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  1. Free week of Prem....

    Oh, I used my code as soon as I got the email. I didn't have a problem using it.
  2. 7 Day Premium Code = WTH?

    No, that's not the problem. The code worked for me. I'm mostly annoyed that people (yourself included) are claiming to have known something but not showing a source, and using that to beat up on those poor stupid folk who didn't share your secret knowledge. The earliest information that's publicly available to say that the code was dead, so far as I can see, was posted well after it stopped working. Since you decline to give the link that you say provided advance notice that it was going to stop working much sooner than the advertised 1 May, then I am forced to conclude that you didn't actually see that anywhere.
  3. 7 Day Premium Code = WTH?

    Yes, but you're missing the point. I'm asking you to find it again and provide the link. Because the one that you're apparently talking about is not the one that I saw, and I'd like to see the one that you saw. I'm not trying to be a [edited] here, I just want to make sure that I'm getting the same information as you. If we're working off two separate sets of information then we probably aren't talking about the same things. This is the thread that I've been talking about. The OP gave the same info that was in the email, and it wasn't until I think page 3 when a WG employee said it was already over and done with.
  4. Horn bug follows me to port

    Blech. That sucks. The horns are annoying, but tbh I've never been quite pissed off enough to try and disable them.
  5. Free week of Prem....

    Every other forumite didn't know. This screen cap below is the entirety of the information in the email. It says nothing about any limit other than 1 May expiration. So, if everyone got the same email, but some people knew that it was limited use, then apparently WG did give some information to some people and not to others. Bunch of my clan mates were trying to figure out why it didn't work for them, when it did for me and some of the others. None of them knew that there was a limit other than 1 May. But your discord buddy did know. Where did he get the information from?
  6. How does "Manual Secondaries" work?

    If you just drive up next to someone and you have manual secondary fire control, your secondary batteries will not fire at all. You have to specifically target the ship you want to kill, using ctrl+click (as others have noted). When you do this, however... your secondaries will actually hit, for once. They'll tear the crap out of whatever you've targeted, especially if you're using BISMARK / TIRPITZ or GROSSER KURFURST. They'll absolutely tear the living hell out of just about anything.
  7. 7 Day Premium Code = WTH?

    Yes, it was confirmed after the fact that the code was no longer available. I can't find anywhere, though, that they said this was happening before it happened. The email clearly said May 1.
  8. Horn bug follows me to port

    There's an option in the settings to disable the horn. You'd think it would be on the sounds page, but for some reason I feel like it's actually on one of the others and can't remember which.
  9. Yep, its the weekend

    I know that for me there's a sweet spot, for sure. Just enough coffee to get the edge, just enough whisky or rum to dull it back out a little. Only done that once or twice, but it's somehow simultaneously the best and the worst feeling in the game.
  10. Mouse problem

    1ms refresh rate. https://www.pcgamer.com/mouse-of-the-year-logitech-g903-lightspeed/ https://www.pcworld.com/article/3228745/hardware/logitech-g903-review.html Takes a lot of batteries before this could be said to have paid for itself, but the convenience factor is very, very, very much a thing. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3228525/hardware/logitech-powerplay-review-wireless-charging-mouse-pad.html
  11. Horn bug follows me to port

    That happened to some of my clan-mates a couple weeks back. They were in a division, and once the battle was over the horn sound followed them back into port. Also, for some reason, they were still marked as in battle in the division, and were not able to go back into battle for a couple days after. Fortunately, it seems to have cleared up about thirty minutes before the next session of clan battles. Still don't know what the problem was on that.
  12. 7 Day Premium Code = WTH?

    Assuming you're being serious, then I really am curious as to where they said that. It wasn't in the email that I got. On the other hand, since I think you're being sarcastic, I'll just say "I know, right? They handled that one perfectly!"
  13. Free week of Prem....

    Nifty. Was the OP there to hear this announcement? Because if he wasn't, then why are you blaming him for sharing the information that WG directly gave him, and not including other--admittedly relevant--info which they didn't tell him?
  14. Free week of Prem....

    What's your source that said it was limited use? The email that I got from WG didn't say anything about limited use. Just that you had to do it before 1 May. So, it's highly likely that the OP had no idea. But, hey, glad that you're super informed and all up to date with things that WG didn't tell anyone about.
  15. Free week of Prem....

    You didn't actually read the OP, did you? He said it was a limited time thing. Ofc, in the end, WG decided to make it far more limited than they originally advertised.