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  1. SkaerKrow

    Premium Ship Review #129 - Benham

    Preventative Maintenance, Last Stand, Survivability Expert, Concealment, Torpedo Armament Expertise, Radio Location, Adrenaline Rush. Her torps get knocked out in a stiff breeze (especially when you run the torpedo reload upgrade) so Preventative Maintenance is huge. Last Stand is a compulsory choice for a destroyer. Survivability Expert helps to offset her tier VII HP pool, and Concealment is mandatory to mitigate her garbage detection range. Torpedo Armament obviously helps you get the most out of her fish, while Radio Location gives you an idea of where other DDs are so you can run away from them (or at the very least prevent them from getting the drop on you). Finally, Adrenaline Rush lets you get fish in the water more quickly still after you've been bloodied.
  2. SkaerKrow

    Yahoo! New Ranked Season is T9

    Hm, at this point I've accumulated a weird fleet of tier IXs (Black, Benham, Missouri, Musashi, Kronstadt, and Alaska). It might be interesting to put it through the paces, though the star layout this season seems like a bit of a slog.
  3. SkaerKrow

    "Super"Cruisers - anyone else?

    Alaska is good, I hear that Stalingrad is a monster, but the other three range between mediocre to laughable.
  4. SkaerKrow

    Premium Ship Review #129 - Benham

    Thanks for the review, Mouse! They’re always a highlight of my day. Benham’s lack of flexibility precludes her from being anything more than a novelty, in my book. A destroyer that can’t do crucial destroyer things (like contest a cap, or fight off other destroyers) just isn’t very useful. It’s another ship that reinforces the “bad Shimakaze player” meme, except where bad Shima players refuse to contest caps or open up with their guns, Benham legitimately can’t. Strangely, I find Benham to be far more one dimensional than Asashio, and almost half as fun to play. Some folks will like her, and that’s great, but torpedo soup alone does not a meal make.
  5. SkaerKrow

    the Benham

    I’m glad that you like the Benham, but a DD that can’t cap and can’t gun fight will never be anything more than a Mehbote. “Area control” isn’t a real thing against anyone other than potato players.
  6. SkaerKrow

    the Benham

    Yes it comes with a historical camo, and even though she’s a mehbote, $15 for a tier IX premium is a steal. Get her and enjoy her.
  7. SkaerKrow

    Is the Hood a good deal? Summer Sale

    Hood is not a good ship, her guns are uncomfortable and her biggest selling point (other than her history) is a silly AA gimmick. If you just want her because she’s HMS Hood then, well, go nuts. But if you’re looking for a competitive ship, I’d wait for something else to go on sale.
  8. SkaerKrow

    ST: Many Changes to Test Ships!

    So, are you guys going to wait until Siegfried is actually released to announced the un-gimped tier X version for Coal, since this looks like Azuma-Yoshino 2? The changes to Siegfried and Yuudachi are ridiculous. Stop nerfing ships that your testers are reporting as balanced (or bad).
  9. SkaerKrow

    Full Georgia secondary build ?

    Secondary spec is a terrible idea for Georgia. She has those secondaries to help offset her horrible DPM in a brawl. The point of the ship is the potential for high alpha salvos and the speed to get into positions to deliver them. By trying to brawl, you often end up giving away shots at her vulnerable sides. Maybe toss a secondary flag on her, but I wouldn't suggest wasting any captain skill points or upgrade slots on them.
  10. SkaerKrow

    Benham: Master of Unfinished Business

    As someone said in another topic, Benham is a ship that's disproportionately good against bad players, but is very lacking against good ones. She gives up everything for that torpedo gimmick, at a tier where that alone really just doesn't work. Because she can spam torpedoes it's very easy for her to come up with damage. Because her torpedoes are short-ish ranged and she's likely to be weaving through radar and CV planes, it's difficult for her to come up with meaningful damage. The horrible gun armament, smallish HP pool, and tragic detection range mean that she has to run from almost any straight fight with a tier VIII-X DD, and so she has poor flexibility and value in actually fighting for caps. In my opinion Benham is a novelty, nothing more, nothing less. She has little place in competitive play, but when she works in random/co-op, the result is hilarious and fun. If Wargaming wanted to make her a little less ineffective they could always drop her detection range down to 5.8km so that she's spotted simultaneous to Fletcher class DDs instead of being spotted out first, and another 1,000 HP or so wouldn't hurt my feelings. Still, it's ok for a premium ship to be nothing more than a novelty, even if it's weird for one to get released as such at tier IX.
  11. I don’t expect the Duca d’Aosta or Abruzzi to resemble the playstyle of the final Italian cruiser line at all. Just like with the Warspite and Imperator Nikolai, the premiums predate WG’s design of their nation/class identity, and therefore will find themselves quite different by comparison.
  12. SkaerKrow

    Italians are coming!

    They sound terrible, honestly. A whole line of cruisers that can barely do cruiser things. Hopefully WG reconsiders the decision to give them so little utility.
  13. SkaerKrow

    Been playing too much CV/DD

    Yeah, I did the exact same thing from 0.8.0-0.8.3(?), and found battleships to be pure misery afterwards. It wasn’t until the release of the RU BBs and Georgia that I started to find them fun again.
  14. SkaerKrow

    More and More Passive...

    Yes, the game has become increasingly passive since the CV rework. Even when CVs aren't present, players still tend to act like frightened children in battle. You haven't lived until you've watched one bottom tier CA hold four battleships, a DD, and a CA out of a cap all by himself. The last game that I played saw two of our mid tier BBs retreat to the edge of the map to hide with the CV. People tend to turn every island that can block incoming fire into a pop-up marina to anchor their ships. WoWs players are getting worse, matches are taking longer, and individual battles are becoming less interesting/satisfying. I don't know what the solution is, but I hope that WG finds it.
  15. SkaerKrow


    In a division I refer to them as "Siegfriesland."