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  1. Lert

    Iowa Vs Missouri

    Nah this is fine, thank you. It really shows how much of a difference all the boosters make, more than doubled the base income. Me asking for that screenshot is more about drawing attention to the relative amount the modifiers from signals and camos boosted the income by than the actual totals. To me this is part of WoWS's problems - high tier play is too profitable with all the bonuses, flags and camos WG keeps throwing at us. I'm primarily a PvP player and, while admittedly a whale with a lot of premium ships, am sitting on 700m+ without ever really actively pursuing credits. Hell, I have 1038 Zulu signals sitting in my inventory and I think the only reason they're on like 2 or 3 of my 124 ships is because I'm too lazy to remove them. Making it trivially easy to earn credits in high tiers when stacking the appropriate modifiers leads to a lot more end tier play, which is part of the cause for all the complaints about T8 play - and now WG is left scratching their heads how to make T8 encounter T10 less. But that's just me pontificating on a problem not related to the original post and question in this thread. Shows why they stopped selling Missouri though - they woefully misjudged the credit coefficient on her, and now it's way too late to change it.
  2. Lert

    Iowa Vs Missouri

    I am definitely ornery, grumpy and a troll. I admit that, 100%. I try to be helpful a lot of the time. But I don't need to try to be Lert, that just comes natural. Nice game, btw. I'd be interested in seeing the 'credits and XP' tab of the post-battle results, to see how the credit earning is calculated for this match.
  3. That's my hope too. But, Alaska first.
  4. Hence me suggesting heads of lettuce and grocery store coupons.
  5. Yes, promote your team losing, to have more wins. That's a sound stragedy.
  6. Would've been announced and all over the forum by now if it were.
  7. Lert

    Saturation Question

    AFAIK AP overpens do 10% guaranteed damage, even to saturated areas.
  8. Said currencies require serious play time to accumulate. Plus, coal is accumulated faster with premium time since you need less battles played to get the three daily containers, and FXP is often converted from elite XP using doubloons. WG profits from both. <Edit> Even if a player does everything for free, on standard account and without spending money, he's still putting in hundreds if not thousands of matches and populating the game.
  9. Probably. But if they wait with announcing Alaska's currency until the very last moment to buy Musashi or Kronshtadt, a lot of people will be unhappy. Though less so than if they announce it after those two have gone off sale.
  10. With the removal of Musashi and Kronshtadt from sale looming ever closer, with the presence of Jean Bart in the Arsenal, it's really time to announce what you're planning to sell Alaska for, WG. Not even the specific amount, just the currency, like FXP, Steel or Coal, Money or Doubloons, Heads of Lettuce or Grocery store Coupons. It's time to announce what currency Alaska is going to be sold for. I haven't pulled the trigger on Jean Bart, because I want Alaska more and if Alaska is going to be coal, then I'm going to let Jean Bart slide - and I know I'm not the only one making this decision. And that's not even going in to the upcoming removal from sale of Kronshtadt and Musashi. People are holding off on buying those, because as hot blooded Americans they want Alaska, but they don't know which currency to save up because, WG, you haven't announced anything yet. As for me, if Alaska is going to be Coal, I'm going to let Jean Bart slide - but if Alaska is FXP, I'll be buying Jean Bart right away - for Coal. WG you're losing out on sales of Jean Bart, Kronshtadt and Musashi, by your steadfast refusal to announce what currency Alaska is going to be sold for. If you truly believe that there is too much FXP and Coal being hoarded by players, this is why. Because people are saving it for Alaska, not knowing which one she'll be sold for people are hoarding both. @Pigeon_of_War @Radar_X
  11. Lert

    Time to buff Atago B!

    It's not black enough. Needs to be more black. Like my neighbour's coffee. Like my heart. See? There's still silver accents, shades of black and very dark gray. Needs to be more black. Like vantablack: We should be driving around a black hole in the ocean! Pure, undistilled, angry #000000.
  12. Lert

    Friendly Fire Torpedos

    So which happened first? Did he acknowlege the torpedoes before you launched them? Or did you launch them before he acknowledged them? Judging by your OP, you launched them before you warned, and you warned before he acknowledged, meaning that you have a habit of launching torpedoes from behind teammates. That's ok. That habit will solve itself eventually.
  13. Lert

    Friendly Fire Torpedos

    I did read it all the way through. Apparently it happens often enough that you deem fit to write a thread requesting for the penalties to be reduced. No need for personal attacks. Accidents happen. And when they do, owe up to them and take your lumps like you've got a pair instead of whining for reduced penalties for your own choices and actions.
  14. Lert

    Friendly Fire Torpedos

    If this happens so often that you want to lower or remove penalties for your own careless throwing of torpedoes, you might have a problem. I'd be fine with them increasing the penalties, instead of reducing them.
  15. Same. Even if it'll end up being a port queen, I can spare the 15k coal. Yep.