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  1. LT_Rusty_SWO

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I read this and all I heard was an echoing chorus of "Enjoy WG." I can't believe nobody seems to remember that one. Is it wrong that I heard Lars Mikkelsen's voice when I read that?
  2. LT_Rusty_SWO

    Steel in the Dailies! Nice!

    Hm. So, the premium currency which was formerly doled out only sparingly as inducement to participate in competitive modes... then got opened up once a year (and still sparingly) with snowflakes as an inducement to buy premium ships... is now being given out to anyone? As an inducement to... what? Just play the game at all? That's, uh... concerning.
  3. Jesus. This is such a load of... something that one might almost think it was fed straight to you from St Petersburg via Google Translate. Yeah, they're legally allowed to do it, but it's a serious Richard move--as you yourself have noted--and when useful [people] like you keep justifying it, that just makes them more confident the next time they feel like pulling something asinine.
  4. No, it's actually not evading the point, nor is it a canard. Some people are actually trying to make the argument that they should be getting Petropavlovsk instead of Nevsky, because Moskva was a heavy, so therefore they should get the heavy as a replacement instead of the light.That's just unreasonable to expect, because the vacancy is created in the main line, and we've always had to grind or FXP through the new line. But you are right about what the point should be: there should not be a vacancy created in an already-completed tech tree.
  5. Because those ships were part of the main line, not the new line. You got Buffalo to replace Baltimore because you already had Baltimore.You didn't get Seattle, because that was on the new tech tree branch.
  6. I'm just about at the point where I don't even care anymore. It's been 10 or 12 days since the last battle I played, and WG just keeps giving me more and more reasons to play with my 3D printer or pet my dog or read a book or do... just about anything other than play their game, really.
  7. That was just a recounting of what happened with Cleveland, not a statement that this was going to be the same way. It's not a misreading of anything. This is not a matter of "relief" for the Moskva camo so much as that they're doing this split quite differently than previous ones. 1. If you own Moskva, you keep it as a coal ship. 2. All Moskvas will have permacamo, regardless of whether or not the player had already purchased it with real $$. 3. Your Moskva captain will move with Moskva, and he will remain specialized for Moskva. If you want to use him elsewhere, you have to retrain. (Or pay with real $$.) 4. Your completed tech tree is now uncompleted, and you need to re-grind for the T10 Nevsky, and many (perhaps most?) people will have to re-buy Donskoi and all the modules for it to do so. 5. If you want to use your (presumably) 19-point Moskva captain for this, you pay to retrain him for Donskoi, then pay to retrain him for Nevsky. 6. If you want the T10 tech tree ship camo for Nevsky, you pay another 5k dubs for it. So, in order to get to the same end-state that we'd have expected from previous tech tree splits, you can either grind for several days (or weeks, depending on how much you have time to play), or you can spend a few hundred thousand free XP and ~20 million credits. Or you can spend ~20 million credits and almost 20,000 dubs to convert XP, retrain your captain, reset his skills, and buy the permacamo. When you stop and think about it, that's really a hell of a deal. It's a great reward for having ground all the way up the Russian cruiser line and spent 5k dubs already to buy the permacamo.
  8. That's a rather twisted perspective, and I get the feeling that at least some of the people who characterize things that way are doing so out of a conscious intent to make the argument seem unreasonable. What people are pissed about is that this line split is being managed in a way which is drastically different from any of the previous ones. In every previous instance, when a ship was taken out of its spot in the tech tree and moved to a new spot, all the extras for the ship that was moved (permacamo, captain w/skills, etc) stayed with the new ship that landed in that spot, rather than moving with the old ship to whatever new home it found. Cleveland's up-tier was a bit of an exception, but in a good way: if you had the permanent camo for T6 Cleveland, then you got the permacamo for T6 Pensacola and your Cleveland captain was re-trained for Pensa, but they gave you a new camo for Cleveland.
  9. LT_Rusty_SWO

    Shells falling short: Lock-on bug is back with a VENGEANCE

    You talk a really good game on this, and you sound sincere and well-meaning, but it would be great if you--both "you" as in WG and "you" as in you, personally--actually followed through. I sent a replay and very clear frame-by-frame video showing a bugged hitbox interaction a while back. Your response, paraphrased: "I can't confirm that there's anything wrong, and please stop pushing this issue."
  10. There's nothing magical and super about the difference between T9 and T10, yet when they did the Russian DD line split I went from having old Udaloi to having T9 Tashkent in its place and then also getting the new alt-branch Udaloi as well. Extremely similar situations there as far as tier and quantity of ships you end up with. As far as the camo- it's just a matter of consistency. In every single previous line split, both the captain and the camo stayed with the tech tree slot, and not the ship. In the above-mentioned Trashkan / Udaloi situation, I went from having old-Udaloi with permacamo and Captain A to having new Trashkan with permacamo and Captain A and having new Udaloi with no permacamo and having Captain B. And I didn't have to re-grind to get Trashkan, either. I don't think that anyone's complaining that we're not ending up with 2 camos so much as that we're not being consistent and following the same practice that we've done with every other split thus far, which would have Moskva's captain and camo stay with the slot, and there would be no grinding to re-unlock things that we'd already unlocked. Notice how nobody's really arguing that it sucks that we'll have to re-grind Schors to unlock Tallinn? It's because that's consistent with how previous line splits have worked.
  11. LT_Rusty_SWO

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    "The same rules apply to cruisers Kirov and Kotovsky." Your opinion fails. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/133758-st-soviet-cruisers-branch-split/?do=findComment&comment=3438609
  12. LT_Rusty_SWO

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    To be honest, I'd rather have the pissed off customer. Why? They're passionate about the product. They're the customers who, if you keep them happy, talk about it constantly, recruit new players, and spend more money. When they stop getting pissed off at things like this, it's because they don't care anymore, and they're no longer passionate about the product, and it doesn't really matter if you keep them happy because they're over it. A year ago, I'd have been pissed about this and brought a pitchfork and a torch. At this point, though? I'm just apathetic about it. IDGAF anymore. I'm spending money and time on other things.
  13. We've participated in every season of clan battles so far. We're sitting this one out, because carriers.
  14. LT_Rusty_SWO

    Clan Battles for Corona Virus Season?

    Doesn't matter if there's a free respec or not for the next season of clan battles: my clan will not be participating, due to the presence of carriers.
  15. Having a patent on a thing is meaningless in terms of whether or not something's actually being used. I have patents, too. Doesn't mean that either the patented product itself or the patented manufacturing process to make it are actually in use anywhere, but by god my name's on the patent.