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  1. hipcanuck

    Datamined CV tech tree changes

    One of the big advantages of Kaga is that it doesnt face the constant uphill struggle that T8 is, where 70% of matches are impenetrable walls of AA that kill entire squadrons of planes 7km out from a cruiser....and that cruiser is invisible to the CV player....damn Mino's. Current Saipan is in much better shape to adapt to bottom tier play with high tier planes than a Kaga or Enterprise. Hell, I shot down 32 planes from a big E with a Yamato one game and its not known for its AA ability.
  2. hipcanuck

    complaint about MM [edited]

    Dude, we need to face the fact that WG doesnt want so many BB's on the server. The 'new' CV's will only really be useful vs BB's, DW torps are mostly anti BB torps, AP bombs are only good vs BB's and a handful of cruisers and finally the largest abomination of all.....submarines. There WILL come a time when BB mains grow frustrated and stop playing, WG hopes they wont but the fact is many ppl play this game for the sole purpose of playing ships that they've heard about and thats usually a BB. Tick off the BB mains and the server population drops, not healthy.
  3. hipcanuck

    CV Rework - WG, this is Good!

    I think you'll find the current round of testing more of an Alpha stage. They are testing mechanics, interface and useability in this phase, so worrying about intensity of AA or damage done isnt something that WG is likely looking at right now. It is nice to see a writeup on a players experience. I would like to hear from a CV vet too.
  4. hipcanuck

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    This 'boredom' issue was brought up when the rework was first shown, and IMO will be the reason why many existing CV players will have issues with the rework. Im sitting firmly in the camp of CV's needed rebalancing in their relationship with other ships and other CV's and a reduction in micromanagement overload, not a complete overhaul.
  5. hipcanuck

    The Roma Problem

  6. hipcanuck

    The Roma Problem

    I'd really love to know where you got that info. The last 'official' information I read was that there has not been any conclusive evidence discovered at the wreck site pointing to the cause of the Hoods detonation, or that there was more than one hit by Bismarck. Last I read it was split between X turret malfunction/self destruction, 4" mag detonation, and finally the P.E. caused deck fire setting off a chain reaction going from the 4" ready use lockers to detonating torps which set off the 4" mag. Personally I lean towards the self destruction theory, the 4" shells are quite stable because of the brass casings (the Royal Navy did tests on this) and not prone to a catastrophic and sudden detonation like a silk bagged cordite magazine. Sry for derailing thread. FWIW if Roma is preforming at a 53% WR, its kind of hard to justify multiple buffs. Especially when you consider it is one of the top damage dealers in its tier.
  7. hipcanuck

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    WG needs to introduce torp duds when torps hit at sharp angles.......
  8. The thing with premium ships is this...... Newbie sees Saipan rolling opponent, newbie buys Saipan thinking its a ptw ship....newbie plays Saipan in random and gets sniped by a Kaga. The player base has long complained about the ability for anyone to purchase a premium ship without any knowledge of how to play said ship. This is very important for CV's as they have (or had) such a high skill ceiling to begin with. Since the Saipans global WR is in the area of 55%, for every GOOD player in a CV, there is a nearly equally BAD player. Thus for every 70% WR player in a given CV there is someone who's flailing away at 35% in the same CV. The Saipan is an abomination, no doubt about it, but its not an easy CV to play well either.
  9. Sigh.......the NA server not the be all end all of WoWs. Everything is tested elsewhere FIRST, long before our supertesters get their hands on it. Most of the supertesters arent great CV drivers, hell most of em arent even good CV drivers so CV's dont really get a good workout in testing. The rework will be different, it has to be if WG wants this rewrite to work! You need to understand that the NA server has a population of 14-18k, the EU server has a peak population of over 40k, the Russian server is nearly the same. Hell, we dont even play the game the same way as the EU and RU servers. Besides, if everything is broken, its balanced ;) CV's arent for everyone and they wont be after the rework.
  10. hipcanuck

    CV Reworks: never seen suggestion

    While it may....may....be that, I highly doubt this rewrite will change the % of the playerbase who are interested in playing CV's. Technically I guess we wont be playing a CV, we'll be flying planes....in a game about ships....I wonder how long it will be before we get premium aircraft ;)
  11. hipcanuck

    CV Reworks: never seen suggestion

    It didnt take long to level up then but CV XP and credit gain has been nerfed 2 or 3 times since going live and most CV's damage potential has been nerfed as well by changing/eliminating strike loadouts.
  12. hipcanuck

    So what's happening to premium CVs?

    Its funny to watch them poke fun at themselves. The 'never say never' joke referring to subs and the 'year of the carrier' joke. As for prem carriers, I think its a waste of WG's time to put the effort into designing a premium ship when the CV operator isnt really driving his ship, he's flying a plane. Perhaps WG would be better served introducing premium aircraft for CV's rather than the ship itself.
  13. I'm a pretty crappy DD player and generally dont play them because I view myself as a hindrance to the team in one. The Jervis however has some carry power, Ive played about a dozen games and Ive passed the 100k attack mark more than a couple times, one game with 4 kills. I may actually be useful to my team in a UK DD....
  14. hipcanuck

    Save Old Carrier Gameplay

    There have been 100's if not 1000's of threads discussing possible fixes for all things CV related. Everything has been discussed to death, including spotting capabilities, which is actually VERY easy to deal with...Planes spot for the OWNING ship ONLY, objects spotted only show up on the mini map so they cannot be targeted. So spotter planes from a cruiser only spot (for targeting) ships/torps for the player who owns the spotter plane. The most important thing to realize is that YOU, THE PLAYER need to adapt to the presence of a CV. You must adapt just like you have to drastically alter playing style when playing ocean in a US light cruiser. Making a blanket statement that CV's can one shot anything on the map is a drastic overstatement and makes you sound like you dont spend a lot of time actually driving a CV. Once a T8 CV's planes get to within 3km of a T9 US cruiser those planes melt away like butter on a hot grill. Good CV drivers know who to punish and who to avoid, they know which ships have no fly zones, they even have time to check a players stats to see if they are probably AA spec'd. Driving a CV well is the only challenging aspect of this game, its all very easy.....so easy my 8 year old grandson plays on occasion.