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  1. The biggest threat is being caught in the open or if two ships (non DD) decide to push you - it doesn't have the DPM to deal with that. It also really needs a 19 point captain to shine. Love mine though and it makes great credits. I bought mine after I ran in to one in another ship and felt that terror of having something throw so much firepower at you. The Atlanta makes me laugh so much more than any other ship when I play it. Best of luck and enjoy yours.
  2. Boy a tier VI Aoba...

    Welcome to cruisers. Enjoy your stay.
  3. The Rabbit Hole?

    lol and more lol at BBs getting faster reload.
  4. Worchester PSA

    It is Wuh-stah....embrace the townie. Born and raised on Grafton Hill there.
  5. Agreed on being disappointed they are not at Pax East again this year. They had a great booth ,giveaways and store. Hope they go back as it is such a large event and they always had a huge line to play.
  6. premium cruisers

    De Grasse is a good choice. A solid overall cruiser. Graf Spee is fun but a hard ship to make work well. IMO it is the ship I have to work hardest in to get damage in and add value to the team.
  7. Thanks for laying this all out --much of this is so true.
  8. 7.3 Map Tweaks

    This and ships being concentrated on two points versus three is it. Faster games - the vision.
  9. lol tier 4 - for real? Too funny.
  10. Sales Idea for Wargaming

    Guaranteed something like this is coming. Look at how many cosmetic things you can add to tanks over in WOT now versus in the first few years.
  11. No it doesn't track torpedo targeting - that is how you can use it with PT. If you have a count of lets say 1 and then it drops to 0 for a few seconds and then back to 1 - you could use that to assume that they may have went to fire torpedoes and then back to targeting you with guns. Not an exact science but gives you some additional information you might use.
  12. I don't play clan wars so will defer to your experiences in them. I can see where you may have that situation but how many times does that happen in a game versus how many times PT give you valuable information -every time you are spotted. I don't run PT because I enjoy sailing broadside derping around all game in my cruisers not looking at the mini map. I like to play up on caps early game to support DDs and it can give me great information on what may be ahead (do I need to move away versus towards that cap), is the line I am taking to that cover putting me at an angle that exposes me too much and/or did that DD just fire torpedoes if it shows a 1 or not while they remain hidden as just a few examples. It continues to be useful all game many times when you are spotted. I use it as a utility and find it invaluable. There are ships I do run it on (Zao) but I also wouldn't give up PT for it. Just different ways we approach the game. Thank you for giving the other side of things and another perspective.
  13. IMO - Priority Target over Expert Loader as the DM already can get down to 4.8 reload before Adrenaline Rush even kicks in. I feel that PT is one of the best 1 point skills for a cruiser. Doesn't come close to the most OP skill in the game for BBs (Adrenaline Rush) of course. That should be a four point skill.