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  1. Lert

    Premium Ship Revew #139 - Wukong

    *Insert upvote gif here* Don't have one ready at the moment actually.
  2. It benefits just as much as any other reload. Go with range.
  3. Lert

    I shoot back

    This is a problem that will solve itself in due time.
  4. Lert

    friendly fire

    We can't answer that question without seeing what happened.
  5. Lert

    making video

    ctrl-G ?
  6. Lert

    World of Warships Ship Proposal: U.S.S Johnston

    So if I beat you up in five seconds flat, by your logic, you were never in a fight? No. It never was.
  7. Lert

    Compilation of Twirling Graphics

    Ships turn fastest at full speed. Ships turn tightest at 3/4 throttle setting, about 20-ish knots for Kremlin. From standstill, IE slower than that, its turn is a lot wider.
  8. Lert

    fines for "damaging allies"

    When two friendly ships collide, both get a fine. A pittance, pennies fine that's not worth getting upset about.
  9. Lert

    Compilation of Twirling Graphics

    We don't use WG given numbers for these. In fact, it's during these tests that we've found a whole number of ships who's in port numbers don't match their in-game performance. The good thing about science is that it's open to peer review, through set and repeatable methodology. So, if you can get your hands on a Kremlin, it's very easy to doublecheck our numbers listed here through repetition of our process, and if you find we've made a mistake, we'd be more than happy to amend our data. Our methodology goeth thusly: Take ship into training room Get to full speed Throw rudder hard-over Wait for the ship's speed to stabilize Time how long it takes to complete a 360 lap Do this five times Average the results Take note of the stabilized speed during these laps <edit> Be sure to remove speed signals and acceleration mods before doing this. Rudder shift mods are fine. Now you have the speed at which the ship goes through a turn in actual in-game knots, and how long it takes the ship to do a full turn. From this the radius can be calculated, but keep the game's time / speed compression shenanigans in mind. From this result you can easily calculate and plot what portion of a turn the ship can do in a given amount of time, as per Mouse's graphics. None of this is particularly hard. It's just very time consuming and tedious. And we've done this for every ship listed, though Mouse has spent vastly more time doing this than I have. So if you want to challenge Mouse's numbers, this is how to do it. Because, personally, I'm really skeptical about people who challenge these numbers with anecdotes and feels, instead of their own numbers. Again, if you suspect we've made a mistake, we'd be more than happy to amend our data.
  10. She's working on Wukong now, but graphics take a long time to do. Siliangi is last.
  11. Lert

    Does America Own The Moon?

    Nah, you just go at night.
  12. Lert

    Who have you seen in game

    I misjudged a push and my support therein. Such is life, I guess.
  13. Lert

    Who have you seen in game

    Ah, yes. Interesting match. 'Interesting' team. We won, despite my efforts.
  14. Lert

    Full Monty

    Just edited, look above your comment.