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  1. "Tanz's shipyard on Facebook"

    Please don't give up on yourself and us who love your work. 

    Sure leave this forum,  i understand.. This forum is no longer fun nor is it a good repository for mods. Ironically This forum seems to be run the same way as those who originaly flew this "flag"!  SHAME! 

    Open a Facebook page for "Tanz's shipyard"

    And open your shipyard to other sites

    Continue what you love doing and we will follow you anywhere you go. 

    1. Tanz


      Hey man..thanks

      People have asked that I use another platform to display them...so I will....as I had many more skins to let out. Plus I enjoy making them.

      So this will keep me clear of the mods on here.

      So i'll be making a Facebook community page where I will be uploading my skins over the weekend to test out.

      Ill let you know 


    2. 2575dave


      Awesome to hear,  see you there.