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  1. Thanks. Always is. Conqueror initially did try for A, but nobody else followed. From my view, once he realized this, that's why he took that big loop. He was already in a weird place and that loop let him keep his guns covering as many targets as possible for the longest period of time before losing the forward guns when he came about. Thing is, you had to make the decision on inside/out before you could tell what was going to happen with the rest of the team. Going outside on the east is probably best for a Shima if you have more than 1 DD on the team (and they're trying to cap A) but with only 1... eh. Coin toss, I guess, due to spotting, but still: if you're really trying to cap B, it's a lot easier to do it when you have clear lines of sight to everyone that's in B. Cutting through the middle would have given you that a lot earlier. ... not as much as you think, when it comes to a DM with the special geology-reinforced armor belt. The beeping gets annoying, but it's just one quick glance in the direction of the torpedo warning and then back to whatever else you were doing. Extra points for use of the term OODA loop. Loss of points for optimism re: team, at that point. By the 15:30 mark you had detection on both Hindy and Montana, and both were clear of the cap. Not sure if it was you spotting or the green Montana, but (a) it was clear, and (b) the red DM was not in a position where he could have radared you. The cap could have been yours, entirely, at that point. Again: lot less stress than you're thinking it is. That's why DM's hug islands. Uncertainty as to your location, other than "somewhere in B cap" would have been much more of a stress for the reds than torpedoes that couldn't hit anything. I throw Khab torps around a lot more freely than Gearing torps, in ranked, mostly because I don't expect them to ever actually hit anything and I'm shocked hwne they do. Gearing torps (and shima) can actually be useful, though. You really are overestimating the effect on an island humper that knows he has an island between him and your torps. Most of the time, the team on the south side of the map is going to do exactly what the MT and Hindy did: go wide, to get the best line of sight. By the time that contact is made, and if the whole northern team does come down the east side, they're overextended and get butchered. (This is what would have happened, had the rest of your team followed you. That Hindy went far, far too wide, and the MT didn't go wide enough, so he would have had to show his broadside for an extended period in any attempt to escape either by turning west and cutting through the islands or turning north-->east-->south-->southwest to escape. The only ship that you were spotting there was the DM, until you were looking at the ships at B and the Montana was there with you. The Conqueror, Yamato, and one or both green Hindenburgs were doing the rest of the spotting. Where the DM was, he wasn't a threat to anyone except you. Had you not fired torps at him and given him an idea that you were just dawdling around and trying to cap via that little sliver on the north side of B, he would not have been able to sneak into your radar range, and you would have been able to observe when he started to make his move and GTFO the way. Matter of style, I guess, but in general if you provide a convenient anvil and then flip off the hammer... things aren't generally going to end well for you. When I'm driving a stealthbote (in my case, Kami R and Asashio) I try to keep open water between me and my most likely threat, so that I can see them coming before they can see me. And I also like to open up a good avenue of attack against island huggers, because they're giving you the anvil, if you can get a good approach and not give them any reason to pop radar. Capping A from the middle, when you knew the distribution of enemy forces, was a suboptimal idea. Actually, more than that: it was [copulating] dumb. If you're going to go A, go there straight from spawn. If you go to C first, do not ever go to A. Only ever go to B from C. You go to A after capping B, perhaps. But don't go from C down the middle and then to A. It was only a loss so long as the enemy had 2 caps. You and the Montana should have been able to take B. RNG [delicately caressed] your green Montana a few too many times, the way things unfolded, but if you had held your torps and taken out the MT and capped B early enough (starting at 15:30 and completing NLT 14:00), and your teammates remained defensive at C, you would likely have won on points. Your team was doing a good job of focus firing, the enemy YY wasn't doing a lot other than spotting, and without the Hindy and Montana adding their weight of fire from the eastern side of the map, the defensive action would have been at least 50-50 odds, particularly if your green Montana had been in B firing to the north, and you'd continued on toward A.
  2. The most humiliating way to die...

    No... it's a full health (or nearly so) T10 BB running aground and then getting torpedo executed by a Khab from point blank range. That's worse. That's MUCH worse.
  3. Server Down?

