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  1. sheep21

    Important message for the community

    Good statement, moves in the right direction for sure. I have been playing this game and buying products since the beginning. I used to play WoT, I barely touch it now due to the cluster that it is these days with OP pay to win mechanics. I was sad to see the increasing aggressive use of loot box mechanics and monetization in a game that always, to me, offered a decent balance. I look forward to seeing how you progress with the statements made on the dev blog. Here's hoping Christmas 2021 is not just another santa crate fiasco....
  2. sheep21

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Nothing in the apology addresses the CCs concernw at the increasingly aggressive use of loot boxes, sorry crates, in a game marketed to those of just 13 years old and is rated for 7+. Nothing at all, very sad
  3. lovely to see this battle on the front page but it would have been enhanced by some more pictures of the british units involved and a slightly expanded synopsis of the engagement