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  1. Favorite tier 4 BB?

    Orion may be borderline OP, but Wyoming has ALL THE GUNS. Doesn't matter of your dispersion is garbage if the tsunami from all the steel you just dropped in the water sink the enemy ship anyway.
  2. I'd dismiss him in a heartbeat. My captains are paragons of their nations navies, men and anime girls of courage and pride. Cheeto Chimp need not apply.
  3. GC needs increased shell velocity, range, accuracy, penetration and damage. I need to be able to shoot through an Omaha, bow to stern, to citadel the Nagato 10km behind it. *Nods* Then it will be truly balanced. EDIT: Also, it needs 60% torpeedus defenses and a 90 second radar.
  4. Tennessee Premium

    On one hand, I agree. On the other, it would serve as an admittedly brutal object lesson to new carrier drivers to avoid striking at USN BB's directly. By later tier even stumbling over one with a flight of bombers runs a good chance of losing all the planes.
  5. Possible Solution for Radar

    The only people complaining about radar are the DD players that expect to always be invisible and can't handle a change in game meta.
  6. Could take the Mutsu route with Washington. Give it a tweaked NorCal A(+)Hull, cap it's main gun range and damage to a lower spec, then drop it a tier. As an added bonus, this would make a tier 7 USN BB that would actually prepare the player for the kind of play used in T8-10.
  7. If DD's get to be immune to BB AP, than BB's get to be immune to low-caliber greek fire shells.
  8. Secondaries didn't engage until I'd backed up to 5.9km, start time was 11:21, end time was 6:21. Captain has BFT and AFT. Used primaries to end the battle.
  9. Possible Solution for Radar

    Inside 15km of the action is the front line, cupcake. Inside that range your magical assault speedboats can dump skill and laugh your way back into smoke since the battleship will be too busy trying to angle against shots, dodge HE spam and fire their guns. None of us have any interests in padding your stats, Unikami. Go be dishonest somewhere else.
  10. You want the HE spam to be worse? Because if slinging HE is the only way I can knock out a DD, assuming I even see the things long enough to target them, then I'm loading the HE at match start and not switching. Ammo swap and reload times are too dammed long for that kind of B.S. Even with the sill it's 15 seconds, which just mean the oh-so put upon DD can charge any BB they want, dump skill inside 3km while the shells are still switching, the laugh back into the cloaking devices after scoring another kill. And don't try saying secondary fire is an effective deterrent to that, everyone that's not lying knows better. As per the usual, the DD players are demanding effective invincibility in addition to the rest of their already powerful offensive toolkit.
  11. Possible Solution for Radar

    15K? That the optimal engagement range for most battleships that aren't German. My Colorado, NorCal, Mutsu and the others have not business getting inside 13km unless I want to suicide by fire and flood. In short, you don't want support, you want a sacrificial meatshield. No.
  12. Encircle every cap point in mountains with a single way in or out. That way the DD unicums can just sit in smoke and sling skill like they always do.
  13. Were WoT to work like WoWs that T95 would have been burned down to the trackpads by HE flinging light tanks hiding behind buildings.
  14. Possible Solution for Radar

    Because you all decided to dash off at full throttle in three different directions and are, on average, 10-15 knots faster than even the fastest battleships. I have to ask, why aren't you DD player just being honest? You don't want battleships to support you, you want them to die so you can rack up your damage counters.
  15. Well then I guess it's time for the game to evolve, because unless Wargaming is stupid (they aren't) they know that Battleships are the most popular class, that those players spend the most money, and that driving away even a portion of them to appease the DD unicums is a recipe for losing profits.