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  1. Supertester reward ship idea

    Almost 3 years now. June will be 3 years if you want to count the end of closed. September if you want to count official release, but open beta had no wipe at the end so i consider open beta to have been the end of testing.
  2. Supertester reward ship idea

    These days the terms have gotten a slightly blurred line and all you can be sure of is alpha is the stage that comes before beta. Typically in software alpha is when they are still feeling out what kinds of features and testing how it all works together, and beta starts when when they are happy with that and is focused on getting everything nice and tidied up and optimized and eliminating any bugs and such before release. As far as this game goes, when i joined alpha the game was significantly different, not just balance wise but mechanics; you had the equivalent of everyone having spotting plains up at all times for aiming, but even more zoomed out, distances were more realistic, shell flight times were slower, spotting ranges were further (or invisibility just didnt even exist, i cant remember, i know DD were often visible across the map). The game slowly progressed into something like what we have now over the course of alpha. Then they moved to closed beta and they tweaked things, in closed beta they removed direct scout plane control (you used to be able to move them around like carriers do) and modified the mechanics a good bit. Several stages of closed beta felt slightly different (battleships used to have the smallest turning circles, which is realistic), they tweaked distances, ship model size relative to distance, or something like that, which changed aiming. But the basic format is as it is now, if you saw beta you could identify it as this game, if you saw early alpha you might think it was a different game someone made with some of this games assets. Typically in software an open beta is the final stage, effectively a release with a disclaimer, which aims to get it running on as many systems as possible to see if there are any strange bugs that pop up. In video games however open beta is often just a sort of 'soft' release, designed to let them have two release-hypes. The open beta hype and the official launch hype. It also serves as a little disclaimer so people cant complain as loudy when they are first testing out things like server load with a release population. Supertester is a WG specific term. They are the unfortunate people who have to test new features post release before they get pushed to the public. You know things like.. new UI buttons, whether or not a mission is tracking credit properly, etc. Any change at all, no matter how small, has the potential to mess the game up, and so they slave away checking each feature. The poor souls ;_;
  3. Supertester reward ship idea

    Maybe they could get SUPER Iwaki. It would be identical to iwaki, but twice the size.
  4. Scharnhorst vs Warspite

    Scharnhorst is a pretty ship, i have always advocated her beauty. Its great to see they gave her the later modified clipper bow, you can posess one of the best looking ships in history. I also do not understand why she is the premium and gneisenau is the main line, both are scharnhorst class, i thought they always went with class leader in the main line?
  5. Napoleonic Era Warships

    No, i mostly played during sea trials, when open world finally released i let it develop for a while before checking out. Ive tried it three times over the years in such a way, each time the game gets emptier and emptier. Even the first time when it was fairly well populated the nice large battles of sea trials were missing and you had these little skirmishes only it seemed. They went through all the trouble to try and make the open world but never actually made it feel like anything but a less convenient way to have less enjoyable battles. Thats its problem i think, they set it up as faction vs faction but there is really no sense of factional effort or belonging. For realm vs realm games to work you need people to feel like they are accomplishing something but its all secretive clans manipulating the mechanics and no sense of factional cohesion. To remove the easy and fun battles for the sake of factional play and dynamics they needed to make sure they added things compelling enough to pick up the slack, and they never did. Last time i played it seems they had given up, and just let you join a random battle queue from ports, but with the population now... They should relaunch it based on sea trials model.
  6. Supertester reward ship idea

    But ST is more fun than the game. I think we should be punishing them!
  7. Napoleonic Era Warships

    This. They have a very very VERY good naval combat simulator but they totally ruined it by designing their open world very badly. All they really had to do was copy some of the age of sail mmos that came before which managed to be quite good but they blew it. Its a real shame, because in alpha that game was really fun. They could just have made a WG format clone and it would probably have been quite successful. Now mind you i would have preferred an open world done well but it seems like they bit off more than they could chew, i imagine designing a battle simulator is a lot different from trying to balance an open world strategic map and economy and such. The best thing i can say about naval action is actual period naval tactics worked. Even if you did not understand why they worked, even if it seemed uintuitive for you to do these things based on past game experience, if you just followed the established battle doctrine you would be successful. Sailing in formation for 5 minutes before you even get within gun range and everyone holding good position in a line and maneuvering properly was great fun. Following the ship in front of you as your line twists around and maneuvers and just taking the shots that the maneuvering gives you always worked better than teams full of people who tried to individually sail. Wind mechanics worked well, being up wind of the enemy did give you a wind advantage, and trying to maneuvering into that position, and knowing when to use that advantage was all a great experience, such ships are kind of line energy fighters, being up wind gives you more energy, you can dictate just how you engage if you are upwind. There are downwind advantages though, such as easier shots at enemy sails. A real shame...
  8. This. Look at a ship, compare its win rates to its same tier counterparts, compare all of that among top players, bottom players, average players. Its easy to see when a ship is standing out as just universally better. Then its OP.
  9. Taking it to the next level?

    Play while listening to eurobeat Self criticism is the key to improvement, you will always make a mistake, every single game, nobody plays perfectly, even a 'perfect' game would be full of things like slightly sub optimal approaches or being a second or two behind where you could have been. After a game think about what you could have done better. You will make mistakes you already know not to make sometimes, the red barron died breaking one of his own rules, just be aware of what you did and think about how you might have done it better. When i die in a match i dont go back to port, i sit there reflecting on it. Sometimes a game is hopeless to win, but you can always lose better. In the end its only the things that you have internalized and intuitively get that you can draw on in the middle of a fight, you dont have time to remember what someone might have said about something or other, this is why i view making a mistake and then reflecting on it so important; thats the only way you will really internalize it. Unlike WoT where people can just say 'try to focus on doing more damage each round' WoWS is much more dynamic and sometimes you can directly cause wins with out really performing that well at anything that generates EXP, so while looking at these stats overall in retrospect can be helpful, trying to brute force improvement by picking one stat to try and do better at every single game does not really lead to success, and will sometimes lead you down a path that is more harmful to victory.
  10. So the game notifies me when ive gained karma, but every now and then i notice ive lost a point, with no notification. What is the mechanics here?
  11. They seem to shoot at me too... How big a gun do you need to overmatch an island?
  12. When ever i get upset at myself for accidentally running into an island i realize that i had actually just executed a brilliant tactical maneuver i simply did not understand. If things go badly after such skillful play it was clearly RNGs fault.
  13. Low tiers dying out it seems. At various stages of testing such games were the norm. When the game first released higher tiers were often less than full games for a while. The matchmaker used to totally flip out sometimes though and do things like one full team and one half full team or other strange imbalances, or one carrier games. I have noticed during the night even playing t6-10 i get games that are anywhere from 6v6 to 10v10 sometimes.
  14. Kuma, but only when approaching from the east.