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  1. SKurj

    Battle Pass - Pass or Fail?

    its great for those who play alot, i've said that from the start, just the casuals will see losses over the old dailies
  2. SKurj

    Why do people complain abought subs?

    this fascination with team damage... Who said team damage was removed so players didn't grief teammates in cv's and subs? The only sense I can see behind the change as it relates to subs is because if red and green subs are close to each other, players maybe inadvertently dc'ing their teammates. it wasn't for fear of griefing, i don't believe that for one minute...
  3. SKurj

    Dubs for Perma Camo

    i dunno... you maybe right, i have all the bismarck camo's, camo's from campaigns etc, and any of the ships that have those .. i can only get camo's for full price
  4. SKurj

    IX Admiral Schroder's "Accurate" Secondaries

    yes i was commenting on AS, which i wanted until i watched PQ play it, now i am not bothered. i have never gone past the 'midway' ship in any dockyards i have done. i saw that i might have extra time off this holiday season and was considering going for it... but not so sure i really care now.
  5. only spent at one xmas i think... and not last yr... will see if i spend this yr... i don't have many prems (49)
  6. SKurj

    Dubs for Perma Camo

    i dislike the fact that if you earned a camo in an event you no longer get a deal on your first choice of camo...
  7. SKurj

    IX Admiral Schroder's "Accurate" Secondaries

    well if they state pommern has high secondary gun accuracy and this is using the same model... then i guess they can say that. and on a relative scale it would be accurate compared to just about everything else.
  8. SKurj

    Ops Rework, New Wave Players...

    hmm that's news to me, yet to have anyone strike me for playing Mainz and topping the chart in ops... i played alot of ops this weekend, and Mainz was probably the most common ship seen, often multiples in a match.
  9. i played an extraordinary amount for me, and certainly feeling the burn. I completed it this time around, I might even complete the next one too, as it's that time of yr where I will have time off and little to do with it... or i may hop into another game... we'll see
  10. works fine here, there was an issue awhile back, best solved by reinstalling modstation iirc...
  11. SKurj

    Ops Rework, New Wave Players...

    i've seen the odd 'admiral' in ops and the occasional expletive, especially since ops win rates went down since the introduction of random. but toxicity not at all
  12. SKurj

    In-Activity in Battle Penalty?

    3 times in one night... what happened in those 3 games that got you this warning? got replays? i'd file a ticket. unless you lost your connection 3 times in one evening while in battle...
  13. SKurj

    Operation Rewards

    i took serov into only one op, since random ops, aegis and failed badly... i do like the fact that I can now grind my t6 and t8 cv's in ops, as it's much better than coop to do so, just have to get there...
  14. SKurj

    Ops Hermes Victory Conditions

    for hermes i find so long as every one just sails along side ruan this is pretty easily doable, it's when ppl stray and target the trailing enemy ships instead of the real threats we lose.