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  1. If WG didnt want us to seal club they would have lower tier ships set up to prevent use of 19 pt captains, say nothing above 10 pts for T3 and below, nothing above 14 pts for T4-5.
  2. Tone doesnt belong in the game, perhaps her sister ship Chikuma. Stories go that over 80 ppl were executed on Tone's stern after the Tone 'rescued' them. Call me whatever you want but I dont think atrocities/massacres should be celebrated.
  3. Mark B upgrade?

    lowest performing? Wow, been a while since I drove my NM but I loved it.
  4. CV's are so convolutedly complex that balancing by conventional means is almost impossible. When the rewrite comes, if ever, I suspect they will be completely different. AA is just as big a problem as...... player skill...the terrible state of US CV's until Midway,.....the Saipan abomination.....the ROFLstomping Kaga....tier power discrepancy.....AP bombs.....strafing.....manual drops..... The devs took everything bad about CV's from NavyField and didnt bring any of the good, many of which restricted the power of CV's. However, once again, in NF a high level of player skill was needed to do well in a CV....actually a high level of skill was needed in NF period, something that the Dev's seem to want to get away from. I cant see too many ways to dumb down CV's unless they ditch fighters altogether
  5. This is very debateable. Convoys to Russia started mid 41, roughly twice a month. Russian tank production could not have reached the level it did without those convoys. The Russians would have had their own issues in winters without the millions of felt boot liners shipped to Russia. The Russians had minimal ability to move supplies other than by rail....oh wait....hundreds of locomotives, railcars and miles upon miles of railway track was also shipped to the USSR. The Russian offensives of 43-45 would have been significantly delayed without lend lease. It was the speed of the advance that sank the Germans in Russia, and that speed could not have been attained without the hundreds of thousands of trucks sent to Russia. Without lend lease the Soviets tactic of pressuring the Germans everywhere would not have worked, they simply didnt have the armour in 42. Granted little was accomplished other than to bleed the Germans white. The 6,000 tanks may have been substandard, but in 42 a tank is a tank. The Germans were defeated south of Stalingrad by lend lease. It was lend lease armour and aircraft that halted the final drive to the oil fields. The Germans had their own supply issues to be certain, even as early as mid summer 41 when a loaded fuel truck consumed more fuel than it could carry to reach the front line. The Germans biggest failing in the mid 30's was abandoning the diesel engine. However to say that Lend Lease was not critical to the Soviet victory or even its survival, just doesnt fly.
  6. Well, I guess the sync dropping explains why I cant recall seeing a corgi all weekend.
  7. IOWA - Is it right to hate her?

