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  1. Gman2900

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    Any chance that you could update my old gun sounds (and a couple surprises in the voice mod you might like) the gun sounds are beautiful, you'll definately like them???
  2. I have a old gun & voice mod that i am unable to get to work as i have followed several of the sound mod manuals and just cannot get it to work. I am willing to pay for someone to get it to work again. Please help me get this gem up & running again!!!
  3. Read somewhere upon logging into wows that if you have a premium account that at the ending of your time on previous subscription that it'll "role over" into the next premium subscription. Is there somewhere in your account settings to prevent the roll over to end your premium, some of us are poor and don't wan't the game account to roll over automatically.
  4. Gman2900

    PTS 8.11 thread no longer valid

    How do you turn back on automatic ship building as this is what mine says in dock, i accidentally clicked on it and now thats what it says???
  5. Gman2900

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    Placed it in res_mods banks as i have always done and it does not work, doesn't even show while in game where the voice modifcasion shows??? Now i see that WG has a new folder named "Low", would this have anything to do with it?
  6. Gman2900

    Error Contacting Server

    Still cant log into game myself. Error report is "Cannot login as current version of the game is older than current version" been saying this since yesterday???
  7. Will somebody please help me to bring back my old sound (willing to pay even) i tried and i still couldn't get it to work.
  8. Any sound mods (other than anime) ???
  9. Gman2900

    Stream code available

    Neither work for me
  10. Gman2900

    Santa gift boxes???

    While in port i do not see This is for the freebies, and where is the New Year banner? Its nowhere to be found???
  11. Gman2900

    Santa gift boxes???

    They are not showing in containers in your port, nor in the armory and not in port anywhere either?
  12. Gman2900

    Santa gift boxes???

    No caintainers section is not gold, its just normal color
  13. Gman2900

    Santa gift boxes???

    Now would this be the preium shop on the website or click on premium while in game at the port? But either way i did try & there was nothing to be found either way
  14. Gman2900

    Santa gift boxes???

    No, no i have never participated in that, but i did log into a co-op battle by accident