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  1. Im not certain of your nationality, but it is not as significant as you think to other countries. Regardless, it is a missed opportunity to be sure.
  2. hipcanuck

    CV Rework Feedback

    Actually, Saipan is classed as a CVL. The CVLs could, for the most part, keep pace with the fleet carriers while the Jeep (UK sailors called them something else) carriers, Bogue etc, could not. Other than that, I do agree with your idea that the CVs themselves mean little in this game. Even the Bogue class carried top tier planes in 45 and the limitless aircraft design means that a Bogue class could compete with a Midway. While this gives WG the ability to 'cut and paste' CV's wherever they want at will, for me it totally removes any desire to grind and I have zero interest in playing the new 'tiddly winks' CV class of over simplified ships that has been reworked to make it easier for the instant gratification crowd that arent willing to put in 20 games to learn how to use the current CV's.
  3. hipcanuck

    Best looking ship in the game?

  4. hipcanuck

    Does this mean Kitakami will Return?

    It could work in WoWs, but it would require a rebalance of every ship with torps.....IE, limited reloads. With only 1 reload a Kita player would be less inclined to dump out a wall of torps.
  5. hipcanuck

    World of Tanks 10th Anniversary Gift, just log in!

    Cool, I was a beta tester for WoT and still play occasionally, I'll have to log in! Thanks for the info
  6. So WG expects players to grind 300k -400k xp in ONE ship to get from T8 to T10. As it is most people bail from the CV lines by T8. Half of the excitement in this game is getting a new ship, how is taking half of them away going to be better? Seriously, just how in the heck does WG expect to balance T8 planes that are going to accomplish ANYTHING vs a T10 while at the same time be completely invulnerable to a T6. Maybe we'll get different planes on the deck when we enter different tiered battles lol man.....is smoking pot legal in Russia too? I could understand it if the dev's were Canadian :)
  7. My old hard drive, sadly expired, had a pic of a match that was entirely BB, all tirpitz to be exact. That was the first day it was released. While I could see some thinking an all BB match would move slow, that one was not. The tirp is anything but a long range fighter and his main guns are highly unpredictable over 15 km. I would love all BB matches provided it had no tier 10's. An all DD match would be a riot too, again minus the T10's.
  8. From what Ive read the question isnt 'if you can' but 'why would you' waste money on a mehboote like Vanguard? The number of weaknesses seem to far outweigh any advantages it has.
  9. This is the same solution that was suggested for the CV spotting problem. Only the CV sees the ship and any torps spotted but the mini map shows target for all.
  10. Its called maskirovka, look it up. Its a Soviet WW2 deception tactic used to great effect on the Germans. By throwing more unbalanced ideas into the game they hope that all the other issues are now sufficiently camouflaged that the player base wont notice them anymore. I will be gone once subs are released, its my line in the sand. With all the changes that have gone on and continue to, I feel this game has never left beta testing.The game has continuously gone in the wrong direction for me over the last 12 months or so, I guess subs are the push I need, time to find another game that wants my $$.
  11. hipcanuck

    Question to CV captains

    RNG affects DB, not so for TB's, even on auto you have control of your drop.
  12. Technical posts like this should be stickied and saved for training players. No matter what level players are it gives good insight into how shells/armour interact. New players should be FORCED to learn this in training rooms! Great post!
  13. Welcome back lol We both were CBT's and have roughly the same number of games, surely you've taken a few breaks in the game, take another and come back.
  14. hipcanuck

    So decided to try the Nobilum

    I love playing CV in this op. This is my most recent one, Ive had better tho as half of my kills were DD's. Its hard for me to get out of 'scavenger mode', which is how I play CV in random, killing ships that are either trying to repair or in the middle of a fight and are distracted.
  15. hipcanuck

    CV Rework Feedback

    1) Have you never seen a Yamato obliterate a cruiser 2 minutes into a game? Happens a lot, players get punished for being in the wrong spot. When I play my Tirp and a T10 CV is in the match, I try to stay less than 2 km away from a US cruiser....I rarely get nuked by a CV when I do this. 2) You realize its almost impossible for a CV to ready, launch, fly across the map and kill a ship in 2 minutes 3) The 'new' system is designed to REMOVE skill from playing CV, to level the playing field. The old system REQUIRED skill to wipe out ships in one pass. The Midway is OP, everyone knows it. WG was foolish to return the second TB squad to a CV that had its second TB squad removed over a year ago in an effort to make it less powerful. One of the major problems with CVs in the current system is WGs refusal to acknowledge that CV's suffer most from being bottom tier and benefit the most from being top tier. I doubt the new system will change that, but here's hoping.