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  1. NTRabbit

    SO um yea.. Italian

    The Trento manages to combine no armour, a fat citadel, ponderous steering, low velocity shells, low accuracy, super slow rate of fire, poor smoke firing, poor AA, few torpedoes, and slow torpedoes, into one mind numbing demonstration of how bad a ship can be. There's no way in the world Venezia can be worth this grind.
  2. NTRabbit

    Update 0.8.8 - Bugs Report

    The game still crashes out multiple times every single battle, for no apparent reason
  3. NTRabbit

    Update 0.8.8 - Bugs Report

    I have this issue as well
  4. Kagero desperately needs 12km torps, the 10km torps and 9.4km guns means the ship needs to constantly be inside radar range to have a chance at doing damage, and when bottom tier that's simple not possible due to the mass radar - the ship is such a slug it's too easy to hit.
  5. I always preferred Fiji to Belfast, just felt the platform was better Not much said, but then again I accidentally posted in the wrong thread and can't find the delete button
  6. NTRabbit

    Isn't the Amagi Supposed to be Accurate?

    Amagi isn't accurate, not sure where people got that idea from. The only accurate ships in the IJN tree are Nagato and Yamato, Amagi is a scattershot ship just like Izumo, Fuso, Kongo, and Myogi. It's more accurate than Fuso, less accurate than Izumo, but none of them are really accurate in any way.
  7. NTRabbit

    Benson, what am missing?

    The Benson used to be really good, but that was back when the only tier 8 DDs in the game were Benson, Fubuki, and Tashkent, which is probably the time period from which most people are fondly remembering it. Since then it's been power creeped pretty badly, mostly by Z-23 (better hybrid) and Akizuki (better sub-10km gunboat), and probably the Lightning soon too, but also to some extent by Kiev and Ognevoi being better than the old Tashkent as well. I've lived this because I first unlocked the Benson way back then, actually my first ever t8, and then got more interested in other ships before coming back to do the occasional daily on it more recently. It's not a bad ship, but it's not a good ship anymore either.
  8. NTRabbit

    Izumo's buffs

    So she's accurate except for the thing that makes her inaccurate? All the supposed tight horizontal dispersion in the world means three tenths of stuff all when the vertical dispersion is so bad that every single salvo blasts the vast majority of the shells a mile long and a mile short at the same time. The number of times I've caught a Neptune or Minotaur sitting still with a perfect flat broadside at ~10km, only for every shell to land in the water either side of the funnel, would make most people want to quit the game. It's impossible to work with. Mean time, Iowa shells consistently land on the distance I aimed them, and consistently do damage. If you look around, I think it's on Reddit, someone put a video up on youtube of Izumo and Iowa running side by side tests in the training room that demonstrate just how godawfully inaccurate the Izumo is in actual use, rather than on a stats sheet.
  9. NTRabbit

    Izumo's buffs

    Worst accuracy for the tier, not best. They are horrible shotguns that scatter everywhere, and last time I looked were in the bottom third for accuracy of all my battleships, tied with the likes of the Wyoming, and trailing by a long way often maligned ships including every single German battleship that I've sailed, which is up to Bismarck. The Iowa blows Izumo away for accuracy, and really I can't imagine how FdG, Lion, or Alsace could be any worse. When people say the Izumo's big advantage is its guns, I seriously do not understand what ship they think they've been sailing. As for survivability, the ship is still total [edited]and a trivial kill for any battleship, heavy cruiser, or destroyer due to the still terrible detection and ponderously huge size, it's just a tiny bit harder for light cruisers to demolish them.
  10. NTRabbit

    Izumo's buffs

    There is no range at which the Izumo's guns are good or accurate, and they are easily at their worst when trying to shoot at long range. When they're not missing, they're either overpenetrating cruisers or bouncing on battleships, with no middle ground. The only range the Izumo guns can consistently start hitting 4 shots per salvo or better at is less than 6km, and even with the improved armour, her massive detection range and ponderously large hull makes it exceptionally difficult to get into that range without bleeding all of your health in the process. You can quote all the paper stats you like, when you actually use them in game the Iowa is significantly more accurate than the Izumo at all ranges, because there are more stats and calculations involved in accuracy than just the dispersion and sigma numbers they list in public.
  11. NTRabbit

    Izumo's buffs

    Even with the armour buff, she's still got far and away the worst and most infuriatingly inaccurate guns in tier. What they really need to do is rip off the 16" turrets and give it the 18" turrets from Musashi - that way she remains relatively inaccurate, and the gammy layout and huge hull make her different from Musashi, but still has the chance of doing at least something with that single shell hit most salvos cough up.