    Okay, soooooooo this is a long shot, but it's something that I've had an issue with in the past. Delete the password from the login screen, re-enter it, and try again. See if that fixes things.
  4. double strike achievement

    Well, no kidding. That's obviously the way it works, given that we've already observed that getting 2 pairs of qualifying kills that happen to both share one kill doesn't count.
  5. Question: how do you figure that your total damage was 154k? (Not trying to be a richard, it's just that I've watched the replay twice through now to see what's actually going on and I don't understand what you mean by this.) Anyway. So, Iike I said, I've watched this through a couple times now and I've got some hot-take notes. If you *want* I am willing to go back through it again, and record the battle from multiple POVs so that you can get a picture of what the rest of the team was actually doing while you were doing stuff. 1. I'm not surprised that that Conqueror saved his star. The guy was aggressive, and he kept his guns going for pretty much the whole battle. Even before I went back to your OP to see that he topped the scoreboard, I had a feeling that he was going to, from watching the battle. 2. I wouldn't have gone down the middle with the DD, or at least not all the way. I suppose there's arguments both ways, though: you did keep the DM spotted, and it was important to know where he was for part of what you were trying to do. I think, though, that I probably would have come half-way, then cut through the islands at the spot where the channel between three islands makes a Y. That would have given you a lot better visibility at B, and you could have gauged your attack there better. (In the map screenshot, the green line shows your approximate actual course, the dotted line is the one I would have recommended, cutting through the islands. The yellow circle is the area where you wasted time in some of the below notes.) 3. ~17:35 mark - good job between you and SgtMajorBuzz on comparing and interpreting RDF notes to guess where the DM was going to pop up, buuuut.... 4. ~16:50 mark - why in god's name are you shooting slow-reload torpedoes into a rock? What did it ever do to you? All joking aside, though, this was a bad move. The gap there is too narrow to get a useful amount of torpedoes through, and the DM's behavior to that point doesn't really indicate that he's going to pop out and eat a torp. (I have the stoplights mod installed, so I can see what he's doing with his throttle. He's not going to be coming out, but even if he did, 3 of your torps went into the rocks so he wouldn't have died.) 5. The second set of torps and the screwing around with the DM is, quite frankly, probably what cost your team this game, and almost certainly cost you your star. Seriously.You should have been in B at about the 15:30 mark, when the red Montana had left it and the red DM was still accounted for and out of radar range. By that point, even though the red YY hadn't been spotted, you knew that he'd gone to A, and given where your BBs were you could make a solid guess as to where he was going to be. (Not to mention that your torpedoes were probably spotted and so the DM knew where you were at and started heading your way.) 5a. Even if the red Montana had come back and tried to dig you out of that sliver on the other side of the island, he would have been broadside on when your friendly Montana showed up to support you. Between your torps and the friendly Montana, he wouldn't have lasted. 5b. This is where cutting through the islands would have helped, too: you'd be shielded from any DM or Hindy retribution by islands, and would have had clear LOS to the MT for torpedoing. 6. You finally start capping at about the 14:30 mark, but by then the DM is unaccounted for (and as noted in #5 probably knew just about where you were from the wasted torpedoes), and it was too late. 7. Time 13:02 - Finally, good torpedo launches, but it's too little (since you had wasted one set of torps on the DM) and it was too late (since while you're running away the DM is close enough to radar you). You did stagger your torpedoes here, but I don't think it was intentional to maximize flooding so much as accidental necessity, since you'd wasted a load on the DM and had almost a minute left to go on the reload. If you'd had the torps up, all three of them, and waited ~15 seconds to launch them instead of almost a full minute, you would have killed the MT, finished the cap, and still had a healthy MT there who could have dealt with the Hindy, clearing the way for you to get out of the DM's fire. (Of course, the DM wouldn't have been there to radar you if you hadn't been shooting the torps at him and giving the clue as to where you were lurking in the first place.) In short, I think that if you had not given away your position to the DM, or had engaged the MT with the third set between 30 and 40 seconds sooner, your team would have won the game. And even if they hadn't, you would have had a solo cap and a kill, on top of the damage, and would certainly have been on top of the scoreboard. This is, of course, all my opinion and I had the opportunity to pause and rewatch and whatnot. So, take it with a grain of salt. But that's the way I read that battle. Edit to add map mentioned previously:
  6. March to Kronshtadt

    I don't remember them actually saying that Missouri would be available forever. My memory may be faulty here--wouldn't be the first time, and getting older sucks--but I seem to recall that what they actually said was something along the lines of "for the foreseeable future," or something similar. It wasn't a lie, because it wasn't a definite black-and-white statement. It left open the possibility that plans would change at some time.
  7. March to Kronshtadt

    What makes you think they can only do it once? At some indeterminate period in the future, they could still pop it up for an OMG LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER and reliably make thousands of dollars on the doubloon sales for people to get it. They could do this at least once a year at random times, maybe even twice a year, and still make bank on it. The impulse buyers will get it, and it will be a disruption to the long-term planners, who may have that much FXP saved up but are far more likely to have earmarked it for something else, so they'll wind up buying doubloons too, so that they can keep to their plan and also have the OMG LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER.
  8. March to Kronshtadt

