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  1. Lert


    So that's the way you're going to react to any sort of negative response? Tell me, why should we take your idea seriously if you're not going to take responses seriously? <Edit> As for the idea itself: No. One of the main complaints is that gameplay is already too passive as is, with 'everyone hiding behind rocks' and nobody willing to push up or get their paint scratched. And introducing mines is only going to make that a lot, lot worse. Making it so you absolutely have to go slow so you won't blow up from explosives someone farted into a chokepoint five minutes ago is going to promote dynamic gameplay and reward pushing - how exactly? Making it impossible for people to move up into the other half of the map by skill-less, stationary, lingering weapons is going to make the game better - how?
  2. It's not the ships that need adjusting.
  3. Lert

    Incomparable or wait?

    It's fast, it's hella soft and it hits hard. Keep it at range. It doesn't tank, it doesn't push. If this sounds fun to you, get her. I did, and though I don't play her that often as I typically prefer a more aggressive playstyle, I don't regret it.
  4. Don't stare yourself blind on stats. When Alaska was in testing and got a nerf everybody just looked at the stats and the forum was alight with whines of "she's useless now", "why would anyone pick Alaska over Kronshtadt", "WG ruined Alaska" etc - now look at her, she's considered borderline OP, one of the best ships in the game, and nobody's playing Kronshtadt anymore. Wait until they're out and there's actual reviews.
  5. You misread. My mind boggles at the question asked in the OP. And nowhere in there did I mean, say or imply a question about why he's playing. In fact, I went out of my way to add that I'm sure he has his reasons, and that I genuinely hope he's having the fun he's looking for. Please don't put words in my mouth.
  6. Is my respect that important to you? Why do you feel the need to explain yourself? Genuine curiosity. I specifically said in my OP that it was not meant to rag at the player. But, to answer your question: I have a lot more respect for people that just play their own game rather than that very vocally try to make others play how they want to. Habitual whiners, people slinging insults all the time, telling other players what to do, those I have very little patience for. Just play your game. That's why we're all here. The world's crappy enough without people in an online game needing to add to it.
  7. That assumes an equal distribution of high end winners and low end losers. The amount of 60% winners is much smaller than the amount of 40% losers.
  8. Lert

    Karma finally figured out...

  9. Just a thought I had, while encountering this player in a red Iowa: You see bad players all the time, but this one puzzles me. At what point would you be better off just AFKing every match instead of 'trying'? Not trying to rag on the player. He might be disabled or have other problems why he can't play properly and just wants to sail his Iowa to the map corner and give broadside. It just - the mind boggles. Wherever you are, anonymous player, I genuinely hope the game is still fun for you and you get out of it what you want.
  10. Lert

    DD captian

    Licensing becomes an issue though a modder might take a stab at it.
  11. Lert

    Gun reload

    ITalian SAP is very hard hitting and in higher tiers a lot more guns. To balance this out they get slower reload.
  12. Lert

    Say it isn't so...Say it isn't so...

    Oh I know how teen males be. I was one. I was cringe then too.
  13. Lert

    Say it isn't so...Say it isn't so...

    Not attacking you specifically, just the general "Oh Dasha this, Dasha that" threads that pop up so often. It's cringe.
  14. Agreed with OP, if you're stuck on an island the game should imo gently push your ship away from it. Should be easy to detect too: is throttle full open forwards or reverse but the ship isn't moving? Start pushing the ship away.