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  1. Ditto here, Hell, it was the first time I'd played it. I just read the objectives and quickly realized that I had to stay moderately close to the evac zone since I was in my New Mexico. The Normandie and a couple cruisers went north, myself, another New Mexico, and the CV took care of everything else. One ship made it into the bay, so we only 4-starred it. But we still won.
  2. Not really. I play for the big guns, blazing secondaries and booming broadsides. I play BB's because I love to hammer my opponents as I close to optimum range and duke it out. Destroyers? Oh, please.
  3. It tells me that large numbers of people find playing battleships fun. Strange idea to the DD mafia, I know. How dare we not all play like you.
  4. You forgot "from complete stealth, 20km away, and immune to all forms of retaliation." It's the typical mindset of the kind of players that flock to the stealth classes. Scrape the surface, and you'll find the griefing troll beneath that isn't happy with their gamine experience until they've impeded or otherwise lessened someone else's. They're the spawn camper, the newbie ganker, and the K/D worshiper. The lowest form of online player that weighs their game time in the number of people they've driven off while thinking themselves the Digital Fighting Elite.
  5. Bismarck was the epitome of classic battleship design, and was obsolete the moment she launched because of it. She and Tirpitz were nightmares for the RN because their most advanced ships were interwar battlecruisers, compromise treaty ships, and WW1-era dreadnoughts like the QE's. Bismarck and Tirpitz were built to savage the Royal Navy, by that point nowhere near as powerful as they thought they were, and nothing more. Had either ship met a North Carolina, South Dakota, or gods forbid Iowa in battle, they'd have been sunk with near impunity. In fact, had the RN screwed up any harder and let Bismarck escape, the plan was to either move North Carolina in to handle her, or to have the RN and RAF keep the pressure on until SoDak could be brought up to finish the job. The same can be said for Yamato. She was big and surprisingly fast for her size. By the time the NorCals were built, Yammie's coffin was ready. The biggest guns on the planet and best optical sensors of any navy mean nothing when her principle opponents used radar fire control and could fight at night and in bad weather. Both Bismarck and Yamato were impressive ships, for the tech used to build them. Both were the best ships of their generation, too bad for them the next generation was already in play when they launched.
  6. Fun factoid. Yamatos 18's weren't really all that impressive as battleship guns go. Both the USN and RN got equal or better performance from their 16's by making better guns with better ammo and better fire control. They looked terrifying on paper and certainly had an awesome presence on parade, I'll give them that much. 18+ inch guns wander into the territory of diminishing returns, especially with the space considerations for turrets and magazines aboard seagoing warships.
  7. Because gods forbid the magical assault speedboats have anything that can even approach being a counter.
  8. Well, the purpose of strafing isn't really to do damage to heavier ships. It's to tie up AA gunners and keep heat off your strike aircraft. It's pretty hard (read: almost impossible) to see which aircraft are carrying torpedoes or bombs, so you send in some aircraft to bob, weave and suppress the AA by strafing them with guns and generally making targets of themselves, then you have your strike aircraft either among or right behind them. Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) is a very effective, and very dangerous, air operation that's been around since shortly after air to ground attack has been a thing. It's generally referred to as "Wild Weasel" now, and involves emission-seeking missile and bombs. Back in WW2 and Korea, it was done with standard dumbfire rockets, iron bombs and the attack planes internal guns. In both cases, the pilots are required to have balls of solid iron. It's a mechanic I'd love to see. It would add a layer of skill and complexity to CV ops beyond "full strike loadout, dump torps."
  9. Ia! Ia! Dreadnought fthgan ha!

    So. Just grabbed the North Carolina, and didn't free XP it. The initial 120,000 was all ship XP. Free XP just got all the upgrades. Now I have some very important questions. First: Is a secondary build worth it? The NorCals secondaries look impressive, but I've heard that USN secondaries are deliberately kept garbage. Second: My captain already has both Basic and Advanced Firing Training. AA rating is a base of 95. Should I skip the secondary upgrade and make my AA rating 100 and become a living nightmare of CV's? Third: Or should I just keep things vanilla and grab the Artillery Plotting Room? After those three questions, are the last two. First/первый/Ein: Steering Gear or DamCon? Captain is not specced into Endurance outside of Priority Target yet, but I am pretty fast with the Repair Consumable and run the premium version. Second/второй/Zwei: Target Acquisition or Concealment? Captain does not yet have Concealment Expert...but he does have Vigilance. If I leave my AA at "just" 95, take the Secondary upgrade, and run the TA module, my spotting and torpeedus detection shoots up 20%, and combining that with upgraded secondaries seems like it could make life hell for the magical assault speedboats. Tl;DR: O̧͜͝ḩ̕ ̧Hi̧͏g̡̡͠h̶ ̸Ļ͞ord̵s̢̛͝ ̡͝o̷̡͟f͞͠ ͡t͜h͜͡e͏ ̢͜m̕ì̧͞g̢h̀͜͡t̴y͜͡ ̛̕͠B͘͠a̷t̷̨t̢́l͢͝ew͘͝a̕͢ģ͟ó̢n̢͠s̛͟,̴ ͘͏͢t̀h͢͝i͞ś͠ ͟͡h̢͏ų͟m̧b͢l͜͠e͞ ̷͢ś̶̢e͢r̴͢͢v̸҉a̷̧ǹ̢͝t ̶b́e͢s͞҉͞e̸e̡̨c̀h̢es͏ ̴̡y̢où̸r̡͠͠ b̕o̵͢͠u͏̡͝n͞d͜҉les̡͠҉s ̨w͞i͜ś̡͟d͡o̧m̨!̶
  10. Between threads like this, the IJN torp thread, the incesant screaming about radar, and the upcoming nerf to battleship AP, I really have to wonder. Has the DD mafia always been this transparent?
  11. We Need More CVs Each Match!!!

