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  1. davidtiro

    Update 0.10.4, Clan Battles restrictions

    I honestly dont understand how they think this will solve problems Yea, sure the Petro in the right hands is outright broken dont get me wrong and even in the hands of less experience players is still a hard ship to fight, so limiting to one per team is a step in the right direction. But in your infinite wisdom, you decided to NOT take out the FDR?? The poster boy for broken ships in the game? while I typically groan when I see CV's in battle, in a smaller team format that become the ultimate weapon that NOBODY can counter effectively and yet too many Petros were the problem here -_-
  2. davidtiro

    Im sorry Lert!!!!

    Actually, I was the Gumo who found your Des Memes and your Kleb and promptly had 3/4 of my health destroyed
  3. davidtiro

    Im sorry Lert!!!!

    Hardly either :) Just a rater unsettling description of what his ship is capable of doing in game
  4. davidtiro

    Im sorry Lert!!!!

    Stop playing that ship for awhile and the imagery should subside after a few days if not, call your local psychiatrist and set up multiple sessions.
  5. davidtiro

    Im sorry Lert!!!!

    This is just a joke post, either ignore or delete at your will :) I am really sorry for the traumatizing image I put into your mind Lert!!! lmbo
  6. davidtiro

    RP points for Ultimate Upgrades

    good lord seems like free xp it is XD
  7. Is there any sort of timeline as to when the new system for the legendary upgrades are coming out? And any sort of idea as to how much they are going to cost in RP points? Would like to blow some on free xp but you never know right XD Thoughts and opinions?