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  1. Premium shop log in

    Web portal. I tried it again just now and finally got in but it still took forever. Shrugz
  2. Premium shop log in

    Just an FYI for you guys at WG but right now if you try to log into the premium shop the connection just repeatedly times out. Went to get my son some premium time and cant connect at all. Actually after today's update all the log in screens seem to be loading slowly.
  3. I havent noticed that but keep in mind that even with propulsion mod 2 the GM's acceleration is painfully slow (or so it seems to me) so if you were already moving slowly like FireAndHE said it may have been hard to feel last stand's effect
  4. Been looking forward to the Gadjah Mada (and the T-61) since the stats first leaked out. The early reviews certainly haven't changed that. She's the only one I want.
  5. Hey I got a 50,000 free XP in a super container just last night! On the test server.
  6. The Fujin. Despite being pretty much a torpedo DD main I just cant make her work......at all!
  7. Your 'Fun' Ship

    Akatsuki and Yugumo
  8. Not sure if I'd call them garbage till we see how they play out....but....I'm sure I'll be torping at least a few smokes out of force of habit as I grind up to the Gadjah Mada!
  9. Well there is the Sabaton tank/crew in WOT so.....
  10. And this weekend is German destroyer weekend....
  11. And of course I'm on vacation until the 24th smh lol
  12. P51 Voodoo 2017 Reno qualifying

    Same here! I really want to get there at least once before all these old girls are gone. It's only a matter of time..... Google Precious Metal. She was a Griffon powered beast that unfortunately caught fire a few years ago and hasn't flown since.
  13. Using Coupons?

    That entire PayPal special was a fiasco.