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  1. SKurj

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    you can't click anything anyways as you have the rt mouse button pressed... you could turn the ship with left mouse button and you could click stuff .... the rt mouse button mode i guess is for those who want to take ss... the port doesn't accept the ctrl+j command to hide the UI otherwise it looks like
  2. SKurj

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    so whats the problem, the fans don't go down unless the gpu load goes down... and in my case it doesn't by much at all. i believe its been stated that the port framerate is not held at the limit in game preferences, which causes heavier gpu load than the actual game does...
  3. SKurj

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    oh yeah always try to at least assist in a cap or 2... make it a priority
  4. SKurj

    Load times

    its definitely taking longer, but this started back in the spring... its been noticeable. i am on a i9 9900k and 32gb mem with a 2070s... os and game are on m2 ssd. (separate physical drives) not as bad as tanks though which has to be twice as long to login
  5. SKurj

    Match making, What do you think

    you done the math? its been done and posted.... how many different combinations are there of those 24?
  6. SKurj

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    the days of 2/7 we were all doing much better... sigh... back in the olden days...
  7. SKurj

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    sorry i thought you said you spun the ship with rt click and the fans slowed down... not the other way around... The animation still exists in blackhole, at least i still see stack smoke, water pumps running etc. I dunno what else is in black hole, its a mod... i didn't show you a port with animations that fan speed would have been much higher (in my screenshot) in the previous post. actually why not. let me do the same test in one of the new ports with the new water: similar test as before in blackhole but this time in st peterburg, same performance just gpu working harder. on my 2070s it doesn't appear that it cares much about rendering the UI because i see little difference with it on or off. I didn't get a ss of it, but i turned my view to look directly down at the ship and could see nothing else but the ship and the water and it made 2% difference in fan speed
  8. SKurj

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    takes hours to get all 3 containers in coop, might not be so bad if you only run t10/9 i am not sure. its so bad i never do it, i am happy if i get 2 for the day. Now the naval battles group thing is 1 week out of 4, so i don't think we will see it this week. good thing about NB's... if you can stand to lose you still do ok for the oil... but what wg has done to the mode is just sad... they have forced those who wish to play it to commit a lot more time to it each week its sad, and no matter if you are pvp or coop... for pvp players it's worse in that they have to play the same number of games, just pvp matches last 3+ times longer than coop...
  9. SKurj

    What's in YOUR monthly SC?

    it is available in the mods section. i'd advise you to install the zip version and not the msi
  10. SKurj

    BB brawls

    yeah play a DD, you can hide in plain sight... or mebbe a cruiser and hump those islands... and ppl wonder why bb's aren't being as 'active'
  11. SKurj

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    so the view has now changed, and less is going on Sounds like you have a system problem of your own.. (though maybe settings related) the fan speed varied between 60 and 62% for me doing your little test. and the way you describe you are doing exactly as i stated... by turning and holding rt mouse button you have now disabled the UI... so gpu doesn't have to render that.
  12. well if it's a ship it will never be a ship you already own... that's all they did.. to stop ppl getting dupes and then having to dish out dubs. so for ships it is when you open them, not when they are awarded.
  13. SKurj

    What's in YOUR monthly SC?

    i think my total is 3-4 since release of the game... and Indianapolis is the highest tier i have received.
  14. SKurj

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    i did post recently that i saw a trend in the latter half of the year that match time is now a little shorter on average and earnings have dropped a little in coop compared to the first half of this year. can't reliably compare my bxp though.
  15. SKurj

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    yes but bad coding of an app, and not a driver doesn't kill cards... the fans go quiet because there is a lot less going on and a lighter load on the GPU in the black hole port.