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  1. People are testing big stompy ships on the test server? Oh my god, watch out for chunks of tumbling sky, everyone.
  2. For the sake of argument, I feel like pointing out that cruisers still tend to get the best consumables (especially, in places, radar), have excellent damage potential in high-rate-of-fire guns (with HE for dealing with BBs and AP for just about everything else), have torpedoes, have the maneuverability to dodge fire at range and flex if the flow of battle demands it, and often have enough armor to bounce smaller caliber weapons when angled. I don't see how cruisers are less viable than the other classes. Unforgiving? Certainly, sailing flush broadside to heavy guns usually ends very badly, but every class has an Achilles Heel like that. Obviously I concede that your knowledge of the game is superior to mine, but I keep trying to sort out this "Cruisers are inferior" mentality that pops up on the forums and I can't get there. Cruisers are the only class in the game that can reasonably deal with every class in the game. HE spam for dealing with BBs (UK CLs notwithstanding, though their AP is no slouch), high RoF guns with hydro and/or radar for dealing with DDs, some of the best AA in the game for challenging CVs, and basically all of the above for dealing with other CAs/CLs. Maybe I'm missing something, but the only knock that I can come up with on the class is that it's hard to carry late when you tend to have too many guns to deal with pointing at you.
  3. OWSF went away despite a great wailing and gnashing of teeth, so this is still a real possibility. I think that the only real obstacle will be the response from the RU server.
  4. It's a good change that needed to happen. DDs get a reprieve, and IFHE spamming CLs take a much needed nerf.
  5. I love all of these changes. Smoke is only a weapon for DDs, IFHE gets a well needed nerf. I was nervous about the changes coming this year, but I'm actually really excited about both of these developments.
  6. Sounds good to me.
  7. I'm inclined to agree that the Belfast has more potential than Nikolai, but Nikolai is a sight easier to use.
  8. ...I hear that the stats on Nelson are finalized so...y'know...we can haz?
  9. I'm really glad that you like her. I don't hate the ship, I just find her to be boring.
  10. Torped a Farragut in his own smoke last night. It took three salvos, but I finally caught him. That alone was worth the price of the ship .
  11. US BBs have more accurate guns and are pretty nimble after Tier VII. German BBs are harder to citadel and tend to have better secondaries. German ships have lousy main battery dispersion however, and that's a huge turn-off for me personally.
  12. So it's Super Mutsu?
  13. Thanks Mouse, your reviews always brighten my day. Very excited about this ship, I am.
  14. I did pretty decently in my Missouri, which was a nice change of pace. It wasn't a good DD weekend for me, though. The Gallant captain skill grind burned me out for them a bit.
  15. After 15-30 seconds, contacting the boundary should begin dealing damage to your ship. The longer that you stay on the boundary, the faster that the damage should accumulate.