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  1. Your DD torp problem...

    While torpedoes do take some thinking, there is a heavy dose of luck involved too. Just look at the max damage leader boards. Montana and Des Moines the top spots are mostly populated by blues and purples with the occasional outlier, whereas Shimakaze's board looks like a pile of skittles. A large portion of torpedo effectiveness is determined by the target.
  2. Your DD torp problem...

    Lets look at the average damage leader board for Shimakaze, Here are the top 5 with their torpedo hit rate: Kombat_W0MBAT 7% Zampy 8% piecesofpizza 8% USSDesMemes 8% Destroyer_Asashio 8% And to be fair the same for Gearing _TheSneakySnake_ 9% DoIphin_Princess 10% HMS_Calgary 10% Feminist 8% piecesofpizza 10% 7% seems like a reasonable average when compared to the most consistently high damage players. @Kombat_W0MBAT can confirm but I would expect the top players to fire torpedoes at the proper times.
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    Balancing with matchmaker like this just slaps a band-aid on the issue. Wargaming did that with CVs and look where they are at now.
  4. No, I think the problem is with how Wargamming thinks players should play their games rather than the code that assigns the XP.
  5. For the best results read the following in the Unreal Tournament announcers voice. TRIPLE POST!
  6. Apparently the forum thought the above was important enough to post twice.
  7. I think the only point of contention we have is the value of a DD's ability to cap compared to other ships. I'd say it is about the same. The best ship to capture an area depends on what is defending it. The reason DDs are considered good at caping is that the situations in which they are able to are relatively easy to engineer for a minimally coordinated team. You could take this as them being better than other ships in this aspect but that under values the efforts of the ships supporting the DD. If the larger ships weren't preventing the enemy from approaching the DD would have no chance to cap. DDs are the ship type most reliant on teamwork after all. The Russian gunboat DD line is, as always, an exception to more traditional DD play. Frankly any phrase saying something to the effect of "DDs are X" should really have an "except for the Russians" in there. If you have an opinion on the internet someone is going to attack you for it. The problem with generalizing people as bad actors, is you start to form a caricature them and then dismiss arguments because of that caricature.
  8. The rankings are by base xp, so there is nothing wrong with the code. The problem is, at the end of the day xp suffers from the same problems as WTR, PR and any other aggregate stat that purports to measure skill; All it measures is how you rank in someones opinion of what is important for winning the game.
  9. How are you defining map control? DDs are generally forced to retreat when larger ships advance and that sounds like the opposite of controlling the map too me. The way you said this makes it seem like concealment is the only thing that matters for taking the cap, but it is more complicated than that. Consider a cruiser trying to take a cap vs a DD, who gets the cap? Generally the cruiser will. DDs are only good at capping when the opposing ships are unwilling to actually enter the cap. One of the reasons people hate radar so much is it makes DDs bad at one of the few situations where they are good at capping. So generalizing ships is bad, but doing the same to people is ok? Perhaps the one doing a disservice to their self is you?
  10. The problem with challenges like this is the sample size will inevitably be low.100 games at an unrealistically low 5 minutes a game is over 8 hours. No one has time for that. Additionally the variability in performance is really high in this game, especially for DDs. A challenge like this doesn't really prove much except that you need a lot of data to form a useful conclusion. something to keep in mind: a pen from a BB on a DD does almost as much damage as a citadel on a cruiser from a BB in terms to HP percentage. Umikaze is probably the best BB killer in the game. She sees Mikasa which according to year old stats takes about twice as much damage from torpedoes as any other BB. She also has a DPS with her torpedoes close to Z-52 when taking accuracy into consideration. Although that data is from warships.today when it was still alive, so also old. BB HP increases in a fairly linear fashion while torpedo performance is a zig zag with two peaks at tier 5 and 10 (which aren't that far from each other) so its not too surprising. Disclaimer: I'm super drunk right now, view this with reasonable skepticism.
  11. Because DDs can generally pick and choose their fights, they can manage their risk themselves via adjusting their play style. The problem with radar is it makes the risks of playing close to the enemy outweigh the rewards, resulting in the passive play we see. DDs being a low survivability class isn't a problem if the rewards are worth the risk. As for the radar suggestion, while I like the mini map spotting, doesn't the render range make hydro somewhat redundant? Though to be fair current radar already does this.
  12. Do you think one player should have more of an effect on the outcome of a battle jut because they chose a ship to play? that was a result of a quick search of the Midway win rate leader board so I can't really say with any certainty how often people fit that criteria. The stat sites are terrible for searching for that. But they do exist. Personally I don't think people having a high solo win rate is necessarily an indication that a ship needs a rework on it's own. It's just saying ”that never happens” without checking at all rubs me the wrong way. CVs have plenty of other reasons for a rework anyway.
  13. If the ships are balanced it makes match making easier. Less time spent waiting to play is a good thing right?
  14. Average win rates a useless for comparing ships of different types because ships are matched against ships of the same type. Class should be type but this is the sensible approach. We have multiple ship lines, why not take advantage of that to gain the benefits of both strategies?
  15. That doesn't mean those issues are not solvable, simply reducing the number of planes in the air would work, wouldn't it? People with high win rates are not the problem. The problem is you can't match a CV against a surface combatant and have a reasonably fair fight.