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  1. Having a patent on a thing is meaningless in terms of whether or not something's actually being used. I have patents, too. Doesn't mean that either the patented product itself or the patented manufacturing process to make it are actually in use anywhere, but by god my name's on the patent.
  2. LT_Rusty_SWO

    a legitimate MM complaint

    This is one of those games where you might not win but you absolutely should NEVER lose. Charge in, try your best, but make absolutely sure there's at least one of your bot teammates alive when you die. If you exit the game after you die but before the battle ends, leaving no human players remaining in battle (even as spectators), it should force a draw.
  3. Are the videos monetized? I have enough ad blockers that I don't see ads on youtube videos anyway, but... So what? Are you popular enough to upload a video and actually make money on it? I'm certainly not, and I have quite a few videos up.
  4. If you post the replays up for public viewing, then wouldn't you think that permission is kind of implied?
  5. I seem to recall mostly hearing that operations were low priority and no particular dev resources were being put into them?
  6. 5 or 6? AYFKM? Leave it at T9- it would be plenty evil, believe me: those would be essentially the same secondary battery as OHIO, but almost 3 times more of it.
  7. I actually do want WYOMING (44) though. That would be just ridiculously fun at tier 4.
  8. LT_Rusty_SWO

    When is WG going to fix shells falling short?

    Modification complete. Test sat. But, in all seriousness- taking Moskva as an example: over the past couple hundred games, mix of clan battles and randoms, my average hit rate is 39%. That's pretty dang good. (Yes, my WR and damage aren't great- it was an early T10 and I got it when I still sucked, but had a lot of practice in CB's with it.) But, yeah- 39% average hit rate. I'd expect any particular given battle to fluctuate by maybe 10-15%. RNG plays a factor, of course, and you face enemies of variable skill levels so some will do better at dodging your fire. Last couple days I've played it in randoms some more. Most of them, the hit rates were pretty close to the average, in a tight group from -3.3% to +5.8% of my average hit rate. One outlier was at -9.3%, and one more was at 10.7%. Those are both pretty well within the expected range. But then there's two battles that are super outliers: one at -32.6% and the other at -49.7%. In other words, with an average of 39% main battery hit rate in that ship, in those two battles I was at 26.3% and 19.6% instead of 39+/-10. I think those are the replays I probably need to review and record, with careful attention to point of aim and point of impact.
  9. LT_Rusty_SWO

    When is WG going to fix shells falling short?

    I have a couple replays I really need to go back and record... there were a couple battles last night where I could simply not hit anything, and the rounds were just falling short, no matter where or how I aimed.
  10. No. Not at all. I want a BB with 17x2 5"/54 main turrets and a single 4-gun big-bore secondary turret.
  11. LT_Rusty_SWO

    Which tier 5 DD has 3 dual torp with an obscenely fast reload?

    That's the thing that most people just have a hard time believing. The Kami triplets genuinely used to be the chubby little sisters that nobody wanted to go out with. It wasn't until Minekaze got nerfed that people started to take a second glance at them.
  12. LT_Rusty_SWO

    How broken is MM

    do please tag me. the only people I see who say this happens are the ones who say that *other* people do it, but again with no evidence. Most of the time they’re just blaming their blowout loss on something, from what I’ve seen.
  13. LT_Rusty_SWO

    How broken is MM

    You’ll need to provide an example, because seriously- I pay attention to every thread about MMM and I’ve never seen the kind of thing you’re talking about.
  14. LT_Rusty_SWO

    Mod station update. No high fps allowed?

    I run in 4K, and my GPU fan has never turned on once in the ~2.5 years that I’ve had it, except for the time I forced it to turn on with Afterburner to make sure it actually worked.
  15. LT_Rusty_SWO

    Stat shamed? Shaming? Hide your stats

    One got his MD from Johns Hopkins, the other got it from the Hollywood Upstairs Medical College. If you listen to the one who has the prestigious diploma and the proven track record of knowing what he's talking about, and blow off the one who has a funny voice and got his diploma essentially from a box of Cracker Jacks, you're being an elitist bully. Dr Nick's thoughts, ideas, and opinions are every bit as valid as Dr. House's, and you should pay attention to him. Don't worry about the record of accomplishments that validate the opinions- that doesn't matter and you're a jerk if you think it does.