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  1. Rumbaugh

    Constant crashes.

    Played since Beta. Never had this much of a problem before. Whatever they did in the last patch, it has ruined the game for me. It's not fun to CTD, sign back in, and be sitting like a target for everyone. I'll be back when they fix it.
  2. Rumbaugh

    Can't sell anything from inventory

    Can't believe this is still an issue clear into October. I click on a module to sell and spinner just keeps rotating then stops with nothing done. Some items on some ships do work but other will never work. Hit and miss.
  3. Rumbaugh

    Freezing Crashing and Pulling Hair Out

    Same here. Sometimes in the middle of a match.
  4. Rumbaugh

    Ouroboros signal flag put on but not listed in results

    I don't know how they do the math but 100% would be another 732 xp. 777% should be 7.77 times the 732 which would be 5687.64. (rounded of course) But coming from wargaming's math I've seen in WoT who knows how they calculate it. Edit: 987 is 134% of 732
  5. I put on the Ouroboros signal flag which is suppose to be 777%. Looking at my results, in the modifiers it is not listed at all. By the looks of my xp totals I didn't get anything. (ya, it was a bad match) The Basilisk flag and WowS Anniversary camo is listed but no Ouroboros. The Ouroboros flag is no longer in my signal listing.
  6. Having planes unavailable after the carrier is sunk is just making the planes pilotless drones. Planes didn't operate with direction from a commander on the carrier in WW2. A good example was Midway. Plus after sinking or damage planes landed on other carriers. Dumb to have planes fly over enemy ships and do nothing. Glad to see planes 'flown' not commanded possibly in the future. It's the way it should've been from the beginning.
  7. Disagree. Not all players starting are that green. The match we played in he survived, scored high and I didn't. Besides, so what. You learn by losing also. As I pointed out some of those players are max level that have access to flags, camo and premium. Service levels hold back players. The guy I was referring to was my son. He's an avid WoT player and rarely plays WoWS. But was thinking of starting. The level think turned him off and he's sticking to WoT where he can do missions.
  8. Why? Submarines in WW2 didn't have unlimited oxygen supplies.
  9. Well how stupid is that? The idea of free 1 day premium is to attract people to play. People aren't going to be attracted to play if they have to play 50 some odd games before they can even get a free day of premium for playing and winning. So WoWs just lost a person wanting to play. Add to that I have tier V ships and all the ranks but I'm quitting. But someone who has all the levels, flags, camo, commanders can go play tier I-V against people who don't have access to that.
  10. Friend I was playing with was in a teir V ship with me. We won. I got 24 hr premium but he didn't. What's up? My friend was in the Teir V Murmansk. Please tell me it's not because he's not at a certain 'rank'. Your requirements say only tier V or higher.