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  1. SkaerKrow

    Missing the Mouse

    She was the best of us, and I hate how WG disrespected her. She had more commitment to this game than most of the people on WG's actual payroll. I hope that she finds a more deserving (and lucrative) arena in which to flex her considerable talents.
  2. SkaerKrow

    DevBlog 368 - New Ships - 0.11.9 Closed Testing

    The other companies that now get my gaming dollars thank you for adding more subs to WoWs.
  3. If it doesn’t involve pulling a Batgirl on subs, I honestly do not care.
  4. SkaerKrow

    A humble request for a sell your ship back option.

    At best you'll see a "trade in your old premiums for a 50% off coupon" offer, but that would only be on doubloon ships.
  5. SkaerKrow

    Awww a coupon

    Yeah, the idea of spending money on this game given its current state seems insane.
  6. SkaerKrow

    WG kinda showing some cleavage 🤔

    Culturally relevant advertising in my niche shooter game? RIOT!
  7. SkaerKrow

    How to Paolo Emilio?

    You spend most of your time playing it like a light gun cruiser, until an opportunity arises for you to make a torp sortie against a vulnerable/isolated enemy. If you try to force the torp gimmick early, you die. The most valuable skills for an Emilio captain are restraint, and an understanding of when you can effectively let go of that restraint.
  8. One battle? What an authoritative sample size.
  9. I’m not sure how they’ve been influenced by the arrival of subs, but between the two I’d go with the Emilio without a doubt. It has a unique and exciting playstyle, while Siegfried is just a sniping large cruiser that only gets the job done when no one bothers to shoot back at it.
  10. SkaerKrow

    DevBlog 353 - Dutch destroyer Tromp

    Looks gorgeous, but those stats do not inspire confidence.
  11. SkaerKrow

    1MM XP: Gronigen or Aigir? Or grind a Tier 10?

    Gronigen is more of a finesse pick, Agir is a surprisingly capable generalist that fights above her weight class. In my opinion it comes down to whether you prefer playing DDs, or CAs/BBs.
  12. SkaerKrow

    Friday Night and the $51.20 Hooker

    The worst part is that OP thought he was being clever.
  13. It’s not the worst suggestion, but it’s also not good.
  14. SkaerKrow

    Wargaming DOESN'T care about the community

    This game is a corpse. Vision and clever innovation have been entirely pushed aside in favor of whatever will let the company squeeze a few more bucks out of the wallets that remain. You can tell that those developers that are still here don’t have much enthusiasm for what they’re working on. Yes, the art department still turns out excellent results, but look at recent mechanical additions and tell me that this game is in anything approaching a healthy state.
  15. No amount of gold spray paint will make this trash into a treasure.