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  1. LTC_Tiger

    La Fête du Canada! Happy Canada Day!

    I second this...I completed the mission over the weekend. I hope I didn't screw myself over in the process.
  2. I think that the whole point here is that you won’t spring for the gold to do it, nor will most of the community.
  3. WG needs to understand that practically the entire player base, myself included, is seriously pissed off at this idea. Like World of Tanks Rubicon, they need to seriously rethink this decision before implementing it, or the game WILL die.
  4. LTC_Tiger

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

    The NTC is a horrendous idea. I truly hope that WG sees the explosion of outrage going on in the forums and actually listens to the player base. Otherwise, they’re going to lose a large chunk of it.