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  1. hipcanuck

    Having fun in brawls?

    Game I just finished it was top ship with 4 kills on the winning team. Doesnt really belong in these matches.
  2. Im enjoying it so far, although the Ise could leave any time. Best thing is there are NO SUBS! Should be be T8.....12 v 12 ....all Tirpitz, just like when it was originally released. Fast ship .... torps..... secondaries ..... = Fun Imagine T5.....all GC's lol
  3. hipcanuck

    An observation about CVs

    Happens on weekend mornings EST too. Its a good time to play a CV, lots of us about. Its also a good time to play a cruiser with excellent AA and properly spec'd for it. You can make a difference but you sacrifice a lot for it.
  4. hipcanuck

    Subs still broke, broke, broke

    Thats really not the problem. In the time it takes a BB to launch air strikes vs a sub, its time lost fighting other ships, its time spent being a target for other ships, its losing your repair to break the sonar lock. If you're engaging another BB, your guns swivel off target while you try to find the location of the sub and launch your depth charges. Its a major problem for BB's when there is a sub on your [edited], even worse if you're driving a CV and a sub is on your [edited]because you literally can not do anything about it. Many of the players in our clan will be gone when subs are released. There will be others too. Subs are a bad idea.
  5. hipcanuck

    Subs still broke, broke, broke

    Its another reason for them to stay back. By the time the sub gets to the back of the map its low on air.
  6. hipcanuck

    Jackson French

    Thanks for that information! Good to know that he was properly awarded for his bravery!
  7. hipcanuck

    Jackson French

    It might be a technicality as he wasnt actively being shot at while performing the act for which he was awarded.
  8. hipcanuck

    Jackson French

    I wonder if the commendation would have been a medal if it was a white dude who saved 15 comrades by risking his own life swimming through shark infested waters. That guy is the definition of hero.
  9. Subs.....the sideshow bob of WoWs. Honestly, I think they are just throwing #$%& at the wall and hoping something sticks. They should just bail on subs in Random battles as they are a big distraction, which one cannot say for planes. Keep subs for special events, missions or scenarios. They can be easily balanced in a controlled situation, which is not what a random battle is.
  10. hipcanuck

    HMCS Huron

    As a Canadian who literally BEGGED for Haida when we were beta testing, I bought Haida the day it was released despite my much maligned attitude towards WG. I enjoy the ship and while its highly rated, it can be tough to drive. I will grind for Huron simply because Im Canadian. I would have rather WG picked the name Athabaskan as she was sunk with the loss of nearly half her crew in a night action off the coast of France.
  11. hipcanuck

    Decided to try the game again since 2017

    woa.....a NF1 player! There are still a few of us on WoWs...I was a beta NF player. I wasnt sure if anyone still played that game. The graphics are weak but the game was great, although a masochistic grind for certain.
  12. I agree. There have been a lot of good suggestions with regards to CV/other ship interaction as well as CV vs CV. Too bad WG wont at least acknowledge the issue.
  13. Since you perform at a high lvl, you dont understand the plight of the 'average' player. Keep in mind that the 'upper 25%' of CV players play at a high lvl, another 25% play poorly (some are incomprehensibly bad) and 50% are average. Some of those 'bad', and I am one, are actually really bad with 1 CV (midway is terrible dmg dealer for me) and above average with the rest. The 'average player' stats say CV's do less damage than an equal tier BB, have a lower win rate and lower xp gain. Obviously, for the upper 25%, they score higher in all categories. In a Kaga (even in a T10 match) I feel I can be that pita that drives players to complain about CV's. In a Midway.....I just cant get it right...perhaps Im greatly hindered by my 16 pt capt.
  14. hipcanuck

    Admit it

    :) I have air dropped on my own teams sub early on.
  15. I have 90 mil credits and no superships. Maybe when they bring out an IJN CV.......