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  1. Krondstadt OP, I want the USS Alaska!

    Yeah, not nearly as much as you think. Here's why: Not going to screenshot the individual damage per target, but here's the breakdown from that battle: 1141 average damage per hit. 478 per round fired. That's... not particularly huge. I'd likely have done far, far better with my DM, and I know I'd have done better in Missouri or Montana, with some of the shots that I had on people. Molotov is a good comparison, when you look at the amount of overpens against broadside targets. Big difference is that Molotov can actually lolpen most cruisers it faces through the bow, and Kronshtadt can't, so far as I've experienced. I get far more citadels with Molotov, but on the other hand... dat survivability. I really need to record the replay, but I took Kronshtadt into the training room a couple times to experiment against stationary targets and then against active (but unarmed) bots. Against a Yamato that was stationary, I was able to score a few cits. In fact, one salvo (I can't remember the range, but it was probably ~12k or so) I even got a double cit, slapping her on the cheek, so to speak. Next salvo? 900 points of damage. Same point of aim. I didn't move the mouse at all. I'd have to go back and watch the replay, but I'm pretttttty sure that it was 8 misses and 1 overpen for the second broadside.
  2. With DDs, if you launch closer, you'll find you get more kills from dev strikes than you do kills that depend on flooding. If you're getting kills from flooding, that means they've already burned their repair, and that (generally) means that they were on fire, and that means that someone else was engaging them before / while you were shooting torps. (There's rare occasions when you get a re-attack on someone that already burned his repair on your previous flooding, but ... those are really dumb BBs and they're few and far between, though they do crop up now and then.) I've got 22 of the big K's now, and most of them were with DDs.
  3. Thaaaaaaaaa

    I love freaking out cruisers with Asashio DWTs, especially when there's a PADD in the game as well. The enemy cruisers never know whether they can ignore my torps or not.
  4. There is absolutely NOTHING more Navy than a cup of coffee and a cigarette on the bridge wing. ... unless it's a cigar. That was the absolute highlight of my day. Officer of the deck of a warship at sea, absolute lord and master of everything I can see (until the skipper tells me I've [copulated] up, at least, but he generally let me have my fantasy). Nice big mug of black coffee with a circle-Zebra sticker on one side and the ship's crest on the other, and a goddamn Pall Mall because the NEX didn't carry Camels. Splash of waves on the hull. Faraway rumble of machinery sounds, and much closer a whoosh from the gas turbine air intakes. Smell of DFM exhaust. Deck gently moving under my feet, almost imperceptible. First sliver of sun comes up over the horizon, and QM2 calls out "observe sunrise." His pen scritch-scritching in the log, and then my Zippo would spark, and that first drag of lovely, wonderful, horrible cancer .........
  5. Battleship Kronshtadt

    I've had pretty mixed results with it so far. I'm at 50% right now, but I've only had 6 games. It can do some pretty good things if your flanks are secure. As soon as you get flanked, though... that's gonna be a paddling. I'm not getting a lot of kills. That is one thing I notice. My last game, I did almost 90k damage... but didn't get the kill on anything. I might be fighting from too far away, though: I was shooting most stuff at 12-16k, though there was a bunch of damage to an Atago that was between 5 and 8k, and I couldn't citadel that guy to save my life. It's fun, when you can get in the right groove. You can tank pretty well, and that long-range radar can be good coverage for more than 1 cap if you plan properly.

    Unless your rounds didn't go where you pointed them--as shown in the picture below--then you're kind of screwed here. And since you want to talk about OMG LAWZZZZZ!!!! you might want to learn a little about the concept of general intent vs specific intent as it relates to commission of a crime. You didn't have to specifically intend to hit that friendly player... you had to generally intend to send torpedoes or shells down that line of bearing. Whether or not you intended to hit that specific target is meaningless, because you did intend to discharge your weapon, and you are responsible for whatever happens as a result of that.
  7. Asashio Useless IMO

    Asashio is utterly useless. It can't cap. Once the battleships are gone, it's completely worthless. Can't do anything to help your team win. Like this guy above: he did 12,000 damage and then sat around doing nothing the rest of the battle. How worthless is that? Has to be a last-place performance. The win was a total coincidence, and he certainly doesn't deserve any credit for it. There's no way that guy came in anything but last place on the team with only 12,000 damage. See for yourself: The other day I had an Asashio on my team and we lost the battle and it was that stupid jerk's fault that we lost. He didn't do anything at all, just sat there and was useless. Anyone who takes Asashio into battle deserves to have their fingernails ripped out by the roots. It should be legal to TK an Asashio on sight, because they're worthless. Anyone that likes Asashio is obviously a blue falcon and a horrible person and it's right and good that we should tell the other team where that person is because they just suck and I hate them.
  8. Welcome Comrade Kronstadt

    It bow tanks very nicely. Guns are ridiculously inconsistent in terms of dispersion. I shot at a full broadside hindenburg last battle that was dead in the water... and not a single round hit him. There's definitely a novelty factor to it, though, and you'll likely find that the red team focuses on you due to the novelty of the ship. If you're bow on... no big deal. If you're not bow on? You're dead.
  9. 16-point-something? I think it's the same as the old range with AFT, but that particular screw-job was a couple years ago and I can't remember for sure.
  10. What’s your #2 money maker?

    Same here. Even a mediocre game is better for me than a pretty good Missouri battle.
  11. Dev blog says yes, therefore everyone else is wrong.
  12. Oh, you did miss it. Too funny. You actually quoted the post where he said he's not American, and completely missed that part of what he said.
  13. I was a little sad when I got rejected from West Point. Apparently having a father's name listed on your birth certificate is a disqualifier. Who knew? - sincerely, also a SWO You missed the part of that post where he said he's British, not American, I guess?
  14. fire fire fire

    Oh, c'mon. Sounds like you were a sailor, so presumably you have some clue about this stuff. Please tell me exactly how you can see a fire happening topside that's going to be life-threatening to the ship, and yet is caused by a weapon which does not penetrate the ship at all. The only one I can think of where this would legitimately happen is the wooden decks of aircraft carriers in the days before armored flight decks.
  15. IFHE on BB sceondaries?

    Because he's George Takei, and that's not shade he's throwing on Brad.