    It's almost like Wargaming decided to ignore everything they're learning from WoT when it comes to having a single class able to attack from the edge of the map with total impunity.
  12. Regardless of anything, USN battleships are probably your most solid bet. Their guns behave and have decent enough dispersion at range, they're a terror at mid-range (11-15km) and do solid damage up to tier 6 with their 14 inch guns. Tier 7 brings the Colorado and it's 16/45's, which are very good at range and downright awesome at mid and brawling range. USN BB's also have some of the best anti-aircraft in the game coupled with some of the heaviest armor tier for tier in the game. They're achingly slow up to tier 7, but very agile and enable you to learn to angle your armor right and force you to pay attention. At 21 knots it's very easy to tunnel vision and either get yourself isolated or end up so far from the action that you provide only token support. This changes at tier 8 with the North Carolina, and by then, if you've been paying attention and learning, is probably the best tier 8 BB in the game. Though if you have not been paying attention and learning, she will punish you. This holds true for the Iowa and Montana as well, so I've been told. In fact, the slow speed is pretty much the only complaint for for the USN super-dreadnoughts (New York, New Mexico, Colorado). Everything else is either top of their tier or more than good enough. They also teach you good habits. Contrary to what every DD mafia spokesperson on this forum will tell you, sometime it is best to hang back for a time to support, especially when you're up-tiered. I've been told that if you get good enough in the Colorado and North Carolina to face +2 matchmaking with confidence, every other battleship tree in the game will feel easy to play. USN BB's hit all the basics.
  13. why cv's are good for the game

    Am I the only one noticing that the excuses being made for CV's and the bad gameplay they represent are almost word for word the same excuses used by artillery players in WoT? I guess we should be thankful CV's can't drown themselves. Though I suppose they could manual drop some torps to suicide.
  14. Perfectly fine to increase the potency of DD immunity to return fire, though. It's not like battleship secondaries are already glorified popguns that miss the majority of the time or that destroyers can already outrun both turret traverse and frantic maneuvers while dodging between shells to prove how skilled they are by tossing the most powerful weapons in the game at a target inside three kilometers that even if survived cause a deadly must-repair DoT effect. There's "a little trimming" and then there's the blanket AP nerf aimed directly at battleships. The beneficiaries of the nerf, destroyers, already have the ability to pop out and delete anyone they catch off guard before disappearing with near impunity. Making last-ditch defenses even less effective, on top of the effectively useless secondary guns, is nothing but pure pandering. WG dislikes how battleship centric the game is, while completely ignoring that the main reason people play battleships is because they're fun. Which is the reason we play games. The battleship AP nerf has little to do with actual balance, and near everything to so with punishing people for playing battleships. WG isn't balancing ballistic performance, they're deliberately trying to make BB's less fun to play in the hope that more people will play destroyers. It will backfire and more players will leave when they hit tier 5 and become fodder for magical assault speedboats. Destroyer players in WoWS are behaving in the same manner TD players do in WoT. They demand every advantage in mobility, stealth and alpha strike capability they can get, while demanding everyone else be made more vulnerable to them while talking about how difficult it is to play their class. It happened in World of Tanks, and now its happening here. There was close to two years where heavy tanks, which are supposed to push, did little more than camp at the rear, because attempting to move forward got one slaughtered. Mid tiers are already destroyer hell with shoals of torpedoes either exploding out of empty sea, or cloaking device equipped speedboats darting from around an island, dumping torpedoes half a kilometer away from their target, then running off and magically disappearing. The only thing the battleship AP nerf is going to accomplish is make it so destroyers can rush into close range with even greater impunity than they already enjoy. Switch ammo types? Even with the captain skill it's fifteen seconds, which is just enough time to get halfway through swapping before the DD tosses torps and turns invisible again. Load HE at the start of the match and keep it that way until all the DD's are dead? Every BB thats not spamming RN incendiary shells will now be doing little more than pounding ineffectively on other battleships, which, last time I checked, is something that's already a problem. The intent is clear. Battleships are a supposed to be XP and credit pinatas for destroyers. Think BB's camping at the rear and sniping with with shotguns is a problem now? Just watch what happens when the destroyer buff goes live. Also, ten to one says the first response to this post is statshaming.
  15. I would assume because more people find battleships fun to play than other classes. Which means, of course, that battleships must be punished and made less fun to play. /sarcasm