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  1. I’ve already stopped playing the game. Not out of protest, but because this moronic decision by WG has completely quenched my enthusiasm for World of Warships. Wargaming has spent years making an excellent case for not including submarines, and is now backtracking because...why? They have no good reason.
  2. As someone who will only play premium or gift ships, and who has spent a lot more money on this game than you have (yes, you reading this), I have to say that I completely agree with the OP on this one. Making it so that you can *almost* grind out the requirements for a ship for free is a scummy look from a company that is slowly going the way of crooks like Electronic Arts.

    Wow, Wargaming really must be feeling pressure from their competitors. The thing is, their reasons for not including subs in the game were actually quite logical, and to reverse course now is troubling. I won’t mince words here, Wargaming is freaking TERRIBLE with asymmetrical warfare elements in their games (artillery in WoT, CVs in WoWs), and there’s not one single reason to believe that they won’t completely screw things up with submarines. This is definitely a temporary “wallet closed” development, at least until they prove that this is actually good for the game and not a desperate attempt to drum up attention.
  4. Might get Musashi?

    Get the Musashi for Coal, save the free XP for Kronshtadt or one of the other potential free XP premiums like Alaska or Jean Bart. The Musashi is a great ship that plays like sledgehammer. Use your enormous cannons to abuse overmatch mechanics and rack up big numbers on enemy BBs and cruisers.
  5. Kronshtadt is a nice ship, and the guns can really bite deep. Unfortunately, she’s rarely “safe,” as she can’t play vision control games, can’t use islands for cover fire, and can’t rely on her armor against battleship guns (and she burns like a pallet warehouse). She needs that enormous slug of HP because she can’t avoid damage. If you can make that work then she’ll put up great numbers, but she’s rarely a comfortable vessel to play.
  6. musashi or kronshtadt

    Musashi, without a doubt. Both ships are good, but Kronshtadt is too squishy for my tastes. She also uncomfortably straddles CA and BB, whereas Musashi is 100% BB, and a fine one at that.
  7. Who have you seen in game

    Haha, that was you? Good fight. I was white knuckling the whole time.
  8. Is stronk Soviet tier V Atlanta, sailing on tears of facists and capitalists. Comrade Lenin has smiled upon you this day.
  9. No, it isn’t. But hey, you’re free to create whatever fake narrative that makes you feel better.
  10. Because obviously the choreographer and pin-up dancers are the same people that code the game engine. Obviously.
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    No, no and...no.
  12. Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    Mouse can speak for herself obviously, but my understanding is that a premium that is seen as being strictly worse than its tech tree counterpart will almost always net a garbage rating, just because there's a better free option. While I don't find the Duke of York to be strictly worse than the King George V, Mouse didn't seem to think that access to Hydroaccoustic Search was worth the sacrifices that it made compared to the KGV. So the Duke of York can be (and is) a perfectly capable ship, but it lives in the shadow of the King George V.