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  1. CHBanger

    Have you ever been cheated on?

    Regardless of what the OP is talking about, I think the old saying, "There are many fish in the sea" is probably appropriate.
  2. CHBanger

    Why do you still play this game?

    Regardless of the current changes I play WOWS when the fancy strikes. I play many other games as well, depends on my mood. However, I did play a little more upon release of the CV rework so I could check out the changes. Chasing after new ships, new currencies, reward crates does not drive my participation anymore, especially after burning out on the Duke of York event.
  3. This thread gave me PTSD from all the flash backs to the "give me an opt-out arty button" threads in WOT. All the same arguments for, against, the "git-gud" and of course the "remove it from the game" replies. If there was ever more proof that CV's are the arty of WOWS, this is it. If WOT didn't remove arty what makes you think that WOWS would remove arty, errr, CV's. I guess the only real positive in all of this is that the developers are trying a different approach instead of neutering or nerfing the line into oblivion where it becomes totally ineffectual.