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  1. Alpha Test Flag Reminded Me...

    have you reached the required rank?
  2. Alpha Test Flag Reminded Me...

    IIRC, accidental alpha's shouldn't have them either
  3. Alpha Test Flag Reminded Me...

    If you were meant to have the Iwaki you would be tagged as an Alpha. You are not, hence no Iwaki.
  4. actually I uninstalled WoWS (and all others), but doesn't mean I can't pop my head into the forums every now and then
  5. It was .... fun. Oh my.

    1. Kookaburras


      I hope everything's alright :c

  6. SIgning off.

    Thanks all. I'll still poke my head in once in a while Kitty, let's just say recovery from the car accident is going to take a bit longer than was initially thought, and I have a strong desire to spend time with my family.
  7. SIgning off.

    I'll be taking my leave from ST, WoWS and computer gaming in general for the foreseeable future. Had a great time from alpha until now, and being involved in ST was a blast. I'm know some will enjoy seeing me leave and others not, and a few good friends i've made i'll see around IRL and on FB. Best of luck and maybe see ya'll in a few years redblurr signing off.
  8. You will get used to the change. You have no other choice.
  9. Long time no see Craig, glad you found you way over here NF was fun, this is better. Alas, no S.O.N.S. over here, and the Kitakami has been withdrawn due to "friendly Fire" issues
  10. Sorry I cannot confirm or deny, as I do not have the knowledge needed to answer this question.