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  1. Bronco

    So Ranked CV's Balanced?

    After seeing this video, I believe MEANN has a point. If the planes are essentially invulnerable, then it will basically come down to whichever CV player is better to carry to their team.
  2. Bronco

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    Is there a way to unlock the view from the ship while in port. Makes inspecting the port/room difficult otherwise.
  3. Here are the highlights from 16 T10s: 30k coal 3k steel 4k doubloons 50k FXP Various camos and flags (200 AA, 100 speed, 100 fire chance, 100 credit). With the coal and 2M FXP, I might have the Smolensk and a few other T10 before long.
  4. And I thought I was doing well with over 2M fxp.
  5. Leave it to Zath to reset all of his lines. Good luck to him and his regrind o7!!
  6. Thanks for the reply. I actually was holding off resetting any lines until this patch was released. I just heard from another source that if you complete the regrind before the end of the event, you get the reward a second time. Makes sense. Starting to regret not starting any sooner.
  7. What happens when you reset a line and don't have a T10 to play? Do you still get the reward?
  8. Just a theory but with so many players re-grinding their ships, the usual player population is more evenly distributed instead of being top-heavy. I believe this has a greater impact on the perceived +/- 1 MM as of late than any improvements from WG.
  9. Bronco

    No WoWS 4th Anniversary collection!

    Well, good luck then. Wish you all the best on the high seas.
  10. Bronco

    No WoWS 4th Anniversary collection!

    Doh! I haven't decided which line to reset and I'm glad I held off. 0.8.8 won't hit for a couple of weeks, time to get your grind on ;)
  11. The worst thing about ranked for me is the level of bots in the game. Also, the number of AFK players is higher this season than any other in the past. Bots/AFK players really hurt the game this season since it's 6v6 instead of the usual 7v7. If a player is caught (or reported several times) for botting/AFK, they should be either disqualified for the rest of the season or at least disallowed to play ranked for a number of days. Put them into the sin bin :)
  12. Bronco

    New boat

    Congrats! Fair winds buddy ;)
  13. Bronco

    Benham Final Review - all those Torps!!!

    You say without paying a cent but your time also has value. I'm on track to also get it without any outward cost BUT it has cost me considerable wife agro in exchange, lol.
  14. Bronco

    Benham Final Review - all those Torps!!!

    Yup, just need to be active throughout the entire event. I like being rewarded with basically a free ship for simply logging in and playing on a regular basis.
  15. Bronco

    Benham Final Review - all those Torps!!!

    Thank you Zoup. I'm planning to get her by complete the rogue wave event. Can't wait to have her in my port!!