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  1. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Hi All...Hope you are all doing good. Seeing as we were reassigned to Test out the USS California...I did a Check and the skin I made and posted for her last year in September I believe...still works for her perfectly. So when she is out the skin will work. Unless they totally change the file. USS California View.mp4 Have a good one.
  2. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Added the USS California and the Siegfried. Now I'm not sure when these ships are coming out, but I'm heading off later today and will be gone for 2 weeks over in Japan. So in the event they pop into the game while I'm gone you guys have my skins for them. If released and changes happen, I'll fix then once back home. Oh, the Siegfried has a new splinter being worked on, after me not being satisfied with my 1st version See you guys in November
  3. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Got the California ready to go..and unless major changes are made to here this should work. Totally updated her Measure 32/16 look. Of course some liberties on thew main guns...sorry. I'll be heading off to Japan next week and wont be back until November. So as I'm not sure when she will be out I will upload her and the Siegfried by the weekend. On the chance they are brought out while I'm gone.
  4. California has been totally updated and is ready.





    Not knowing when she will be out I will upload the file soon since i'll be gone mid next week - Nov in Japan.

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    2. Tanz


      Awesomeness where you headed to while there?

    3. TheStarSlayer


      Initially we were arriving Friday and planning on Tokyo>Nikko>Himeji>Kyoto>Tokyo but because of the Cat 5 Super Typhoon hitting this weekend we pushed our flight back to Tuesday.  So the second week plans are intact but the first week was mostly knackered and will need to be reworked¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . 

    4. Tanz


      cool...we land on the 19th....Tokyo, Kyoto/Osaka, Hiroshima/Kure and finish off in Tokyo on the October 31 fly back to the states on the 2nd

  5. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Oh so the Virbius has been updated..some changes to the main color that didn't work for me. She's in her 1914 look going off the Kagero Publishing book I have on her.
  6. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    europe..but im about to update the skin so
  7. Virbius Unitis  has been added and Polish DD is down due to file name change...so i get that fixed once back from class.

  8. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Just added the Virbius Unitis . Also the Polish DD is doen due to them renaming her files and me just not getting to her just yet.
  9. He's ready to go in Baltic look. Am also about 85% completed with an updated USS  California. WG did a great job on her camo :Smile_honoring:  but she needed adjustment :cap_yes:


  10. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Well Siegfried is ready and waiting in port.
  11. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Yahagi skin in her standard IJN look added in the Cruiser section.
  12. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    I'll looki in to that Yes, I had one for the Azuma done a while back but then ran into a comp issue an lost it.
  13. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Added the Yudachi skin...She's in the Cruiser Section at the very top. Issues please let me know.
  14. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Been a bit but will have my updated Yudachi skin this afternoon once home from work.
  15. Siegfried is coming out great.

    The Baltic camo is taking me a bit longer due to making sure I get the angles and measurement right :cap_wander: