in a match and it brings up the controls and information window. Regarding the OP, I can't even remember how many times I've been rammed by an ally because they get tunnel vision on a target and don't pay any attention to where they're heading. That or they're so locked in on an enemy 15km+ away that they don't see or just ignore the DD that's closing in to torp them.
  15. I've never really had any issues playing against them. They have strong HE and can start a lot of fires, but they die very quickly if focused. Even the Lion and Conqueror, with their super heal, go down fast if the team keeps pressure on them. They can score a high damage number, but that's only if the enemy team lets them do so.