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  1. F R E E D O M B O T E
  2. Highest German DD I own is the Gaede, haven't taken it out yet since the buff though.
  3. Jelan

    Brazilian Navy Day

    Forgot to take a screenshot in battle, had to resort to training room, oh well.
  4. Jelan

    US Tenth Fleet

  5. Jelan

    What is your goal?

    Was gonna get Georgia, but got Jean Bart instead since it was going away. Fairly close to Georgia again, just in time for coupon coming back... (Although maybe I should get Thunderer first... hmm...)
  6. Jelan

    Full Broadside

    Never realized firing effects were this bright until this thread, chalk it up to being zoomed in all the time...
  7. Jelan

    Enjoy the scenery

    Never really noticed this hamlet in the Atlantic