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  1. Rilak


    dudes says it will take him 3 runs in cv to kill a DD...... i say nerf more. should take you all game to kill 1 ship if you wanna play fair ?
  2. Rilak

    Twilight mode.

    just look at the top of the camo list for the tier you won. say t8 camo. it will be there and say once applied it cant be used again etc...
  3. Rilak

    Twilight mode.

    yeah was a fun mode, working with other teams on occasion but with a pirate betrayal factor was alot of fun. added a little unknown to a COOP style mode.
  4. WOT was a great game with only 2-3 countries and now its just this massive cluster of crap. pretty soon they will have motorcycles running around :)
  5. baby ranked is like 15k coal and takes 1 or 2 nights to rank out... join a casual clan like WOLF to get the 20 % bonus to coal. always take resource containers. it adds up fast. dont waste coal on anything besides a ship with a 25% off coupon. double check and do any coal based missions.
  6. they do ? no secret here i use max prem consums on every ship...... credits pour in while free exp requires special flags and 200% 1st wins to gather. over 200 ships in port. i do have a missouri thats good for 1 mill a game but doesn't get used much. i have alot of games played since beta.
  7. have 120 mill on creds. 2.6 mill commander exp and 1.8 million free exp. just dont wanna spend time regrinding. so i may reset japan dd if they the cheapest for now then wait another 2 months for the 2x again. went ahead and got the friesland for now. got 2 more months to decide on a line reset if ever. before the next 2x
  8. well i wont regrind anything just use my bloated free exp stock pile to get the 20k research points. i have 90% of the t10s already so looking for a line that would be the least exp to re-unlock. 120 mill creds so thats not an issue either. freisland might be the funnest ship available now might just grab that.
  9. roger, so i wait for the 2x resets then my 1.8 could reset 3 lines :) and thus grab the ship with all the special flags im pulling 10-15k free a game for the next 50 or so games. be another 500-750K free unless the 200% ends before im done thanks
  10. so i dont really want any of the current free exp ships. have all but the alaska or friesland. not even sure what these ships do well. a heavy cruiser and what kinda DD is the friesland ?? ok roughly how much exp is required to return to t10 after a reset ? is the colbert any good ? is the ohio any good ? which one would you choose ?? quick dirty answers would suffice :) thanks in advance !
  11. seems a bit extreme for a captain.... might just get the gold :)1400 or so sounds nice
  12. ok im done with about every single mission and im way short around 600 tokens, is there another way to earn them >? the french captain looks quite nice.... i think i see the issue this is part 2 of the destroyer missions ! i must of missed part 1 lol./..
  13. Rilak

    Gift for Returning Players?!

    i had a texas show up recently after being away for 2 months
  14. Rilak

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    hmm regrind 5 tier 10s = 50k research points. plus 10k bonus. its one hella grind for a reward ship :) good luck !
  15. neptune is very good, i played it all the way through !