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  1. Izumo (Tough) Love

    Izumo has no greatest strength, just a series of ever increasing weaknesses or contradictory elements. Case in point, your suggestion that she never get into a brawl because she has no side armour, can be seen coming a mile away, and can't turn for peanuts - yet her guns are so horrendously bad that, like a Gneisenau, they only function at sub 6km range. You'll never beat an Iowa or Missouri anywhere but in a brawl, for example. Bow tanking also only works if there are no cruisers within range. If there are, bow tanking does absolutely nothing at all. Does nothing at all regardless when up against RN battleships.
  2. New T9 Japanese BB?

    I don't have a Musashi. I do have an Izumo, and I also have an Iowa, Bismarck, Lyon, Dunker, and Nelson, and I can tell you with certainty it's the ship. The dispersion is garbage tier, the number of times I've inexplicably gotten the drop on a flat broadside battleship or cruiser at 8-10km, and then had en entire 9 shell salvo land dead level with B turret-to-the-funnels, but all fly long or short and record 0 hits, is off the charts. And there is no "accounting for the shell velocity" either, because if you aim high to make the short shells hit, they all go long, or if you aim short to make the long shells hit, they all hit the water. When you do hit, the shells are incredibly likely to overpen cruisers, and make no headway at all into angled battleships, because they just bounce right off decks and super structure. The Hindenberg and Kronshtadt are better battleships than Izumo, and they will sink you with only a modicum of effort 100% of the time. Also worth pointing out I found the Amagi to be as much of a shotgun as Fuso, Nagato and Kongo have been the only accurate ships in the line thus far, and my two most accurate battleships by some margin are Nelson and Dunkerque.
  3. New T9 Japanese BB?

    They can save time and money by just dropping the Musashi turrets into the current Izumo model. Neither ship can hit the side of a barn door at 20 paces, but at least when Musashi does manage to hit something, it stays hit, while rare hits from Izumo's 16" guns tend to result in either overpens or bounces, with nothing in between. If Izumo were able to dish out any damage at all, it'd be easier to put up with just how easily she takes damage in return, and Musashi would still offer points of difference to make her worth buying.
  4. My Opinions on the KGV

    My problem with KGV is that it's armoured like a cruiser. Not only does it suffer from IFHE spam, but the armour is also so thin all over the ship that 15" and 16" armed battleships can hit you for full pen damage essentially at will, no matter whether you're angled, kiting, anything. It just can't take a hit, at all, which is really bad on a battleship that relies entirely on HE DoT. I've had 12" armed Cesare's punch 20k damage out of it per salvo despite angling, which is not good.
  5. Fighting Saipan w/ Ranger

    The only answer is to not play your Ranger, and keep leaving feedback with WG until they hire someone who knows what they're doing to unfuck CVs, especially tier 7
  6. USN vs IJN Carriers (after changes)

    AS Ranger never broke the CV game, it was the best loadout on Ranger by being the only one that was remotely competitive, but it was still the worst tier 7 carrier by a big margin. The only thing AS Ranger could do to a Saipan was force it to put a little more thought and effort into winning every game, any Saipan captain consistently losing was a terrible player who would never have won regardless. Saipan broke the CV game, and then Kaga tagged in for a suplex, and now Graf Zeppelin is doing the same thing at tier 8, because Wargaming developers have no idea how to even play carriers, let alone balance them. Go check the feedback, they've got absolutely no idea.
  7. Should the Izumo be Replaced

    The problem is they've tried to blend the wildly inaccurate, shotgun style gunnery of Fuso and Amagi, with the large and ponderous nature of Yamato to create a stepping stone, and come up with a ship that's the worst of both - all the glaring issues of size, concealment, and HE spam vulnerability of a big ship like Yamato, coupled with the awful gun characteristics of the IJN shotguns. Yamato only works because it has extremely accurate overmatching guns, take that away and you've got a lemon. It desperately needs replacing, or if not that, then give it the turrets from Musashi, so even when it does scatter all over the ocean, that one hit does some real damage, unlike the current shitshow.
  8. Is The Izumo Really a Bad Ship?

    I've found the guns to be vastly inferior to the guns on my Iowa, especially at long range. They have an awful dispersion pattern that is forever splitting the shells short and long for endless frustrating brackets, just like Amagi. Only difference is Izumo is netting me more single shell hits over total misses. Tier 8s have essentially the same MM result as tier 9s, which is t10 matches 90% of the time, and there's not a chance in the world Izumo could even approach my North Carolina for effectiveness, let alone anything higher.
  9. Is The Izumo Really a Bad Ship?

    I've found all of the above to be true, except the guns are poor as well. Despite being clustered on the bow, they don't benefit from it in accuracy like Nelson and Dunkerque do, and instead they scattergun like the woefully inaccurate Amagi, albeit not as badly. It does nothing well.
  10. Just top quality balance work The Ranger meganerf is a real treat, the AS loadout was the only good one it ever had. The current singular loadout may well be the worst carried by any CV that has ever appeared in this game, which is just fabulous in a tier where your most common opponent is Saipan, a ship that has always been so broken overpowered it makes the "too powerful to be sold" Nikolai and Gremy look like minor bumps in the graph.
  11. Is there a way to fix the Saipan?

    Remove the Saipan from the game and issue refunds. It never should have existed in the first place, no ship has even been more broken OP.
  12. Nelson

    Nelson's 16" AP is also very good, good enough that you actually want to think about your shot selection rather than just spam the burny button like most of the other RN ships. Handles a lot like Dunkerque, but not quite as responsive, though the transition from forward to reverse or vice versa is so bad you really don't want to be doing it often.
  13. Amagi Help

    Amagi is not in any way an accurate ship, it shotgun sprays like Fuso. Not quite as bad as Fuso, but bad enough, probably about the same as New York. The 5+ twin turret setup just does not work at tier 8+, especially with such poor turret angles and thin armour, it has way too many crippling trade offs. I haven't found a way to make it work, because it's inferior to the NC at long range because of accuracy and turret layout, inferior to Bismrack/Tirpitz in a brawl for a lot of reasons, and since you can spot it from the moon it can't do the medium range pop-in-shoot-pop-out that both Monarch and NC can do. It's a frustrating boat with no advantages - even the stupid high torpedo defense rating is just a trade off given how ridiculously easy it is to hit it with torpedoes, especially the airborne variety.
  14. I had the two aftvent missions bugged like this, and the winter mystery brand new and unstarted - rebooted the client, aftvent is still bugged, and the winter mystery is gone. Quality stuff.
  15. Tier X French BB, France, sighted

    Yeah but quad turrets are the French flavour and cool af, I would have written a sternly worded letter to Wargaming if they had inflicted upon us yet another t9/10 3x3 snorefest.