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  1. Can you really be that surprised? Wargaming pounded World of Tanks after its first couple of years with unbalanced vehicles, dubious new mechanics, awful maps, and a real lack of understanding for what made that game appealing. World of Warships will be no different. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the best thing that could happen to WoWs would be the game’s further development ending up in the hands of another company.
  2. Because I like ships? Because the core game is still fun (for the time being)? Because even in my losses, I'm still able to have some good fights and make a decent showing for myself? Because it's just a game and none of us are competing in MLG when we queue up for Randoms?
  3. I’ve already said my peace about this garbage ship. If Wargaming thinks that this trash is the answer to anything, then there’s no hope for the future of this game. If the mission is to get people to play other ship classes, then buff the other classes. Releasing a monstrously unbalanced ship like this will only hurt the game and drive people away, but hey, Wargaming is nothing if not self destructive.
  4. USS Johnston, HMS Dreadnaught, that’s it.
  5. Premium Ship Review: Kii

    Well, the stats don't particularly care. You don't like the ship, and that's perfectly fine. That doesn't make Kii a bad ship, or you a bad captain, it just means that she's not bringing anything that you want to the table.
  6. Welcome and congratulations on your new position!
  7. SC :P

    This. I’ve gotten more SCs from Signal pulls than TYL pulls, and I’ve accumulated a lot of laundry for my ships in the process.
  8. A Whole Lotta DDs: A Question

    Not voting, because I refuse to humor the trash that is the term “BBabies,” but no, I don’t believe in class limits per battle on anything other than CVs (which are capped well at 2 per side).
  9. Premium Cruisers

    The Huanghe isn’t, but staistics show that the Makarov is. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Two things are working against cruisers right now. First, WG is chasing money harder than ever these days. Premiums are being uptiered versus their nominal statistics to increase their price tag (see Duca d’Aosta, Abruzzi, Huanghe, and Graf Zeppelin), and WG is putting considerable emphasis on premium BBs (which along with CVs command the highest price). This means that the only new premium cruisers that we’re going to see will likely have to be Tier VIII. Secondly, cruisers are the hardest class in the game to balance. This is the class with the Krasny Krym, Oleg, and Huanghe, but also the Kutuzov and Belfast. Premium cruisers are clearly a bit of a headache for WG, especially when they can get by making slight changes to the established BB or DD formula in order to crank out premiums of those classes. Combine this with the fact that nerfing premiums can potentially cause them legal issues, and well, hey look, the Massachusetts is on the horizon! Even as more of a BB and DD player myself, I do hope that we see a greater influx of premium cruisers in 2018. Fingers crossed, eh?
  10. Actually, I’d rather that they replace John Doe with a home grown tropey ACTION MAN captain, since the original Steven Seagal campaign was branded “Get Your Action Hero!” Paste “Sam Arizona” or somesuch next to an exaggerated picture of an American sea captain by way of a 1980s action movie and call it a day. True historical captains deserve a little bit more than being scab replacements for goofy celebrity tie-ins, in my humble opinion.
  11. Weekend spree

    It was probably about a 50/50 weekend for me. Got the Gascogne on Friday and ripped people apart for twelve games or so (funny how new premiums seem to do really well in their initial outings ). Saturday was brutal, with a string of 20-30k damage games as the guns of the ship just stopped working (when you bounce off of the sides of DDs with your BB, it’s time to stop for the night). Switched over to the Aigle for a bit to finish the night and had much more success. Sunday was a mixed bag for the Gascogne, but I managed to unlock the amazing Joan of Arc camo for it, which was what I wanted the whole time. It’s easily the worst of the Tier VIII premiums, but fortunately in WoWs the distance between the penthouse and the cellar is reasonably short, so even being comparatively lackluster, the ship is still playable.
  12. While I do think that the proposed ship would make an interesting Tier VI Soviet BB premium, I agree that we do not need any new BBs anytime soon. Some new cruisers would be nice.
  13. Next new tech tree?

    It's Russian Battleships, comrade. But seriously, I'd like to see RM Cruisers next.