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  1. SkaerKrow

    What did you do with your Coal?

    Picked up Salem, a ship that I’ve rather enjoyed even if she is a bit tricky to use. Right now I’m stocking up for Znamesky or Von Jutland.
  2. SkaerKrow

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    This ship seems to melt faster under CL IFHE spam than any ship that I’ve played before, and burns like a dumpster full of old magazines.
  3. SkaerKrow

    Bought Vanguard and Dreadnought - my thoughts...

    Please post a screen shot of yourself earning a Dreadnought medal in the Dreadnought, so we can see you Dreadnought in the Dreadnought, while you TheDreadnought.
  4. SkaerKrow

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    I would not recommend this ship to anyone. It’s fun-ish in tier VIII matches, but utter misery outside of them.
  5. SkaerKrow

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    People that think that they’re entitled to a ship above the power curve just because they paid real money for it don’t understand the dire precident that it sets for the game. Just like with tech tree ships, premiums run the gamut from OP to garbage.
  6. SkaerKrow

    Vanguard with Warspite guns?

    Yes, she’s a tier VIII Warspite with an improved reload speed and mediocre HE shells. Her AP shells seem to be improved from Warspite’s in order to work more credibly at her tier, but unlike Warspite, her gun caliber doesn’t afford her any opportunities for overmatch shenanigans thanks to the thicker bows and belts found on higher tier ships. She doesn’t uptier well, and her firing angles are a big letdown. She’s not bad, but she’s also not good either.
  7. SkaerKrow

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    I suspect that WG knows when they’ve released a flawed ship (or a complete turkey), and adjust their sales expectations accordingly. Hell, Mouse often spends time pointing out the best aspects of bad ships, doing a better job of polishing a proverbial turd than any of the sales pitches that might appear in WG’s own promotional materials.
  8. SkaerKrow

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    Want to buy, don’t want to fight with my firing angles and give up nut shots each time that I want to put more than four shells downrange. Argh.
  9. SkaerKrow

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    They could have offered her for Free XP, people would have complained, and then spent money to convert XP in order to get her. They could have offered her for Coal, people would have complained, and then ground out Coal to get her. They offered her for Steel, people are complaining, and now can’t do anything to get her. They had plenty of options, and they chose the worst one.
  10. SkaerKrow

    Holiday Crunch & Upcoming Reviews

    Good health to you, and good luck with the raft of upcoming reviews Mouse. You and your work are always appreciated.
  11. SkaerKrow

    Jean bArt time

    Jean Bart for cash is probably a very limited offer, but Jean Bart for Coal should be up for a while.
  12. SkaerKrow

    West Virginia video

    Yeah, a lot of the Rust Belt is sad shape for sure.
  13. SkaerKrow

    West Virginia video

    Polka dot camo when?!
  14. Mechwarrior already does something like this, where at the end of each year they check the amount of premiums that you’ve purchased and give you mechs with unique perma-camos as a reward. I’d be pleased if WG did something similar with WoWs.
  15. SkaerKrow

    West Virginia video

    Eastern and Central WVA perhaps, but along the Ohio river it’s a very depressed, dingy place.