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  1. I for one agree with the OP. Bit heartless of WG to do this the way they're doing it, at this moment when the world is heading for an economical crisis. I for one was more interested in the joke captain than the campaign one, but am not going to gamble for him.
  2. Lert

    Co-op Economy & General Advice

    Repair costs are not affected by how much damage you took. You pay just as much 'service cost' whether you're at 1% health of 99%. So there's no reason not to get stuck in, this flat service fee is intended to discourage back line camping and passive play.
  3. Difference is that when you make a thread, it tends to be a fairly reasonable one and not an uppity whine fest.
  4. Hopefully Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz will be a coal captain too.
  5. Why should I? You come in here whining and complaining and acting all uppity. Why should I spell out the obvious for someone who already has all his opinions all set in stone, and they're all "waaah poor me, I'll neeeeeeever be able to do this"?
  6. Lert

    Who have you seen in game

    @Ensign_Cthulhu in his Akizuki while I was farming some FXP with Musashi. We murderized the red team with great prejudice, was not really a close fight.
  7. So much complaining about a trivially easy campaign for any decent that plays this game regularly.
  8. Lert

    Who have you seen in game

    @Sinboto in his Musashi while I was driving my Friesland. I noticed he was there when he totally sniped the last few hp from a Z-46 I'd been working over, the kill stealing so-and-so.
  9. Lert

    What is WG afraid of?

    So who do you blame for that? The STs? Or WG for not listening to our feedback, when I was still in the program? You seem to be under the belief that the only thing influencing balancing is whine threads on the forum. The very CW rework you so happily trot out as example of that proves how fruitless forum whining is.
  10. Lert

    What is WG afraid of?

    Yeh, because life is black and white, and it's either forum whining is super mega important or completely ignored.
  11. Lert

    What is WG afraid of?

    You overestimate the amount WG listens to hype filled whine threads on the forum.