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  1. So I guess the question that really needs to be asked is do you come on here and rant when a BB double cits you despite WSADing?, or when a Monty one shots you with multi cits and a handful of other pens and over pens? What CV was it? Was it a T10, and if so blame WG, not the CV.
  2. Starts a thread about CV's and expects it not to turn into a flame fest.....laughable. New to the forums? Here's something for you to ponder..... ITS A GAME! There is LOTS of things ships couldnt do in RL......LOTS. In fact, for every point you make about what a CV can do in WoWs and cant do in RL, Im certain some can come up with the same for BB/CL and DD. Ever hear of a DD defeating a BB single handed? How about a Cruiser? Ever hear of a DD being one shot by a BB? How about a DD reloading 15 torps in under 2 minutes, or with the reload booster in a few seconds? Seriously, what a stupid thread.
  3. Pissed off player

    Im 54......you have to let go of it, play for laughs. You are one of a dozen players and have minimal control over your W/L record unless you division up frequently. What you DO have control over is your damage contribution, if you are considerably above average then you are doing fine.
  4. USS Dallas Inaccuracies

    Anyone who doesnt believe you needs to look no further than the Khab.......
  5. For ships guns to be accurate they need to be on a relatively stable platform, slow speeds or rapidly altering course do not help create a stable platform nor do they create a consistent range for ships requiring manual input of target data. Anyone thats ever been on a ship can tell you that during hard turns, everything shakes.
  6. Good plan You now have a bullseye on your back for CV players that read this thread. FYI, it wont work. Many times will you hop into a game with CV's when there are none showing in the queue. While in my CV's I take pleasure in picking on certain individuals who whine about CV's. I just dont run into them often enough!
  7. Notser on CV rework

    But making the class more accessible was represented by ideas like reducing squadron counts. As much as I enjoy (ed) playing CV, I found the Taiho to be too much but found the new Lexi to be far more relaxing to play...not going into Lexi being bad tho lol. New players are put off by games where they are bottom tiered. This is where individual skill really comes into play. The less experienced will send their strike planes in to face near impenetrable walls of flak, loosing most of their first strike. More experienced players will wait it out when bottom tiered, scout the caps, find the loner ships, wait for BB's to burn a bit or a couple of cruisers to get hit hard and retreat off the battle line. Bottom tiered BB's can switch to a more reliable form of damage using HE, DD's torps dont care about tier, but CV's and to a lesser extent cruisers, are punished when bottom tier. Hopefully WG knows AA is part of the problem, more specifically damaged AA. As the match drags on, CV's become more effective and AA less so.
  8. Notser on CV rework

    Yes, and I also understand why they want to keep it hushed up....in case it needs more tuning. I just wish that the CV community would have been part of a 'beta test' of the CV rewrite, despite so many of us having so many and sometimes contradictory ideas, there were some ideas that became widely accepted as a solid start.....like IJN, US, UK etc having the same sized squadrons, excluding premiums.
  9. Notser on CV rework

    WG should have talked to the CV community long ago. They didnt listen in CBT when we said CV's were not ready for release and then promptly nerfed CV's 3 times. Many....MANY solutions to simplify the existing system both for players and for balance have been proposed and WG continued to take CVs in a bizarre direction, adding further complications instead of solving them. CV players understand whats wrong, we know they are OP much of the time, they are also frequently under powered when bottom tiered. CV players would love to make the ships easier to use, they dont need to throw out the baby with the bathwater but that seems to be their intent. WG rewrote arty for somewhat similar reasons and it didnt work out, arty are still hated and still overpowering and game ruining. Sadly I have a hard time seeing a different outcome for CV's.
  10. Notser on CV rework

    This was proposed in CBT, along with dozens or perhaps hundreds of way to fix CV's, which were even more powerful then, IJN starting with Ryujo had the option of 0-3-2 for instance. Pity the team on the receiving end of a strike Ryujo when Ryujo was top tier....fun times for Ryujo drivers! As has been mentioned, this adds more complication to a game the dev's want to simplify. Its bad enough that CV's of each nation are vastly different, the ships, the planes, the squadrons, turn around times, bomb and torp stats, ammo loads, aircraft speeds. Thats a lot of variables to put into the balance equation, too many IMO. WG has created a creature that is almost impossible to balance in its current form and only having 2 lines makes the task that much more daunting.
  11. Notser on CV rework

    I dont think you'll find too many current CV players happy with what may or may not be coming down the pipe for CV's. Like others, I have a lot (to me) of time and $ invested in my current CV's and while I expected them to change in many ways, Im unlikely to want to continue if I have to learn it all over again and it may be enough to just chase me away completely even tho CV's are not my primary ship class, although they were for the first year.
  12. Notser on CV rework

    You purchased the most OP CV in the game and cant run it well? The hardest challenge in a Saipan is managing your strafing abilities. I dont have a Saipan but in my Kaga the only real option is to kill the Saipan, the Saipan abomination is a menace to T7 and the only CV to give the Saipan a run for its money is a well played strike Hiryu or a decently played AS Hiryu.
  13. Joined early CBT, played hard during that, didnt play much during OBT, played hard after release, took a break, played hard for a while, took a break. Im now on a break but keeping tabs on the forums for the CV clus$%^&#@k thats coming :) My suggestion is to not grind, grinding is painful and it makes you rush. Find some friends to division with, join a clan, play together while enjoying your favourite inebriant (smoke or alcohol), have some laughs.
  14. Simple answer, 0 hits. Best way to dodge torps in a BB is to drop speed to 0 and turn into them. 5km for torps that do 30-40kph is an eternity for a dodge. CV's will never hit a cruiser, never hit a DD and rarely secure more than 1-2 torp hits on a BB. Remember CV torps do less damage than DD torps, take 2-3 minutes to return to CV, rearm (longer if the squadron is shot down), take off and return to the same target
  15. Its hardly complicated, and players like 'us' arent few and far between. The problem is most of the other ships are so simplified that if they were any easier it would be tiddly winks on water and thus, compared to the rest of the ships, CV's APPEAR complicated. Operation of the CV isnt difficult, manual drops couldnt be much simpler. Introducing the strafe mechanism added complication and IMO favours the player with the better (or more stable) connection. The real challenge for a CV player is knowing all the ships AA capabilities. In order to be very successful you must know the 'no fly' zones of all ships. You cant shut your brain off and play CV, this isnt WoT. The real problem with balancing CV's as they currently exist is that there is no base, or constant, to begin the experiment and therefore every tweak added causes multiple complications.