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  1. lol all he can do is not stop posting, his acct has no prem ships and 1 tier 8 he plays for FREE buys nothing yet trys to ruin anyone else having fun with their purchases,.. then says he is a mba engineer, i know all my professional friends cant wait to jump on game forums and cry about stuff they dont buy.... and preach the evils of capitalism.... maybe he is professor someplace that is the only job where you have time to invest in all this whinny / self righteous behavior. or maybe finally got a job and realized oh crapi owe 150K in school loans... and they want taxes too ! its so unfair Wargaming is not paying enough tax on thier loot boxes !
  2. well spoken sir ! and such a nice layout and counter point to each random point tossed at ya :) ill try to sum up, your concerned this game company is not paying its fair share of taxes ? i would be surprised if they paid any taxes to the US as they are based overseas. (besides employees based here etc.) what are the tax rates for virtual goods sold in the USA ? i dont see any taxes and fees included on anything in the prem shop. there is no import tax on internet pixels..... so your entire problem with loot boxes does not have merit. so again whats the problem with loot boxes > this maybe different for USA based gaming company as their profits would be taxed here. i would not recommend breaking into houses as you will be shot more offen than not. ccw permit holder here, and stand your ground state. trying to lawyer on a internet forum of a game u play about the game you play comes off as "i have to be right " and ill prove it by arguing obscure points of law. and yes you have broken many laws in your life time so picking and choosing works for you. (unless u dont own a car) (never went over posted speeds on purpose or by accident)(didn't signal properly 100 ft before a intersection) the list goes on ! good lord and you hide your stats in a game, that says it all, smart enough to get a MBA but not smart enough to get over 50% in a game got ya ! dont take criticism well check that box! and by the look of your acct you dont buy prem ships or play higher tiers so im guessing your a free only kinda player which is fine, and all but you would think with a high paying mba job money wouldn't be a concern, and supporting a game where you have made several thousand posts would be top of the list ! but alas your too busy arguing over someone else's loot boxes... and if there a good deal for them, as you dont buy anything... your very invested in this topic, are you in all the various games forums raising these concerns or just ours ?
  3. guy reviews loot box openings and its a national crisis where they came from, you can always spot a college kid or a basement dweller, love to argue about how unfair life is :)
  4. ok so your saying you want utubers to say if they bought the boxes themselves or if WG provided them ? fair enough doesnt mean anything in this case, the boxes are the boxes and don`t magically work different. 100 free boxes open the same as 100 free ones. most successful utubers have plenty of income to buy crap with to make content for their channels. the girl taking a bath in a tub full of fruit loops didnt get those via the company.... just curious why your so butt hurt over loot boxes. and if you are you can bring suit and high some lawyers to make your point.
  5. quick turn yourself into a gambling anonymous group before its too late ! but in all seriousness good luck and enjoy the loot :)¬
  6. claps ! so true, some may even get the joke, the current load of crybabies in college wont but you never know :)
  7. lol call the FBI someone spent money on a game :) im pretty sure stupid app based games where people spend a quarter to play the next level like CANDY CRUSH are making all the money, a game that 1 dude developed and is for brain dead finger swipers..... vs WOWS which employs a staff of developers, hires pretty ladies to look at, provides a game 100% free for anyone to play with highly detailed ships (this alone Haas saved me 100s on buying and building model ships !).... only poor kids cry unfair because someone won a ship in a loot box. Or some liberal control freak trying to save us from a video game.... i dont buy loot boxes at all but if its in your budget buy all you want, welcome to America where its your money :)
  8. funny how that works, you only pay if you want too..... i guess they have created a product that others desire and will pay for. if you wanna get ripped off go buy a new phone..... talk about waste of money. (when the phone you had from last year is only 5% slower)
  9. dont be jealous of others for providing a free game for you to play. he got great value overall and i wish him only the best ! what seems like a alot of money to you, might be his weekly blow/hobby money. others waait all year to get santa boxes etc,,, (only buy when good value) i dont buy much now days have 60k free gold in tanks for prem time from 3 years ago,,,, down from 100k but i do buy a prem ship now and again to support the game.
  10. Rilak

    Free XP & coal drops

    if your in a can get a 10% boost to your coal also. which adds up over time !
  11. Rilak

    Flint vs Belfast?

    played the t7 season with my flint had to give it up at rank 5 it was competitive finished the season with the FIJI also not as good as belfast but was workable. flint is very fun to play in randoms. and one of my favorite ships. the black is ok but not really great.
  12. Rilak


    been playing BF 5 everyone but me is cheating for sure :) or maybe im just a newbie and havnt played FPS games in 10 years
  13. Rilak

    Santa Premium Discount

    $1.50 a day so you can buy exactly 67 days of play for the cost of 365 days of play. how on earth is that better if you play say 68 days ??? its better cheaper etc to buy the year. if you play 1 day a week its better to buy by the day, 52 days x 1.50 = $78. thats it, if you play 2 days a week then buying a full year is better cheaper etc,.,.
  14. Rilak

    Santa Premium Discount

    again the only way that works is if you only play 1/2 the weekends or so. otherwise a full year is cheaper. (plus its always running and you get all the free prem time handed out by WG as a result of server issues.) i ended up with an extra 30 days this year
  15. Rilak

    Santa Premium Discount

    double check the math on that. buying prem per day is 1.50 so $3 per weekend. 52 weeks =156 dollars buying a year of prem at full rate is $99 getting it on sale is around $80 (once it was only $45) so not buying a year of prem is costing you more, much more in fact.