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  1. WKMitchell

    Bonus Codes from Facebook

    Your right typing it worked fine just wouldn't copy and paste like the others. My bad =(
  2. WKMitchell

    Bonus Codes from Facebook

    Ravageinfiltration isn't working for me
  3. WKMitchell

    PSA - New Bonus Code for 13 Sept

    YOUCANT... code worked for me but TAKEA.... apparently needs a space in front of the words?
  4. Found this article interesting and it relates to everything sunk before July 16, 1945. Snippet on why from the article "The timing of those conflicts matters. At 5:29 a.m. on July 16, 1945, the first-ever nuclear-device detonation took place in the Jornada del Muerto desert, in New Mexico. The atomic age had begun, and with each subsequent nuclear fireball, more radioactive fallout was sprinkled over the world. During the Cold War, that radioactive atmospheric contamination got effortlessly sucked into blast furnaces when steel was made, Duffy says. This infused the final product with radiation, making it unsuitable for many physics experiments." search-dark-matter-depends-ancient-shipwrecks
  5. WKMitchell

    The iChase Case

    All I can say having followed IChase and played against and with him in battles before. It seems he was having a really off day I watched him multiple times make serious mistakes of not using sector AA, being overly aggressive and losing support, generally letting his rage get the better of him. Personally for me this is one of his videos that I simply don't watch again. Other issues it looked like the Kutuzov wasn't specced for AA which makes it decent but not amazing also Vladivostok and Duke of York are both terrible AA boats so raging that the CV shouldn't be able to strike him when close to those others is silly. Secondarily why shouldn't a CV be able to get in one strike out of a wave if they are completely shut down by even one ship it is unbalanced as well. Currently I agree the rework needs a rework but the removal of CV's isn't the answer never was. I supported the old RTS CV's with some changes but WG refused to do it based National Flavor and they were fine =P. The new CV's are interesting but not there yet and the people calling for there total removal are just as far offside as those saying CV are Underpowered. Against some ships they are too powerful and against some ships they are really UP.
  6. WKMitchell

    Time for a new acronym

    I would like to extend the definition of CVDS as well to include the action of throwing the match by doing nothing but hunting the CV all match in any ship type. Had a Groz do that yesterday in two back to back matchs ignore two caps he was within 1km of starting to cap both times with no enemies around. Take the occasional pot shot as he headed for the last known position of the enemy CV the whole match.
  7. First CV match in 3 months yesterday just wanted to relay my thoughts on some of the things done and said and how it relates to possible rework of CV's. The amount of whining about even having CV's in a T10 match (which you are bound to see for the next little bit do to people getting their SC for one battle in a T10) was just silly, the ease with which CV's control vision is bad for the game, AA, and lastly skill imbalance. The level of whining about having CV's in a match was just staggering at the start of the match and through the whole thing even from people playing Ships like Worchester, Des Moines, and Minotaur. We had one Worchester on my team just complain endlessly about CV's the whole match as well as threaten to blow me up. Then when the enemy CV attacked him at the end of the match did a whole 6k damage he went full rage. I asked him if he hated CV's so much did he spec his captain or upgrades to counter CV's at all he said no that he shouldn't have to. When I asked him did he turn into the TB's he said no he shouldn't have to. As well as an enemy Yammy who was just going forward/reverse 1/4 speed bow in to my team near an island raged when I dropped torps on him cause he was an easy targets after his CA's had moved off. Why do I mention this cause I worry the CV rework is being pushed forward by people who just don't care to play the game which is about trade offs do I bow in to take less shells from enemy team or make myself an easy target to the enemy CV. The ease with which CV's control vision is definitely bad for the game mostly DD's I find this should definitely be changed to lowering air visibility of ships and removing torpedo spotting by aircraft (We were able to take out both enemy DD's within minutes of match start do to me perma spotting them and keeping the enemy from perma spotting ours). Though I also believe that CV air spotting would be a benefit to CB to a large degree I find like most games controlling enemy vision in a competitive match is one of the most important skills and with current surface spotting at T10 being highly skewed by Radar from behind rocks etc I find it limits the abilites of many ships to do there job of flanking which is needed more then ever to help control static one sided battles. AA needs a serious change to how it works in this match I spend most of the match fighting the CV simply cause there side spawned with 4 AA heavy cruisers (Worchester, Des Moines, AA specced Hindenburg, and Moskva) and for the most part the bb's stuck near them neutering my ability to do much other then harass the enemy Midway for most of the match. This is an issue with the way plane HP and AA is currently implemented with rapid increase in both stats on a per tier basis. Skill imbalance is largely talked about as being the main problem with CV's I both do and do not see this problem when I do play CV's, baring a few unicums who wipe the floor with my decidedly mediocre skills. I also am able to out perform better CV players as well simply by playing to the game type rather then focusing on hitting targets and strafing enemy planes exclusively. Are there fixes for these problems in the current system absolutely I think for starters as I said fixing vision control is important, secondly dealing with excessive Plane HP vs AA ramp is important, lastly skill imbalance was mostly brought in with the excessive damage of strafe and made much worse with strafe out. I can always repost my thoughts on how to fix the system if people are interested.
  8. WKMitchell

    can some one explain this?

    To the people saying it is an Asian trait it isn't. It is simply an "Ends justifies the means" approach to life we see it regularly here in North America in major corporations, politics, etc. On the OP though I imagine it might be possible on this server with plunking down a lot of money for the +200% exp camo, containers for the special economic flags, premium time, using just the first win bonus of the day, etc it would be pretty quick to go up the lines.
  9. WKMitchell

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Well thanks for all the great Canadiana(sp) references the hinterlands who's who was great I haven't seen those since I was a child and my grandpa pulled them out of the closest on VHS to get me interested in our first camping trip. As for the Haida as much as I wanted to get her for pure Patriotic reasons I cant do it with her being such a meh boat in my opinion her cap contesting might be good if she was a 5 but at 7 she is just going to get squashed.