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  1. Toten

    Kleber ranked clear skies and CV killer

    nice game, but any descent t10 cv gonna kill u, crapaa no smoke, its why i hardly play my Kleber anymore, that and the senseless concealment nerf still pissed about that...
  2. Toten

    Henri V, post mortum?

    Hey WG outstanding work wrecking another french t10. Why not just finish off the Repub too and refund everyone who went french trees? Really brilliant work....stellar ... fantastic....
  3. Hey WG thanks for nerfing one of my favorite dds. Another ship i won't be playing anymore, fantastic job WG keep up the "Great" work.... ....
  4. WG should have their nethers kicked in for putting cvs in 1v1. this game has been going to shite for 2 years now, guess they aim to kill it...
  5. Toten

    So Alaska...

    Waited years for this ship, looks great.Sadly only thing she shines at is overpenetration, Tirpitz makes more credits. For 1mil FXP, underwhelming....
  6. WoW...what debacle update has me looking for new games.Hey WG put your new update to a real test give player a button to choose to play with cvs or..not. Think we know how that would go.
  7. Please WG do not steel wall the Azuma, way too sexy too further coddle the 1%...
  8. This is my second post about new game type. AR is dynamic, something stuff glass shards up your starfish random blowout battle is not. And yet the que is long and short stacks abound, because no perks to be had. Testing you say, crap i say we are spending our time playing it bust out the perks get the que loaded get some real stats...
  9. Toten

    About the Okinawa map.

    Map is total shite, too small for T10 rework
  10. Toten

    Can I get a good game...

    How do you adapt to your team being 5 ships down in first 5 min of game? you don't you lose and get punked on xp and credits. Or inversely other team dies so fast your lucky to get dmg down. so only thing remaining is find another game, copy that..
  11. WoWs is becoming just like WoT, World of blowouts. No close games just one team steam rolling the other, no fun or xp for either side its over so fast. WG put avg xp into match making and we would get better games.
  12. Arms race is fun game type but, FOR THE LOVE OF THE GODS WG why did u leave it out of legendary module grindage?????????wth
  13. Is it just me or does it seem only the best clans [ unicums] will have access to the the Stalingrad? If so thats weak...