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  1. I was feeling lazy and just wanted to blow some crap up without putting in much effort, so I took my Musashi into coop ... Yes. With AP. Not complaining. This battle ticked me over for a container. Wow. Again, not complaining. So if you're feeling particularly unlucky today, that would be my fault. iSorry. (It's like a regular 'sorry', but prettier, twice as expensive and doesn't support Flash)
  2. Straffing

    Like real life, huh ... Tell me, how many hitpoints did ships have in real life? And when did they implement magic one-button instant damage control parties in real life? Or radar that goes through islands but only works for a very short duration? "Because real life" is a very poor argument for an arcade action game. As for strafing, it was implemented so lower tier CVs have an actual fighting chance against higher tier CVs they face. And you want to take this ability away, completely screwing over lower tier CVs. Might as well just suicide and exit battle if you're up against a higher tier CV then.
  3. She rewards proper ammunition choice, there is no one-stop-everything-shell. Her armor holds up better at closer range and falls apart at longer range. She has low-ish DPM despite high power AP shells, but her HE shells have IFHE built in, though she pays for that with lower HE alpha and fire chance. Her AA can be quite potent but relies on investment. She's a support ship with a powerful close range bite. Like the above comment suggests, try to remain alive until the end game, where you can do some serious clean up work.
  4. space battles

    What information do you have that there's a patch drop today? I didn't see an official announcement either on the news hub or the forum.
  5. Azur Lane captains

    Looks like they fixed it:
  6. ASHITAKA or Nelson?

    How it feels to be driving Nelson as top tier:
  7. ASHITAKA or Nelson?

    Mediocre clone of tech tree ship or unusual ship with unique playstyle that outperforms every other ship at tier in class ... hmmmmm.
  8. One thing not mentioned in your OP is the Spitfire's engine's tendency to conk out when in a negative g maneuver. As far as this game is considered though, I don't think any conclusion can be reached just by looking at historical performance. WG will balance them and tier them according to what they think appropriate, history is only a guide line here.
  9. Could it be your DCP didn't trigger because it was on cooldown?
  10. Battleships are Painful

    If BBs had the same accuracy as CLs why would anyone ever play anything other than a BB, since then they could bulls-eye anything at long range. Would make for an incredibly boring game.
  11. Says you got flooded out. Post-sinking screenshot don't help here, we need to see your screen from right before you flooded out according to the server. You claim you had DCP'd a flood, but is it possible you only think you did?
  12. That - ... is something I had not considered, and if it's true it undermines my whole argument which was based on those very stats.
  13. IIRC it's had those for well over two weeks before I posted the shp's two week stats. See post below.