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  1. yup and Hapa's instructions tells everyone to link amazon just alot of people are missing that part...
  2. Needs to look like this... or similar(note amazon AND twitch) if it doesn't .... you likely have a button under Microsoft, for Amazon, click it...
  3. and did you link amazon? i was linked to twitch just fine.
  4. fix worked for me thanks
  5. SKurj

    Arizona or West Virginia?

    i like WV too. I recently had Mutsu i think during one of those rental things... iirc isn't mutsu susceptible to cits when bow on? not played Arizona, but am curious...
  6. not buyin it...
  7. SKurj

    Raptor Rescue woes

    hmm coincidence? I was in a match where that same thing happened.. would have been a 5 star...
  8. not like we weren't seeing 10 mikoyans per match not even 2 weeks ago.
  9. SKurj

    Update 0.9.5 - Dockyard and the Odin!

    I think... i prefer the new mission UI, still getting used to it, and the armory too its an upgrade from the old. the new premium shop is not very good... its pretty bad actually just in some cases with the ships.
  10. Small update: I didn't realize it is not only the website it is also the ingame premium shop that has the same problem. The armory is fine I would have never approved something like this if it were up to me... The text describing what the item is especially on the ships pages, can be almost impossible to read... Perhaps different colour font, or locate the text outside the image
  11. i dunno... you bought it based on a cc's review that needs viewers and then you decided it was bad because it was changed and the cc now has a different story to tell. Hmm i'd say you need to keep it, and play it... maybe this way you won't do it again :) either you will like the ship, or you won't... but next time you go to buy a ship based on a cc's review, you might think back to that time.... don't think i would ever spend based on a single review...
  12. SKurj

    Dockyard, Decisions, Decisions

    in the same boat... i can typically play a couple hours per night... do i need odin... no i want graf spee though for sure, i wouldn't mind Odin but not going to be sweating it out over the grind, if it happens then great. Guessing the 8k is probably not a bad idea for me... the steel won't hurt if i get through it all too...
  13. i got 740 tokens all total though I do have I think 1 or maybe 2 crates left at most from directives. All were free crates from directives or the news game etc I got mikoyan and have 440 tokens left, not going to buy the perma camo with them, haven't decided yet what to buy.
  14. SKurj

    Broke again!!!

    i struggle for funds, sitting on 17mil atm i think... when I am only making 50k or even losing credits in coop... ack... i can only run so many ops a night when I also want to grind some lines as well. I occasionally flip back to randoms but wow.. playing too much coop and ops can hurt the pvp skills fo sho...