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  1. Congratulations to our winner of the first "BOBS of christmas" prize, picked at random from a number of people nominated today by BOBS community members. The winner of our first prize of 1 x Weekend Pass (nominated for good play) is: - [WOTN]Hyppehest Your prize will be waiting for you in the premium shop on the wargaming website. On behalf of the BOBS community; have a very merry christmas/holidays. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow on the high seas for more nominations and another prize DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! Our First Winner is..... @Hyppehest
  2. Twas the 1st Day of 12 BOBS, and all across the fields BOBS were out looking for people to nominate :) Get out in the games have fun and if you're nominated maybe when we run the Random Picker you might win!!!
  3. Less than a day to go!!! We are almost there guys!!! The 12 BOBS of Christmas Event begins tomorrow, watch out for Clan Members in battles, say hi to us, and if you win we will send you random gifts rewarding your skill and courtesy/behavior in battle at random, 1 winner will be chosen every day until the 24th!!!
  4. Come join us for the start of our Christmas Events next Thursday, complete with me and the other BOBS guys!!
  5. its Legs of Dogs, i know this :P
  6. Its helpful for the women to have beards too :D
  7. say hi next time your in his stream, i will usually be causing havoc xD
  8. y u no in BOBSNA? Whats your username? say hi to me next time you are in the chat, i am the Legendary "TheHubGames"
  9. RedAlert2010

    BOBS Christmas Shenanigans

    It took us literally, all of November to organize this, we are quite literally like cats xD
  10. RedAlert2010

    BOBS Christmas Shenanigans

    Happy Holidays!! (Yes i am aware we aren't quite there, just yet) I come with glad tidings and open arms from the peaceful and fun loving Community of BOBS, some of you may already know us (do not say anything, we know where you live and we have the crazies to make things happen :P) I bring you an invite to our season of goodwill!!!! Everyone is welcome, all we ask is that you follow the streamers to win prizes!! Come say Hi!! We don't bite (mostly) We will be running a daily special giveaway from the 13th of December, 1 person will be chosen at random to win a prize!! Then from the 21st of December begins the awesome fun, we will be running from 17:00 (UK) on the 21st through to the 23rd at 01:30 (UK) in a huge Stream Train to Celebrate Christmas!!! Prizes will be available to each streamer!! So come, show us some support and join us in celebrating Christmas. We have some very special streamers, including Community Contributors: Tcfreer and TheGrumpyBeard, with more maybe joining during the length of the stream, but we will keep who and when a secret :P It starts with Tcfreer at 17:00(UK)09:30(PST)12:30(EST)18:30(CET)(yeah, don't say we don't figure this out for you :P): https://www.twitch.tv/tcfreer All the Schedule: https://tinyurl.com/ybwkqkwe If you drop in, please tell us where you heard about our special event (we are gonna be going nuts with this stuff) Oh and Merry Christmas; From the BOBS Community