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  1. what key controls `the sector firing of the AA guns" or did `this not` make it out of testing ?
  2. i look forward to some anti aircraft tactics !
  3. its coop flags not required !
  4. Rilak

    My First Hackusation

    must of went through two citadels :) with one shell if thats possible :)
  5. Rilak

    My First Hackusation

    must of went through two citadels :) with one shell if thats possible :)
  6. Rilak

    What the %^&* is up with AP Shells?

    u must be in the PEF, i hit a dallas with 2 volleys at 4km and got like 12 hits for 8k damage :) full on side
  7. Rilak

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    bad luck is all if you win even 55% avg you will still get a no win day on occasion. if your top 3 or 4 your doing great
  8. u can play well and get + karma or play bad and be nice :) but you cant play bad and be rude :)
  9. Rilak

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    pretty sure all my gaming time is unpaid lol, i work for money i play games for fun, getting free loot for playing is just a bonus. most people that will be playing that mission already play alot, its not like they will lose money to get a PEF...... and free time has no value thats why its free time.... now if you skip work and dont have PTO time then your losing money to play but i dont think anyone would do that just to get a free t6 prem...
  10. Rilak

    Intentional Reset of stats?

    someone with 3000 games should be playing pretty well at that point. in fact they may be playing at a55% level but are bringing up their 45% from the 1st 1500 games etc,..
  11. normal;y cable is faster more stable than DSL but its worth a shot in your case. try a different isp, but more thana likely you have bad hop on the way here. have you ran traceroute ? to the server to see where the data loss is ?
  12. Rilak

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    most hide because they love to put their input in, but dont wanna prove they actually know how to play :)
  13. Rilak

    PEF: About them 4 million creditses...

    looks like missouri is coming out to play games 40 min and done. i love using a free boat to get more free stuff in the quickest time possible
  14. yes but if you dont have time active, you will waste your free day of prem time. example u log in only have time for 1 or 2 games then by tomorrow your 24 hours of prem is gone. me on the other hand enjoy 365+ days of prem every game every day for .16 cents or less if you count the free ones :) actually all my prem time for the past 4 years has been free at no cost to myself besides playing tanks gold league.... for a few seasons years ago. love that free gold !
  15. i have alot of games in the black got it from ranked season 5 or 6, and i avg, 59% in it. my 10k game avg is 58%...... so i guess its 1% OP..... do u have the ship > play it awhile and you will see its weaker than most ships it plays against. 25 secs of radar is not enough to kill a DDs 1v1. its super dependent on team play. the torps only hit in common lanes and parked ships.... good luck with that carrying a game...