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  1. "EDIT: nevermind. I'm just silly and didn't see the fix for it earlier" What is the "fix"???
  2. Nope, checked every one and no dice. Zwernne has one that is called "elizabeth-class" but is a warspite skin. Is it possible to use the warspite skins for the QE as it is essentially the same ship???
  3. No skin planned for the quenn elizabeth???
  4. Not at this time as the sounds would be very hard to replicate as theirs not alot of gun sounds out there attributing to the royal navy.
  5. I have looked into this and dont know where or how it was created, so sorry but cannot fix it atm. Keeps me personally more alert with fish around in the waters tho, i got used to it.
  6. Glad to hear you got it working for the mighty mo!!!
  7. Thanks bud, glad to hear you got it straightened out!!!
  8. res_mods/ If you dont want the voice mod then simply delete that from out of the battlestations folder and you should be good to go!!!
  9. I did attempt to fool around with the secondaries and AA but could not get them to work??? Some of the secondaries do work per example the iowa and i believe its the north carolina as well as they use the atlanta main batteries as their secondaries. In examples like that you will have modded secondaries where one ships main batteries will be the secondaries on a larger ship.
  10. Major, what settings are you using (can you provide a screenshot by chance?) as when i record the video turns out "black" but i can hear the audio fine???
  11. Yes you will drop both files (voice and sfx) in the same folder.
  12. The only way i know how is through fraps and the video is so large to upload to youtube it takes forever on top of it. Anybody know of an easier way to make the videos where their not such a large file to upload???
  13. Just drop it in: res_mods/