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  1. Well, I've been asked by players from across the servers if I would put my ship skins back up.

    While I was hesitant at first...I will be creating a thread for them in the near future. After all they were made for the players to use and hopefully help them enjoy playing. 

    I totally appreciate all the support for my work from players and mod creators.

    I'll be updating what needs to be updated on my skins before they go up. Oh, and so you know...Certain Warship skin versions for this one Nation will not be provided.

    Any new skins will be released when time is available due to work and school.

    Yet, expect nothing Major from me until Italian ships are fully in.

    Also a super big thanks to USNA_76 and StarSlayer for the help with file conversions issues.

    See you guy :cap_popcorn: