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  1. Says the guy that can only play coop
  2. trooper3

    Game fun is 6-years low.

    You stay with coop then, Ill stick with randoms. Anyone can win in coop, a simpleton could pull that off. Randoms not so much. The issues need addressed and fixed.
  3. trooper3

    Game fun is 6-years low.

    Not everyone plays coop end of story.
  4. trooper3

    Game fun is 6-years low.

    Dont worry, all the WG fan bois will be out to tell you are dead wrong. Hell, why not give cvs dead eye now too lmbo
  5. trooper3

    This game is junk now

    Sure have. Game was still better two years ago vs now.
  6. trooper3

    This game is junk now

    Because you would be able to see how great this game was before vs how bad it has become now.
  7. trooper3

    This game is junk now

    This game was better two years ago vs now. If you wouldve played prior to all the stupid changes and really played you would have a different opinion.
  8. trooper3

    This game is junk now

    It was a hindenburg that I did that to. I don't think I will. I have paid for this game, I am going to give my opinion on this board. In fact, I don't think I will spend another dime, but instead will keep playing just so they have to pay for servers etc and lose money on me. Seeing as they have already made thousands.
  9. trooper3

    This game is junk now

    I haven't personally had this happen to me. I have done this to others! I landed a full broadside with the Vermont two nights ago for 50k. That is12 rounds on target that were all PENS while said ship was turning. Most of the time it is 8+ rounds on target. The thunderer, Ive landed full broadsides with it too while targets were juking and jiving. The thunderer is 6-7 on target avg. This is realistically not possible for the types of ships and tech it would've been equipped with.
  10. trooper3

    This game is junk now

    Too much $$ tied up.
  11. Id figure I would give wargaming the benefit of the doubt for this last update. WHAT A JOKE. This game has become utterly un-playable. No one moves up or spots anymore. World of deadeye. Hey my ships detectability is this..... but lets stay clear on the map borders to make sure. I feel that there needs to be a change, there is just too much broken in one go. Its stupid that you can land a whole salvo on a boat at 18km+ I understand its an arcade game, but that is utterly stupid.
  12. You know, deadeye and a host of other skills have really broken this game. I can fairly consistently land 8 out of 8 rounds on target in the thunderer. Last night I did 12 pens for a salvo with the vermont. This update has broken things on a big scale imo. Before the update folks would at least fight, now it is who can get closest to the map border by spawn. NOT FUN.