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  1. Tanz

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Hi all I so do dig that these ship skin threads are still going. Seeing all the old creators and new ones is always awesome. I rarely play the game anymore but still use lots of people skins when i do. Yet, I wanted to show this to you guys. USNA_76 hope you don't mind. Some of you may have it I bought this book before the major change and may help all you creators. I love all the camos for the Italian Navy. Italian Naval Camouflage of World War II https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1526735393/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Well, catch you all later...you guys rock
  2. After 5 different tries I still can't get my skins to work.:cap_fainting:

    1. playercatz329


      Need to get the Aslain's WoT Modpack  installer it will do it for you

    2. playercatz329


      I take this post back I see you know quite a bit not sure about why you of all are having this problem and if my answer helped then there you have it..  Peace out...

  3. Well, since some people are able to fix their ships skins...something I still can't get right :cap_wander_2::Smile_hiding:

    I uploaded my Cossack skin in 4 version..well 3 but 1 has 2 looks.




  4. The skin for the IJN Harugumo is on my page now. I based her look off another auxiliary ship the Hokokumaru with slight changes. Grey version is included, as is a Dazzel version with hull name on it. Added US Kill marks to give her some life. Enjoy :Smile_honoring:




  5. Updated Z-23/37 has been posted.
    Sure enough they changed the file name...again :cap_wander_2:

  6. Tanz

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Glad to see your still going strong on the skins
  7. Tanz

    Get your Wows Unpacker here (

    Oh thanks for checking Talleyrand
  8. Tanz

    Get your Wows Unpacker here (

    While I could easily edited my previous post, I made a new one I can't seem to get it to unpack the german DDs for me as I was told I the Z-23 changed. So of course I need to update my skin for it. Trying to see if it's just my rig being a punk? Thanks again
  9. Tanz

    Get your Wows Unpacker here (

    So glad you still have this thread, or i wouldn't know where to get this.
  10. Good to see you're still do skins
  11. IJN Kitakaze skin has been added to my FB page. This is my version of her with a pattern seen on the IJN Auxillery ship SASAKO MARU. I adjusted the size to fit the DD. Also included the standard IJN Gray version. Funnel were added to give her a beautiful look. I hope you all enjoy her.


    1. Fog_Battleship_Mikasa


      she looks gorgeous...


  12. I will have the new skins for the 2 new IJN DDs out later tonight but no later than tomorrow morning. Sorry I got caught up in somethings I need to take care of :Smile_facepalm:

  13. Posted a skin for the T-61. Now its only the WG camo since I liked it very much.

    If the skin has issue let me know as I don't own the DD and the skin I made was when we first tested it. :Smile_hiding:

  14. Added the Massachusetts in her Measure 22 camo.  I don't own the ship so I don't have a picture of her posted, and if the file is wrong let me know :Smile_hiding:

  15. File for the Worcester has been added

    1. TheStarSlayer


      She looks lovely, thanks!