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  1. Clearly you are not a parent to a small child. The answer to your question is YES. Sometimes real life comes up. 20 minutes can be like an eternity with a small child.
  2. I think that the occasional AFK is not unwarranted. I am a parent to a small child, and, rarely, but every now and then, I have to step away from the keyboard for a few moments to help her and/or my wife with something, sometimes shortly after hitting the Battle button. That shouldn't result in punishment provided that it's not done on a regular basis. Real life happens.
  3. LTC_Tiger

    Disappointing DEV BLOG

    Yeah -- Sekiryu is silly. They should have just used Shinano.
  4. LTC_Tiger

    Economic Bonus Token

    I have OG Missouri and Kobayashi Kii, so I should be OK on credits. I feel like FXP is the most useful thing in game because it can be used for any line and RB and FXP ships, etc.
  5. LTC_Tiger

    Economic Bonus Token

    What the community consensus on the best option to spend these on? I have 1090 of them. I'm leaning towards spending them to get 45 of the largest FXP boosters, but I'm wondering what other folks have chosen. Thanks!
  6. LTC_Tiger

    Level 21 Navy Elite Commander

    Agree to disagree. Admiral of the Navy is clearly a separate rank which outranks Fleet Admiral. Any differences in insignia can be explained by the nearly 50 years between the establishment of Admiral of the Navy and the later five star ranks.
  7. LTC_Tiger

    Level 21 Navy Elite Commander

    Admiral of the Navy has long been regarded as equivalent in rank to General of the Armies -- they had the same rate of pay, same honorary 19 gun salute (more than the 17 accorded for the 5 star ranks), etc. General of the Armies is unequivocally senior to the five star ranks, making it, in essence, a six star rank regardless of the insignia used. No matter how you slice it, Dewey is considered senior to all Fleet Admirals, Generals of the Army and the sole General of the Air Force.
  8. LTC_Tiger

    Level 21 Navy Elite Commander

    See Admiral of the Navy George Dewey:
  9. LTC_Tiger

    Level 21 Navy Elite Commander

    It's a gameplay mechanic -- none of the ships are "equal". All of them have their own characteristics/quirks. These are often shared across the ship tree or line, but not always.
  10. LTC_Tiger

    July Super Container Drop Results

    Credit boosters for me. But I did score steel in a random supercontainer drop a few days ago...and a Konig Albert in one of the Jutland containers from the mission, so I can't complain!
  11. LTC_Tiger

    Save up that COAL!

    I assume that since they're both Tier V BBs, we're expecting the Rio's coal price to be 53,500 coal?
  12. LTC_Tiger

    Iwami is for TROLLS

    I picked her up in the Armory this morning, but won't have a chance to use her until later tonight. I'm looking forward to it.
  13. LTC_Tiger

    Omaha Citadel Avoidance

    Ha! Playing an Omaha is equal to:
  14. LTC_Tiger

    flag o rama....

    They're trying to reduce the number of economic bonuses available to the playerbase in light of the economy changes. No surprise there.
  15. LTC_Tiger

    Can someone please explain to me (re: Huron)

    Quick and dirty response, LWM (and no disrespect towards you intended with the following) -- WG doesn't care about standardization or your thoughts and opinions on the matter. Their attitude has always been that it's their game and they'll do what they want with it. Playerbase: WG: Like you, I disagree with their approach, but the choice is pretty much accept it or don't play.