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  1. von_Krimm

    Naval Legends: K-21 – Trailer

    Submarines; gotta be good for the game. right?
  2. I'm still willing to be a Marauder.
  3. von_Krimm

    Free XP ships

    b-b-but the faster WG releases ships, the sooner WG gets into our wallets! oh wait....I forgot about GZ-gate.
  4. I think anime and weeaboos are the cause.....
  5. von_Krimm

    Typo in Clan name

    have you filed a ticket with WG Support yet?
  6. von_Krimm

    So this was WoWs anniversary month?

    WoWS anniversary event is coming soonTM you can get a preview of it on the PT server.
  7. von_Krimm

    Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    well i think I rogered myself; did not click the "participate" button before spending 25,001 dubs. sent ticket to Support; we'll see if they can unravel the "Reeeeee" my allergy meds caused.
  8. some people think the game is 'World of TankShips" for some reason when playing cruisers.
  9. von_Krimm

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    <sigh> As much as I truly appreciate and laud your analysis of the ships for the benefit of all WoWS players, I am moderately miffed at you LWN. I have Tirpitz as my shipfu and am perfectly happy and contented spending nights with her (when not "working late" with my mistress Kutuzov) giving hugs to the red team; but your review of Prinz Eugen (coupled with the 30%) now has me in dire straights as I've bought her! Now, there is only so much of me to go around with these three ships and if ajny or all of them become dissatisfied with the amount of attention they receive from me.....I'm pointing them at you as the reason for the decline in devotion.
  10. von_Krimm

    New incoming commander

    more Azur Lane goodness: KMS Tirpitz U.S.S Bailey; final answer.
  11. Comrades, you to be worrying over nothings! Is sekrit glorious Soviet silencer to beings on guns of Kronstadt; to better beings able to remain maskirovka and pew-pew capitalist/imperialist/colonialist/fascist pig-dogs to bottoms of ocean! also good to be liquidating occasional Trotsky types for to beings disloyal..... *humor aside; yes, the sounds do need some buff in reality*