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  1. Akatsuki. Since my first game in her the day of the line split she has been my favorite boat. For whatever reason (an IJN DD that actually has a decent top speed maybe?) we just clicked. She has been my go to ride since.
  2. Thumbs up for the Young Frankenstein motto!
  3. Space Port

    I only have one thing to say about the Space Port. I REALLY hope they let us keep it!
  4. PT Boats

    FF-X for the win!
  5. Special signal flags

    You get them in Yamamoto crates if I remember correctly.
  6. So THAT'S where all my Appregio captains went!!!
  7. Unexpectedly Fun Ships

    Granted I didn't play very many games in either of them but I found both Mutsukis to be fun little torp boats.
  8. Ive been a Corgi previously and in this last event got my first Corgi kill. Fom both sides it was fun. As a player you get a chance at a nice little prize for just playing regularly and as a Corgi it was a blast playing on a press account. Well worth the time. So I vote yes.
  9. Hahaha I was a Corgi for the previous event and remember having four in a match once or twice but that's absolutely insane!
  10. Skill point advice for my Aigle

    Right now I'm running PT, EM, LS, BFT, DE, and CE. I've only played a few games in mine but I find myself shooting from smoke a lot. Couple that with the fact that she is SO much better with speed boost active I'll be getting SI next. I usually get SE on all my DDs but I cant see giving up any of the other three point skills. Luckily Aigle already has a good health pool.
  11. Yeah three times in the last five games....this is getting annoying
  12. Just happened to me as well and that's exactly what it felt like except I got the "transfer" message and was automatically reconnected
  13. So a nerfed Z-23....