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  1. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Added my old Graf Zepplin skin.
  2. Been away at Star Wars Celebration...So will post the Graf Zep skin I had originally made once i'm home later today.

  3. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Sorry, was away in Chicago for Star War Celebration...I just saw the Graf Zep is out...I should still have the skin for him. I'll post it once I get home later today. As far as I remember...I kept the camo design just adjusted the colors to fit mine.
  4. Can you send me that link for your historical skins, apprec it sir.

  5. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    All those ships have been updated and are fine. Now if your looking for the "Historical" Versions I use to have ...you will have to message me directly for a link to those.
  6. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Oh man...I would do what Drakonkitty said. I went back and updated all of them...so they should be good to go. Yet, if you still have issues let me know as I, only home until Tuesday then I'm gone until the 16th. ^ this right here ..Thanks
  7. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Hey man I have her in port..and she seems to be sporting the skin I made for the Kagero. So she currently using that same file it seems. Well, at least that the one we have. I really hope they give her a different file where she doesn't mimic the Kagero...mainly her late war look. I have everything ready for her, but you know how WG is with their files
  8. Thanks for that very different PEF skin.  I have been using it since you posted and I really like it!

    1. Tanz


      Thanks for using it and totally welcome :Smile_honoring:...it was a different take I figured would work :cap_yes:

  9. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    HMS Audacious link has been added.
  10. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Very Rad and thanks...I just found and ordered this book
  11. The Prinz Eitel Friedrich has been added.

    I painted him in a the looks of the British Battleship HMS Malaya. The goal being to disguise himself in Royal Navy colors and designs to fool enemy ships and merchant/convoys. We have seen the Germans do this with the Graf Spee and the Tirpitz.

    The light blue bow and aft section are to give him a shorter appearance at a distance. 


  12. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Added a totally different look for the Prinz Eitel Friedrich in the German Battleship section.
  13. Added a mod for the Amagi that i totally forgot i had made :Smile_veryhappy:

    Might as well add Fuso and Nagato.

    Sadly Nagato's main guns are shared so I can't do that green camo version of her.

    1. TheStarSlayer


      When I made skins for Nagato and Amagi I adjusted the bridge windows because WG made them half again as big as they should be.  If you are interested in doing the same check out one of the downloads, you can fix it with a edit to the texture file and a tweak to the bump map file.



  14. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Well, added a link to an updated Amagi. I had totally forgotten that I had made that skin...typical Fuso and Nagato will be added. I wanted to do that green camo Nagato but her main guns are shared...so that axed that idea If there are any changes to the "New" Yamato...i'll adjust my skins for her once shes out.
  15. Tanz

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Well, seeing as we are getting the Premium Yudachi into the game...I'll be changing the name to the Shiratsuyu into another one of the class. So Yudachi skin is ready to go.