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  1. +1 .. this game has the worst player base I've seen in nearly 30 years of gaming. The OP and others show it quite well. What does WG do to stop this, ask you to pay $$$$ and more microtransactions to help there bottom line
  2. Some of us players have real $$$ to spend, but since WG never listens they will never see a penny of it ..... buy more Alaska BBs guys LOL ..
  3. In the latest email from WG, trying to lure and bait players back who left 45 days ago, I give you the following..... tempting but can't be bothered LOL... hold out for The Alaska you know its only weeks away :) Greetings, F900EX! A mystery box is waiting for you in-game. Get at least 7 days of Premium time and maybe even more. Log in now and get your hand on your present. LATEST NEWS
  4. F900EX

    Alaska in premium shop now.

    LOl nothing like WGing deleting my post, I guess they can't handle the truth .... Overpriced rubbish.
  5. Thanks for the constructive posts and seeing I'm not the only one, just know that I have been a WGing player for many years, (Early beta tester - WOT, Early Alpha tester - WOWP) but at some point you just have to wonder is it worth playing, WG has come along way in the past 7/8+ years but at the same point in time they haven't learned anything. In Eve-online they used to say adapt or die during the nerfs and buffs of the ship changes and somehow some way you could always figure it out, here in WOS when your playing a DD, you're either spotted 24x7 or some 10Km radar have you spotted. Unless I'm sitting on the back line it's hard to stay alive, I want to be behind the enemy's line but it's got nearly impossible to do. In the last 30 days, seems WGing is all about paying the bottom line and make as much $$$ as they can, gaming experience and playability seem to be a distance memory. You only need to look at WOWP and see what a disaster it's been, during the early days the player base was growing and it looked promising, I can't remember when but it was right before or right after the game went out of beta they changed the whole gameplay, FMs and they never asked anyone for an input, I think today at best the game has 100-300 players at any given time, look at the other game 1000s of players any day of the week. IMO says that says it all. I've been a gamer for a long time, I've played and enjoy many great games in 30 years but today I see my WOWS icon and just can't be bothered clicking on it, knowing I'm playing a game that the Devs don't listen to its player base, don't kid yourself to think that they do, today WGing is out to make as much $$$ as possible and your just as long for the ride. Your input, comment, and suggestion don't matter here.
  6. It's with the below context and some BB in the background ........ "It's time to get back to your legendary vessels. They've missed you and we know you've missed them. Get right into the action and rule the seas with your favorite ships. Ready to put everything on the line for victory? Log into the game and start blasting away your enemies." If you don't log in some time they throw a bone with a free Prem ship and plenty of free, plus flags, lots of free XP for 5 easy missions, last time I held out I got the Texas for free.
  7. They sure will be until you decide to listen to your players ... I know I am not the only one, there are plenty of PC online games to chose from, I chose to play games where my voice is heard, especially when I am spending money in the game. I don't expect anyone to care, so until then.
  8. You guys who buy these ships don't care about the game and never listen, no wonder WGing put this ships that might be great today but nerfed tomorrow ( Atlanta is a good example). As for what the OP said $100 for an internet battleship, might as well put your money into SC LOL .. WGing never listen to players and never will all they care about is the bottom line $$$$
  9. They did the same to the 2 other games they made...there was a time World of WarPlanes had a healthy fan base, everyone was happy, guess what happened they did the same crap there as they did here and you can guess the result, I was a very early alpha tester on WoWP and went through the cycle right til WGing decided to change it even though many regulars told them no to change it and they did it anyway. Right now WOWP has an average of 150-500 players max on any given day, I remember the days it was a healthy 1500-2000 players on... again says it all. WG will be happy to take your money but when it comes to listening to you they don't give 2 shts
  10. Hence the reason the gameplay is broken, if that does not say it I don't know what will ..
  11. F900EX

    Where is USS Alaska?

    With all the issues in the latest patch and you guys willing to throw more $$$$ at WGing ... no wonder they don't listen, I would be laughing all the way to the bank with you guys LOL
  12. It does not matter, you go into most games and you will see the same complaints. 47% says it all. Update is trash
  13. CV Rework First Impressions Poll ^^^Look at that thread ... At the time of this post 47% of players who voted hate this patch, 6% positive, its speaks for itself.
  14. Look 99% of CV players are going to defend this update to the hill and back.. it's a massive buff and they get all the advantage in this update. The Problem is this game does not revolve around CV players, you have BBs, Cruisers and DDs <<< All have been severely affected in a bad way, I like playing DDs and of course I am not going to like it, in the games I have played tonight it is very obvious that the game play has changed in a direction 95% of players don't like..... BUT more important WG did not listen to the player base. this is a useless update, the majority of these threads are the same, players don't like this update.