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  1. SkaerKrow

    Premium Ship Review #130: Bayard

    While Bayard does outscore her in these categories, Irian is near the top of her cruiser tier in damage, kills, and experience gained. If you can't get results in her, try checking the connection between the chair and the keyboard.
  2. SkaerKrow

    Poltava and Blys bundle

    Clearly. Unless I’m missing some crucial nuance in its stats, this thing looks like a functionally worse Sinop in a lot of ways.
  3. SkaerKrow

    Poltava and Blys bundle

    ...what’s the point of Poltava, exactly?
  4. SkaerKrow

    Grinding the Italian Cruisers

    If WG wants to keep them as Uncruisers (as in, cruisers with very little of the utility that typifies the class) then I would suggest giving the line an additional charge of the smoke consumable, along with reducing the cooldown on the consumable by 25-50%. Additionally, most (though perhaps not all) of the ships in the line need a small buff to their main battery reload rate.
  5. SkaerKrow

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    Slapped tier VI guns on a tier III hull and stuck it at tier V. Hilarity ensues because it can paddle cruisers and broadside BBs, but it has next to no AA and a truly laughable HP pool.
  6. SkaerKrow


    How about no?
  7. SkaerKrow

    PT, Balance Changes

    Good changes all around, cheers.
  8. SkaerKrow

    How to use Venezia AP?

    Though I don't have Venezia yet, my experiences with Zara lead me to believe that @AlcatrazNC has the right of it. AP when you can guarantee a citadel on an enemy cruiser or when your SAP can't punch through a ship's plating, SAP otherwise.
  9. Every time that I’ve killed an enemy so far, he’s said something to the effect of “We destroyed an allied <shiptype>!”
  10. SkaerKrow

    Really Tired of CVs

    I’m tired of seeing CV whine threads clog up the forums. I guess we’re at an impasse, huh sunshine?
  11. Jingles posted a clip of a Flamu stream in which Captain Jingles identifies a German cruiser as a submarine, so the confusion is definitely there.
  12. I'd love to have her, but Ranked is my only chance at Steel, and I only really started playing it earlier this year.
  13. SkaerKrow

    Leone, Leone, where art thou?

    I for one can’t wait for WG to give Leone SAP, only for the RM DD tech tree to have HE instead...
  14. SkaerKrow

    USS Black is the wrong model

    Good catch, and it should be a simple enough of a fix.
  15. SkaerKrow

    Italian CA captain builds?

    I’m currently running PT, EM, SI, and CE on my Zara captain.