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  1. js23

    Rocket Planes out of control

    Thing is that it actually took skill and intelligence to do that pre-rework, now any a-hole can just spam unlimited planes and you have to just take it till you are dead.
  2. js23

    How would you "counter play" me?

    That's the problem, there are too many veteran players who are quitting the game or are far less involved because of CVs, WG needs to suck it up and admit they seriously screwed up the game with the CV rework and fix their mistake, otherwise else this game will develop a far worse player retention rate. Fitting aircraft into this game, a game that is surfaced based, is the equivalent of smashing a square peg into a round hole. My best recommendation to fix game at this point is to remove CVs entirely and replace them with submarines, otherwise else the games will only get more static, boring, and stagnant, then in turn the player bleed off will get worse.
  3. js23

    Why is the player base so angry?

    I'm angry because the game is now infested with skilless cheaters that can sit behind an island on the other side of the map and peck you to death, forcing you to take damage while being completely helpless to do anything about it because of the joke that is AA right now. The fact that WG stopped caring about it and are focused on subs makes me even more angry to the point I barely play anymore.
  4. js23

    Zoup the feeling police

    No, clan leaders along with clan members are the customer in this situation, Wargaming developed the game, rents the server, and sets the rules, this game is their property and it their job to enforce the rules THEY set. That being said, there SHOULD be a harsher crackdown on players like Zoup quoted in his video, that kind of behavior is completely idiotic considering this is just a game. If these kind of players are left unchecked, World of Warships will go down the road that WOT did and WG will restrict chat for the whole community.
  5. Used to love WOT, played all the way back in closed beta, problem now is that it's full of power creep and gold ammo spam.
  6. js23

    Tired of destroyers

    Love seeing how CV mains are so desperate to defend their broken boats.
  7. Welcome to the new meta, where you are forced to take damage so somebody hiding in the corner can feel like a pro. Meanwhile cv players be like:
  8. If it means improving the gameplay for 85% of the players at the expense of the 15%, then yes. "Needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" ~Spock
  9. Its not about taking damage and being sunk alone, its about being damaged and sunk by a ship hiding on the opposite side of the map, behind a cliff, that you have zero hope of shooting back at, if CV planes had limited range to force them to be closer to the rest of the team and actually take risks, then I would start to respect them. Edit: Even submarines will have to put their ship in danger to do damage, that is why carriers frustrate me far more than the prospect of subs.
  10. js23

    Really Tired of CVs

    CV player's preference for Carriers is FAR more unhealthy for the game and community than denying said preference.
  11. js23

    Really Tired of CVs

    I can fire at cruisers and DDs in smoke with good results I can usually tell when DD is launching torps at me and use wasd to avoid a spread I can keep using wasd to dodge and avoid dev strikes from BBs With CVs their are no real counters other than the pathetic excuse that is AA right now, when there is a CV after you there is not much you can do about it other than attempt to dodge a single attack but you will have to take damage and not be able to do a single thing about it. Thing is that unlike every other ship in the game, CVs can farm free damage while hiding on the map border or behind a tall island, never to be seen or shot at for the whole game. They are absolute a$$ to play against and ruin the game experience for most everybody else.
  12. js23

    WGing needs to redo their AA ratings

    lol, ships with aa? You need to lower your expectations, ships don't have AA anymore so any rating is useless, might as well just think of them as all zeros at this point.
  13. js23


    Seeing David Hasselhoff do that now: But don't forget Earl James Jones for voice acting, cant go wrong with either of them.
  14. js23

    Friendly ramming?

    When you are maneuvering while zoomed in and aiming, things like that are bound to happen. TBH the penalty is so low I really don't care that much when it happens.