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  1. As always.
  2. I can bring a Saipan, just poke me when.
  3. It doesn't.
  4. "Please stop buffing / nerfing ships for a while! And while you're at it, here are a few buffs and nerfs I want you to implement!"
  5. The Dutch name for the peregrine falcon is slechtvalk, which translates to 'evil falcon' or 'bad falcon', which I think is the best name for a bird ever. It's also the name of a Dutch unblack metal band, and a great name for a band too.
  6. Nice.
  7. Secret image of a Warmaging employee at work.
  8. Wow. That's very, very shallow of you.
  9. Looks like an uncamouflaged rusty gray hull, with the classy black-and-white hull and wooden cabin being the camouflage.
  10. Just played normally, random battles for that segment. It took me 6 games. I might've prioritized cruisers a bit more than normally for that one.
  11. Medway Queen, could it be a reference to the Raid on the Medway, or simply a ship named after the river Medway? Probably the latter ...
  12. Click the image for a larger version. Nice looking camouflage. Classy black along the hull, diagonal French tricolor across the bow, classy silver edging on the turrets and a silver 3D fleur de lis on #2 turret. Far from historical, but very nice looking. The bonuses are the same as the standard camo: "Fleur d'acier" is French for Steel flower. The text underneath the camouflage name means "Come! Children of the fatherland! The day of glory has come!" All in all, a quick and easy set of missions for a nice little bonus. Plus, the missions can be completed in coop. Thanks WG. After the way high Kami R requirements in the fire and water competition this is a nice step forward.
  13. I am entirely late to the party .... Still;
  14. I don't have a link, sorry. I posted it a long time ago. As for what I proposed: that any shot fired inside smoke would take a number of seconds from the smoke duration, dependant on caliber. So a destroyer could sit in smoke and fire continuously and maybe remove 33% from the smoke duration, but a battleship firing a full salvo would basically cut the smoke duration in half. However, that would only count for salvos fired while inside the smoke boundary, salvos fired from behind a smoke cloud wouldn't affect duration. <Edit> akashi posted a link above.
  15. Yep. Funny isn't it.