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  1. Unexpectedly Fun Ships

    Granted I didn't play very many games in either of them but I found both Mutsukis to be fun little torp boats.
  2. Ive been a Corgi previously and in this last event got my first Corgi kill. Fom both sides it was fun. As a player you get a chance at a nice little prize for just playing regularly and as a Corgi it was a blast playing on a press account. Well worth the time. So I vote yes.
  3. Hahaha I was a Corgi for the previous event and remember having four in a match once or twice but that's absolutely insane!
  4. Skill point advice for my Aigle

    Right now I'm running PT, EM, LS, BFT, DE, and CE. I've only played a few games in mine but I find myself shooting from smoke a lot. Couple that with the fact that she is SO much better with speed boost active I'll be getting SI next. I usually get SE on all my DDs but I cant see giving up any of the other three point skills. Luckily Aigle already has a good health pool.
  5. Yeah three times in the last five games....this is getting annoying
  6. Just happened to me as well and that's exactly what it felt like except I got the "transfer" message and was automatically reconnected
  7. So a nerfed Z-23....
  8. Akatsuki Appreciation Thread

    The Fastbuki is my most played and hands down favorite ship in the game. Yes the 6.4 detection can be annoying but for me her high speed more then makes up for it. I really dont mind being up tiered either I find she handles it pretty well. I play her mainly as a torp boat while using her guns every reasonable chance I get. She is a good torp boat with decent guns and good speed. For me that's a fun combination.
  9. Hmmmm not seeing that. Next update?
  10. Super Bowl 52 - Eagles or Pats?

    As a life long Eagles fan...Im from DE...I have to go with the birds. I just hope we get the Eagles/Chiefs Foles and not the Rams Foles. It really is a shame that Wentz is out.
  11. N1K1-Jb 1/48 model build

    Cant wait to see it. I have a soft spot for the Niki since she was on of my favorite rides back in my old Air Warrior days. Man that was a long time ago LOL! Good luck.
  12. Suggestion: Since it seems she was a common drop in this years Christmas boxes it would be nice if the Kobayashi camo for the Kii was made available to purchase either in game or in the Premium Shop.
  13. Also if you have one use the spotter plane upgrade. It works well on the Duca.