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  1. Highlord

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    If you didn't want to be abused, you shouldn't have started playing sea arty.
  2. Highlord

    Pleases leave your score on CV rework

    -10 Its such garbage that WG owes us for even thinking it was a good idea, let alone implemented well.
  3. Highlord

    DD nerfs and CV buffs in 8.2? Seriously?

    You say that like its a problem.
  4. "Don't you guys have phones?"
  5. Sounds awesome. If you can get it organized, it'd be a big hit.
  6. There is no such thing as a pointless sea arty nerf.
  7. I do whichever feels fun at the moment, since it ends the same no matter whats anyway. Get at most two salvos off with, say, my Alabama, get instantly detected, then hounded to death by infinitie flights of aircraft launched from total safety on the other side of the map. Sink. Load up next ship. Rinse and repeat. Such is life in world of corner campers.
  8. Highlord

    Bias again with Fake Russian BB's

    Stop feeding the troll.
  9. Highlord

    Bias again with Fake Russian BB's

    So was the CV regurgitation, and we all know how that's gone.
  10. Grorious Nippon Steer never existed. Also: You're
  11. No. bsbr just likes to live up to the first two letters of his name and has had a rampaging hateboner for the whole USN tree since day one, going hand in hand with his belief that Yamato should be in her space battleship configuration. He's a one-track troll, and nothing more. Always has been, always will be.
  12. Highlord

    Too many planes

    That was because CV's were rarely seen. Now they infest most of the matches and screw over the fun of everyone else because wargaming's misaligned priorities made the people that scumbag with them think they're welcome in any way or form. Before we didn't see the miserable, corner-camping bastards outside of maybe every ten or twenty matches, and when we did there was usually enough AA around to keep them handled. Now WG has decided the entire goddamed game is supposed to revolve around them, and both they and the skycancer scumbags are seeing pushback. Gee, it's almost like most players in a tactical vehicle game dislike it when a special section of the playerbase gets even more special treatment and mechanics in order to indirectly harass or take out people otherwise involved with actually playing the game with little to no effective method of active counterplay. You'd figure WG would have figured this out from WoT's artillery infestation and the scorn it's players rightfully receive, but that would have made sense.
  13. CV's continuing to exist in the game.
  14. Still not seeing a problem.
  15. Oh...oh, I want this. A BB that specializes in the top-end of mid range and into long range gunnery? Six guns, high accuracy, massive alpha? Yes, please!