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  1. Again, thanks for posting!
  2. Is good as-is. You were very clear and easy to understand.
  3. Bogatyr :P Watching now, will add comments to your comments. Why I'm not using premium DCP: Because I'm stupid and never actually applied one. Will do so now! Thanks. Isokaze's torpedoes just ran out right before hitting me: Yeah, that was lucky. I'd gone full reverse to try and stop but would've still gotten hit if they hadn't run out. Why I aimed back to the wyoming: To check his guns and visual check the fires I had going on him. Note: I do like spreading my fires around. Isokaze and V-170 in middle: I was out of position during this section, where you paused. I should've been more north and threatened that Isokaze more. I was too tunnelvisioned on everything going on around C cap. St Louis pushes me into a torpedo: I was quite annoyed at that, but tried to keep my cool. V-170 kills Isokaze: I didn't even catch this while playing, was too tunnelvisioned. Firing at the distant cruiser: You mention you wouldn't have because it gave the Clemson intel on my position. That is a very good point, I'll keep that in mind. Shell cam / Zee / zed key: I like this view. I know many people find it annoying but I like it. I'll generally follow my shells to the target if I have the time / brainwidth to. Langley focus: I just wanted to see if I could get him on fire with a salvo to hinder his plonks. You'll notice I kept a weather eye on the Clemson as I did. "I would turn north, what will I do when I kill this Langley": You are right and I should've done that. "Only 100 points left in this battle": Yep. Once again, you're right. That's twice I was out of position. I could've done more damage if I had turned north earlier. Langley positioning: THANK YOU for bringing attention to carrier positioning! Plane turnaround is a killer. The further from the battle you are as a carrier, the less sorties you'll be able to do and the less damage you'll do. @Lord_Zath Thanks for narrating my replay! It was a very enjoyable battle and I thought I did well, although re-watching it and your commentary made me realize a few mistakes, like being out of position twice. That's why I'm not a unicum I guess. :)
  4. That would require retraining. So, nope.
  5. Ironically, you're still faster than me.
  6. I'd have to retrain him. Don't wanna. Could put him on Tachibana I suppose ... I don't carrier.
  7. 1) Blys doesn't need a buff 2) Blys doesn't have enough AA to make DFAA worth it to begin with.
  8. Professional help. Is there a support group I can join?
  9. I can't really answer that without going into technical details regarding the ship. Since it's still under NDA for me as ST (CCs have a different NDA) I can't properly answer your question. Sorry.
  10. You know, that is a well written reply. After your original post I thought you just a hater, troll and troublemaker but your explanation makes some good points. +1 at least for that.
  11. By that same logic, George Washington is responsible for everything Trump is doing, right?
  12. Bismarck always has a plan.
  13. You'll also see torpedoes earlier (to be exact, from 20% further away than their inherent detection range) which will give you more time to evade them.