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  1. The cat isn't actually in charge, that's just an honorary title. He is a recurring character, though.
  2. I checked the premium store and you can buy a package of 6 HSF characters as captains, or buy them in separate bundles. But when I looked at which captains were included, I was shocked - shocked I say - to see that the best character in all the show wasn't among them! My reaction when I saw Isoroku was missing. You do acknowledge his existence in the collection: And I know WG made a captain out of him, I saw that much in the original HSF sneak peaks / announcements. So why isn't Isoroku available as captain? It's the only one I'd actually be interested in buying. Especially! if the 'national' voice when you have him equipped is meows. Just imagine ... Sailing around ... and your ship just ... meows at you. It'd be perfect.
  3. That. Is awesome. I want one. Or three. Seventeen?
  4. Nope! No relation whatsoever - that I'm aware of. It's just a series of interesting pictures I found online.
  5. Someone floated the idea of putting both versions in the game, and I rather like that idea.
  6. The exact same argument raged whenever Graf Spee was discussed and it turned out ok.
  7. My personal opinion is that Alaska would be OP for a tier 10. It would need to be significantly nerfed to be massaged into a 'slightly OP for tier 9' role.
  8. That ... is actually an interesting idea. WG could massage things like dispersion, turning, acceleration etc to put them into particular roles.
  9. Premium Elitism

    66 here, though that's including all the ARP clones. My opinion is that the OP's post shows a very shallow view of the game, disregarding each ship's individual merits. Even the bad ones can be fun to take out once in a while.
  10. In my personal opinion she would work best as T6 / T7 battleship. Yes I know she was a 'large cruiser', but in terms of things like speed, tonnage, armor, firepower, AA etc I feel she's too much to fit in the game as T10 cruiser. But as T6 / T7 battleship - she'd be an almost ideal counterpoint to ships like Scharnhorst and Hood.
  11. It's a beer can, to keep the gunners drunk.
  12. ....... Probably used a model of Salem, Idunno, never visited it.
  13. It became a museum ship in Quincy, Massachusetts.
  14. Ah ... No. Alaska wouldn't work as T9 cruiser. Way too powerful.