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  1. Midnitewolf

    Santa Container Survey

    So far not doing too badly. Roughly $75 spend and got 4 ships and 7k gold plus the other various camos and flags Ships: Asashio Nueve de Julio Krasny Krym Le Terrible Not the best ships but when you consider I have like 80% of the list and most of the better ones, I guess this isn't bad. Wanted a T-61, Z-39 and Gascogne though.
  2. Midnitewolf

    Warspite vs QE

    Yep, they are for all intents and purposes exactly the same.
  3. Whelp the economy is going to take a pretty big hit it looks like. If I would have had to pay state sales tax from Newegg the last time I upgraded my computer it would have cost me around $105 more due to tax. That is going to keep alot of people from buying alot of stuff which in turn can only hurt the economy overall.
  4. I would go with the Alabama over the Scharnhorst. Tier 8s have the best return on income, plus you already mentioned you like it. Also overall there really isn't much difference between an Alabama and a Missouri or Iowa. The pretty much have the exact same guns and even a similar armor scheme and protection when you get right down to it. Basically they uptier extremely well so there really isn't any reason to be concerned about seeing Tier 10s in fact you will probably get bigger rewards just because your in a Tier 10 match. Scharnhorst is a ton of fun though, that I have to admit. It just won't earn you as many credits as the Alabama.
  5. You know it isn't even about being nice or if the criticism is valid or not, it is just about dealing with the fact people have different view points and personalities. I mean it isn't like this person is in your face telling you off, it is through a chat box that you can actually turn off. You can also block a player if I am not mistaken. Getting bent out of shape or your feelings hurt by a person you don't know and probably don't care to know on the other end of an internet connection is just plain crazy. Going to the length of reporting someone because they happen to be salty over a match gone bad or whatever in my opinion is just as toxic and they might have been.
  6. Be an adult, realize that its just words and ignore it. Seriously, people need to get some thicker skin, way to much, "Mommy, Mommy the bad man said bad words to me...sniffle, sniffle, cry, cry".
  7. Midnitewolf

    Ship prices in Steel and Coal

    Yeah it is really nice to be punished yet again for not being part of a Clan.
  8. Midnitewolf

    why does t6 get EFFED by mm?

    This is exactly the situation. That Tier 3 and 4 special Match Maker spread screws up the entire progression and so, SO many people have commented on it, even begged and pleaded it get reverted back to normal but WG still ignores the issue. However, I really never felt at a disadvantage when playing Tier 6 anything. Generally speaking Tier 6 is when ships start getting fairly powerful and I feel most tier 6 ships can uptier and perform well even against Tier 8 ships in the 40% or so of matches where the majority of ships are Tier 7 and 8. Tier 5 however gets stuck with around 80-90% of it matching being against Tier 6 or 7 and generally speaking tier 5s can't even remotely compete against Tier 7s and kind of struggle against tier 6s. Tier 8 is kind of tough as well but not as tough as most people like to make out. Generally speaking tier 8 and 9 aren't too far apart on the power scale but Tier 9 and 10 are miles apart so when your a Tier 8 mostly fighting in a predominately Tier 10 match your definitely at a disadvantage. If I had to rate them from hardest to easiest. Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 8 Tier 9 Tier 7
  9. Hmm. Lets see. If you have torpedoes on your left, friendly or otherwise and if you go left your going to get wrecked by those torpedoes and you go left away, how is that the fault of the player that fired the torpedoes. If you don't see the torpedoes it is one thing but if you know they are there you might want to try to avoid them. Honestly though, it isn't really anyone's fault and it is even less the cruisers fault if he fired the torpedoes in good faith with the belief that you would not be in the line of fire and even warns you not to turn left because he has torps running. Seriously, in random battles you don't have good communication or coordination going on so you can only act in ways that look correct to you at the time. If you have a DD in front and he zigs like he is turning right thus clearing your line of fire for a torpedo launch and you fire, you can't be held responsible for that destroyer deciding to zag left into the path of your torpedoes the second after you fire them. In fact I would go as far as saying that everyone has the responsibility of insuring they aren't obstructing their teammates ability to engage the enemy to the best of their ability. Of course this goes both ways and you shouldn't be doing anything obviously risky either. Basically it comes down to being mindful of your teammates and surrounding.
  10. Midnitewolf

    Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    There is different types of effective. Generally speaking the team that controls the map is the team that wins. Being able to put up good numbers while seemingly is effective isn't as effective as doing things like pushing the cap or making the enemy shy away from approaching a flank or things like that. Standing back sniping, no matter how effective it is, generally doesn't produce the same levels of threat and doesn't allow for map control such as pushing a flank to limit enemy movement or controlling the cap points would. Also your really don't have to take my word for it, just when your playing look at what your team is doing. At least 80% of the time when your team is being passive, sniping from the back, your team loses which just goes to show you that passive sniping is not a good idea.
  11. Midnitewolf

    Can't make the Roma work

    All I will say is that Roma is one of the few cash ships I regret purchasing. I just can't deal with the unreliability of the guns. I am not talking about the overpens because the Roma does need a disadvantage to offset the advantage of having high velocity of the shells, rather I am just talking about the dispersion of the guns. The dispersion just kills all fun to be had in this ship.
  12. Generally speaking those toxic players that are dead are only toxic because they feel that the team is crap and ultimately the teams poor decisions lead them to their death. Often they are the same player that tries to lead by example when they see their team afraid to cap or hiding in the back. They will say, "Team we need to play the objectives" or some such, then watch the team ignore the objectives. They will then say, "Team we need caps, come on follow me" and proceeds, leading by example, to push for the cap only to see their entire team either not follow at all or turn away the second the enemy looks in their direction, leaving the guy who is trying to lead by example to take the full concentrated fire of the enemy and die. Once he dies to his team's lack of backbone or even foresight that you kind of sorta need to capture objectives to win a battle more often than not, he gets royally torked off and goes all toxic in chat.
  13. Midnitewolf

    Worth Buying?

    Depends on what your trying to accomplish. At tier 3, no matter how good or bad the ship is, your not really earning all that much credits or XP so it kind of fails at those two major reasons why you might want a premium ship. If your a collector, then yes it is worth it. If you really, really like to play at Tier 3, then yes it is worth it. For all other reason, nope not worth it. I mean in reality is is probably a tier 3.5 but you will be uptiered enough in it that your not always going to feel powerful and while it is more powerful than most Tier 3 BBs, it isn't so much that you completely dominate every match so it really isn't even all that good at seal clubbing.
  14. Midnitewolf

    Free Premiums

    Wow. Sorry to say this but wow. Free = not pay any money. Remember your playing a game here. This is entertainment, not work and you do it by choice so if you get something without paying money for it, by playing a game that you chose to play for fun, then it really is FREE. Honestly you can pretend all you like that having to complete missions "Costs" you something but that doesn't make it true.