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  1. hipcanuck

    The automated team damage system. I went pink?

    Only real men can wear pink well :)
  2. hipcanuck

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    Any ship Im currently grinding.....
  3. hipcanuck

    Revert Nerfs (Kaga/Belfast/Kutz)

    While I do support small changes to premium ships to maintain fair play and balance, I think the changes for GC (which I own but rarely play) were excessive. I own the Kaga and I would have to say that anyone who purchases her as she currently exists is a damn fool, this ship just doesnt perform well at all, is one of the weaker premium CV's and is a completely unenjoyable experience when bottom tier. WG recently stated they were happy with her performance.....guess she will become a port queen for me
  4. I was reported (while playing a CV) after saying 'my team sucked' in All Chat. I said it because we were steamrolled in the first 10 minutes and in the end, didnt sink a single ship and the match was over shortly after....lost every cap, never contested a cap. I didnt single out anyone, didnt use profanity (not that Im above that lol), nor was I unsporting and I ended up at the top of my team for XP. Perhaps I was reported for being a CV lol
  5. hipcanuck

    Navy ships in HUGE HEAVY SEAS!

    1:39 into the OP video is called a 'greenie', a wave that comes over the bow solid instead of spray. They will rip turrets off, cave in the front of the bridge, blow out windows. That weather is NOT fun to be in! i was in the Canadian Navy years ago, the weather was like that north of Newfoundland. 15 minutes on the helm and you are exhausted, no external lookouts, nobody allowed on deck, all hatches closed. This is another 'greenie' Combat in a WW2 DD would be impossible in that sea state, too much effort would be put into just trying to stay afloat. BTW the bottom of the wave trough is called a pothole when its hit hard like the above video.
  6. hipcanuck

    FU match maker

    Yea, MM had it in for me today as well. Trying to get the plane kills, 5 games in UK DD and no CV's, took my Nelly for a spin and 4 CV's!
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW8-hC2Hn2Q Watch this then as Kaga's planes melt, sure its T10 AA but nearly half of my games in Kaga are vs T10 ships. Again, scouting isnt what Kaga's planes are good for and anything a CV can do utility or team wise, a DD can do far better.
  8. Many people fail to understand that because CV's typically live to the end of a match, some of that damage is done in 'garbage time' as they call it in the NBA. Most games are decided in the first 10 minutes, the Kaga is an absolute failure during this time frame if it isnt top tier. At best, Kaga does 30k damage which affects the outcome of a match. All other ships in the game have the ability to cause effective damage (cits, torps, dev strikes) in 30-60 seconds. The Kaga is incapable of doing this, even when trying to pick on a T6 BB.....which is wrong BTW. Kaga is nothing more than an infection caused by a papercut (nowhere near death by papercut lol), a mere shadow of her admittedly OP'd former self.
  9. How much spotting damage is done? Significantly less spotting damage than a DD can accomplish and unlike DD's a CV cannot spot torps now. This is especially true in a Kaga using T7 aircraft in a T10 match where I seem to spend half my time. AA range = spotting range (now) for cruisers and cruiser AA usually means instant death. Smart cruiser players (and DD players) will turn their AA off to bait the CV in closer, mash the P button and activate their AA consumable.....Poof, most if not all of Kaga's planes are gone and any that remain are in no condition to do an attack run. What it can do better is be anywhere quickly, but can only stay where its needed for moments at a time. Cannot effectively spot ships of higher tiers and specifically not DD's or cruisers. Scouting with a CV is boring as hell, few players do it. I love doing it in a DD, I feel like Im keeping my team alive by scouting for torps, spotting DD's and dropping smoke for cover. In a CV it is boring and accomplishes little because you cannot keep ships spotted long enough for BB's to switch targets and get more than 2 shots off.
  10. hipcanuck

    Upcoming CV Changes

    Saipan is currently the 2nd best performing premium (GZ is better) CV for damage over the last 2 weeks, avg'd over US, EU and Asian server. Your OP (old) CV just isnt as OP as it was. Kaga has lower damage avg and they nerfed it
  11. hipcanuck

    Kaga more nerfs to come.

    Top tier ships, T8 and up, should get 100k when played well. When bottom tiered Kaga's suffer horrendous losses, often instantly and on approach. Over the last 2 weeks Kaga's performance was 3rd of 4 prem CV's for damage done. It is above all tech tree BB's for avg damage but below all Prem BB's save Tirpitz, which is one of if not the lowest performing (damage wise) BB at T8 and IMO the Tirp is in need of some help. While on the subject of BB's, after looking at the stats I'd say the Mass is going to get a nerf bat soon, its racking up near 50% more avg damage per game than any other T8....over 60k vs over 40k. Kaga can be played in a T10 match, but its not safe for the first 5 minutes. I have found its best to sacrifice your DB's early in a T10 match, use rockets mid game and TBer's once half the game is over. By this point the balls of death that multiple ships represent will have significantly diminished, likely many of the cruisers will be gone and your TBer's can do their thing since you can spam 3 full flights of them. But really, Im not sure why WG thought that keeping T7 planes on a T8 CV, which sees T10 matches 3 out of 4 times, was a good idea.
  12. hipcanuck

    2 CV at T10

    Two T10 CV's per team is too much, period. Much like the token T8 ship in a T9/10 match, its totally unnecessary. T10 CV's have it easy, even in the face of DM/Mino/Wooster AA. While I agree that DD's need to play differently, CV spotting needs much more work and it could be the best solution is for drastic spotting changes. Ships spotted by CV's are only visible on the mini map, its the best solution for DD's IMO. Sure they cant sneak around like cockroaches in the dark, but at least they wont get focused fired by every ship within range.
  13. hipcanuck

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    Ive played mostly CV, and mostly Kaga, since the rework was live and was playing during all 3 PT server events. I figure that since I almost never see the same player twice in a CV there are quite a few, perhaps 10%? Since Im only playing T8 its hard to get a feel for the population but i often see the same CV players in T10 CV's. By no means am I constant player of the game, nor a grinder, and Ive taken many breaks from the game....usually the summer :) The test server didnt accomplish much other than to confirm the mechanics were 'functioning as intended' and I doubt it was intended to do much more. Too many players played solo in testing and rarely went into random matches. The only time I saw multiple humans (3 at most per team) in randoms was T10 matches. Most players I saw on the PTS was 600+. I would say the WoWs overall population is about pre UK BB release population levels, regularly above 10-12k during prime time. Server population always peaks after the release of a new line, and experiences population drops during exams, march break and summer. US server pop is lower than it was last year by about 2k tho. I think its important to realize that NA isnt their primary source of players or stats, we might represent 20% of total player population
  14. They are every bit as broken as they were prior to the rework....just broken differently now.
  15. hipcanuck

    Yes...it can be done.

    You've completely missed his point. Mino's are off limits to T8 CV's (most T10 cruisers are to be avoided but Minos are especially deadly), often even with minimal HP. If his planes hadnt been obscured by an island, he wouldnt have got within 2km of the Mino. Approaching one is instant death almost every time, no attack run, no drops,....other than planes dropping into the sea, typically within 2-3 seconds.