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  1. Posted a skin for the T-61. Now its only the WG camo since I liked it very much.

    If the skin has issue let me know as I don't own the DD and the skin I made was when we first tested it. :Smile_hiding:

  2. Added the Massachusetts in her Measure 22 camo.  I don't own the ship so I don't have a picture of her posted, and if the file is wrong let me know :Smile_hiding:

  3. File for the Worcester has been added

    1. TheStarSlayer


      She looks lovely, thanks!

  4. Ok, thought I had already done it but was told I had not.

    My Cleveland file has been updated and posted.

    So is the Baltimore if I'm correct :Smile_hiding:

  5. Z39 posted

  6. Once home form work this afternoon I will upload the Z-39 skin

  7. Added the Abruzzi...like i said its just a repaint and some slight changes...so nothing major

  8. I didn't even see that the Abruzzi was out :cap_wander_2:
    I won't be home until the morning and I'll put out her skin.
    Remember its just a rework of the one WG provides just touched up and color changes :cap_tea:

  9. Oh the Cleveland gun and AA guns for the Des Monies have been updated.

    Working on the new tier X skin.

    1. TheStarSlayer


      Yay Woostah!

  10. Baltimore skin has been fixed. Cleveland guns will be soon.

  11. File for the Asashio has been added. 3 of the Class to pick from. Also updated the Richelieu skin

  12. The Lyon skin has been added :cap_tea:

  13. Hope to have the Lyon skin up later today :cap_hmm:

  14. Skin for the Richelieu has been added.