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  1. Alaska HP question?

    Ignorance: "Alaska is a battle cruiser because I believe it so." Facts: "Alaska is a large cruiser, because the designers knew what they were building." The best fact of all: Alaska will Soon™ be in the game. That is all.
  2. Happy Birthday Marines

    Happy birthday Devil Dogs. 242 years strong and still charging forward. Ole' Chesty is smirking from up high for such a long heritage. Semper fidelis.
  3. USN gets Admiral Nimitz, he never leaves port but can make sure shells, repair cost, and resupply are cheap. His legendary skill: Has access to the Japanese Naval code, every single Japanese ship is shown on the mini-map, just the Japanese ships.
  4. Is it OP? The VMF Khabarovsk

    Who spends time with puns?
  5. Is it OP? The VMF Khabarovsk

    I hear he may be a Cat-holic.
  6. Quite simply there are just players, there are no such thing as co-op only or random battle only, only that there are players who choose to play one mode over an other. Now if you mean low level accounts that have yet to unlock Random battles, then yes they are excluded from completing this campaign, but the random battle mode can be unlocked through time. There are also players that are unable to meet the requirements to even attempt some of the tasks due to limiting ship tiers. They are the players that are truly excluded from attempting the Yamamoto campaign, until they can unlock higher tier ships. If you simply choose not to abide by the campaign requirements that you are capable of attempting, when why should there be considerations be made when there are players who are truly excluded from attempting the campaign?
  7. But you would not be able to benefit from Yamamoto's unique skills in Co-op, since you cannot achieve Kraken or First Blood. At this point it would be far easier to just change the name of your Yamato's captain to Isoroku Yamamoto and still be able to do what you are able to do.
  8. This is off topic but your name made me cough my coffee out. MidnightShamalan, just as funny as M. NightShaymallama-ding-dong
  9. They are not excluded, whether or not they choose to play certain game modes are their personal choice. Whether or not certain rewards take a bit more effort is up to the developers to decide. Like I said, there already are PvE rewards that can earn players flags, unique commander, and 10 point commanders.
  10. The amount of rewards that are quite simply handed out in this game is a bit absurd. Daily loot boxes, signal flags that can be earned in battles, free premium time for completing manageable campaigns, and there are plenty more. Playing Co-op is pretty rewarding itself.
  11. Not like they CAN'T play other modes. See where the Co-op argument falls short?
  12. I understand I am a collector too, but this is about having to ability to finish campaigns. I see none of the player base (including the remarked 30% or so that solely play one game mode) not having the ability to finish any of the campaigns we have had in the past. Some people get the chance to collect every single ships, some people do not (i.e. spending time and effort to finish Ranked for Flint and Black), and some people have missed chances to collect ships from the past (i.e. Arpeggio, Bismarck, free tier 6 + Graf Spee, etc.) This upcoming campaign is available for everyone, whether or not everyone chooses to finish it is up to them.
  13. At the same time no one is forcing anyone to ONLY play PvE or ONLY play PvP. PvE have their special rewards (Like Jack Dunkirk, and free 10 point captains). PvP have their own special rewards too (like Free tier 6 ships, or free camoes).
  14. The difference is what the new unique commander's capabilities are. They require certain in game rewards (i.e. Kraken or First Blood) for it to use its abilities. This is something Co-op battles will not be able to reward the player.
  15. The problem with the Missouri

    *Expands staring to all post WWII ships in game* What meme was this again?