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  1. Tone should not be in the game, her sister ship sure, but not Tone.
  2. Gimmicks gimmicks Gimmicks

    I would like to see all the gimmicks available to every ship. DD's and CV's get 1, Cruisers 2 and BB's get 2. Certain combinations wont be available, like smoke and radar on the same ship. This would introduce some variables, there would be no way of knowing what a player had on their ship, it would allow players some extra customization of their ship.
  3. One thing everyone is missing, and only CV players can even comprehend this, is that Tier placement means far more to a CV than any other class. Top tier CV with no top tier cruisers means near invincibility and an almost ROFLstompfest. At the same time, being a bottom tier CV facing top tier cruisers makes for a miserable experience UNLESS you are a good CV driver and know ships well enough to know when to attack which ship and which ships create no fly zones. Top tier CV's are devastating, bringing death and destruction anywhere and everywhere. Bottom tier CV's are scavengers, forced to pick on the wounded, preferably those who are currently burning. Bottom tier BB's are a favourite target of CV's, ranking second on my list behind DD's in a cap. Balancing CV's also requires a rework of everything that influence CV's. Tier placement, AA mechanics (dont even get me started on AA going through islands), CV vs CV, damage potential and being user friendly. AA would be an easy fix, giving a boost to bottom tier bb's, say 10%, and an equal boost to bottom tier planes Personally I find CV's easy to play as they currently are, manual drops are a piece of cake and its extremely gratifying to nail a DD with a manual drop :). Where I struggle is being overwhelmed by tasks when handling 7 or 8 airgroups....gotta spot, provide cover, dodge strafe's, plan attacks, watch the mini map, keep track of enemy DD's so I dont get ambushed, keep one eye on chat for players asking for assistance.
  4. Making everyone the same is called communism, let the good be good, let those who fail...fail. Either get better or get out of the deep end of the pool. The problem with CV's is what wrong with the basic foundation of the game, that all ships are equal. CV's are NOT equal, they have a far greater influence in the match than any other class of ship. Having a skill wall isnt a bad thing, having no way for those who arent good to get better without getting frustrated IS a bad thing. Balancing CV's will be a huge undertaking as they are the most complicated ships in the game, both in terms of balance and capability. The reintroduction of CV's could be game breaking....too easy AND too powerful and ppl will bail in droves, crying all the way. Too weak and too easy and WG will have wasted their efforts as people wont play them.
  5. Graf Spee main gun range

    Long range is that ships weakness, perhaps a buff to the secondaries but even then the ship already performs well vs equal tier ships. As is I love that ship, 1 vs 1 against a BB and my money is on the Spee if well handled...torps for the win!
  6. Izumo was tough and the Lion is proving to be difficult, but Iowa/Missouri was brutal. 30% WR over the first 100 games in Missouri, got torped a lot trying to push and make use of Radar. Spent the next 300 games getting my WR back to 50%. I still get torped frequently, but thats the price you pay when you push caps and push in general. Radar gets me into trouble as much as it gets me out of trouble, and its highly over rated.
  7. 1. CV's show up about 1:5. If you played a CV you would wait about 2-3 minutes for a match, usual wait time in prime time for a match is under 1 minute. 2. CV's target a DD first (well, the good CV drivers do), rarely target equal or above tier cruisers. Cruisers represent 1/3 of the ships so its really only 7-9 viable targets, not 12. 3. CV players (again, the good ones), can check your ship stats to see if your BB is spec'd for AA (if you have a high max plane kill) , so they'll know. For instance, my BB stats have high plane kill games, my Yamato has a 30+ plane kill game. My Buffalo can knock down a full attack wave (5 squadrons) of equal tier planes from a Taiho in a very short time. 4. Half of the CV drivers have a 50% WR or better, 5. Hard to put a stat on that. AA spec is ALWAYS useful if you are a US ship. All my US ships are spec'd for AA, team mates depend on it. If everyone partially spec'd for AA, and US ships fully spec'd for AA there'd be a lot less whining about CV's, and CV's would be doing the whining about AA.
  8. Everyone should read the entire above post. CV's were complained about in CBT, the almost unanimous statement that "CV's were not ready for release", began appearing 2 weeks before launch date. The existing balance equation for CV's is too complicated, too many variables, for CV's to be tweaked into balance. Manual aim exists for every ship, why shouldnt it exist for CVs? How much fun would it be driving a BB where the main guns work just like the secondaries? If CV's cannot control multiple squadrons why should other ships be able to fire all their guns at once?
  9. Football's back Boi's!

    The networks should stop mentioning the protest, stop showing it on TV or the news, just ignore them and it will likely go away on its own. Same should be done for terrorist attacks or mass shooters. Never mention the attackers names, not in print, not on TV, never show a picture of them unless they are still running free.
  10. As a 'NF vet' myself and a NF CBTer one at that, I can say for certain that comparing NF to WoWs will only give you a headache. The WoWs devs played NF and they wanted WoWs to be simple, trying to take whats probably the most complicated warship and trying to make it work well in an overly simplified format such as WoWs is very difficult. Their desire for a lot of nationality traits makes balancing difficult, something that wasnt a problem with NF. Carriers in NF were about spotting and air control, the CV with the better/most fighters won. I ran 5 fighter pilots on my NF carriers. WoWs is built around the premise that all ships are equal for battle influence, unlike NF where you advanced through DD to cruisers to BB's/CV's. CV's have no equal, they are good at everything, other than taking punishment there isnt one thing they are bad at.
  11. Got my 1st Solo Warrior!

    Congrats, hard award to get. I got mine in a CV, I think it was the Ryujo back when it was deadly with 3 TB squads.
  12. Its doubtful we will see the swastika, The Russians are no fan of nazi's.
  13. Jean Bart the Dissapointment.

    The problem is it makes for a lousy capt trainer since all the French BB's are secondary builds. The Tirpitz was this way originally. On its own a great ship, but a meh capt trainer since the KM BB's all need a secondary build to maximize their strengths.
  14. Which Ocean????

    You forgot one lol.....the Southern Ocean, sometimes called the Antarctic Ocean.
  15. Biggest OP thing in the game

    Fire was intended to be the great balance mechanism to make cruisers as effective at damage creating as BB's.....enter gimmick #1 and the beginning of the 'arcade' direction of the game.