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  1. Lert

    Only for today! Lert's TRUE form revealed!

    Hmmm, how to explain in a simple way ... All sound is, is vibration of the air. Vibrate at a certain frequency, you get a note. Add several notes together, you get a chord. Pick the right notes to add together, notes that fit well together and sound nice, and you get a harmony. Harmonies and chords can be used to evoke certain emotions. Music composers use this to manipulate certain moods in the listeners. Some examples are, minor chords for a sad mood. Major chords for a more triumphant mood. Resolve major chords into a minor one for a sense of helplessness. Resolve minor ones into major ones for a sense of victory over struggle. This music theory is very important to, say, movie soundtrack composers that want to evoke a certain mood during a certain scene. Like, imagine a battle scene with pulse pounding drums and sharp, bright brass instruments playing major chords. Now imagine the same battle scene but with slow piano playing sad, minor chords. One highlights the excitement, the other tragedy. The whole mood changes, because of the harmonies and instruments used. But what if you use notes that do not sound quite that nice together? That sound just slightly off? Dissonance in harmony? The tritone is a chord that just feels .... wrong. It's two notes played together that are three notes apart on the piano scale, and is used to create a feeling of tension, of unease. The human brain isn't quite sure what to make of it, and hearing it creates a feeling of other-ness, of expectation. @Snargfargle's video showcases this, in the tension sections, the tritone is used to create an expectation in the listener for the release that follows. But what if you use this tritone to create tension, without following it up with the release? Unresolved tension in music creates a feeling of wrong-ness. A thing that should not be, so to say. This has become known as 'the devil in music' and is a common trick metal (especially common in black metal) composers use to make the music sound 'evil'. So the early Catholic church banned the use of tritones in medieval ecclesiastical singing because of its dissonant quality. Note this famous classical piece, Dance Macabre by Saint Seans, especially the section at 22 sesconds in. Note how the two notes the violinist plays evoke a sense of unease, of tension, before the pianist resolves the music into something more harmonic? The two notes she plays ..... are a tritone. In fact, the whole piece is full of this tension / release mechanic, creating a virtual rollercoaster for the listener to get swept up in. <Edit> Little bonus content, just because I love this song, the cover and the mood of it:
  2. Lert

    Yoshino or Pommern?

    Pommern all the way.
  3. Lert

    Only for today! Lert's TRUE form revealed!

    Ah, excellent use of the Devil's tritone.
  4. Lert

    New Ships !!

  5. It's not that important to me. A head start on a captain would be kinda nice, but if push comes to shove I just farm credit commanders and fire them for a while until I have more cxp.
  6. You need a full 10.1 client.
  7. Lert

    New Ships !!

    No way she's T5 material. Too light, too soft, too little firepower - only 7 rifles. She was a ship designed by committee to a too low budget at a time of heavy pacifist political pressure.
  8. Ah, nope. Can't do. No mood to go into the whole long explanation, but I basically can't make use of anything that requires a credit / debit card with an expiration date, whether the card gets charged or not. Due to my circumstances I'm just not able to do that.
  9. ^ Same Not gonna pay Amazon money to get early access to a ship I'll get for free later anyways.
  10. Lert

    Bruh Ruyter

    Time to load up Imperator Nikolai I.
  11. Lert

    One For Lert

    Have to say, that camo looks good on her.
  12. Lert

    New Ships !!

    Hey I resent that.
  13. Just to confirm, this is early access to the tech tree bote, right? If so then no need for me to bother.
  14. 90% yes. And afterwards say a quick 'sorry mate'.