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  1. One of the most balanced and well-reasoned buff proposals I've ever seen on this forum.
  2. the USS land of cleavage

    Use IFHE. Aim for superstructures.
  3. Ersatz Elsass (Estraz Elsaß)

    Neat find, interesting ship. A faster and tougher Graf Spee.
  4. Depends on tier, and fitted bonuses. Don't underestimate a stacked 50% XP camouflage and 50% XP first win bonus.
  5. So defensive. Also, your excuse of emphasis rings a bit hollow when you emphasize more than half of your post. Just comes across as yelling then. But then, caps lock is cruise control for cool. Active sonar will pick up things passive will not.
  6. Because sometimes it does not matter if they know where you are, or if they already know you might as well. Oh, wait. I FORGOT to capitolize RANDOM WORDS.
  7. Because this is a streamlined arcade arena shooter, not a sim.
  8. Its more XP than not doing it, especially with boosters. Even then, why remove the ability to do it at all?
  9. Thank you for becoming a less threatening opponent, I guess?
  10. He's been a problem child on the CC discord as well, I've heard said. IE, this is hearsay, not personal experience. Also, where is the consistency? iChase got booted from the CC program for something considerably milder than this, with a near perfect record beforehand. But this they just hush hush and pretend never happened? Difference between EU and NA I suppose.
  11. As someone on the spectrum, who has been in contact with and around people on the spectrum for years, I can tell you without any doubt that he posted does not fall under 'acting in an autistic manner'. <Edit> like explained before by @Carrier_Lexington, my personal issue with his tweet is not that he tweeted it, that just affirms my already existing opinion of him as correct, it's the fact that WG apparently allows association with that kind of behaviour.
  12. Yes, but that's not what you said. You said, Insulting everyone who does it, with the most playground, childish insult there is. Also, Please point out where I ever did that. I just posted the fact that premiums have a 50% bonus, and an additional 50% bonus for the first win of the day adds up. You're claiming you're saying things you did not, and claiming that I'm saying things I did not. The simple fact is that the 50% bonus for an additional first win of the day in addition to the 50% XP bonus on the camo earns you a lot more XP than not playing that match to begin with because you don't have a premium ship that can take the captain without retraining penalty. What is your major problem here? What do you get out of calling people dumb who simply use the tools they have, even if they're less effective at doing a job than a higher tier premium? Running a match in Katori gives more XP than not running it.
  13. Then you've found yourself a baby seal. Unless I'm in my Bogatyr ...
  14. It's a lottery anyways. Sometimes they are baby seals. Sometimes they are Navy SEALs.