    Impatient and impulsive people aren't the ones that this is designed to manipulate. Those people will always be ready to plunk down cash for doubloons. This is designed to manipulate the people who are capable of setting long-term goals and sticking with them. The people who are not prone to making impulse purchases. A predictable rotation doesn't cause the sense of urgency. If people know that they can just wait a few months and it will come back around, then they have no reason to jump on a thing that requires them to spend money. edit: lulz at the folks downvoting this because they don't like hearing that they're being manipulated.
  9. March to Kronshtadt

    Now, I haven't seen that video, so I don't know what factors he's taking into account when he says that, but there is very definitely at least one very, very good reason to not offer all the FXP ships at once. Doubloons. When you have everything available all the time, then there's no particular urgency about getting something. It takes quite a while to work up 750k FXP just by playing the game. Even if you have premium time, you're not going to collect that much FXP quickly, but you can do it. Of course, over the length of time it takes you to do it, there's a lot of things that could happen. You could get bored with the game and quit playing, for instance, and then you're not giving WG any money for more premium time or flags or premium ships or anything. But... if you create a sense of urgency by announcing that something desirable will no longer be available, then you take away the (less profitable, more risky) long-term option from the players. People, by their very nature, want things that are rare, and are encouraged to make sure they get to have them. I'm willing to bet you that in the time between when WG announced that Missouri was going away and when she finally did, they sold record amounts of doubloons, which people then turned around and used to convert XP so they could get her before she went away. And that is why there's a good reason for WG to not offer all the FXP ships at once.
  10. double strike achievement

    Here's the logic behind it: Say you're driving Kagero. 8 torpedo tubes, and you've got reload booster, so you shoot your second spread of torpedoes 8 seconds after your first. A double strike is 2 kills that occur within ten seconds. The first spread doesn't directly kill anyone, but it does start someone flooding. Your second spread of torpedoes, you get 2 into a destroyer, and it dies. 6 seconds later, your flooding victim dies. 8 seconds after that, 4 torpedoes from the second spread hit a cruiser and you get a dev strike. So, timeline: 0:00 - DD dies. 0:06 - Flooding victim dies. 0:14 - CA dies. There are 6 seconds (and 6<10) between the first two kills, so that qualifies as a double strike, even if you take away the third kill. There are 8 seconds (and 8<10) between the last two kills, so that qualifies as a double strike, even if you take away the first kill. There are 14 seconds (and 14>10) between the first and third kills, so that would not qualify as a double strike, if you take away the middle kill. There are 2 sets of events there that would, individually, qualify as double strikes, even though only 3 ships were killed. That's why people are asking the question, not because they're being greedy.
  11. Do you have the screenshots of the scoreboard to go with this one? All four of them, ideally, not just the team scores. I don't have time to watch it right this second--I have some work that I need to finish first--but I will run through it before I start playing today and see what jumps out.
  12. The OP isn't trying to get better with Shimakaze. He's been on a crusade since the beginning of the season about the save-a-star thing and how it's not awarded fairly. He doesn't want to improve. He wants sympathy for his cause, and he wants people to look at his screenshots and say "oh, no, you deserved to keep your star! that's horrible! you were robbed!" He's not pleased that people looked at his screenshots and actually listed things shown in the screenshots that were the reasons he didn't get first place. Just like you weren't really happy when I pointed out the things in your screenshot.
  13. Can you read? Sincere question, because I don't think you have been.
  14. Jesus. Please try to pay attention. OP is not looking for information on how to be good at playing Shima. OP is complaining solely about not getting to keep his star when he thinks he deserved to. He's been on this kick since just about the beginning of the season, and it's not the first thread he's created on the subject. The answer here is "if you can't save your star playing Shima, then either don't play Shima or just don't play ranked." Across the board, Shimakaze has the lowest win rate and the lowest average experience out of ANY T10 destroyer, whether you're looking at all players on the NA server or even if you're filtering out only the top 5% of players. It's STILL the lowest. If you're choosing to hobble yourself with a ship that's hard to play at ANY skill level and you aren't one of those top 5% types? Don't complain that you're not excelling with it. Adapt and overcome, don't just keep beating your face against the same brick wall when you could just simply choose to use the door that's right next to you instead.
  15. Because I wasn't successful with Shima, I learned how to run a different T10 destroyer. And then I became successful. Adapt and overcome. Or stagnate and fail. I chose to adapt. You chose stagnation. Yeah, I think you might be right: we are done here. You're not willing to even consider the idea that maybe the fault is yours. With well over 4,000 games in Shimakaze, you have found your natural level in it, and are unlikely to grow much further with that ship. You are unwilling to adapt your play style to achieve, and are instead focused on trying to get the rest of the world to change to suit what you want. And yet, somehow, you're unable to figure out why you don't hit the top of the scoreboard.