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  1. Hotstonez

    Constant game freeze

    Every game since last week has ended in my game locking up without the ability to alt-f4 out. I submitted a ticket letting them know that it happened once in the queue, and multiple times when switching to map view or using the binoculars. I checked to make sure all my drivers were up to date and then did a fresh re-install of the game. Still no good. I've now lost nearly a weeks worth of premium time and have penalties for leaving the game early. It's so frustrating!
  2. Hotstonez

    Don't Forget To Sell Your Moose Caca today.

    Oh, I have 220K coal so it's a possibility so I'll hold off for now. Thanks! lol I was worried I'd really miss out on a great ship but as it's gonna be up for coal... Free XP is in the bank.
  3. Hotstonez

    Don't Forget To Sell Your Moose Caca today.

    I have recently started grinding the USSR lines and have just gotten the enough ship xp for the Shchors. Should I free xp the rest of the line up to Moskva (have just over 1 mill.) or use it on a free xp ship (Friesland, Alaska or Azuma)?