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  1. Good point, its a chance to see the game and its mechanics from another perspective. Moving to discord may be a good move for WG and it seems many of the threads now are 'what is WG thinking?' or some similar complaint, but they are basically saying goodbye to everyone over a certain age. Myself, I just turned 60 and I use discord to chat with a long time friend who lives far away, but thats it. I'll rapidly lose touch with whats going on, no ship reviews, no historical chats, no cool/rare or even personal ship related pics (I really do miss Seehafer ...RIP...and his private Tirpitz pics) that players post and as I lose touch, I'll lose interest. I guess its a good thing I didnt use my birthday coupon, I was seriously considering buying a French prem BB. Subs almost completely pushed me out of randoms, Asym was fun but of course it was taken away, OPs are fun but are beginning to get stale. When you can drop 4 torps on a DD that isnt detected yet and reliably hit 1- 3 as it comes into view nearly every time....you've played that OP too often lol. Its been a fun ride....but it sounds like its time to find something else, perhaps that age of sail combat game on steam :) Good luck all and good night my fellow forumites!
  2. Sounds like targeted extorsion to me. Targeted because Asym battles are for BB's, they are difficult in DD's, very hard on cruisers and pointless for CV players. Extorsion because its a 'gimme your money or you wont get it' from a game that relies heavily on FTP players to populate the servers. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, will make me spend upwards of $25 every month just to play against bots. I rarely play randoms due to toxic and terrible players and coop is not for me at all, so I play 1-2 OPs a night. Asym had me playing quite a bit, perhaps 5-6 games a night. Asym was the reason behind me purchasing the prem battle pass, the first time Ive done so, in fact the first time Ive spent any $ on this game since Christmas. An improvement I'd suggest for Asym would be to have 'seasons' of Asym that are tailored to classes (and/or tiers) of ships would be a great idea, a monthly ish rotation between all classes of ships. That just might be enough to pry my wallet open to regularly purchase prem battle passes!
  3. hipcanuck

    Asym....when your team dies out fast.

    Yea, the bots seem to target the lowest HP ship in range...perhaps with some built in exclusions. A GK paired with a Monty wont get shot at if the Monty is close to the GK, when the Monty is significantly further away the bots will shoot at GK. Ive tried to be a meatshield for cruisers but it doesnt help. Driving a cruiser in Asym is a real challenge, I did a few in a Wooster and won them all but only survived once.
  4. 2 ships down in the first few minutes, another shortly after that....did a lot of monster salvos of 30k+. Albemarle was a one salvo kill, Kansas was 1.5 salvo's. Ive had a few 300k damage games, but this one is tops for me. Love the mode, DO NOT like the fact that subs appear on the other team simply because if you dont kill them on the first encounter they run away/disappear and it becomes an invisible bug hunt....not unlike hunting a mosquito in a dark room.
  5. hipcanuck

    Premium Ship Review - West Virginia '44

    Great review, as always. Gotta admit that I do find the extra graphics entertaining, but the necessary graphics were included and thats what is important.
  6. hipcanuck

    Thank you, Overtime feature:

  7. Yep, gotta hand it to WG, they never EVER fail to $%^& up a good thing. So, they nerf credit and xp earnings down below what can be easily made in OPs. Guess I'll go back to playing OPs.....well done WG.....
  8. Every bad game Ive had, Ive been paired up with a DD. DD hides in smoke, my BB gets focused on and dies in a hail of shells lol. Now, I hang the DD out to dry and leave that side...its the only way I'll survive, even then I get shot up but at least long range fire isnt as accurate. I hope Asym's are here to stay, they are a solid edition to the game. It would be great if they ran them on a schedule, two weeks of T10 vs T8, then two weeks of T9 vs T7, then T8 vs T6...etc.
  9. hipcanuck

    upgrading commanders to seasoned commanders

    If they do anything, and if the current trend means anything, it will be gated behind $
  10. hipcanuck

    upgrading commanders to seasoned commanders

    Not really. Some players are in a T8 ship with a 10 pt commander, some are in a T8 ship with a 21 pt commander. Whats the difference? I'd like to see the option for premium ships to use XP on extra equipment slots. A T6 ship gets an extra slot 1, a T7 gets an extra slot 2, a T8 a slot 3 etc etc. Each lvl of slot cost 1 million SHIP xp... so a T 10 getting an extra slot 5 will cost 5 million xp....no free XP usage allowed. For example, a Tirpitz player with 3 million ship XP could outfit his ship with Aim system mod 1 and Secondary battery mod 1.
  11. hipcanuck

