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  1. Meh, you're not running your Clemson as a torp boat. It's a gun boat. If you have to choose between TAE and Superintendent it's no contest. I basically take anything on the Clemson that makes the guns better. Except CE. I tried for a while without CE and, while you can still make the boat work, you're constantly kiting.
  2. Biased poll is biased. And needs bacon.
  3. Kutuzov basically plays the same way the Buddy, Schorrs, Chapayev, and Moskva play, so it's a comfortable premium to use. Plus it makes good bank. Belfast is a little different from the other ships in the Brit CL line in that it relies on HE. Also radar. Both are excellent choices. The deciding factor should probably be what your goals are for the ship. If it's grinding credits, pick the MK. If it's crew training, well, your choices for your captain will likely differ from the Belfast to other UK CLs.
  4. You and I remember the Type 59 differently. When it came out, it's only real weakness to tanks of its tier, and even higher tiers, was it's weak ammo rack (I once ammo racked 3 Type 59s in one match, in the early days). Once people figured out they needed a WAR on that tank, it's only real flaw was mitigated. The Type was extremely difficult for same tier tanks to penetrate from the front. The tracks ate a lot of shots from the side. The early version was very mobile and could circle most enemies easily. You could go into any match with a Type and, assuming you weren't horribly up-tiered, you could expect to dominate that round. And since the Type had preferential matchmaking, it never really was horribly up-tiered in those early days. Later, when they introduced silver "gold" rounds, the Type's ridiculous money making ability let you fire gold rounds all match long and still make bank. The real nerf to the Type 59 was the tweaks to terrain which took away a lot of its mobility, plus, as you mentioned, the general power creep. When I quit WoT over a year ago, it was STILL a better than average tank. The Belfast has some great tools, to be sure, and it is OP, but it can't shrug off hits like the early Type 59 could. You can't bully battleships in a Belfast like you could heavies in a Type 59. It feels like we're just arguing whether or not Ferrari or Lamborghini is better.
  5. While I do believe the Belfast to be OP, nothing comes close to the ridiculousness of the Type 59 in its early days. WoWs has yet to see an analog.
  6. Really? Say, I wonder how OP any ship would be with super effective opponents? C'mon.
  7. I dropped my Udaloi captain into the Leningrad. Decent game, but I definitely notice the turret traverse speed from the Blys. And there were definitely times when I had no guns to fire (which never happens on a Blys). Still, it's a good boat and I'm sad I forgot her. She's sad too. But we made up.
  8. I love my Blys. I have a Leningrad as well, but haven't played it in a while. I'll have to take it out now and check to see if I feel the same way you do. It may just be be, but I love the feel of the Blys guns. I can consistently peg enemies at near max range, even cruisers and dd's. If Lenin plays the same way, then the problems with gun traverse might be mitigated at longer ranges. Thanks for reminding me I have another tier 7 gunboat trainer. :)
  9. Had about a 60-63% win rate over Friday, Saturday, Sunday, but damage output was down. Unlocked the Udaloi and had a 90k+ damage game in her, first game. Unfortunately, a loss.
  10. Not sure if they're the same guy or not. This guy had about 30k games in WoT, and 80% of them in the MS-1. Someone like this guy: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/vttree
  11. Lol, jsnazz. Didn't he have like 25k games in that tier 2 russian tank? And then there was that clan that was all about low tier divisions. I actually enjoyed running into them on occasion. Sure, there are people who play low tiers for the express purpose of pimping stats. But then, there are also people like me who play low tiers for the express purpose of playing ships I enjoy (looking at you, Fujin and Gremmy). How do you tell the difference? The only way to win is not to play.
  12. Ah, seal clubbing. Again. People who believe seal clubbing exists suffer from a few misconceptions: 1. There's a belief that progression to higher tiers naturally increases skills. I don't know if there is any evidence to support this belief 2. There's a belief that playing at less than the highest tier you can is only done for "nefarious stat padding" purposes. Tiresome.
  13. Yeah, this is me singing.
  14. Actually, I agree with Winter. There's no such thing as seal clubbing. Seal clubbing is a concept that's been made up by players to create an excuse to feel better about their own performance. "Oh, I never play lower tiers, so MY stats are 'pure'". Whatever that means. Only people who are stat's sensitive make a point of talking about seal clubbing. I'm a good player. I won a Gremmy. I like playing the Gremmy. I'm not "allowed" to play it because that might make me a seal clubber? What a joke.
  15. Thanks for the advice, gents. Seems I did not understand how the Target Acquisition mod works.