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  1. Can you get this data instantly, or do you have to search every player ?
  2. New Premium Preview

    I have checked the history of released ships. 40% (round about) were released on tuesdays, 40% were released on thursdays and the rest is monday and friday. Edit:
  3. New Premium Preview

    No ship today.
  4. Graf Spee

    Anyone know when then next ranked season starts? It´s enough tier 8 battles for me.
  5. Just bought the Graf Spee!!

    Same here. Where is it ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  6. I watched it again to make it clear. Dasha said:" you can earn 10 skill points for your german captain's". Thats's awesome. I have never seen something like this before.
  7. Scharnhorst in store

    thx, I thought i was logged in.
  8. Scharnhorst in store

    I wanna buy the fully loaded, but the page doesn´t exist ?