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  1. I've often considered deliberately turning into torps when they're fired behind me. You can make a pretty strong argument that firing torps while a friendly is directly ahead of you is one of the dumbest things you can do in this game. 1. It diverts my attention from the enemy. If I'm in range of enemies or, even worse, actively engaging, this puts my ship at risk 2. It reduces my maneuvering options. I've actually had situations where I had to choose between eating a friendly torpedo and turning in a way that would expose my boat to more fire. Not a great situation. The OP made a stupid move which is difficult to justify, especially under the circumstances described. The entire discussion of blame here is a complete red herring. Had the friendly avoided the torps the stupid move would still have occurred. About the best we can get out of this is thank the OP for blowing his cover.
  2. Just Got Stat "Shamed"

    Hey Snarg, I did an informal study in WoT to see if there was a correlation between "color" and rage incidents. Basically, when I saw a rage incident in a match I was in, I noted the color of the player (using XVM). Not particularly scientific but I did track over 1000 matches so the sample size was not tiny. My results: Red players were generally oblivious and rarely had rage incidents Yellow players generally acknowledged they needed to improve and also rarely had rage incidents Purple players were more likely to troll but mostly ignored the rest of the players in the match, especially if they were platooned. They did tend to rage more than Red or Yellow players. Green and Blue players showed the greatest tendency to rage in match My hypothesis for this is that Green and Blue players have figured out how to have a little success and are chasing that magic "purple". This tends to make them less forgiving in the face of the normal level of poor decision making often seen in random matches. Bad science is bad.
  3. She is a ship captain.

    Nine pages of blather just to get back to the realization that there is absolutely NOTHING preventing WG from having captains of all sexes and colors and that, in this day and age, they probably should have thought of that themselves a lot sooner.
  4. Only stat that matters is.....

    Since the probability of players with problems is the same for both teams, this would not be a factor. Unless you can prove that it's happening to YOUR TEAM with more frequency than everyone else.
  5. Only stat that matters is.....

    As I like to say, there are three things that the majority of forumites simply do not understand: 1. The meaning of "entitlement" 2. The meaning of "elitism" 3. Probability IF team selection is truly random, then your probability of winning any match here is, as a guess, 49.99% (since draws are possible but rare). It's the same probability as everyone else. If you are consistently besting that win rate over a large enough sample size of games then you are doing something noteworthy and are not "just lucky". You pick what "large enough sample size of games" and "besting that win rate" mean. My observation is that many here set that bar at 55% and 1000 games. 55%, btw, is essentially the same as positively impacting the course of 1 game in 20. Doesn't sound like a Michael Jordan level of skill to me at all.
  6. Only stat that matters is.....

    Wait, that's a thing!?!?! Three questions: 1. How much? 2. Do they ship express? 3. Are they washable? That may have been one question too many.
  7. Only stat that matters is.....

    Of course that will happen. There was a guy in WoT with 30,000+ games in the tier 2 Russian tank. It's called an outlier. It's not enough of a reason to claim that solo WR is not a good measure of skill.
  8. Only stat that matters is.....

    So much this. This is what people fail to grok: You have to be somewhat decent in the first place in order to "pad" win rate. Three 45% in a division simply concentrates the suck.
  9. Only stat that matters is.....

    So what? You have to be decent in the first place to farm win rate in ANY ship. People worry FAR too much about "padding". I won't say it's impossible to find a metric that can't be padded, so let's just say it's extremely difficult. Stop. Worrying. About. It.
  10. Matters on when you play

    In WoT, Otter once had the honor of being the "sheriff" in the "kill the sheriff" event. A lot of us had to "dial it down" in order to let the players get the kills. 1. Never underestimate the value of a maxed out Captain/crew. A T-67 or E-25 with a maxed out crew is hilariously over powered. 2. There likely is something to the psychology of playing better when there's less "pressure" 3. People go a little nuts for a couple of bucks worth of gold/doubloons
  11. "Overpopulated BBs"

    I run either the Akizuki or the Khab for those kinds of missions. A good match in an Akizuki is usually between 200-400 hits.
  12. I wrote an article a while ago about the cognitive dissonance evident in PvE players and got roasted for it. But I still feel its true. Despite experience, most PvE players refuse to recognize: 1. The bots are coming right down the middle. If you can't position yourself to get broadside shots, you're doing something wrong. Also, heading off to one of the wing caps is pointless. 2. Bots don't care about caps. Don't try to "out cap" them. 3. Bots will target the closest threat, unless destroyers are nearby Really, they're so predictable that they NEED to have super accuracy in order to avoid being boringly easy. It's not that the bots are hard, it's that the average PvE player plays them so poorly they make it more challenging than they have to.
  13. Co op. Mains?

    Reasons: I've just unlocked a new ship and I want to try it out I want to experiment with some new captain build Some missions are actually easier in co-op. There was a mission a while ago to do 500k damage or something in destroyers. I took an Akizuki into co-op and knocked the mission off in 7 games. I'm a poor battleship player and generally dislike the battleship gameplay, but that doesn't mean I don't occasionally like to just blow **** up. Sometimes I don't want to be around a lot of other humans Sometimes I don't want to think too hard
  14. For the completely uninitiated in CV tactics, why would you ever choose deep water torps on a CV?