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  1. Xp and credits are related only in that you earn lots of both if you do really well. There is no direct correlation, they are not based on each other.
  2. BG al the way. Stalinka and me never got along.
  3. That's actually a fair point. However, I still don't really see any harm in this thread, and still think your comments weren't really warranted. Do with that what you will, I'm not a mod, I'm just an opinionated loudmouth.
  4. Boy, aren't you just bags of fun. If people have a game they're proud of, they can post it. Don't like it? Stay out of those threads. Nobody forced you to come in here and act the way you do. Nobody held a gun at your head and made you behave like that. that's all you, and all a conscious choice. Personally I'd rather see a thousand subpar players posting a thousand games they're proud of than read a single comment like the one you posted. Let people enjoy themselves. There is absolutely no rule that says you have to be a certain skill level of player before you can post pictures of a battle you had. Don't like it? Tough. Doesn't mean you have the right to just waltz in here and start acting like you're all that.
  5. IMO not at all, but they don't ask me. CVs are a unique case because other ship types aren't as strictly mirrored.If it were up to me, CVs wouldn't be able to div up out of tier at all.
  6. Because anchoring a divison to the lowest tiered ship in the division ensures the higher tiered ship never sees +2. In fact, matching the division to the lowest tiered ship in the division could make the higher tiered ship see -3. Imagine a T7 ship divisioned with two T8 ships, and mm matched them according to T7 rules. You could drag those two T8 ships into a T5 - 7 battle. And this is not an exploit, according to you?
  7. So what you're saying is that you support an MM that is so hilariously easy to exploit; never again be tier 8 in a tier 10 match, just bring a T7 buddy who doesn't mind seeing T9s? Yeah it's very easy to make MM take the tier of the lowest tiered ship into account. WG is purposely not doing that.
  8. Nothing 'horrible MM luck' about it. He faildivisioned, pure and simple. His Amagi buddy pulled him up into this match.
  9. Lert

    Who have you seen in game

    o7 These silly missions have me just chasing personal objectives rather than the victory. Coop is the best place to do that.
  10. Lert


    Lyon is a high risk-reward ship that rewards timely risks. It requires a moderately capable hand at the helm, but it's a remarkably un-subtle yet powerful performer.
  11. Earnable, not really. There was no mission chain or anything to earn it. But for a while, GC was given freely to players who hadn't logged in in a while as 'welcome back' gift. I question the wisdom of this, since by the time this started happening, GCs power level was quite well known.
  12. Probably the best decision you could've made.