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  1. Vengeance

    Fire chances and Fire resistance.

    Would you all prefer him to post in a fire post no matter how old it is, or make 10 new ones every day like everyone else? I like a nice clean forum with one post per issue instead of a new one popping up every day. It may be old but I applaud him for at least knowing what a search function is and using it.
  2. Vengeance

    What do you guys consider as a bad ship?

    Emerald for me. No matter where I shoot or what I shoot the guns just feel anemic.
  3. No nevermind my question was answered. Basically I can earn the crates in game IF I buy into this campaign and earn them that way. So basically other than the two free ones they give you, you have to pay to get any others.
  4. Any idea if we will be able to earn these in game or will they be purchased only?
  5. Vengeance

    Mission Briefing Monday - Weekend Sitrep

    Everyone else is mostly saying higher tiers and here I am trolling around in my texas because of the daily missions and it's what I've been using to increase my bank account. The thing has been power creeped but I'm growing quite fond of it.
  6. Vengeance


    If you "donate" to War Gaming they will set your account up with special cheats. These include the WASD hack and one called mini map situational awareness.
  7. Vengeance

    Colorado's turning radius is a lie!

    For once the mouse chases the cat
  8. Vengeance

    i have to wonder...

    Yes I know that but it wasn't just 1 company making all the world's military equipment as we have in this game. It wasn't just one company trying to turn a dollar off "balance".
  9. Vengeance

    i have to wonder...

    Real world equipment wasn't just made by one company that plugged in fake numbers to make something perform better or worse to fit how they perceived it should be
  10. If it is a match that is close and not just a steam roll one way or the other I will report information on the last ship I was engaged with. Things like how much health he has left or habits he has shown or even something like if he has other unspotted ships with him like a DD screening for him.
  11. Vengeance

    How many co-op battles?

    Co op is nice for new ships you unlocked. It can give you a good chance to learn the trajectories of you guns and a good chance to see what extra modules you want to slap on the ship for pvp. Also you have a little more breathing room to see what short comings your ship will have. I have made the mistake before of looking at rudder shift on some of the ships and thinking "Eh that's slow but I can adapt" but once I got in game realized just how slow it really was way too late.
  12. Vengeance

    My honest view of RANKED SPRINT!

    And I congratulate you. The fact still remains there was quite a few out here though that claim it's nothing but skill while driving ships that allow them to get by with being able to make a mistake. We don't know if the OP has those ships or if the OP is getting teams where 3 people are dead in the first 6 minutes of the match. They don't need to be taking a dump on the person when luck is a factor of it also. Now if it was nothing but skill like some people claim then yes they should be able to take a poor rate ship like the emerald and carry even when it's 3 vs 6. My original post in this subject was more of a put your money where your mouth is comment. Now on the other side of that a certain level of skill comes into play by knowing how to position or where and when to fire but the team you get stuck with and how well your damage rolls is all luck.
  13. Vengeance

    My honest view of RANKED SPRINT!

    What does the ship choice matter if it's all luck Didn't say it was all luck but also don't believe it's all skill either. That was for those who believe it is all skill. If it truly is all skill they should have no problem in that ship.
  14. Vengeance

    My honest view of RANKED SPRINT!

    For anyone saying no luck at all is involved and that they have pure skill I have a little challenge for you. The next time a tier 5 rank season comes around you are not allowed to use the kami, gremmy, or GC. You must rank out and carry your team only using the emerald. With all this skill you have it shouldn't be a problem for you.
  15. I'm interested but I also think the release of a new batch of ships will mess with the experiment. We all know that when new ships come everyone wants their turn in em.