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  1. This is no different than WoT. Originally (I was a beta tester) there was Ru, US and German lines only. Now there are a multitude of nationalities and the US and German lines are rarely seen in random games unless a premium vehicle. Russian tech tree tanks are everywhere, still relevant, still effective, while non T10 tanks of the German and US tech tree tanks have been powercreeped to obscurity. RU ships are designed to take advantage of the existing meta, bow tanking and using islands to guard broadside. I get WG wanting to cater to their primary clientele, but keep that crap on the RU server.
  2. The last I read about subs was that WG was still sitting on the fence on if they will be added to the PvP matches or just part of the scenario packs.
  3. hipcanuck

    Why Carriers don't fit into WoWs

    Your first statement is untrue because CV's were in the game almost from the beginning. Im not certain if they were in Alpha, but I played them a lot in CBT. CV players raised alarms based on their ability to rip a game apart, not a lot of ppl could play a CV well and some of us were just far too good...I wasnt in the upper class, but I was pulling in 60-70% WR's. A good CV player was a one man wrecking machine, a good Ryujo captain with 3 TB squads could produce devastating strikes at will IF he could stay away from enemy fighters. Having played WoT in CBT as well I can say that premium ammo was always in the game, although at the time it was literally for $. They would have been better served to limit the # of premium rounds a tank could carry. Premium tanks and a crappy MM were WoT's undoing.
  4. hipcanuck

    Why Carriers don't fit into WoWs

    I cant even begin to imagine the number of times ppl have suggested spotting fixes for CVs. The most prominent one I recall was that what CV's spot only appears on the mini map, thus giving recce reports but not allowing friendly ships to target. The second one I recall was removing the ability for the dropped fighters to spot at all. Dunno how long you've been playing but in the early days CV's could spot torps for their team....at least that was fixed. FYI, I am pro CV, but understand that they do some things far too well and others far too poorly. I am incredibly disappointed in a CV's ability to counter an opposing CV or even combat one.
  5. hipcanuck

    T7 ships in t9 matches

    All of WG titles suffer from this. Wot team tried to fix it by going to a 3/4/5 system where only 3 tanks would be top tier....failed horribly....so much that almost HALF of their NA gaming population bailed within 6 months. WG is tied to the tier system. This has been a recuring topic since beta and any solutions that have come up on the forums only introduce other problems.
  6. "Thinking mans game". You've got to be kidding me, this game has been consistently dumbed down from Alpha.
  7. hipcanuck

    CV Nerf coming?

    So, you use one of the most OP BB's in the game and complain that a CV can wreck you? The irony of your statement..... You are sailing a BB with close to or the worst AA for its tier, and likely worse than some BB's a tier lower. Of course you will be picked on. Play a CV, in a week tell us how OP it is, we'd love to know. If you think CV's are OP now I cant imagine how you felt pre 8.0 when a T6 Ryujo could fly 3 TB squads and dev strike a nearly full HP T8 BB. Honestly, CV's are now just a shadow of their former selves.
  8. hipcanuck

    The hate in my heart for CV's progresses....

    If you knew the game, you would know how long the planes fly around after the CV sinks 😉
  9. hipcanuck

    DDs Can't Do Anything Against CVs!

    You are correct, it is hardly compelling. However, your criticism of the OP also applies to your statement.
  10. hipcanuck

    Pessimistic Whiners

    Yep, and just about every BB player would pay the same amount to play without DD's.
  11. hipcanuck

    Pessimistic Whiners

    Yup. WG screwed the pooch with Ships and they know it, Ships could have been SOOO much more than what it is. Pre 8.0 CV's gave us an idea of how the game could have been more complicated. Im not saying that CV's didnt have issues pre 8.0 because they certainly did, those of us who enjoyed the complexity of CV operations actually got good at it....good enough to force WG to make CV's worse IMO, certainly DD's got hurt the most by the re write. Communism at its finest...those who excel are punished and everyone is forced into mediocrity.
  12. hipcanuck

    CV get's their own Lobby

    I wonder what the current batch of CV criers would do if the old CV's were brought back, where T10 Hak could dev strike a full hp tier 8 BB 2 minutes into the game and not lose a single aircraft, or a Ryujo could run 3 TB squads and get 150k attack without much effort. WG has made CV's hard to kill by another CV because they know the good CV drivers will immediately target the opponent CV. Pre 8.0 it was a great tactic for a Kaga driver
  13. Not outright by penetration. It is almost impossible to destroy all of a ships turrets without the ship sinking.
  14. Please tell me what other class slowly loses its ability to do damage over time? How about WG bring back the old mechanism that allowed for destroyed turrets? You know, the days when it was possible for a Cleveland to be running around at half health with all 4 main gun turrets knocked out. CV's already have a hard cap on how many planes they can physically launch in a match.
  15. Im fairly certain the original group of WoT dev's played NF, a Korean mega grindy navy combat game using 2d sprites. I know for a fact that some WoWs devs played NF, one which was in closed beta as was I. Much of it the original plan seems to come from NF, and this is going back 16 or so years now. Better equipment in higher lvl ships, miraculous improvement in the same gun simply because its on a higher tiered ship. Stock ships sucked, fully upgraded ships were competitive and even slightly better than the stock ship a tier above. There were many things in NF that should have been included in WoWs/ WoT but since the WG staff wanted simplicity and desired the 'twitch' crowd of kids rather than the older adults that seemed to fill the ranks of NF, much of what could have made for a great experience never made the cut. Now, we have tiddly winks on water.... Originally, there were hundreds of ex NF players on the US server alone. Now, I know of maybe 5 or 6.