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  1. I will agree only if going in reverse buffs concealment. For all classes. We would enter the glorious new age of the reverse meta! Optimal play would see everyone sailing backwards unless they needed to wasd out of there. I already do this in shimakaze, and feel this would be the buff IJN DDs need!
  2. Hoarding is a serious mental illness and should not be enabled or encouraged by video games. They should promote tidyness by having a special club only for people with a carefully curated collection of waifus.
  3. People

    Yeah but doing this is just admitting your stats are terrible. What you should do is make it default to hidden, that way enabling it makes you look like a tryhard and keeping it hidden is just being fashionably apathetic.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    Soon you will be illuminated by His blessed rays. Radical radar accelerationism is the way forward! We can transcend to a better world. Remove the consumable! Always on! All radar all the time! ARAT! Praise!
  5. Im not sure you can say there are things typical of a battlecruiser, there have been several kinds of ships to be called battlecruiser over the years, the fisher style of battlecruiser is just one of them. My envisioned battlecruiser line is appealing to me just because it would allow for very distinct characteristics across national lines and tier within the same line. BBs and DDs have very defined roles, everyone knows how to make one and when what that way changes everyone recognizes it and adapts... but battlecruisers have not been like that, they have always been somewhat contentious and diverse - like cruisers i suppose only instead of prioritizing range and endurance and being general force projection/utility/whatever they have a function within the single ultimate decisive battle of finality and super importance that all naval strategists would dream about at the time. If anything thats what makes them all battlecruisers.
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    I think radar saturation is a buff to torpedo based destroyers
  7. I would like battlecruiser as a 5th distinct class with its own minimap icon and matchmaker mirroring and game gimmick. It would be fun to meme about battlecruisers for about a week or two. Totaly worth the effort it would take :^)
  8. You should never trust devs to know what a good game is. When you create something you come to see the methods of creation, and lose sight of the experience of it to those who do not know them. This is why all creative activities have the things the laity like and things the creators like. Thus a game developer is actually the least qualified person on the entire planet to judge what its like to play a game for anyone who is not a game developer.
  9. "Crap we are about to win and ive only done 30k damage i better shoot at something, fast!"
  10. There is still utility inherent to DDs. Basically just 'having a dd alive at the end' has won plenty of games where another ship wouldnt do. Maybe im putting too much importance on it but i think that little colored triangle is, all on its own just sitting there in the minimap, quite useful. Even for your own team, seeing you there. Seeing all your DDs die is bad for morale, having an alive DD makes people feel like things must be going ok. There is also stuff like drawing enemy fire on purpose when they really should be shooting at a team mate instead, people see DD and want to click on it. DD just feels more dynamic, even with out stealth. Even better with a carrier permaspotting you! You can dance around at max range dodging fire, making enemy waste shot, if they wisen up and just ignore you? Shoot them back, one turet at a time. You dont have to do damage, just hit, hit, hit, hit, bully them. The sound, the camera shake, the absolute annoyance. If you are off at a different angle to them as well they have to keep watching for torps, even if theres a plane to spot them they have to look on the other side of where they want to look constantly. The insecurity, the constriction... Its not so much what youd rather be doing, you cant turn off DDs, its do you trust the person who would be playing the DD instead of you? There was a time when CVs could have completely fighterless loadouts. You could be full strike, nothing but bombers and torpedo bombers. At the time there were also pure fighter loadouts (they often had one token dive bomber, which was useless at the time for actually doing damage apart from setting fires, and you only had one so it wasnt that practical). When you were a strike CV and the enemy was a fighter CV, it was quite literally possible for them to keep your planes basically spawncamped. You just couldnt send them anywhere, their fighters would circle you just outside your carriers AA and go after anything that left. What was the solution? Escort your planes, with your carrer, to an enemy ship :^) If the enemy carrier is keeping you shut down by committing all its fighters to stay right next to you, then its not doing anything for the team but countering you. Its doing no damage, its doing no spotting, its just countering you. So all you have to do is anything to foil their plans, to make their entire purpose useless. So you use hard cover and sneak your big fat carrier up a channel and tempt some enemy ship to go for the easy kill. You then delete them and die to their teams focus fire knowing you won. IT was the most fun carrier balance ever and it really sucks WG changed it because id full strike CV even today if i had the option. Likewise, if you are a DD and the entire enemy team is set up to counter you, then its a huge relief! You have no responsibility, it is absolutely impossible for you to do anything conventional. But you know what? Thats some of their resources, some of their capability, put in to making you useless! This means if you manage to do anything useful at all, you have won! So you are now free, you can be creative and experiment and have license to be unconventional. Another kind of ship? Its got a counterpart on the other team, it must slog through convention. Its the same, to a lesser extent, when you are simply bottom tier in a match, your conventional weight is less so you have less to carry. You are no longer obligated to participate in the fort-holding-down of hitpoints and damage and positional trades, you are the free agent, able to go out and actually find something that can swing the game. This is why t8 is my favorite tier in general in WG games. If the game meta has countered DDs then their DDs are also countered! Which means you are free to discover new things to do. Its exciting! I hope everyone gets radar and carriers gain popularity again.
  11. Well i just play shima, shima dislikes other DDs You dont have to avoid radar, you can be permaspotted and still quite useful if you are accounting for the fact. Which is why that whole other DD thing is the problem, you can anticipate cruisers, you can anticipate planes. You can still avoid a bad situation by just not being anywhere being spotted is actually that big a deal. But you bump into an enemy DD in the wrong place at the wrong time? It can be bad news. A DD can be quite useful just sitting there behind hard cover, spotted, preventing a push through a narrow area, because people are afraid. In fact i intentionally make my presence known sometimes by shooting. The most powerful use of shima guns :^) Shoot one volley, and you have just launched 15 phantom torpedoes the enemy has to dodge.

    I tend to enjoy being t8 in t10 games, though my t8s tend to have some gimmick they can exploit.
  13. When i was first accepted into alpha, i downloaded the client and logged on. At the time the alpha population was too low for the matchmaker to function, people huddled in training rooms, and the NA alpha community maintained like maybe, 10 people online at once. It was tank, who later changed her name, who was running a training room. I joined and was informed we were all playing DDs, so i picked a DD (at the time you just had all the available ships) and played my first round of any kind of wows ever. We just all brawled with dds around some islands. After a couple games enough people left that we quit and waited for tomorrow. Its what sticks in my mind if i have to just pick one thing. Im quite sentimental.
  14. Other DDs bother me more than radar or planes. More radar and planes means fewer enemy DDs. Thus it is a buff.
  15. I dont trust the players within your range display at all, ive been like, one of 4 showing up and getting into an almost full same tier game, ive also seen it have way more than enough for a full, balanced, game displaying but wait and wait and wait and drop me in a 8v8. I wish they kept the old queue screen which showed exactly how many ships of every tier were in the queue.