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  1. I’ve been wrong before, but I wouldn’t expect to see that discount again any time soon. They just offered a year of premium for 15% off. To come out and offer a much better deal less than a month later would stir up an epic storm on the poop deck.
  2. ...that awkward moment when the only two potential Santa Crate premiums that you don’t own are the Okhotnik and the Alabama...
  3. Wow, looks like I was wrong about WG shying away from the controversy. Good news for everyone that was hoping for more Santa crates this year!
  4. See, I like gimmicks, as long as they’re implemented thoughtfully.
  5. CCs and the DevBlog are both previewing ships way, way too early in the design process. No statistical information should be reaching the playerbase until the ship is almost completely finalized following extensive supertester feedback.
  6. Yeah, I would definitely like a new boat to play with. Kidd, Ashitaka, and Huanghe have been disappointments. I’d like a Roma, Gascogne, or Musashi, but I wouldn’t kick Alabama or Okhotnik out of bed.
  7. Release date for Graf Zep?

    I wonder if the design team just isn’t happy with the ship in general, regardless of balance. They really seem to have wanted Graf Zeppelin to be something of a quirky vessel, as evidenced by the fact that they’ve gone through multiple gimmicks already.
  8. Never have I ever played a ship in World of Warships without premium camo.
  9. I would actually really like for WG to introduce a tier IV or V premium CV, and give us a chance to earn it for free. I believe that it would help to grow participation with and understanding of the class.
  10. Duke of Yuck no longer

    No, her burn time is back to 60 seconds.
  11. Really? And yet the King George V class is in the game at the same tier as the Scharnhorst class, and the discussion is about the merits of including the Duke of York as a tier VI ship instead of a tier VII.
  12. Dropping her to Tier VI would help to alleviate some of the clutter than the RN has at Tier VII, and follows the trend set by the Bismarck and Hood for German BBs being higher tier than their historical UK rivals (in this case Duke of York and Scharnhorst). I actually like that idea.
  13. Duke of Yuck no longer

    I doubt that radar on a Tier VII BB would be particularly welcome by most people. The Missouri is already a lightning rod for having it, and that’s at Tier IX.
  14. colorado is da boss with ihfe

    I for one welcome our new IHFE Overlords.
  15. Personally, I would have been happy had they kept the original stats, upped her burn time to 45 seconds and given her the option to replace DFAA with one charge of super heal, or two charges of regular heal.