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  1. Sivle

    Having Played my Yoshino A Bit

    Yeah, I have Yosh and Zao. Would pass on it for now with the upcoming stuff. It isn't bad but just kind of bleh if you already have a Zao.
  2. Whew -- it is so hit or miss. Sour or the nectar of the gods....
  3. Sivle

    Siegfried concerns

    Not seeing it. 16.3 reload versus 22.9 (6.6 seconds difference - yikes) - 6 guns versus 9 guns. Insane Torps on the Yoshino plus .7 more range before spotter plane. Listen, I am a cruiser player and will absolutely want to get the Sigfried but just not feeling it at this point versus the Kron and Yoshino. Subject to change of course and respect your opinion.
  4. Ehhh... stats are what they are but to me win rate > all. Higher win rate over a larger number of games mean that you are regularly doing things to help your team win exclusive of anything else.
  5. DD? You must live in New England:)
  6. Sivle

    Siegfried concerns

    Yup not feeling it versus any other SC. You are going to be shooting HE a lot and that 26 second reload is brutal not to mention 6 guns. The reality is that it has limited utility and the Yoshino can put out a lot of damage.
  7. Sivle


    I would take 6km range torps or a bit better firing angles. Give it a little more defense if you are being rushed.
  8. Just what the majority of the player base wanted - more CVs in game. The number of threads asking for it was overwhelming.
  9. Sivle

    Lunar Container Results With Mystery Included!

    Had a ton o' dubs from Santa and nothing else that I could possibly want to spend them on. I figured I would get a set or two. Ended up with the Irian and all the camos after 2. Had all of the other PA premiums. Ended up getting 5,800 dubs back so ended up spending 11,800 overall. Edit: Bought the third as someone suggested and ended up getting back 11,500 dubs from purchasing it as well as an additional 750 in one of the crates.
  10. Sivle

    Shop is updated New whale mision

    Thank you! Understandable that WG wants to keep some steel items for those that participate in CW and Ranked and the Flint just doesn't feel compelling as I have the Belfast already.
  11. Sivle

    Shop is updated New whale mision

    Hmmm...need 21,000 steel with coupon to get the Stalin. Only really interested if I can get it with snowflake and this bundle sans clan wars.
  12. Flambass just confirmed on his stream that Alaska will be for 1 million free exp-this directly from WG. Edit- Unless he is trolling but doubt it.
  13. Sivle

    What to do with 750K FXP?

    I have the Kron as well as the Moskva. IMO By far, the Moskva is a better ship-I know it is a tier 9 vs tier 10 comparison. I would encourage anyone considering getting the Kron who does not have the Moskva to use the free exp towards the Moskva instead. It is just a much more enjoyable and flexible ship. There is nothing the Kron can do that the Moskva can't do much, much better.
  14. Sivle

    Expert or Well-Rounded?

    I play a lot of different ships to keep it fresh but I can see the value in sticking to a few and really learning their strengths and style. I do feel this pull to grind different lines though. I think it is an accomplishment thing. Sort of default to cruisers though and have all of them at tier 10 already.