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  1. Lert

    Post your pets pic, make him/her WOWs famous !!

    With a dog I wouldn't either. With a cat, it depends if she responds to it. I was fortunate and Freya responded to Freya - she was Moppie when I got her at 10 months old.
  2. WoWS and the Royal Netherlands Navy.
  3. Lert

    Chat Ban Abuse

    That I do agree with. Automatic chat bans from reports also don't hand out 12 day bans, even if a single 'troll' division could trigger a ban - takes more than three reports, and subsequent reports from the same player are ignored; only the first one is counted. No, a 12 day ban is hand awarded, AFAIK. It might be an escalation after a history of shorter ones? I don't know your chat ban history. Once again, agreed. I'm a big fan of transparency and WG is sadly lacking in that regard.
  4. Lert

    Chat Ban Abuse

    Maybe you got reported with a ticket for an earlier match on an earlier day, and a ban was found warranted?
  5. Lert

    Chat Ban Abuse

    Send a ticket. Agreed. Nope. Yeah I doubt that's a thing that happens.
  6. Lert

    i not get something about the base exp

    It's quite simple. Base XP is the XP you earned before any modifiers are applied. This includes modifiers like premium time, first win of the day, any signals, camouflage bonus, etc. Modified / total XP: Base XP: These two figures are from the same battle. The reason WG uses base XP is to make things fair for all players, so you can't just power through an intended ~10 battle chain in one or two battles by stacking premium, camouflage and signals that other people might not have access to.
  7. Lert

    BB detonations

    Quite a while back there was a change so that a ship above 75% health could no longer detonate. Unless that salvo brought it below 75% health before the det check, of course.
  8. Lert

    German Carriers: Part 2

    It rewards one of the following - (list of items only half of which are ships) Dice symbol for the ships Doesn't seem very ambiguous to me. There's a chance for a ship but it's nowhere near guaranteed.
  9. Lert

    Post your pets pic, make him/her WOWs famous !!

    Reginald looks so much like my Freya, just less fat. Here she is, at around minute 5 of staring at some invisible lovecraftian horror in my room: And claiming my coat as her own because soft and warm:
  10. Couldn't you have like included a screenshot or a description of what range and what angle? Makes things a lot easier and quicker. Anyways ... *downloads, watches* *5 minutes later* My guess is that you hit him right here: Missing the 220mm casemate athwrarthship, the 180mm citadel athwarthship and because of the angle of shot missing the 120mm turtleback as well, with two shells out of a 4 shell salvo dispersing into the 45mm citadel bulkhead. Alternatively you were at such close range with a downward angle to your shots that you did hit the 120mm turtleback but because of the downward angle of your shells they didn't ricochet. Either way, it was a combination of timing, angle and dispersion that got you those two cits. Very lucky.
  11. Don't expect something this generous this year. There are a lot more T10 and T9 ships in people's ports this time.
  12. Mostly because I enjoy discussion. But, fair enough. As I'm sure things will happen that fire me up. Doesn't happen often but I've been known to get very angry at some things. o7
  13. Lert

    10k Steel Cammo

    No. There are other things I want steel for. These camos are for those few players who have too much steel with nothing to spend it on and who want to show off their wealth.