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  1. Sivle

    Shop is updated New whale mision

    Thank you! Understandable that WG wants to keep some steel items for those that participate in CW and Ranked and the Flint just doesn't feel compelling as I have the Belfast already.
  2. Sivle

    Shop is updated New whale mision

    Hmmm...need 21,000 steel with coupon to get the Stalin. Only really interested if I can get it with snowflake and this bundle sans clan wars.
  3. Flambass just confirmed on his stream that Alaska will be for 1 million free exp-this directly from WG. Edit- Unless he is trolling but doubt it.
  4. Sivle

    What to do with 750K FXP?

    I have the Kron as well as the Moskva. IMO By far, the Moskva is a better ship-I know it is a tier 9 vs tier 10 comparison. I would encourage anyone considering getting the Kron who does not have the Moskva to use the free exp towards the Moskva instead. It is just a much more enjoyable and flexible ship. There is nothing the Kron can do that the Moskva can't do much, much better.
  5. Sivle

    Expert or Well-Rounded?

    I play a lot of different ships to keep it fresh but I can see the value in sticking to a few and really learning their strengths and style. I do feel this pull to grind different lines though. I think it is an accomplishment thing. Sort of default to cruisers though and have all of them at tier 10 already.
  6. Sivle

    Tips on playing the Kronstadt?

    I like the ship but you have to work to get that damage in. Sort of like the Graf Spee. This ship is feast or famine. Agreed in all of the above about getting on the flank. AP is awesome but you have to have good angles on it and a little bit of luck because the dispersion can also troll you hard sometimes. It can be super tanky but requires smart and agile play. Edit: Still figuring it out but it seems that the key is finding that spot where you are close enough to deal reliable damage without getting nuked. If you try and sit back and snipe all game your damage is going to suffer.
  7. Yeah kind of silly. I get needing both to qualify for the mission but why not let us use either to complete it?
  8. 18 Crates 3 X Type 59 Camo 3 X 14 day premium Black Mass Black Tirpitz Black Atago 6 X Shadow Lurker Camo 2 X 35,000 Free Exp 1500 Dubs I really just wanted the Atago Black. Everything else was nice though. The Mass is a surprisingly comfortable ship to play and I am not traditionally a BB player. The Tirpitz Black camo is a notch above the others.
  9. Sivle

    No more amazon pay?

  10. I would recommend the Zao first as it is probably a more forgiving and comfortable ship to play. I see you have an Atlanta though so if you enjoy its game play, the Worcester is similar.
  11. Sivle

    On CCs and Their Fanbases

    I enjoy watching different streamers on Twitch or videos. I even subscribe to a few. Each of them has their own personality and is entertaining in their own way. (Flamuu, Flambass, Notser, Ashley etc.) I have found them all entertaining and often times find out things about the game or ships I didn't know or have helped me improve my play. I don't take anything as gospel and it is undeniable each has helped increase the popularity of this game which is a good thing. Their opinions and attitudes are no different than any others that come across here on the forums, they just sometimes have a larger audience.
  12. Sivle

    Your outlook on stats?

    I use them to see how I am progressing as a player or what I need to work on. That is part of my enjoyment of the game and my competitive nature. Personally, I value win rate over anything else. To each their own as to why they enjoy the game or what motivates them to play.
  13. Sivle

    Daily Reward Not Received

    Any thoughts on taking a look in to this? Wasn't a visual bug on my end it seems. Reset completely. My specifics are in a prior post in this thread. Thank you!