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  1. tomcat0870

    Happy New Years, 7RET is looking to expand.

    Bumpity bump
  2. tomcat0870

    clan struggle to the next league

    i wish we had enough members to field 7 and do CW/
  3. well, hopefully when Subs make their appearance in the future it might curb CVs. I just played a game where each team had t10 CVs and it was just nasty. Playing as GK I am a prime target for carriers and DDs.
  4. You are completely right. But adding better AA to ships could help against carriers. But just opting out of going to battle with them would just kill off the carriers.
  5. tomcat0870

    What's the Attraction of the Free XP Large Cruisers?

    I am looking forward to getting the Azuma. I hope in the long run wargaming expands of what types of ships they put out for Free experience. The battlecruisers that will be here soon, is a hopefully new branch of ships that they will add to the game. The free experience ships are also for endgame. It is another goal for people to acquire.
  6. Adding in an option to play with or without CVs will dramatically hurt CV pops that are in-game. We have all gotten so used to playing without CVs that we now have to deal with them. Yes, many people get annoyed playing against them, but it is a part of the game. Adapt and overcome. Does your ship have weak AA then stick with a strong AA cruiser. The CV's add another layer of gameplay to the game that is just currently missing. We are all used to the current meta of radar cruisers and hydro. Hopefully, wargaming makes the carrier re-work appealing and the carrier UI easy to work.
  7. Happy New Year, Hello, 2019. 7RET is looking to expand and welcome new and veteran players to join our ranks. If you are looking for platoons, or help with those pesky missions we can help. We are looking into building a team for clan wars. 7RET is also looking to make new friends who wish to join us and to make stronger bonds with the clans in the world of warships community. If you have any questions, please drop a reply or message me here or in game. For questions regarding the clan or joining us. We are accepting all ship classes. 1. Have discord and Teamspeak. 2. If you are in any game we play, be logged into TS 3. Be respectful. Discord Info = https://discord.gg/qsxPGX4 For any more information you can pm these guys, i3lackout, GarryOwen243_Green7, Firedeamon84, tomcat0870, and RagnorWolverine in the game or @ [7RET] i3lackout or [7RET] Firedeamon84 on the WoWS Embassy Discord
  8. tomcat0870


    i am excited for this bb.
  9. tomcat0870

    Tier VIII Match Making

    i got a few matches yesterday and today where mm was working, t8 games are nice.
  10. tomcat0870

    Using karma in clan recruitment

    yeah Karma isnt a good idea to base recruitment on. hell today i made a statement that contradicted a teammates statement and i was then reported for being a bad player.
  11. tomcat0870

    Trapped in a Clan

    The Chair is against the door, i repeat the chair is against the door. lol
  12. tomcat0870

    Manual Secondary Battery Monday

    Bismark, Tirpitz , GK and my favorite the Arkansas Beta.
  13. tomcat0870

    Ranked Has Me Frustrated

    hey man, if you start to loose more than two games in a row, just take a break from ranked, and go play the operations, co-op or some random battles for a little while, and then try ranked again after an hour, it helps a lot.