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  1. I think this is going to have to be my default position going forward. I tend to like to support others rather than see the team spread to the four corners, but its just not worth it.
  2. If you're not aware, XVM is a mod that started with WoT. In a nutshell, it, among other things, tells you the win rate and "rate" of the players on your team and the other team. It was a source of great controversy in WoT. I've been conducting a little experiment. In my matches, I track who tells the team what to do in the opening minutes of a battle. In 30+ samples, 97% of the time the most vocal "planners" were sub-.500 win rate, sub-900 wtr players. I was actually a little shocked. I don't run XVM. Even I felt it got a little toxic in WoT. I may reconsider that decision. Have to think about this one.
  3. Dude, you stole my alt account name from WoT! When people saw that name they would either laugh or shoot me. The reroll hate was strong in WoT back then.
  4. Well, I don't think I'm strategy challenged. But at the same time I would admit that most of my dislike of epicenter is caused by Tears.
  5. Quite a ways back, I detonated a Molotov on a blind (shooting over islands) snap shot on the very first volley fired in the entire match. I doubt we were even 1 minute into play at that point. The poor guy. When that happens all you can do is shrug and move on.
  6. As a destroyer main, I like Standard mode, if only because I avoid the massively increased variability inherent in the early game cap rushes in Domination mode. But man, teams seem to lose their minds in Standard mode. By my experience: 40% of teams can't seem to come up with any idea better than to sit near cap and "defend" 40% of teams head for one or both sidelines 20% of teams come up with some sort of plan Fortunately, the strategy challenged seem to show up on both sides equally. At least it's not Epicenter.
  7. Sort of. A Bogue with manual drop will never hit a Gremmy, so if it was just the CV alone, meh. The combination was the key. This is all irrelevant. 3:1 with a perma spot meant eventual death. I actually strung it out long enough to cap another cap in full view of the enemy planes. The Nicholas was a non-factor. It was the New Mex guns that did the most damage.
  8. This is true, but then the only time you're vulnerable in any ship is when you're spotted.
  9. Sorry, to be clear, it's not like the Nicholas was a bad player. It's just that the gun arcs are so stupid that dodging them at range is trivial. With the battleships, sometimes you don't see the salvos until they're on top of you. It just feels like I can handle the destroyers. But the surprise BB salvos out of nowhere are an element of randomness that I'm not enjoying.
  10. I dunno. It's probably just me but the game feels "off" to me, and has for a couple of patches now. I just finished a game in my Gremmy. It was down to me against a New Mexico, a Nicholas, and a carrier. I knew I was dead eventually. The carrier player knew his business and I was fully spotted. But I could stay at long range from the Nicholas. It struck me (no pun intended): The New Mexico was a far greater threat to me than the Nicholas. That just feels..... "off". Same at other tiers. In a destroyer, I often feel I'm at greater risk from battleships than destroyers. It just doesn't feel right any more.
  11. Any time someone uses the word "progressive" I grab my wallet to make sure it's still there.
  12. The proposed change is: 1. Too complicated 2. Puts too much on the shoulders of the better players, some of who also just want to shoot floaty boats 3. I don't even let my boss tell me what to do. Definitely not going to allow someone in a game to do it. 4. Too complicated 5. Too easy to attain "Admiral" status through stat padding 6. The server population just can't support any proposal that involves segregating said population 7. Too complicated There's a much easier solution: If losing bothers you, then invest the time and effort to become a better player so you can carry teams to victory
  13. Right. OPness is like porn: Hard to define but you know it when you see it.
  14. I'm not sure if it's a simple matter of win rate. The Belfast would not be any less OP if it had a lower win rate. Though, one would definitely think that an unbalanced ship would show up in the collective win rate.