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  1. Though we have non-functional anti-ship missiles on the Smaland, just for show
  2. Happy 245 years and many more years to come! Semper fidelis!
  3. _Jayzilla

    ST 0.9.9 new ships - what do you think?

    30 second reload in the preliminary while some "obese" ships get 40 second derps.
  4. _Jayzilla

    California is worth it!

    Any ship can be great against bots in Co-op, but the majority do not play in Co-op.
  5. _Jayzilla

    A Dissapointment with the new USN BB Line

    That is the thing though, Yamato does not have a long reload. It is a standard 30s, but equip Main Batter Modification 3, and it gets 26.4s. There were late war designs that the developers could have used, which would have fit better than the meme of having any of the Tillman studies (which mind you were never serious enough to even have allocated resources for.)
  6. _Jayzilla

    What was your best salvo ever?

    Mind you this was the third salvo:
  7. _Jayzilla


    Supertest is a wonder place filled with wonder unicorns.
  8. _Jayzilla

    WW2 and Cold War ships are a bad mix

    Tier 7 for USN is Mahan not Benson.
  9. _Jayzilla

    The Des Moines should no longer be Tier X

    Well this game did have a Des Moines at tier 4 once.
  10. _Jayzilla

    Battleships spawning with the enemy

    Strong emotions for a game mode which is optional, for a game which is largely free. If you realized that you were getting no real reward or progression from clan brawl then why bother to keep playing? It is just as easy to recoup any losses from a couple of battles just from divisions with your clan members. The spawn points came as a surprise for everyone, some were able to learn quickly from it, so at the end of the day no one owes anything to anyone.
  11. _Jayzilla

    Battleships spawning with the enemy

    Those were very fun and hilarious.
  12. _Jayzilla

    Return the Cleveland's ROF!

    I actually cannot recall if Cleveland ever had sub six second reload. I recall the re-balance it had due to it strongly performing at tier 6, but that was undone when it was reworked when it was upgraded to tier 8. Cleveland does not need a rate of fire increase in its current state, it will become too unbalanced if it did.
  13. Clemson class destroyer USS Tracy. Oh the humor and joy to attain a DD-214
  14. _Jayzilla

    Tier X cruisers

    The Senjo Wins in 3v1 situations :)
  15. _Jayzilla

    how do you swtich to WS premium time?

    Lol I got so many premium time extensions from WoT loot boxes. Glad I did that before 0.7.12.