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  1. hipcanuck

    Not all but BB play is digusting....

    I am frequently one of the first BB's to die, near or in a cap, and its disheartening to see my xp in the top 3 at the end of the game when I die in the first 6 minutes of a match while other BB drivers live the whole game and are at the bottom in xp. The OP is not wrong in that much, not all, BB play is at a new low these days.
  2. hipcanuck

    Interesting Sub Tactics with CVs and others

    I have the perfect strategy for subs in randoms.... uninstall.
  3. I'd argue that given the number of dual CV games at T4 and T6, the T5 and T7's could come back without impacting wait times....unless the T4/6 players are seal clubbing, which is shameful.
  4. I think your assessment is correct. Had the Americans faced capable, technically advanced AA such as their own, the commanders would have balked at sending so many pilots into certain death when results would be minimal. It is also likely that the US would have been less aggressive with their sub campaign had the IJN carried equally capable ASW.
  5. The problem is the average player. Their WR will drop significantly and experience increased frustration and stop flying. Of course, this is what the CV haters want. It is possible to dodge the majority of flak if you know the ship is there. Its just a guessing game when you are approaching 2 ships. WG wants a simple game thats easy to play but at the same time put enough details into the game to keep the techno nerds somewhat happy but not quite enough details to keep the realism people happy, but not so little as to chase them away. Im one of the later types who thinks this game could have been so much more. AA can be very brutal on a bottom tier CV and since WG decided to drop the odd tier CV's they forced CV's to be bottom feeders (feed of other bottom tier ships or go for them first when top tier) that usually dont do well, influence the game when uptiered in a heavy AA environment. Elimination of odd tier ships mean CV's are either deadly early on and have a significant influence on the game or are reduced to a glorified scout for the first 5 minutes until the opposing fleet disperses or has suffered a couple of early losses. The odd tier CV's need to come back, fighters should no longer be used as scouts, give CV's a scout consumeable for this that could function much like the autopilot, fighters should be launched from the CV using the autopilot and set to patrol a given area OR assigned to the current attack squadron as escort and finally, CV's need to have their AA dialed down a bit so CV vs CV fighting can occur.
  6. hipcanuck

    This AFK attitude...

    In a mostly T8 match with a bare handful of T9 and T10, we had a Slava run to the far side of the map, retreating all the time, hit the side of the map, turned and drove behind our CV and slowly crossed the map again. Fired his guns ONCE in the last 2-3 seconds of the match....they didnt land. He was in the NFG alliance (I thoroughly believe NFG stands for exactly what everyone thinks it stands for lol). Its a pity that WG doesnt actively and publicly deal these problem players.
  7. One of the most fooling decisions WG could make. Havent fixed carriers (and I drive a CV on occasion) and I have ZERO confidence that subs wont be a dumpster fire that is never put out.
  8. hipcanuck

    big CV balans

    I dont think thats the response he's looking for lol. The failure of the game (not the OP!!) is in the 11 fighter kills. CV's should NOT be able to spot with fighters......its just bloody wrong!
  9. hipcanuck

    big CV balans

    Sorry to say this but....*&^% happens. Said the same thing to a Smolensk I sent home with one salvo with my Missouri a couple days ago, he made 1 mistake and RNG said 'back to port for you' and I one shot him from full HP. I was in my Missouri last night and was hounded constantly by an Oland who eventually sank me. 80% all his damage with torps, never saw him, never got close enough to get radar on him. He just spammed torps at me until I died. I zigged, I zagged, dodged a pile of torps, but not enough. Perhaps it was my fault for pushing in the first place and then I sorta hung myself out to dry as I ended up all alone.....oh wait.....Im thinking the same could be said of you? We told WG in Beta that CV's would be the death of them, they werent ready for release, they had too much influence, too much power....and I played CV's then, still do. I really do believe they belong in this game but I dont like the way certain CV's can punish DD's so heavily. Honestly, I might get to kill a DD once every 10 games in a CV and I really dont try to because its a huge time sink for minimal return.
  10. That is an interesting bit of trivia to be certain!
  11. Ive had a crap connection to their server for a while now. Was disconnected 3 times in one match this am. The other two in the house experienced no internet downtime nor did my modem indicate anything was awry.
  12. hipcanuck

    Bismarck vs Hood footage

    The Bismarck also had video of its engagement with Hood, but was obviously destroyed/lost in the final battle. According to some (true or not, who knows) the video footage of the trip and final mail from the crew was to be flown off the Bismarck once it was determined that the Bismarck would not make it to France. However it was not to be as the catapult had been damaged by a hit from PoW. It seems incredibly fluky how that whole trip went. Hood being extremely unlucky either way you look at it (the incredible timing of the hit when Hood was most vulnerable or a problem/misfire in Y turret that resulted in self destruction), Bismarck taking very few hits but those hits that a) ruined fuel and thus forcing a return to port, b) knocked out her rudder and c) knocked out her catapults. Not to mention being spotted by a US plane when Bismarck had basically disappeared into the Atlantic.
  13. FDR's have hit me hard a few times and its rare to see one on the losing side. Weird thing about FDR is that some of the ships players find it very hard to use well because of the slower aircraft. Perhaps they thought they could buy themselves a CV and own people but find it difficult to manage the aircraft. Honestly, ya'll should be happy I dont have one :) I can do quite well in a Kaga facing tons of T10 AA with her paper planes, I imagine I could do very well with stronger aircraft.
  14. hipcanuck

    Uncap the SAP on Italian BBs

    Perhaps the Columbo is a different story but Ive killed a few DD's with it. Could just be the sheer number of shells at close range but under 10km this things wipes out bigger, armoured DD's. At any range the Columbo can be a terror to cruisers. I dont run dead eye on it but I wonder how much better it would be and Im already regularly doing over 100k in damage (unless I get wiped out by an FDR, which has happened twice now) something I can only do in Thunderer.
  15. IMO the smoke on Columbo is rarely useful. Whatever was given up to have smoke capability would have been far better.