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  1. EgoBasher

    Shimakaze unique upgrade

    How could they have possibly done something this lame? It takes months to grind one of these up. . then you get it and find out you would NEVER even put it on. Hey thanks WoWs! I really can't believe how heavy the negatives are on these legendary upgrades.
  2. EgoBasher

    Can't skill up Capts or use exp?

    ’ve had it constantly over the past few more. Since the first cruiser split update to be exact. When I contacted WG about it they just said i had a recent recent transaction (about two weeks prior to the customer service contact) even though I specially told them that the money had come from my account in the ticket they still chalked it up as that. The reply literally said “you had a recent purchase, hope this helps” and that’s all it was. When I replied to them and told them again I had nothing pending and it was an ongoing issue, I never got a response back. For me, I have to run a check and repair from the launch screen, that’s the only thing that fixes it. Not too bad when it happens once or twice a week but I’ve had it happen as much as three to four times a day with no fix in sight it’s becoming an annoyance at a minimum. Guess WG is too busy putting more stuff in as opposed to fixing things that need to be fixed. Found this on another forum. I ran a check and repair from the launch screen and it seems to be working for now. Odd.
  3. EgoBasher

    Can't skill up Capts or use exp?

    But worked fine last night.
  4. Hasn't worked all day, keeps giving me error message whenever I try and move to next ship in class or train a Capt. Is some server down?