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  1. CV Kill Steals a DD

    Generally though in my example, the CV had other targets they should have been going for instead of the one that is about to die without their intervention. Sometimes the planes going in even save the targets life. I've seen it happen to other DDs as well as myself, where you have torps on target that are guaranteed to kill it, yet they turn to avoid planes and your torps end up missing the target. If playing a CV, you have a much better view of the battle than anyone else. It's just as important to watch where your team is and what they're doing as it is to watch the enemies.
  2. CV Kill Steals a DD

    I see it happen fairly often. Target is at <1k health with a volley of shells or torps about to make contact, yet the CV still makes a full drop on the near dead target.
  3. Russian BBs are likely a long ways off. They had planned to do them before, but it was met with a good amount of criticism. As a nation, they didn't have many BBs built during the time periods that WoWS tech trees span, so people were concerned that it would be a tree full of paper ships that never even existed or had blueprints. The next line will likely be UK DDs. They're a high interest line with plenty of ships to choose from, and there are already examples in the game of how they could perform.
  4. I want to agree with you, but I just got out of a match where our team went in a big lemming train to the far west edge of the map and left just a couple of us to defend the other side. Even after pointing it out, they continued to sail along their merry way only to die one by one. When things like that happen, it's hard to stay positive and not think there are genuine morons playing the game.
  5. A Discussion About Mods

    I have no idea how people came to the idea that the X marker lets you somehow fire accurately over islands, when that's very clearly not the case. In the above picture, you can see the X is over the point on the island in the minimap where the crosshair is pointing at. In this picture, the crosshair is beyond the island and over the open water. As you can see, the X marker has now moved to that point on the minimap. In this picture, you can clearly see that even with a target locked, the X marker is still on the island in the minimap, despite the game showing that you would be able to fire over the island. As far as firing at ships you lose visibility on, that only works if they never bother to alter their speed or heading. A situation that would let better experienced players still lands hits on target. If a target changes course slightly or alters their speed at all, then the X marker will provide little to no help in landing hits on them. The only thing the X marker does is help land hits on targets in open water that are moving in a straight line at a consistent speed.
  6. That is precisely why they need to re-release the flag, or add bonuses to more event flags. People that have the Military Month flag usually fly it and nothing else because of the bonuses. If they added the bonus to other flags, people would be able to fly those instead.
  7. It does get kind of annoying when games continue to push people to use outside communities in order to join events or contests specific to that game. I don't plan to ever sign up for Facebook, especially considering recent events, and I really see no need for Twitter at all. Another thing that would be real nice would be for Wargaming to release the Military Month flag or an equivalent through an event again. They made it available once, and haven't done so since.
  8. Exactly. You would think that someone at WG would have been smart enough to keep all the event accounts contained in one event specific clan.
  9. To be more precise, the X marker only shows where your crosshair intersects the map. If an insland is in front of your crosshair and you can shoot behind the island by having a target locked, the X will still only go to the island and not beyond it. It's only showing where on the map your crosshair is, not where your shells will land.
  10. The fact that this mod has been known since last year, and has even been included in the official WG modpack should be enough of an indication that they themselves feel that it doesn't not grant enough of an advantage to be unfair to any who do not use it. Continuing to argue about it at this point is honestly pointless, since the likely outcome will just be them implementing it in to the base client.
  11. Inccorect. Even with the mod installed, the X will not go beyond the island unless your crosshair can touch open water that is beyond the island. As long as your crosshair intersects with the island, that is where the X will be. The mod does not give any advantage to people trying to fire over islands.
  12. Yeah, no. I have the mod installed, and it does not let you magically shoot over islands. If you aim at an island without the mod installed, your shots will land on the island where your crosshair is. The only point behind the island that you can hit without a target locked is any open water that you can get your crosshair on to. If you can't get your crosshair high enough to aim at open water behind the island, then your shots will collide with the island and stop short. The only thing the mod does is add an X on the minimap at the XYZ point where your crosshair intersects with the map. This means that if your aim your crosshair at an island, the X will be on that island. Even if you have a target locked behind the island, the X will be on that island where your crosshair is at. It simply paints an X on the minimap at the point in your line of sight where your crosshair is on the map, and nothing more.
  13. That would work against FreeXP in a way though, since you would never need to use FreeXP to bypass playing a stock ship.
  14. I think if they tightened up the base dispersion of secondaries by around 10-15%, then it would help without being too much of an increase. As they are right now you're pretty lucky to get more than a couple hits on a broadside BB at medium ranges with them without manual secondaries.
  15. Exactly. In the test videos of it, nearly every target that was hit by Asashio's torps would have been hit by torps from any other DD. The only exception really was I think in Flamu's video where he hit two Yamatos at the back line early in the match.