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  1. None of these numbers are set in stone and even with these surface speeds I dont see a problem so far. Just for discussion sake let's just figure in a sub in this game doing 30 knots surfaced, If he dives he will probably do about half that. He has about a 6km detection range with no Captain skills and he can come up against DD with about the same detection range and about a 35 to 37 knot surface speed. The sub can dive for only about a minute and yes that is just a guess once again. Now put all that information together in your head. It sounds like if the sub is by himself then it's basically a free easy kill for the DD. He can close the distance enough that the sub will never be able to get far enough away to go stealth again before he has to surface. Plus with those hit points a CV will have a free kill also with rocket planes. So guys before people absolutely freak out about historical figures just think of the state of the game as it is. They need to create some form of balance.
  2. Vengeance

    A question for WG on subs

    Difference is yours came into service in the 60s, what I'm talking about was in service in 42 so it could fit into the meta
  3. Vengeance

    A question for WG on subs

    So much talk of depth charges and no one is thinking about hedgehogs.
  4. @Lert correct me if I'm wrong but I'm basically seeing a t7 texas. Monster aa but really short range on it.
  5. Vengeance

    Vet rages on this lil nublet

    How about we stop coming to the forums for the make me feel better posts. Grow a thicker skin. If you had a decent game and you outplayed the guy who insulted you then walk away feeling fine. No need to bring it to the forums to get a pat on the back.
  6. Vengeance

    Lert thinks Im an a hole.....

    @Lert everyone likes a little teriyaki kitty once in awhile
  7. All I read from the OP is "I hate this ship so this is my personal idea of a victory because if you over expose it's easier to kill". If HE is your problem maybe follow the advice everyone gives for Cruisers and manage your damage control better. Out of the times I got to test the ship I love it and angling wont be a problem. I hope to induce more rage in the OP when I get the ship.
  8. Vengeance

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    Just a quick weigh in. The historic vs non historic has no place in the game, WG has proven this time and time again. As far as the Japanese torp DD line I feel it does deserve some love in some shape or form. I'd be happy with simply lowering the detection on their torp a little. Having the same turrets and guns from the fubuki up is painful. It means I have to have at least a 12 point Captain to be meaningful. I say this because of turret rotation. So you grind up the line basically playing the same ship from 6 though 9 and then get something with some torp options at 10 which could lead to a whole Captain respec. It dosen't feel like you are getting more bang for your buck until you reach 10. Yes the speed improves on the torps but they still have the same god awful detection range. Maybe it's just me maybe it's when WG decided that being a torp boat wasn't fun and engaging gameplay back when they changed over the minikazi.
  9. Vengeance

    What is best nation to start playing Carriers in

    I don't play them much. But when I do I stick to PvE. Less hate in there because it's a win no matter how you as a CV perform. I do play just enough each patch to understand some of the changes though I don't get the full effects with my little T4 CVs. What I have found is yes the US feels like a good all arounder so far with the IJN being more of a torp style. I have not played RN so I have no exp. there but may try them later. 4s won't give you too much to go by on understanding but it will give you some understanding of how they aim and what the play style is like.
  10. Vengeance

    Time for Carrier Heals

    Notice what you said there. Now my question is why do these large carriers have such a low detection range? Big ship that is very long with a control tower that reaches the same height as some BBs and yet can remain undetected until you are almost on top of them.
  11. Vengeance

    Standard Battle Tactics

    How about actually fight. You are going to pay the same amount of repairs even if you don't get touched the whole game so why not at least try and make some credits. This morning has been team after team that is afraid to pack up and push or things like a cruiser that just put it in reverse as soon as the match started and backed all the way to the edge. A good solid group that can pack up and push as soon as you see the enemy is down a few ships will A. support each other with AA and B. Create a spear head that can break a flank. Stop being afraid of scratching your paint because you will pay the same amount after battle as losing your ship.
  12. Vengeance

    Sync Dropping

    So many people seem concerned that when they end up on opposite sides they are giving away positions. There might be some that do this but I can say that when a group I'm with ends up on opposite sides the rest of the battle becomes a secondary objective to us. All we care about is finding each other and trash talking in comms.
  13. Or considering that the Japanese DDs on WoWs started off by being the torp DD line and as many have said before this is just a game this is probably a left over "Balance" side effect from when their torpedoes had better range and wasn't spotted from space. Now before the high tier only players jump all over me about the range I'm thinking more when the Minekazi was closer to how the Kamikazi is now.
  14. Vengeance

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    They can and do nerf premium ships, just not directly. While not OP the Texas was a no fly zone that could provide protection to itself and others. With the CV rework the range got nerfed and now it barely has enough range to protect itself. Even then it doesn't always matter.
  15. Vengeance

    Why do players with the best advice hide their stats?

    This right here. Sadly it is possible to fail your way to the high tiers. It is also possible to pad your stats. If someone is going to give me advice I'd prefer to look at the situations that person has been involved in and figure out if it is feasible advice. For an example if someone is trying to tell me the exact way I should play a DD I want to know is that a good solo DD player, are they only good in a division where they have other people looking out for them too, or are they trash all together and just telling me how they feel it SHOULD be played and not the best way to play it.