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  1. This again ...You understand the difference between legality and morality, right? And that WG is a for-profit company that wants to sell its product in all regions of the world, right?
  2. Well, I hope you reach a decision that leaves you comfortable with it.
  3. Fully agreed. Me wearing the camo (when it comes out, if I get it) doesn't mean I support or agree with the regime or want to make light of the atrocities though. I mean, if I were to wear the Stars and Stripes camo on my Texas that doesn't automatically mean I support what the early immigrants did to the native americans ...
  4. Notice I never said you did. What are you trying to get at, here? I'm very curious what your point is.
  5. So, don't wear certain camos. Problem solved.
  6. 1) Not a T5 BB 2) Not garish and screaming 'Deutschland' 3) Stylish, not ugly Sorry, doesn't count IMO.
  7. And all were subpar to T6 ships, and all dragged the efficiency of the team and the win chance down.
  8. I don't know, was Rocky Balboa from Texas?
  9. So with the Texas' Stars and Stripes camo: And now Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya wearing this: Does that mean that obnoxious national camos on tier 5 premium BBs is a thing now? If so, can we have Benbow with a huge Union Jack across it, Kirishima in geisha-white with a big red circle on the superstructure and Markgraf with a huge German eagle across a red, yellow and black hull?
  10. Hm. Better grab that update then.
  11. They do. Comically so.
  12. I approve.
  13. BB: Tirpitz, 516 games, 57%, 64k dpg CL: Bogatyr, 547 games, 68%, 48k dpg (yeah yeah I know) DD: Blyskawica, 431 games, 58%, 44k dpg CV: Hosho, 13 games, 54%, 35k dpg Note about Tirpitz: I got this ship fairly early in my WoWS career, when it came around the first time. It was the first premium T8 BB in the game, and I played the crap out of it. Like @Super_Dreadnought above me, I don't play it as much anymore as I used to, and it's only a matter of time before the runner up (Arizona, 403 battles played) overtakes Tirpitz. Note about Bogatyr: Call me sealclubber all you want. I just love that ship. I agree it's OP as hell, provided you put a 19 point captain in it. It scales remarkably with captain skills. I play Bogatyr at least once a day, to unwind. Still, 547 games played is less than 6% of my total games played and as long as my average tier played remains around tier 6 I don't consider myself a sealclubber. More just someone who enjoys almost every tier in this game. My most played DD and BB are tier 7 and 8 respectively, for example. Note about Blyskawica: What can I say, I love this DD. For all its limitations, I find it also has the best combination of strengths. While the other DDs at tier have significant flaws and strengths, I find Blyskawica is 'good enough' at just about any task, except possibly capturing points. To me, she's the reliable workhorse that can do anything to an acceptable standard and never be without the tools do get the job done. Plus, her long range gunnery is very comfortable, and that's where I like to play her to begin with. Note about Hosho: I don't CV. I tried to, 13 games in random. That was quite enough, thank you. I just don't have the multitasking and microing ability needed to effectively CV.
  14. Same here. For some reason they can pull data from EU server just fine, but not NA server. The way I've been playing lately, me too.