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  1. Deno

    Simple Yeuyang solution

    Yueyang without radar is essentially a Gearing with DWTs. I do agree though that the current proposed changes by Wargaming are extremely over the top and hope they never make it to the live server. If the changes went through, there would be no reason to ever play a Yueyang instead of any other destroyer. Right now the Yueyang is barely above the other top destroyers in stats, so instead of nerfs they should look at ways to bring the bottom ranking ones up to where they are as competitive as the others.
  2. Deno

    WG Loot Box’s and Their Current State

    I'd be curious to see if the overall revenue has dropped since changing the compensation for duplicates. I know a lot of people have stopped spending money completely because of it, and even more have been spending less. Unless there are a few whales still spending more than enough to make up for it or new players coming in and spending money, I can't see how they're making anywhere near as much as before the change.
  3. Torpedo bulge is well below the waterline, so it won't be affected from that. The secondaries and main battery will be able to more reliably deal damage to other ships now is my guess.
  4. Deno

    new bonus code

    Still shows invalid for me.
  5. Deno

    new bonus code

    Camos, signals, and pumpkin crates so far.
  6. Deno

    new bonus code

    Not active yet.
  7. Deno

    Best of the Worst

    You playing the PVE gamemode? Looks like a typical round of that, where one or two people essentially get all the kills.
  8. Deno

    So decided to try the Nobilum

    Fires and flooding. If you get four fires and a flooding on either the Gorgon or Rasputin, not even the healing from being in the filth can keep them alive as long as you keep the fires going. Easiest with the cruiser though, since it can reliably start one or two fires on nearly every volley.
  9. Testing it in the live server is the only way to realistically get an idea for how it's balanced against other ships. Wargaming used to just do internal testing themselves before releasing ships, and that's how we ended up having OP premiums that have been pulled from sale.
  10. Deno

    complaint about MM [edited]

    Having played both World of Tanks and World of Warships since their respective betas, I really do not want to see WoWS end up the same way that WoT has. WoT has been dumbed down so much since its initial release, that it's quite frankly not enjoyable at all anymore. The average players used to take their time and actually think about how they played their tanks, but now it's all rushing around and ending the battle within 5-10 minutes. WoWS has started to head this way, with Wargaming constantly trying to introduce or change mechanics to end battles quicker. People call call it an arcade game all they want, but dumbing it down too much just destroys what brought people to the game in the first place.
  11. Deno

    halloween containers

    The Halloween containers have a chance of giving special permanent Halloween camos for certain ships, as well as missions to get unique Halloween commanders.
  12. Deno

    The HMS Daring

    Lightning is pretty much a one-off compared to the others. It just performs far better than the other DDs in their respective tiers.
  13. Deno

    British CVs, WOWS devblog

    Regarding the Saipan and Kaga tier change. I wonder if WG will do the right thing and keep them at their original price from when they first sold them. If they charge more for them after the rework, that would basically be screwing over anyone who didn't buy them back when they were first available.
  14. Deno

    The HMS Daring

    Honestly, the RN DDs need to be reworked, and many people kept saying this before they were released. Some of the slowest DDs in their tiers, with some of the worst concealment values for their tiers. Other DDs can simply stay just close enough to spot them while staying undetected, forcing the RN DD to pop smoke and either try to flee or wait with hydro up for the enemy to get close enough. If they try to flee, the enemy DD can catch up to them. If they wait in smoke, the enemy DD can flush them out with torps since the smoke area is so small. Either way, the RN DD is being pushed away from battle and being unable to contribute anything to their team. If that's the type of playstyle that Wargaming wants for RN DDs, then I am not looking forward to what ideas they come up with for any future ship lines.