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  1. Hiro_Apropos

    You have warship meme's?

    Says it all.
  2. Exactly what it says. i want more of his swank coming out of my speakers.
  3. Hiro_Apropos

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    Try being the only ship left, you are in a CV and they are left. Its damn near pointless being there.
  4. Hiro_Apropos

    CV vs Submarines

    Seems to be little point being a CV against submarines. The only thing that I have found that can hit them is the bombs from the british line, the bombs from the two other lines, the submarine is just to hard to see and drop on. Fighters are worse, as the sub is smaller than the reticle we get, far to small a surface area to see, and the sighting distance is abysmal for us to counter. Just left a game where I was left against 3 subs. They just capped, sailing slow, diving when fighters came to close, and pop right back up. Nothing at all I can do about it either. So if CVs are going to be in games with submarines, something needs to change. A larger wake, something. Or we can just figure that CVs against subs we just give up and call it a loss.
  5. Hiro_Apropos

    Pink Forgiveness Idea

    I agree , it is MUCH better. Like I said just asking opinions. Seems people are ok with the way it is.
  6. Hiro_Apropos

    Pink Forgiveness Idea

    This would have to be something that is given by the person damaged. So morons not forgiven, but sometimes it just so happens that the person who wanders into friendly fire is at fault. Would you disagree? Thats what I am talking about. Not some random lets just forgive everyone. Sometimes I forget that most of the people on forums are here to [edited] and complain not be constructive.
  7. Hiro_Apropos

    Pink Forgiveness Idea

    I think that after getting torped by a friendly or damaged by a friendly on accident that a simple right-click and compliment should prevent them from going pink. Disabled for division mates, to prevent it from being abused. Opinions?
  8. Where exactly is this 'list of phrases' cause the link I got sent me to a blurb that said basically nothing.