    A game too far for me at this point

    Despite being a CV player.....there is no way 2 T8 CV's should be on a team in a match like that. Perhaps in a match that is mostly T10s....but not when the CV's are top tier. Wont even get into the 3 subs per team issue, although Im sure the T6 subs didnt have much fun either.
  12. hipcanuck

    Taking break

    I dont think I put in 50 random matches a month and I dont play every day, most days sure, but not every day. Often I play one game, more likely one Operation, and call it a night. Operations are enjoyable for me, I can carry in my Kaga if I need to when my team struggles. Ive also found its a good way to get XP and credits and if it gets too repetitive I just pull out a different T8 class of ship
  13. Only the bad or average CV players worried about AA, the good CV players knew which ships to avoid, baited the panic button and then dev struck the offending ship once the heavy AA stopped lol. The rest of us had between 60 and 70% WR's in our fav carriers (mine was Ryujo), often sinking multiple ships each game and often dev striking with the first strike flight.
  14. hipcanuck

    Poll regarding a new game mode

    While I think you are somewhat aware of how difficult this would be, I dont think you fully realize just how terrible this would play....so here are some issues. 1) In WoWs, ships are roughly 3 times their actual size in relation to displayed distances. 2) It is EXTREMELY difficult for a non radar directed BB to hit another ship that is actively trying to not get hit.....IE salvo chasing. While this maneuver is harder to perform in a BB, it is relatively easy for a DD to do this. By the time the mechanical computer has a firing solution and the guns are trained to that location, the target bearing and range has changed. Conversely, if you are salvo chasing, you are unlikely to get an accurate fire solution...WSAD hack is for living, not for shooting! 3) Historically, it only takes 3-4 penetrating, exploding hits from a BB to incapacitate another BB or significantly reduce the fighting capacity of another BB. 1 15" shell hit on a cruiser will likely end it. 4) It would take a couple of minutes for a BB's main battery to switch from AP to HE shells. 5) LOS and range visibility would be entirely dependent on the height of the primary rangefinder. You'd be surprised at how close you really have to be to see a ships waterline (and therefore obtain an accurate range) from the bridge position....for a destroyer, its roughly 7 miles....I lived on one for a few years. 6) If more than one ship is shooting at a single target, it can be very confusing as to where your shells are landing....there are NO TRACERS!! 7) In a gun duel, speed is life. Ships are more stable at speed than when going slow...faster is better, more stable, more accurate. A ship stopped at sea will bob and heal and will always....ALWAYS... turn sideways to the waves/swells. 8) CV's would rule the waves, dev strikes with every trip....mind you, AA would be more effective lol 9) Fire = BAD....very BAD! Your ship is on fire, smoke everywhere.....you cannot see to shoot....going fast accelerates the fire....30 knots is wind = 35mph or so + whatever natural wind there is. Should you chose to deploy your damage control party to contain the fire, you will lose your AA defense as they are your damage control party during a gun fight. 10) Larger ships do get heals. Flooding can be contained and reduced to the original source in a surprisingly short period of time, provided a shell hasnt knocked out some of your electricity. Counter flooding can level the ship as all ships had reserve buoyancy, bigger ships have more, however it comes at a cost of speed. 11) Main Gun incapacitation. It was not uncommon for a single shell hit to take out 2 adjacent main guns, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes permanently. 12) While smoke is a great defense, it becomes problematic when there are 24 ships in the battle and every ship has smoke making ability! If the weather is damp, the smoke (dispensed smoke and gunfire smoke) will stay low, slowly blinding everyone. In the game you get an auto detect range, if you are in dense smoke.....the auto detect range is 0 because you cannot see out of smoke. You'll know they are there when you run into them. 13) Ships planes....nope, major fire hazard. Lauched into the ocean if they are on the catapult, or, if you are in a US ship or Yamato/Musashi and fire at a target that is astern of you...you blast them off the catapult lol. If youve read this far, its important to say that often the outcome of a battle is down to blind luck. The first hit could take out a rudder, a prop shaft, main fire control director, knock out 2 turrets with a non penetrating hit, take out the senior command staff. Should you be in a DD, a single hit could end your match if it hit you anywhere a larger ship would have a citadel. Or....it could go through a funnel, through the bow, take out the ships boats etc.
  15. hipcanuck

    NA Server down?

    Same as well