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  1. lucifier

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    What does this statement have in correlation to the topic?
  2. lucifier

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    Why is a skills based mm bad? If you feel threatened by equal level players then you don't really belong in that group to begin with. That's why sports is always a toss up for most team sports. NFL,NBA, and so on. It's what makes sports so great. Prolly why games like this will never be a Esport.
  3. lucifier

    Premium Ship Review: USS Missouri

    Why the necroing??
  4. Lower the islands land mass so if you try to hide you'll get punished for it. Sniping thru walls cause that's what it would be in any other game is a broken mechanic and a good game doesn't reward using cheats and exploits to win.
  5. I'd would be hard to balance. Imagine a graf or a kaga 1 shoting a Iowa or Yammy
  6. lucifier

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Every one knows,.... All the balancing and ship rework are so they can lay the foundation for Subs. W00t let's hear it for TX Russian nuclear power.
  7. lucifier

    Want to know the real CV value?

    Kinda wargames fault. They change the way you should play a cv to a freak show that just flys around scouting and avoiding all other ships
  8. lucifier

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Sub_oct said in a tweet that they are looking to due all the other premium ships that are considerd op next for balancing. So we will finally see the Nik and others like it fixed.
  9. lucifier

    CV Complaints - Show me the Stats

    Wow cv are around 30k games played were every other ship class is 300k. LoL, no wonder we can't shoot any planes down. CV's got a huge buff to stealth....OP Nerf to oblivion.
  10. Just blows my mind how fast they respond to the DD players but it's like cv players are 3rd rate here. We should feel blessed if they even say the word cv let alone talk to us.
  11. They don't care,....... When was the last time you heard a member of WG make a statement above usn or ijn CV's. It's been weeks. But yesterday there was a post about how a DD player said that the flood nerf was to much, and with in 1 hour a WG team member responded with, "Oh ty for your feedback we will look into it right away" Here's the post What the heck!!!!! It's been weeks and we've yet to even see a response.
  12. WoTs Arty was other Arty and any player who could get in range. I think they should make it so that CV's can counter one another again. That was a mistake to remove counter play.
  13. So.....Get a response on this question from WG yet?? Im pretty sure you wont, cant tell you something they have no Idea of. Far as WG is concerned CV's are DD food. And food doesnt have a say in its presentation.