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  1. If a person is trying to teach another person where to aim and is willing to just be a target to the new person there is plenty to learn. You can teach them game mechanics. You become the books of that library.
  2. Not sure if they changed it or not but one solution would be to allow players into the training room at a lower level. A couple of times I have been with a new player and it would have made it so much simpler to take them into a training room and teach them angles and gunnery instead of trying to explain it on the fly either against bots or real people.
  3. Vengeance

    Why Are All My Captains Female?

    I haven't used mods in a long time but there are some minor UI changes they can do that I think should be standard in game already. Changing the measurement system and changing the color of your gun sights are two that come to mind quickly.
  4. Vengeance

    South Carolina

    I've felt that most BB lines don't start to feel decent until tier 5. Anything before that is like shooting a shotgun while blindfolded. At the lower tiers the games are in close and faster paced and this is not where you will shine with slow speeds and slow turret rotation. What is will teach you though is angling, changing course to throw off DDs, and pre planning on where you are going to want to be pointing your guns. Stick with it and take some time in the training room with the bots to practice your shooting. The guns may have bad dispersion now but it will tighten up later.
  5. Vengeance

    Divisions in Random

    Ok I've looked up some information on you and with what I can decipher from your post I'll see if I can help you or give you a starting point. First thing I am noticing is you seem to be doing fine up to tier 5 and even there you are close to 50%. Now beyond that you start to drop off. 5 is where you have your most battles and while this can be a fun area you aren't fully developing the skills for higher tier gameplay. 6 is where you will start developing these skills as there will be times you have to face 8s. As you go higher you will see a change in tactics because ships become more accurate. Now as far as seeming like you get one shotted, I've noticed you are a cruiser and DD player mostly. In these ships positioning is crucial so map awareness is a skill you will need to develop. Otherwise it is quite easy to place yourself in a bad situation that your armor and hit pool can not sustain. As far as the damage you put out knowing armor will help tremendously. Even in a CL knowing when to shoot a super structure and knowing when to shoot the bow of a BB so you can do 3k dmg per shot will help in increasing your dmg output. Last thing is I noticed you have a lot of premiums. Not all premiums are the same. Spend some time going over Little White Mouse's reviews to learn the strengths and weaknesses of them. Hope this helps with a starting point to improve your gameplay and bring you more enjoyment from the game.
  6. I've had times of waiting to load in when it has told me that I am loaded it but I'm still at the load screen. I have the white dot next to my name and my clan mate tells me my guns are moving. Sometimes I even hear the sounds around me but it keeps me on the loading screen just a few extra minutes.
  7. Vengeance

    Compilation of Twirling Graphics

    I think you are just going in circles trying to explain things to WG. Sorry I'll show myself to the door now.
  8. I think you need to go back a read the title and the post again 🤦‍♂️
  9. Vengeance

    What Flag do you fly on you ships ?

    The one special flag I mostly fly is my veteran flag. It has no special bonus but it's also a flag I don't see a lot of.
  10. Vengeance

    Graf Zeppelin's Fighters are Bugged

    @LittleWhiteMouse so when is WG going to put you on the payroll. Seems you locate so much more than what the devs do
  11. Vengeance


    The ships are not to scale with everything around them. They are larger in game so what is 250 m in real life is spitting distance in game.
  12. Vengeance

    Smolensk and regret?

    Yep, if people make counter arguments it doesn't make sense to him. Yet he heads off in random directions with his points of view but always seems to complain that somehow BBs are OP but nothing else is. I think I'm going to ignore this guy too. He is either a major troll or he really thinks his DDs should have 18 inch guns, 40km torps that do 70 knots, a cloaking device, and a hyperdrive.
  13. Vengeance

    Smolensk and regret?

    No not all DDs or ships are built the same. Some DDs are gun boats some are stealth boats and some are a hybrid with a few other gimmicks thrown in. For example I'd be a fool to try to run in and contest a cap using Shiratusyu against a Vaulquelin by gunboating alone. I'm not sure why you threw in there about BBs getting 5,000,000 HP since that has nothing to do with the HP comparison you was trying to give. If you are expecting balance though just damage done you yourself are running on a flawed system. There are other strengths that each class has that counters weakness of the other class. Yes some of them still need to be tuned but it wouldn't make much sense to have a DD running around able to pen and do damage like a Yamamoto while maintaining his stealth ability. If we had a balance based on damage we'd have 1 ship and the matches would be 1 vs 1.
  14. Vengeance

    Smolensk and regret?

    I'd like to know how win rate don't matter for some ship classes. Let's use the DD for example. I go out I stay stealthy and I help to spot the enemy DDs first to let my team handle them. I then move in secure the cap and move on to try the same for the next cap. Meanwhile I am keeping other ships lit up. So though the whole match I have focused on keeping the enemy team in sight and making sure the caps stay in our control. I've fired my torps and my guns at times but only scored maybe 15k dmg at the most. For a DD this can be 1 or 2 torp hits and some gun hits. Now I didn't put up the big numbers on dmg to get purple stats but my actions directly helped influence the win. So how is win rate not a valid stat for some ships?
  15. In games such as this where you get exp no matter how bad you do you can fail your way to the top.