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  1. Highlord

    Cost of Puerto Rico is Fair!

    Hows all that boot polish taste?
  2. The spreadsheet says they're having fun.
  3. DD player complains that other ships are allowed to hurt him. More at 11.
  4. Gotta love the HE spam brigade that comes running in whenever works anyone points out how broken their entire braindead playstyle is. Even better when they're defending a ship everyone but them and the spreadsheet worshippers know is just as broken.
  5. Highlord

    SAP just destroys DDs

    It'll be nerfed. Nobody is allowed to reliably hurt DD's, that's wargaming policy.
  6. Highlord

    6 CVs in a game at tier 3 is idiotic

    The spreadsheet says you're having fun.
  7. Tier 5 battleship with garbage AA. The CV griefers will love every one they see in game for the free damage. But don't worry! WG's spreadsheet says you're having fun!
  8. Hope you like being fodder for CV players.
  9. Remember, the spreadsheet says everyone is having fun.
  10. Highlord

    Friesland Review - A Gimped DPM Monster

    She's hardly "gimped." She's just properly balanced around her toolset, properly rewards skilled gameplay, and doesn't completely shut down whole swaths of the tech tree in one on one engagements.
  11. You're trying to use logic on Kiyo. That tribal moron won;t be happy until every battleship in the game is a blind, immobile, defenseless pinata for his almighty CL's and DD's to farm with total impunity.
  12. Dev struck a fresh Mushashi in my Colorado. Other player knew full well I was just around the corner of the island waiting for someone to do something stupid, and decided to rely on the +2MM to keep her alive. Full salvo from seven kilometers, all eight shells hit her citadel. Pop went Mushashi. Oh, the complaints. Only time I've seen someone call the Colorado OP. Player then spent the rest of the match raging in chat.
  13. Highlord

    How to play the CV ship?

    Sell it and play a ship class that actually belongs in the game?
  14. Highlord

    Is there ANYTHING a t4 BB can do vs CV's

    Note how the typical member s of the CV Griefer League have already chimed in with thier standard mealy-mouthed responses of "justdodge" "justadapt" and "gitgud."
  15. Highlord

    Yet more AA changes.....sigh

    The only people that want manual AA are CV griefers that want the good old days of dunking on whole teams with impunity to return.