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  1. i miss you. =[ you were voice of reason in a sea of darkness

  2. come back to us elysion ;_;

  3. Separate clans for WoWs

    On one hand someone who wanted to play multiple games would be able to have clans for all three of them with out having to find a clan that plays all the games On the other hand splitting up clans seems kind of screwy to me. maybe a clan as an entity is a clan for all 3 games, but players are able to pick which clans they are a member of for all three games? When you join a clan it defaults you into that clan for all games, but you can then leave it on a game specific basis to join other clans for that game?
  4. eh, yamato could probably stand a nerf, unless its true that montanas armor really is bugged and yamato being able to cit it frontally is a bug. Ive seen some people mention that. Yamatos the only bb that can break the BB meta, and t10 games are basically based around yamatos, as a collective they have more impact than even carriers (though ship per ship a carrier is going to be worth more, its just that you can sometimes get 3 or even 4 yamatos per side...)
  5. high tiers always end up unbalanced and/or 6vs6 or 8vs8 or something. I would feel better about playing it if i could actually have full games with decently balanced teams. The cost isnt really anything to me, i dont lose much money at t10, i probably gain some i dont know, ive never really paid attention. Playing an even split of t8 and t10 got me a steady gain in income.
  6. people jump on the bandwagon that was loaded up before they were even released, and dont want to get off. its literally the best cruiser in the game now. the rate of fire buff would have been enough
  7. 45% player

    you can check solo win rates on a ship by ship basis if you download a handy browser plugin in the mods section I think its the best stat
  8. Lacked autoloading main guns Lacked ship wide air conditioning Hull was made with rivets, not welding Was not the first ship with electronics and general structure laid down based around the idea of an integrated CIC There areno surviving examples today Basically, yamato is not des moines Though im a byzaboo, i just like anime on the side
  9. i would call it the lines low point. I dont think its as bad as the t4, but its a much longer grind...
  10. People so fast to jump onto anti-german-bias bandwagon. Ive been trying to explain that the german armor design is good all this time, but nobody listens ;_; Notice the distance of that yamato.
  11. Since their velocities and massess are different the arcs are going to vary. Depending on the angle the shell comes in at based on the range, certain arcs may 'see' a narrower target than others. That could account for hit rate differences.
  12. Alarming trend....

    This is why i think the losing team should all get sunk
  13. Hindenburg has roughly the same fires-over-time chances as mogami taking rate of fire and number of guns into account. Its likley to be more accurate so probably slightly better in the long run. Its HE is NOT BAD i wish people would stop claiming that. It can do just fine spamming HE when ap is not an option for it. Sure its not 'as' good as zao, but people act like its some sort of ap specialist. Its merely better at ap, while zao is better at HE. Zao still uses AP when it can, and is only forced to use HE when it cant get those juicy hits, and hindenburg is going to operate by the same rule, as is every single cruiser played smartly. AP when you can, HE otherwise.
  14. Nagato.... C hull worth it?

    nagato is a wonderful ship you should fully upgrade it and keep it for your mid tier battleship entertainments
  15. yeah, and t3. basically t3s and t4s will see the t4, and t4s and t5s (t3s?) will see the t5. Ive heard some people say they see some t6s in with the t5s, but ive never seen anything above 4 when im playing salem