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  1. hipcanuck


    I said long ago I would bolt at the first sign of subs. I saw the writing on the wall and began my withdrawl a couple months ago, not wanting to quit cold turkey. I came here for ships and CV's....not to fly planes. IMO they ruined the one class that was challenging to play when they completely redid CV's (they needed work, but not like now....and they are still borked!), now subs...... Been down the sub road before, not doing it again. Peace, have fun.....Im out.
  2. Apples to oranges, perhaps even as far as apples to dogs. If there are 6 DD players in a match, 1 or 2 will die within 5 minutes and most likely all but 1 will be sunk by the 10 minute mark. CV's typically survive most of, if not the entire match, therefore their damage is over 20 minutes whereas a DD's damage is over a significantly less amount of time. Impossible to do comparison between 2 ships that are so completely different. There are far too many stats that apply to wows that are secret, like damage per minute, that are critical in understanding how the game is balanced. Too bad WG keeps their cards so close to their chest.
  3. Subs will never be part of my WoWs game because I will bail the day of the patch that includes subs.
  4. hipcanuck

    FtP vs Premium

    Ive been a ftp player for over 2 years now and have not noticed any appreciable decline in my WR. The only problem Im having is that my hit rate is lower because I dont play as often as I used to. As much as I have complained in the past about this game being over simplified there are MANY things you still need to understand. Failing to understand armour layouts, penetration, angling your ship etc, WILL cost you in gun fights. Some captain skills are critical to certain classes of ships for extra survival and for guns to be more effective at certain targets, or more specifically certain AREAS of targets. Of course, there is the almighty RNGesus, who always has a part to play in the outcome of any gun fight. No matter how well you aim, angle your ship or how much better your captain skills are than your opponent, if RNGesus decides you will sink....it will be so!
  5. I will take her for a spin tomorrow and see how it goes. Honestly I gave up on her around 8.3, it was just too frustrating to have entire squadrons disappear in 2 seconds due to a Mino camped in smoke or invisible due to their AA outranging my spotting ability. Her large hanger volume doesnt make up for the paper airplanes which occupy it. My new love is Alaska :)
  6. hipcanuck

    Time for Carrier Heals

    Carriers hide in the corners (some do, I dont usually) because of their high visibility, high target priority and fragility. Giving a CV a heal or 3 (for T10's) MIGHT entice some more CV drivers to put themselves in harms way instead of camping it up in a corner. Of course it may not because those who camp now may never give up that style, it may accomplish nothing more than giving more damage and xp to the players shooting at the CV. Also, this would mean altering their near magical DCP, allow CV's to burn, allow them to flood......and for the love of god dial back a CV's AA capability.
  7. Of course it is. 15+ years ago it came out, I started during NA beta. At its peak there were 2 US servers with 40k ish players total. Game was great for 6 years.....then along came subs.... My point that you seem to have missed is, CV's had a clear role to play in NF, they dont in WoWs. Not so much in the 'great battles' in NF, but once clan wars came out there had to be at least 2 or 3 players with top lvl CV's, and they had to be at least decent. A bad CV player could cost you the game much in the same way a bad top tier BB player could. WoWs is so over simplified in an attempt to draw the instant gratification crowd to play. WG has pissed off the 'old guard' and it would appear that its not attracting 'new blood'.
  8. So you think taking a niche market (naval sim) within a niche market (wargame) within a niche market (PC based, lets face it...most gamers use consoles) game and then splitting it up again is a good idea?
  9. Ever play NavyField. CV's worked fine in that game, they had a role to play. WG needs to decide what role they want for CV's. They would be better off going back to the RTS style and tweaking it. The debacle that is the CV rework is only a taste of whats to come with subs.
  10. hipcanuck

    CV quit due to too many TX's

    Early on a CV captain would kill himself rather than give any other ship the satisfaction of killing the CV :) Seen it done many times, even did it myself once or twice.
  11. hipcanuck

    WG, neptune needs major buff seriously

    Its a tough ship to grind, but then again most T9's suck, WG designed them that way for a reason. Also, if you suck in the Neptune, yer gonna have a difficult time doing well in Mino. I sucked in Neptune until the end of the grind, then suddenly I started playing well with it, but I couldnt wait to sell it.
  12. Love the sig, thats likely what I'll do when subs show up. Ive been through the 'sub introduction' in another naval game, saw what it did to the community, saw what it did to the game......NONE of it was good. To make it worse, some of the WG dev's played that game and they STILL want to do it. Carriers worked in that game, WG thought they would work here.....
  13. hipcanuck

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    Since CV's last longer on average than any other ship and often quite a bit longer, doing more damage is expected. Really, their DPM is lower than BB's and cruisers. Survival rate will skew kills per death so that stat means sfa. Spotting damage skews the exp so that also means sfa. Besides, who cares if a T10 gets any ship xp at all. Spotting damage however needs a massive nerf. For starters, Fighters shouldnt spot at all. CV's should probably only spot for the mini map.
  14. In no particular order. 1) Graf Zep, release 1 AND 2 2) Not listening to CV players in CBT when we said they weren't ready for release because they were too difficult for newbs and too powerful for unicums. 3) CV rewrite. Only really addressed WG's issues with CV's, not the playerbase. 4) Excluding the pre-dreds and battlecruisers for the most part. 5) Seemingly abandoning the historical attraction for fantasy....40 knot bb's....
  15. hipcanuck

    WG Gone Wild - Crazy Ships and Strange Times

    For me the lack of variation of game play, even using CV's, has left me wondering how much longer I can go at this. I've got the Alaska and even tho I really enjoy the ship and Ive only played a handful of games in it, its already to the point where I know where I need to go on every map to get the most out of my ship. WG's fixation with balance could be partly to blame. If one side has an advantage, WG changes the map. Honestly, who cares if one side wins 60% of the time. I'd rather see the spawn points move around on maps and balance be damned. At least the predictability of where to go and how long it will take to get there will be gone for everyone. Well, everyone except CV's but even they might have to move about more to avoid getting caught.