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  1. The Lyon skin has been added :cap_tea:

  2. Hope to have the Lyon skin up later today :cap_hmm:

  3. Skin for the Richelieu has been added.

  4. The Republique file has been added

  5. Have a skin for the French Tier 10. It's a simple one that is based off the look of the Richelieu in the Spring of 1945, when deployed again to the Indian Ocean. I did add something a little French to it :cap_tea:
    I always liked the look. I'm tweaking some things on her, so she should be ready by tomorrow or Thursday.
  6. Added the Tirpitz in his look while in Fattenfjord May 1942. Well as close as the file allowed me to get

    1. TheStarSlayer


      Did they steal all the paint from the local Panzer outfit?:Smile_hiding:

  7. Added a updated version of my Yamato skin in dazzle green camo. I had made the skin back in 2015 and she had been asked for again. Her look ios based off a Super Yamato kit I had seen. The file contains the main and secondary guns in IJN Grey as the green gun would effect Musashi.

    So enjoy :cap_tea: 

  8. Added a new Z23 skin that give her the look of the Z37. Now this is  based off an old Tamiya 1/700 Water Line Series kit ...So historical... :cap_hmm: with some slight tweaks.  Think its just that I liked the blueish color it showed :cap_haloween:.

    My Z39 skin transfer to the now real Z39 is finished and shes ready to go. :cap_tea: 

  9. My skin for the Z23 which made it to the Z39 has now been transferred on to the new Z39 Premium DD we are getting.

    Will be starting work on a new Z23 skin 

    Asashio (3 skins) completed after the addition of Aft ship names.

    Tirpitz in his green 1942 camo is still going fine.

  10. Skin for the Alsace is up and ready :cap_tea:

    1. TheStarSlayer


      She looks great.  :cap_win:


      Be interesting to see what the part compatibility will be with the Richie and Gascogne.  Did you stick with Haze Grey as the base color?

  11. Added the USS Arizona to the page. Colored based off what I've read she looked like during the 1941 attack. :cap_popcorn:

  12. Files for the Asashio will include her, the Arashio, and Kasumi :cap_popcorn:

  13. So they will releasing a USS Salt Lake City. Nice since I already have a skin for it, which is the stock skin for the Pensacola :Smile_glasses: I will also work on the newer us CA branch once I have access to them.

  14. Finally added the USS Alabama skin...got so tired of looking at her not in Measure 22. :Smile_teethhappy:

  15. Nice one..and yeah..find the right lighting for a good pic is always a pain