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  1. Major_Bollocks

    What stat best equates to skill in WoWs

    And restricting what are considered very strong ships. There's no reason you shouldn't be purple on every stat if you division with decent players.
  2. Major_Bollocks

    Yudachi Do not buy it.

    skill and map awareness needed to make those ships work necessitate a no-buy to safe health. You'll thank me later down the road when it all comes together and you desire a easier ship to drive.
  3. Major_Bollocks

    Go Clips!

    Original San Diego Clipper fan remember watching kiki vandeweghe. Hence Kwahi+Clippers=Original Clipper Fan©
  4. Major_Bollocks

    So After Going Around and Around

    o> is saluting on the retreat. fra 1940s
  5. Major_Bollocks

    100% WR achieved in Sprint 5

    Safe to assume that by now Rank-Sprint is stagnant as a wet noodle.
  6. Major_Bollocks

    100% WR achieved in Sprint 5

    35k total battles must be Yoda-like map awareness.
  7. Major_Bollocks

    Update 0.8.2 - Bugs Report

    whoever at WG made final decision to add this many CV's into que is a complete idiot.
  8. Major_Bollocks

    Thank you WG I'll be good now

    i complained a lot tbh
  9. Major_Bollocks


    Rather have 1 CV every battle then the clown show 2-3 CV's are.
  10. Major_Bollocks

    Answer the phone?

    sign me up!
  11. Major_Bollocks

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Feedback

    Limit all battles to a single carrier.
  12. Major_Bollocks

    Why i'm done with Wow

    ...Testing on live server?Paying Premium is paying for them to test ships on you? You can spell it out anyway you want it's still wrong. You have the top players in top server clans destroying random players in test ships no one has 1 clue about. Really lose the enjoyment of the game seeing teams continuallly destroyed by super unicums that stick at base and farming these poor sods. Really has cheapened my experience along with all the other WG blunders. Thanks for everything and wish the best to the Cool Peeps I've met through the years. cheers. akairish-major_bollocks-VF-211
  13. Major_Bollocks

    320k average Hakuryu damage is fine, right?

    He's just showing off here guys. Do 100 random solo battles then see what happens.
  14. Major_Bollocks

    320k average Hakuryu damage is fine, right?

    Good CV drivers just havin A LOT more fun now. Good Players will always be able to deal damage. CV knows where all the threats are??