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  1. Ok, thought I had already done it but was told I had not.

    My Cleveland file has been updated and posted.

    So is the Baltimore if I'm correct :Smile_hiding:

  2. Z39 posted

  3. Once home form work this afternoon I will upload the Z-39 skin

  4. Added the Abruzzi...like i said its just a repaint and some slight changes...so nothing major

  5. I didn't even see that the Abruzzi was out :cap_wander_2:
    I won't be home until the morning and I'll put out her skin.
    Remember its just a rework of the one WG provides just touched up and color changes :cap_tea:

  6. Oh the Cleveland gun and AA guns for the Des Monies have been updated.

    Working on the new tier X skin.

    1. TheStarSlayer


      Yay Woostah!

  7. Baltimore skin has been fixed. Cleveland guns will be soon.

  8. File for the Asashio has been added. 3 of the Class to pick from. Also updated the Richelieu skin

  9. The Lyon skin has been added :cap_tea:

  10. Hope to have the Lyon skin up later today :cap_hmm:

  11. Skin for the Richelieu has been added.

  12. The Republique file has been added

  13. Have a skin for the French Tier 10. It's a simple one that is based off the look of the Richelieu in the Spring of 1945, when deployed again to the Indian Ocean. I did add something a little French to it :cap_tea:
    I always liked the look. I'm tweaking some things on her, so she should be ready by tomorrow or Thursday.
  14. Added the Tirpitz in his look while in Fattenfjord May 1942. Well as close as the file allowed me to get

    1. TheStarSlayer


      Did they steal all the paint from the local Panzer outfit?:Smile_hiding: