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  1. CHBanger

    Commander skill changes - No reset?

    Having fun playing other games after logging in after a break and found my secondary Georgia build converted to cookie cutter BB build. Spent the 180k elite XP to retrain, took it out for one battle and haven't been back since. Well played WG. Plenty of other games on the sea, including WoT.
  2. CHBanger

    Bots Auto-Detect/Follow

    The best Cylons!
  3. CHBanger

    Big Oof

    Yeah, you were in all those battles!
  4. Give A Darn, or whatever better d-word fits. Also, don't like losing? Play co-op! LOL
  5. CHBanger

    WOWS Yamato model.

    The dreaded Kragle!
  6. Yep, never watching again and don't care at this point. Going to go play something else.
  7. *sigh* Thank you for waiting an hour into the stream to explain that the Gothic Camo will not be available until tomorrow (October 1st) and that if you want the mission you'll need to watch another stream. Guess I won't be getting the mission then, 'cuz I ain't watchin' anymore.
  8. This will work for me. Since I'm at the niceenough, a perma camo while grinding through the T8 will be appreciated.
  9. CHBanger

    0.9.9 Patch Day checklist

    Oh please no. I think the consensus was people liked the less than a month rewards, 'cuz if you missed a day you didn't miss out on the last rewards. Also, please note, if this system becomes standard expect the rewards to become less appealing the more time goes on. This is another thing ESO did, rewards were great at the start, you wanted to log in to get through the month, then they kinda became meh. Also, also, make no mistake, this is just to inflate daily login data to make it look better than it is. Again when they did this in ESO much of my time was just logging in to get the free daily reward and then I'd log out with zero time played. After a while even the daily rewards couldn't get me to log in. And I have 1400+ hours on ESO.
  10. I recently went back to WoT for the 10 year anniversary. My friend has stayed with the game over all these years and while platooning with him I found out that you can remove one map from your rotation (or two if you have premium). I think we should petition WoWS for this option for random and co-op. Two Brothers is my least favorite map in co-op.
  11. CHBanger

    New Code

    Thanks! Both worked!
  12. CHBanger

    Thank Heaven for Co-op

    Started in WOT moved to WOWS because of the coop mode. Wouldn't have joined otherwise, like some of you. Since then I had to complain that I couldn't post on the forums because you needed 5 PVP battles to post and I couldn't! Even though I had several hundred coop battles! Since then I have tried PVP on order to complete missions, get my Yamato and PVP sucks, just as much as it did in WOT. Excruciatingly slow game play that usually goes the full 20 minutes because it's all about waiting for the reds to make a mistake, so kinda campy. And heaven forbid you should be one of the last surviving ships in a CV match and not be the CV.
  13. CHBanger

    Attention to ....

    WG should add a right click ability on the map with more options without having to either follow up with a typed message (considering the map and chat box are on opposite sides) or having players guess at the meaning.
  14. Interesting. I hope they keep it as is, great for bringing back low tiers and co-op please. The dockyard should work like this.