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  1. I didn't really expect an apology and i'm glad they didn't bother trying to force one they don't mean. As long as money keeps rolling in and people keep playing their game they won't particularly care about the CCs or the protests on the forums. And the only ones who care what they did are the people actually paying attention which is a, mostly minor, subset of the actual game population. Of course a good number of those are big spenders so maybe they'll notice a dip in their cashflow...but I doubt it'll be enough to engender a proper response. The lack of positive youtube content could get their attention but its not like it ever did much for them before. Their actions haven't been greatly curtailed in the past when youtube has exploded. They'll say sorry and that there was an error but then the same problem will crop up again because they don't actually care enough to change. I still plan on playing the game personally...though I doubt i'll be spending near as much as I used to on it(if anything at all). I'll miss Mouse and the other CCs but i'm not to the point of uninstalling yet...though i'm sure they'll manage to get me there somehow.
  2. Shigure

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I wish I could say I was surprised to see this happen...but I can't say I am. You've been a guide in the darkness these last couple years Mouse. We are sorry to see you go. Best of luck elsewhere. @WG: I wish I could shame you somehow but you've proven the only thing that motivates you is your bottom line.
  3. Shigure

    Close the wallets for the mouse.

    Was doing this anyway since I've got a trip coming up but...yeah...i'll happily keep that going for a while afterward in solidarity with LWM. Gonna miss her contributions.
  4. Observations: 1) Slowing down when you drop DCs keeps the pattern tight and helps get more DC on target. Obviously not an option if you have a competent enemy on the surface nearby that can shoot at you. Not a huge worry in Co-Op though. 2) Fighting sub on sub isn't hard unless they're constantly changing depths on you...which makes it hard for them too. 3) Once this all hits full time/Random battles finding a good DD that can fulfill proper escort roles will be important. I've found my Marceau to be near ideal for the escort role with only the lack of smoke preventing it from being a perfect fit for the job. It provides a good amount of support AA to whatever its escorting with its 6km flak bubble, it has sonar for early torp and sub warnings, and is fast enough to run out and engage a sub and then get back...this on top of everything else it has in its favor. I know asking people to work as a team is usually a losing proposition outside of clan or ranked battles but I enjoy trying...and with subs on their way out into open waters it'll be even more satisfying to play escort.
  5. Shigure

    HMS Agincourt finally coming

    Event is over as far as I can see but still no way to get it except via those damn unreliable crates. Mid tier ships being unavailable for regular sale aren't unheard of but they're not exactly common either. Lets get this thing in the shop WeeGee! Maybe it'll make up for the lack of sales from another recently released BB.
  6. Shigure

    Kitikami incoming???

    My god...that brings back memories. I never had that much trouble dodging those torp walls since I was most often found in an FFY racing around at 60+ knots to deliver my own torps at suicidally close ranges before racing away again. That game had a LOT of issues but the fond memories outweigh the bad at this point.
  7. Shigure

    Ise- thoughts?

    I'm looking forward to adding her to my harbor pretty much no matter what Ms Mouse has to say about her. Its one of those ships that I have a soft spot for AND I think she'll pose an interesting challenge. Scenario play is where i'll likely use her most though.
  8. Shigure

    What were the winning bids?

    I bid 50m and lost. Would have either bid higher or not bid at all if i'd thought it was shared between all servers...which it apparently wasn't?
  9. Shigure

    Premium Ship Review - Agincourt

    Thank you Mouse. Been hoping for this ship to get added and then reviewed. I risked what money I had on hand, enough for 4 boxes, and failed to get her. Hopefully they'll release her for general sale eventually.
  10. Shigure

    HMS Agincourt finally coming

    Release info is scanty. They've posted an alternate camo for it for the Jutland event but its not even out yet. Guessing it'll get thrown up for sale during the event with very little fan fair like a lot of the lower tier releases recently.
  11. Shigure

    DIDO class CL (UK)

    I expect it to show up as a premium at some point since at this point I doubt they'll bother with a third UK cruiser line...though they could probably get away with it. As my favorite UK light cruiser class I am willing to keep adding my vote to its inclusion whenever I get a chance to.
  12. Grabbed four of the bundles. Nothing but the bottom tier options. Not surprised but then one always goes into these sorts of things hoping for a lucky draw.
  13. Shigure

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Gallant

    Well thats disappointing but not surprising I suppose. Thanks for confirming that Ms Mouse.
  14. Shigure

    Goliath - A Pretty Good Boat.

    Oh Drake wasn't bad I agree. I actually grew to enjoy her but the goal was always to get Goliath for me.
  15. Shigure

    Goliath - A Pretty Good Boat.

    Just managed to get Goliath after stalling out on the T9 for far too long. Finally powered through and i'm happy I did.