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  1. Played badly, got called out on it, and decided to make a forum post to repair your damaged ego? C’mon pal, just get over it and try to do better next time.
  3. I want a refund for Roma!

    I enjoyed mine back when I still played, but I found that the ship needs to fight at closer ranges than most other battleships.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    This game would be better off if people would shut the [edited] up about radar already.
  5. Agility, vision control, powerful torpedoes, smoke, high risk-high reward gameplay? Or did you just want to cry about radar? You poor dear.
  6. Put Up Your Dukes (Contest!)

    Neat contest, Mouse.
  7. What an idiotic clickbait topic. Examine actual evidence and stop creating biased narratives in your head, pal.
  8. She has arrived in the shop, finally.
  9. Congratulations, Canadian naval enthusiasts. I hope that Haida’s good to you.
  10. Not one CV or DD

    To be fair, WG just released a new-ish line of CLs that have strong AA and (some) radar. The drop in DD and CV numbers in the immediate aftermath is to be expected, though if it persists then we may have a problem.
  11. DD's going the way of the CV's

    There's no violin tiny enough, mate.
  12. Most of them? But especially anything considered to be OP. The expectation that a ship should just be able to produce big numbers on its own makes me nervous about doing anything.
  13. Fix BB AP against DDs

    Learn to dodge.
  14. Nice ship, it might actually motivate me to reinstall the game.
  15. Leave stuff Alone

    Hey man, sorry that you're frustrated. Hopefully you give the changed ships a chance and find something to like about them. In the mean time, I'd suggest not spending anymore money on the game, since your previous transactions have left you wanting.