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  1. Beasty!!!!!! Besty!!!!! How have you been brother. I remember all the lessons you gave me in battleship guns and they still work for me. I miss running with you brother.

    Sukiyo_Sniper. Oh BTW I changed my name if you hadn't noticed.

    1. besty693


      yeah i see that where is everyone iam so sick of solo but it has been fun too play boats again

    2. besty693


      well another week goes by my friend clan wars gets closer:)... bring on the gold i will be alot more active now helping a old friend from tanks out he started a clan and is full up... is the teamspeak info if you want too come be apart of the rage.....:cap_cool:

      thats where you will find me when i get home from driving trucks... he be full atm but tell loki i sent ya and he will make room for you, apart from that see you on the bottom of the sea..

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