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  1. Stieger

    OOOHHH BOY SUBS (added more videos)

    And you thought that there was crying and whining with A/C?? LOL
  2. I lost 22 planes to T5 Nichols,95% of my torp runs planes r gone before I drop DB again all planes in a single dive without release of Bombs :) doesnt matter what Tier.
  3. Well not so good so far on the AA adjustments I think these adjustments r non-existence Took my Hermes out first this morning and I lined my attack planes onto a DD and then there were 2 DD before I even got my shots off the 2 dd's had shot all my planes down now I really dont want to play my GZ I am sure what I have experienced with the T4 will no doubt be the same as my GZ so far I give you guys an F on this patch as well Rookies how sad!
  4. Stieger

    Kept my Promise

    None of the testers said anything about it either :( I have a prem. acct lost 63 of my planes along with that 150 credits lost! Next time I get in Ill rem to take a ss. I never in my life would have believe it myself if I hadnt seen it or experience it They also need to fix the economy in co-op! I correct myself I did have a prem account when lost this 150K I usually by the 1 year plan I hope these folks will get it right I do like this game but for the last or so its been hard to stay with it. This is my JPN T8
  5. Stieger

    Kept my Promise

    Thx you for your response Its a big disappointment I am sure before patch 8.4 The reviews were good Its a real shame that a good balanced game cant be had. Torp runs depending on which BB I attack pending Tiers I might get lucky dropping 2 torps :( after that the sq are disseminated 90% a T8 cv is in a t10 match :) the AA is just overwhelming for this Tier :( but they refuse to recognize this even if I played my Midway the planes r gone with 4-5 sec and it of course makes me want to not play anymore I forgot this the economics its super expensive while playing CV they charge u an arm and aleg for planes shot dn when u loose 63 planes ur in the red and close to being in the red even with prem.
  6. Stieger

    How Good are China’s New CVs?

    The Russians are helping
  7. Stieger

    Kept my Promise

    I got the Graf Zeppelin as I promised I would when it came out. Great lookin ship just a great model and the aircraft with its cameo is awesome BUT thats where it end I do realize others may disagree. But I feel very strongly the CV's r a broken class with this game never ever have I ever experience such cruelty to any one class. AA is super OP torp dmg all it does if it hits is to tickle them! DB's it seem they release themselves at time its weird. I had hope for better balance then what wows has to offer I have to you do great on model not a second thought on that but game balance u guys must be real Rookies!
  8. Stieger

    CVs and Matchmaking

    should be only 1 CV! but since WG broke the class maybe this would be right but then again with AA being super OP they be lucky to do some dmg as u know torps were Nerfed Hugely !
  9. Stieger

    Just about done playing DD...

    Why CV r broken a useless class now in this game all of u that have hoped they would get rid of them WG might as well now
  10. Stieger

    Error connecting?

    I can get to the forums but not to the game:(
  11. been trying to change my method of payment but your system will not allow me to its sry try later it been telling me for several days