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  1. Exactly. You would think that someone at WG would have been smart enough to keep all the event accounts contained in one event specific clan.
  2. To be more precise, the X marker only shows where your crosshair intersects the map. If an insland is in front of your crosshair and you can shoot behind the island by having a target locked, the X will still only go to the island and not beyond it. It's only showing where on the map your crosshair is, not where your shells will land.
  3. The fact that this mod has been known since last year, and has even been included in the official WG modpack should be enough of an indication that they themselves feel that it doesn't not grant enough of an advantage to be unfair to any who do not use it. Continuing to argue about it at this point is honestly pointless, since the likely outcome will just be them implementing it in to the base client.
  4. Inccorect. Even with the mod installed, the X will not go beyond the island unless your crosshair can touch open water that is beyond the island. As long as your crosshair intersects with the island, that is where the X will be. The mod does not give any advantage to people trying to fire over islands.
  5. Yeah, no. I have the mod installed, and it does not let you magically shoot over islands. If you aim at an island without the mod installed, your shots will land on the island where your crosshair is. The only point behind the island that you can hit without a target locked is any open water that you can get your crosshair on to. If you can't get your crosshair high enough to aim at open water behind the island, then your shots will collide with the island and stop short. The only thing the mod does is add an X on the minimap at the XYZ point where your crosshair intersects with the map. This means that if your aim your crosshair at an island, the X will be on that island. Even if you have a target locked behind the island, the X will be on that island where your crosshair is at. It simply paints an X on the minimap at the point in your line of sight where your crosshair is on the map, and nothing more.
  6. That would work against FreeXP in a way though, since you would never need to use FreeXP to bypass playing a stock ship.
  7. I think if they tightened up the base dispersion of secondaries by around 10-15%, then it would help without being too much of an increase. As they are right now you're pretty lucky to get more than a couple hits on a broadside BB at medium ranges with them without manual secondaries.
  8. Exactly. In the test videos of it, nearly every target that was hit by Asashio's torps would have been hit by torps from any other DD. The only exception really was I think in Flamu's video where he hit two Yamatos at the back line early in the match.
  9. People are really overestimating the strength of the ship. It's going to be one of those premiums that really only performs well when a skilled player uses it. Take the Belfast for example. It's a ship that plenty of people will say is one of the most overpowered things in the game. Yet when you put an average player at the helm, the weaknesses outweigh the strengths and the ship goes down very quickly. Asashio is going to be the same. In the hands of an average player, the ship is going to be so underwhelming that it will likely end up not even being played by many of the people who buy her.
  10. No Loot Boxes in Hawaii?

    Sad but true. You can go to the store and look at the cases for a lot of newer games, and they'll even say "No Disc Inside" because it's just a paper with the activation code to register the game through something like Steam. For the ones that do actually include the disc, many of them aren't even the full game and simply an installer that downloads the game. So unless you have access to get online, you can't even install the games you're trying to buy a physical copy of.
  11. It's been a feature that many people have been asking for since before WoWS was released. Unfortunately, enough people must be paying for the XP conversions since WG seems content to leave it how it is.
  12. This is what a lot of people seem to be forgetting. Sure the Asashio has insanely low concealment, but it's a relatively slow ship compared to the other DDs in her matchmaking spread. Once she's been located, all they have to do is maintain their pursuit and she's as good as dead. Asashio is really only a threat at the early game when people aren't expecting a long range torpedo volley, and to BB players who would otherwise be vulnerable to already existing DDs.
  13. Simplest solution would honestly just be to adopt what WoT does and let us select to put all XP gained with the ship in to Commander XP. This would also encourage more premium ship sales, since premium ships earn more XP and can use commanders without retraining.
  14. Honestly that's the way it feels lately. WG has been doing some great events, but the greed has been a little obvious with the way they've been implementing the "shortcuts" for the missions.
  15. No Loot Boxes in Hawaii?

    Pretty much the only reason that most studios get bought out by a larger company, like EA, is because they lack the financial backing needed to continue to stay in business. That's when someone like EA comes along to buy them up and acts as publisher. Unfortunately, this also means EA then has a good deal of influence over the development of any projects, and has a habit of pushing unreasonable deadlines on to the development teams. Then when the finished project is poorly received and doesn't quite reach the sales figures EA was expecting, they close out the studio and either move the teams around elsewhere or let them go.