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  1. Clemson class destroyer USS Tracy. Oh the humor and joy to attain a DD-214
  2. _Jayzilla

    Tier X cruisers

    The Senjo Wins in 3v1 situations :)
  3. _Jayzilla

    how do you swtich to WS premium time?

    Lol I got so many premium time extensions from WoT loot boxes. Glad I did that before 0.7.12.
  4. _Jayzilla

    Happy Birthday - United States Marine Corps

    Happy 243rd brother! MALS-39/MAG-39/3rd MAW 2010-2015.
  5. Is there a Discord for all the attendees to talk and gather information from one another from?
  6. Do people who live close by have to purchase tickets? I mean Iowa is nice and all its glory. Is the ESports event a private event for only WoWs players?
  7. _Jayzilla

    Alaska HP question?

    Ignorance: "Alaska is a battle cruiser because I believe it so." Facts: "Alaska is a large cruiser, because the designers knew what they were building." The best fact of all: Alaska will Soon™ be in the game. That is all.
  8. Played well tonight! Thanks!

  9. Ground control to Major Tom, you will be missed Major Tom.

  10. Dammit, I spent over a minute staring at your profile picture.

    1. Strike_Witch_Tomoko


      MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA first you. then world leaders. THEN THE WORLD

    2. _Jayzilla


      Que song: "I've got the whole World! in my hands, I've got the whole wide World, in my hands..."

  11. High school class of '09 as well mate. Read your "getting to know peeps" page :)

  12. Literally forgot about Zipang until I saw your signature. What is new?