    Iowa/Mis are best played will full stealth, accuracy (forget extra range) with some investment in AA captain skills to get your AA up to 100 ish. They are the ultimate camper and if you want to be able to turn and escape, you need to keep enemy ships beyond 15km because you have a turning circle the size of Mercury's orbit path. Ive never had success pushing unless I get over to a map edge and try to turn a flank. Islands are your friend, use them to protect one side. Vary your speed and change course often if you are on the move and try to resist shooting at non bb's at longer ranges (unless you will maintain your concealment) and forget shooting at tier 10's near max range.
  8. Simple, stay close to an AA ship. Once CV's are in the match every class of ship needs to make an adjustment, CV's punish those who fail to do so. It is no different than if your DD was in a match with no cruisers (and no CV)......would you not play differently? Do you not play your DD differently depending on spawn location or map type?
  9. These threads are bloody hilarious. zzzzomg the CV killed me........nnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfffffffffffffffffffffff iiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt! 99.9% of the time its a player who has ZERO experience in a CV, a witch hunt by inferior's who have no idea how a CV operates or how difficult it is to play a CV. Yes, the Midway and Hak are nasty, perhaps slightly.....SLIGHTLY so. Reason #1 for their nastiness....they NEVER have to face AA of a higher tier, unlike EVERY other CV in the game, so their stats will always be better relative to every other CV. The primary weapon to keep CV's at bay is one of the biggest issues, and its a variable issue because AA gets weaker as the game progresses. For example, Kaga cannot hope to get close to an Iowa at the beginning of a match but frequently by the 10 minute mark Iowas have taken enough fire/HE damage that they become prime targets for a good Kaga driver....this is where the AA design fails the BB player. Cruisers that have obscene amounts of AA and can clear a sky of 20 planes in 10 seconds simply by clicking a button or get to use main gun mounts for shooting at planes while those very guns are shooting at ships....this is where AA design fails the CV player. The way AA functions is a major problem and it is a large contributor to imbalance in player ability....unicums know which ships to avoid and how to bait the AA panic button. CV's need to be treated differently in balancing, tech tree flow, tiering and weapons loads. IMO CV's should come in 3 flavours, pre war (tier 4-5) early-midwar (T6-8) late/post war (T9-10). The difference in planes/AA should be minimal as tiers advance, with a T4 CV being able to participate in a T6 battle with some problems.....and a T4 BB be able to face a T6 CV without being helpless. Once WG comes to grips with the fact CV's are a different animal and must be treated as such, they will not likely get CV's right. Balance in this game rides a knife's edge....a knife thats constantly moving. The problems of balancing a CV are so numerous and the path to balance so convoluted that its unlikely they will ever be balanced unless each nation is striped down to be identical and all AA is made equal and indestructible.
  10. uninstalling this game

    Ive been the 'type a' more frequently than I care to admit.....number of chat bans = 0. Ive hurled every swear word in the book at people, called them everything I can think of....I was in the Navy so I've got some really good ones!...never been chat banned.....suspended from the forum yes, but not chat banned :) Ive come to the conclusion that unless you use racial/religious slurs or specific threats of violence you are likely to get away with it. So, with that said Im pretty certain the OP got what he deserved and if he did use racial/religious slurs or threats then good riddance. Getting rid of 'dead chat' would be a good idea as thats where most of the hatred comes out, most players dont have time to type abusive comments when they are playing.....unless they are camping in the back and thats why they are getting cussed out ;)
  11. Clearly you've never operated a CV before. US CV shows up with AP bombs and there are no German BB's.....US AP bombs are useless vs UK and US BB's. CV divisions with AA heavy ships is a problem. CV's should not be able to division at all until they are redone.
  12. Only certain CV's (AP bombs or Midway) can delete certain ships of equal tier from full HP and even then there is some form of luck involved. I fail to see how torps are low damage. I can honestly say that, while in a BB, Ive been detonated by a single torp more often that I have detonated a cruiser. Plenty of dev's strikes vs cruisers, but that likely evens out with the number of times Ive taken 3+ torps in the side from a DD and been deleted. Would be an interesting statistic to see actually, how many dev strikes Ive suffered in each class.
  13. New Player, Bunch of Questions

    1. All cruiser lines are challenging, likely one of the hardest groups to play well. No one really knows how soon but you should have lots of warning. 2. Flags will accelerate training, dubloons will too. 3. Ive heard the French mission is the hardest yet so it may not be possible unless you toss some $$ at it....unless you have a bunch of time. 4. Play it for T4-6.....US line is easier but not as rewarding as IJN. If you do not like playing CV at the very least you will understand how not to become one of their favourite targets lol
  14. As they currently exist, yes. But they should be redesigned as Engine space and Magazines. The exchange from increasing cruiser survival is to reduce fire % chance OR overhaul fire damage. Engine space hits reduce speed (unless repaired), still take considerable damage but not half a cruisers hit points. Mag hits function as gun damage except both guns are out of action (unless repaired) and an occasional detonation result.....although rare!
  15. Urgent Warning for Tier X

    And this is whats shut me down from playing T9CV....run into it all the time, so I play lower tier CV's when I do get the urge to play CV.