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  1. The USN really needs a Superdread tree. The Iowas and Montanas get all the glory and girls, little popular attention gets paid to the rumbling engines of Mahan-Doctrine destruction that is the USN's Standard Class Battleships. Hell, keep the A-hull tier 6 garbage and call it Maryland. Put the behemoth that is West Virginia at tier 8, A 1920 SoDak at 9, and a Tillman at 10. Tiers 9 and 10 see a speed increase to a whopping 23 knots, but have 12 16-45's, mind numbing amounts of armor, seas of hit points, and whole light cruisers strapped to their sides. Yeah, they're slow. You'd better make killing them a priority anyway, because if you let them get into position everything on that quarter of the map is going to die.
  2. Indeed I do. I'd happily trade 6.5knts for WV's long-range accuracy, massive TDS, slabs of armor, and Herculean secondary/AA battery.
  3. It's Kiyo. She never has anything worth reading.
  4. WeeVee-Gate

    That's what they do at any tier to begin with.
  5. Because the all-important Digital Fighting Elite demand more attention and worship of their great epeens.
  6. Subs should only enter general play if every ship that had sonar gets it.
  7. Give her the full post-Pearl refit and put her at tier 7. It's not like Wargaming has any ground to stand on with Premiums being more powerful than their tech-tree counterparts. Or max out WV's accuracy and secondaries and put her at tier 8, where her low speed would keep her balanced against her opponents.
  8. In before DD troll screaming about an indirect nerf to their class.
  9. The DD trolls complained loud enough that they were actually taking damage, so WG is adding in another stealth class with a mechanic that enables them to avoid 90% of any damage they could possibly take.
  10. Submarine Poll

    Oh go to hell. Battleships are hardly overpowered in comparison to anyone, let alone the class with the highest speed, mobility, stealth and vision coupled to the hardest hitting weapons in the game and rapid fire HE spam. You've proven how completely invalid and baseless every opinion you'll ever have about this game is with this statement alone. DD players trolls say anything that can hurt them is OP.
  11. Submarine Poll

    Exactly what the game needs. More invisible torpedo slingers.
  12. It does in the eyes of Wargaming. As far as they and 90% of the community is concerned all BB's should be survival specced, all survival skills should be barely adequate, and all other skills should just be deleted.
  13. BB players complaining about DD's being abused? I call B.S. The more radar the better.
  14. So she didn't give up anything of actual value. AA is so specialized in use that it barely counts as a consideration.