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  1. Possible Solution for Radar

    Correct me if I'm wrong but don't Tashkent and Kiev usually operate beyond 10km? They are certainly faster than most other DDs, particularly some of the IJN (Akizuki I'm looking at you). Radar hits DDs at a closer range, making it harder to dodge. Do any of the newer stat tracking sites show just the recent games? Or do you have a compelling reason why older matches like, say for example, my Fubuki games* should have any bearing, good or bad on how good I am now? Don't those older matches just show how long it took to get to where someone is now? *just so you don't have to check, those games are all on the old Fubuki
  2. Possible Solution for Radar

    Today I learned that tier 2-4 DDs are too stealthy. I wonder why they have the lowest survivability rates in the game?
  3. Possible Solution for Radar

    There is not reason you can't balance for both good and bad players. There are attributes that are more important to good players than bad players after all. You just have to identify and adjust those as appropriate. Emile Bertin goes 39 knots, with speed boost on Saint Louis and Charles Martel go that fast too and Henry IV is even faster. Why does everyone forget about the french cruisers? There is evidence that the actual effect of DD torps in battle is pretty low. The low damage of DDs and the low hit rate of torpedoes supports that conclusion. While in theory DDs have great alpha damage, in practice they don't get many opportunities to use it in the high tiers. They die before they can get to a suitable position. I know its tempting to look at the potential damage but the potential damage of any ship is ridiculously high compared to ship HP.
  4. Possible Solution for Radar

    Lets say we stop catering to the bad players and they leave. This shifts the averages so now you have a new set of bad players. Catering to bad players is wrong, so you stop catering to them too. And then they leave. Isn't that what happened to the CVs?
  5. Possible Solution for Radar

    the point of bringing up CVs was that they are a rather complicated set of game mechanics introduced in the low tiers. Your positioning is bad because you let a faster and stealthier opponent get close? If the reason for survival rates going up is people play more passively at the top 3 tier why does the trend continue throughout the lower tiers? Of course none of this answers the question of why we need radar when there is is a section of the game that functions just fine without it.
  6. Possible Solution for Radar

    So having CVs at tier 4 doesn't suffer the same problem? You are correct that low tier ships do not bring the same amount of deadliness as high tier ones. They are deadlier, particularly those short ranged torpedoes. Why do you think survival rates go up at the higher tiers?
  7. Possible Solution for Radar

    If radar is there to fix ships with torps and smoke why isn't it in the lower tiers? The best example of this is people who work for a living. There are a lot of [edited] jobs out there that still need to get done.
  8. Possible Solution for Radar

    Stealth mechanics determine when something is seen or unseen. Counters, such as the equations in WoT that find the spotting distance, are a part of that. If you are not talking about debuffs in particular you are saying that games with stealth mechanics have stealth mechanics. Why say something so circular? It has no bearing on radar vs DDs. Isn't this saying "you are not good enough to participate in this discussion"?
  9. Possible Solution for Radar

    We went from temporary Debuffs to mechanics that counter stealth. One of those is more specific than the other. As for WoT, the game has been around for years in which it had no way to debuff stealth. What Wargaming may or may not do in the future is irrelevant.
  10. Possible Solution for Radar

    If you weren't these tow posts would be identical. But I noticed that some things changed. Now it's every game you have played rather than every game, and now it' debuffing or negating rather than just debuffing. Do you remember what I said originally?
  11. Possible Solution for Radar

    So your moving the goal posts to anti-stealth mechanics now? you realize that WoWs had anti-stealth mechanics before Radar right?
  12. Possible Solution for Radar

    That was a hard question to answer because I don't always look for those kinds of abilities then I realized that WoT has tank destroyers. Many of them thrive on ambush tactics and stealth firing.
  13. Possible Solution for Radar

    I find it highly dubious that you are familiar enough with every game with stealth in it to be able to make that claim honestly.
  14. Torps don't have much bite at the higher tiers. If they did DDs would have higher average damage. Ive had a cruiser team kill me in a DD before. He was over extended and next to me in the cap as I was lining up a torp run and I guess expected me to bail him out with my pitiful forward guns or something.
  15. You didn't answer though. You just said spotting with a DD is easy.