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  1. von_Krimm

    Cannot open launcher on mac

    get Bootcamp and partition your harddrive; you'll also need a copy of Windows<pick a flavor> to run on the partition. no more messy issues of MacOS<current flavor> vs. the other 95% of computers in the world.
  2. just wondering when they are slated for distribution. if they were auto-distributed do i need to contact Support, as I have not received any of the Sub TST rewards on my main account?
  3. von_Krimm

    I will sink you

    we had that way back when and it was most certainly NOT "hilarious" at all.
  4. von_Krimm

    I will sink you

    i ran the OP's words through Google translate and got this: You bump my boat?! I KILL YOU!! i'm betting the OP spends most of his time pink.
  5. FYI/PSA: per the description you should receive a 6-point captain and the 'Lazo' flag in addition to the ship; what I got was the ship, a 3-point captain, and no flag. ticket sent to support.
  6. von_Krimm

    Naval Legends: K-21 – Trailer

    Submarines; gotta be good for the game. right?
  7. I'm still willing to be a Marauder.
  8. von_Krimm

    Free XP ships

    b-b-but the faster WG releases ships, the sooner WG gets into our wallets! oh wait....I forgot about GZ-gate.
  9. I think anime and weeaboos are the cause.....
  10. von_Krimm

    Typo in Clan name

    have you filed a ticket with WG Support yet?
  11. von_Krimm

    So this was WoWs anniversary month?

    WoWS anniversary event is coming soonTM you can get a preview of it on the PT server.
  12. von_Krimm

    Hunt on the High Seas - The Pirate Bounty

    Ahoy Femennenly! please to be accepting this blatant last minute appeal of bribery by humor. I can bring this to the Pirate Team like nobody else: me and my feathered crew of scallywags, ruffians, and ner'do wells surely will strike fear into the hearts of the reds and make them strike their colors with alacrity!
  13. von_Krimm

    Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    well i think I rogered myself; did not click the "participate" button before spending 25,001 dubs. sent ticket to Support; we'll see if they can unravel the "Reeeeee" my allergy meds caused.
  14. von_Krimm

    Hunt on the High Seas - The Pirate Bounty

    avast! ye scury scally-waged sea-dogs! i be makin' me mark on the Articles ta' be signin-up fer the Pirate Crew and join the Brethren as aman of mayhem fer swag, plunder and booty! As ye all can fair see; I be a bit o' an experienced pyrate and will be sure to give no and take no quarter on the enemies. Hoist the red flag mister silver!
  15. some people think the game is 'World of TankShips" for some reason when playing cruisers.