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  1. One that gets to be pleasantly surprised for a few moments before real life reasserts it's priority and I'm reminded that everything else is and will continue to be crap.
  2. Highlord

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    The DAKI weebs? Yup.
  3. Alaska is going to be a steel ship to make the totally all important digital fighting elite feel as special as they believe themselves to be, since WG has shown time after time which section of the player base they actually give a damn about. Anyone thinking otherwise by this point is a deluded, optimistic fool.
  4. Highlord

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    Am I the only one that's noticed that the three weebs in the thread that took their time away from thier tentacle loli hentai are all from the same clan?
  5. Highlord

    who even approved?

    To be entirely honest, I think any form of indirect play never should be in games like Wot/WoWS and that CV's (and WoT's arty) should have been DoA. But the rework WG is pushing is just asinine. People complain shrilly and daily about passive play, so WG make CV's a mechanic that encourages passive play even more than they already did.
  6. Highlord

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    I was exhausted and am still dealing with the flu. I thought "20in guns" and instead had a brainfart. If NASA can do it with a Mars satellite, I'll own it for doing so in a forum post.
  7. Highlord

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Anyone with a brain and any amount of experience with Wargaming knows we're going to get 200mm guns with pinpoint dispersion, 90mm of armor, and 28knt speeds at tier 6.
  8. "Don't you guys have phones?"
  9. Highlord

    Gutless heavies

    Oh, look. Another DD player complaining that a BB didn't get himslef sunk so he could keep playing the match. One more for the forum echo chamber.
  10. You're forgetting, this is WoWS! And more importantly, WoWS Forums! It's a BB's job to die so everyone else can have fun, didn't you know?
  11. With the added fun of being focused fired by autocannon armed light cruisers behind islands spamming greek fire, destroyers with magical force barriers, and the non-existent "support" of the destroyers and cruisers on our own teams that would rather hole up and spam. BB players have learned. We know that support will never occur 99% of the time, that as a group we're not wanted or welcome in the game by the vast majority of the community, and that the developers themselves want us gone. So screw you. We play for us.
  12. Typical. Guess rock-paper-scissors only applies when it's to the advantage of destroyers, right?
  13. Does HE not have guaranteed damage that can pound through a repair party? Are there not Captain skills/flags/upgrades that enable high RoF guns to instantly relight fires once the repair party wears off? Guaranteed damage with braindead aiming or a DoT with braindead aiming. Pick one.
  14. Highlord

    USS Alaska - Is She Right for You?

    Be prepared for the all-important Digital Fighting Elite to demand it.
  15. So, jut like DD players and radar, then. I'll just mention the RPS balancing that the majority of players on this forums (DD trolls and Cruiser mains) love to rally behind. It's a garbage system, but if it's good enough for the mafia, it's good enough for everyone else.