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  1. Oui. But seriously, we don't know what the Commonwealth will bring. Perth has been pulled back behind the curtain, and Vampire is too low tier to stand out.
  2. Honestly, WG may not yet know what they're going to do with RCN ships in regards to their defining traits. It's not as simple as historical stats>game stats>testing>release. They have to decide what character that the line will have.
  3. Hey, other people CAN see it! Just got a comment on it from the guy that sank me.
  4. It should be a filter, then. It doesn't seem to be visible at all. Had I known that, I wouldn't have bought it.
  5. Did any other ship get this kind of Halloween permanent camo?
  6. No thanks. Limiting BBs and DDs would just make the game more repetitive, as every match would be more of the same. I would suggest that you instead learn to fight the battle that you have, not the battle that you want.
  7. Why in the world did they do this?
  8. People will care about them once they see how powerful that they are.
  9. Tonight has been the worst experience in WoWs that I've ever had. I literally hate this game right now.
  10. If you have any inclinations towards CL gameplay, buy both of these ships right now (or at least the one from the nation that you prefer). You will regret it if you don't.
  11. Hello lovely, I have a place in my port with your name on it (hopefully).
  12. WG, why do you hate me? All that I wanted was a chance to buy the Longship. It's not like I haven't given you enough money to buy a car already.
  13. Really? My biggest beef with them is the fact that they're next to impossible to citadel. On the other hand, because they mindlessly spam HE you can take some truly stupid angles against them without fear of eating a bunch of citadel hits.
  14. Go away, garbage re-roll troll. Nobody wants you here.
  15. WG's clan activities have historically been garbage, and have been almost incestuous in how they allow a small minority to repeatedly game the system in order to reap exclusive benefits (and no, that minority is not typically made up of the best players). That said, I don't agree that the Clan system has alienated a significant portion of the community in WoWs.